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2009978-1-4446-0016-2A. J. CroninGrand Canary
  ''978-1-4446-0018-6A. J. CroninThree Loves Â
  ''978-1-4446-0070-4Stanley JohnsonA History of Emigration from the United Kingdom to North America 1763 - 1912
  ''978-1-4446-0158-9Frank C. HibbenHunting American Lions
  ''978-1-4446-0198-5George CrileIntelligence, Power and Personality
2015978-1-4446-0369-9W. H. CremerMagic No Mystery, Conjuring Tricks with Cards, Balls and Dice; Magic Writing, Performing Animals, Etc.
2009978-1-4446-0544-0Andrew P. DavisNeuropathy Illustrated - The Philosophy and Practical Application of Drugless Healing
2009978-1-4446-0553-2Hiram S. MaximA New System of Preventing Collisions at Sea
  ''978-1-4446-0564-8Frederik BarthNomads Of South Persia - The Basseri Tribe Of The Khamseh Confederacy
  ''978-1-4446-0660-7C. CollodiPinocchio - The Adventures of a Marionette
  ''978-1-4446-0725-3Harry HoudiniSecrets And Mysteries Now Revealed For The First Time - Handcuffs, Iron Box, Coffin, Rope Chair, Mail Bag, Tramp Chair, Glass Case, Paper Bag, ... And Reliable Authority Upon All Magic Tricks
  ''978-1-4446-0797-0Ted ShawnRuth St. Denis - Pioneer & Prophet, Being A History Of Her Cycle Of Oriental Dances. Volume I - The Text: 1
2009978-1-4446-0862-5W. I. Lincoln AdamsThe Photographic Instructor For The Professional And Amateur
  ''978-1-4446-1001-7Charles Knowles BoltonScotch Irish Pioneers In Ulster And America
  ''978-1-4446-1028-4H. E. MarshallScotland's Story - A History of Scotland for Boys and Girls
  ''978-1-4446-1738-2Gamaliel BradfordAmerican Portraits 1875-1900
  ''978-1-4446-1825-9Thomas MooreEngineer's and General Smith's Work - The Smith and Frogeman's Handbook of Practical Smithing and Forging
2009978-1-4446-1830-3Ralph Stanley BauerEssentials of the Law of Damages
  ''978-1-4446-1975-1John Dunmore LangOrigin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation - Their Original Discovery and Progressive Settlement of the Continent of America
  ''978-1-4446-1985-0Anne Manning RobbinsThe Psychic Series - Past and Present with Mrs Piper
2015978-1-4446-2093-1S. Beaty-PownallThe "Queen" Cookery Books - No. 7. Sweets Part Ii.
2009978-1-4446-2175-4Dwight Edwards MarvinCuriosities in Proverbs - A Collection of Unusual Adages, Maxims, Aphorisms, Phrases and Other Popular Dicta from Many Lands
  ''978-1-4446-2193-8Rowland E. ProtheroEnglish Farming Past and Present
  ''978-1-4446-2215-7Ernest LawThe History of Hampton Court Palace - Volume I Tudor Times: 1
2009978-1-4446-2218-8Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan · E. B. O'CallaghanHistory of New Netherland - Or New York Under the Dutch - Vol I: 1
  ''978-1-4446-2637-7William GilpinThree Essays - On Picturesque Beauty - On - Picturesque Travel - And On - Sketching Landscape - To Which Is Added A Poem On Landscape Painting
  ''978-1-4446-2700-8J. Emerson TennentBelgium - Volume I: 1
  ''978-1-4446-2741-1A. J. CroninThe Citadel
  ''978-1-4446-2747-3Henry MargenauThe Mathematics of Physics and Chemistry
2009978-1-4446-2847-0Wm. Paul GerhardThe Disposal Of Household Wastes
  ''978-1-4446-3024-4John Oren ReedHigh School Physics
  ''978-1-4446-3439-6Robert Ludlow FowlerHistory of the Real Property in New York
  ''978-1-4446-3481-5John D. SeddingGarden-Craft Old and New
  ''978-1-4446-3491-4Frederick George JacksonThe Great Frozen Land - Narrative of a Winter Journey Across the Tundras and a Sojourn Among the Samoyads
2009978-1-4446-3510-2Robert Ludlow FowlerHistory Of The Law Of Real Property In New York
  ''978-1-4446-3867-7Wilson BarrettThe Sign of the Cross
  ''978-1-4446-3894-3Fannie Merritt FarmerChafing Dish Possibilities
  ''978-1-4446-3981-0D. Cady EatonA Handbook of Modern French Sculpture
  ''978-1-4446-4005-2Charles Rockwell LanmanA Sanskrit Reader - With Vocabulary And Notes
2009978-1-4446-4069-4M. Montagu NathanGlinka
2015978-1-4446-4221-6Florence IrwinThe Fine Points of Auction Bridge - Together with an Exposition of the New Count
2010978-1-4446-4251-3A. Hyatt VerrillThe Home Radio - How to Make and Use it
  ''978-1-4446-4252-0A. E. WatsonHow to Make a Motor or Dynamo
  ''978-1-4446-4254-4T. C. RocheHow to Make Photographs - A Manual for Amateurs
  ''978-1-4446-4263-6H. S. NorrieInduction Coils - How to Make, Use, and Repair Them - Including Ruhmkorff, Tesla, and Medical Coils, Roentgen, Radiography, Wireless Telegraphy, and P
2015978-1-4446-4268-1Clement DaviesModern Whist - Together with the Laws of Whist
2009978-1-4446-4371-8A. Hyatt VerrillThe Home Radio - How to Make and Use it
  ''978-1-4446-4374-9T. C. RocheHow To Make Photographs - A Manual For Amateurs
2009978-1-4446-4383-1H.S. NorrieInduction Coils - How To Make, Use, And Repair Them - Including Ruhmkorff, Tesla, And Medical Coils, Roentgen, Radiography, Wireless Telegraphy, And ... Information On Primary And Secodary Battery
  ''978-1-4446-4756-3A. A. Brill · Aurel KolnaiPsychoanalysis - Its Theories and Practical Application
  ''978-1-4446-4832-4Theodore RooseveltHunting The Grisly And Other Sketches
  ''978-1-4446-5095-2Carl R. RaswanDrinkers of the Wind
  ''978-1-4446-5198-0VariousSweet-Shop Success - A Handbook for the Sweet Retailer
2009978-1-4446-5219-2Carl R. RaswanDrinkers of the Wind
  ''978-1-4446-5307-6William RossiterAn Illustrated Dictionary Of Scientific Terms
  ''978-1-4446-5339-7William RossiterAn Illustrated Dictionary Of Scientific Terms
  ''978-1-4446-5400-4Charles Donagh Maginnis · Garrett Putman ServissPen Drawing - An Illustrated Treatise
2015978-1-4446-5502-5AnonHercat's Ventriloquist and Ventriloquial Dialogues
2009978-1-4446-5554-4V. StephanitzThe German Shepherd Dog In Word And Picture
2014978-1-4446-5623-7S. W. ErdnaseThe Expert at the Card Table - The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation
2010978-1-4446-5660-2R. Krafft-Ebing · Havelock EllisPsychopathia Sexualis - With Especial Reference to Antipathic Sexual Instinct - A Medico-Forensic Study
  ''978-1-4446-5682-4S. W. ErdnaseThe Expert at the Card Table - The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation
2017978-1-4446-5761-6M. SibbaldDainty Work for Busy Fingers - A Book of Needlework, Knitting and Crochet for Girls
2009978-1-4446-7133-9Rabindranath TagoreThe Gardener
2016978-1-4446-7580-1J. Herbert SlaterRound and About the Book-Stalls - A Guide for the Book-Hunter
2016978-1-4446-7914-4George HoweMathematics For The Practical Man - Explaining Simply And Quickly All The Elements Of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Logarithms, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus With Answers To Problems
2009978-1-4446-8133-8Ada Walker CamehlThe Blue-China Book
  ''978-1-4446-9097-2Wilhelm ZimmermannA Popular History Of Germany - From The Earliest Period To The Present Day - Vol III
  ''978-1-4446-9107-8H. St. FeildenA Short Constitutional History Of England
2010978-1-4446-9281-5W. Carey WonderlyThw World To Live In
2015978-1-4446-9285-3John Aitken ChalmersTiyo Soga: A Page of South African Mission Work
2010978-1-4446-9470-3Francis Wall OliverThe Natural History of Plants - Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and Distribution - Half Vol II.
  ''978-1-4446-9472-7Northcote Whitridge ThomasThe Naval Wordbook - (Die Seemannssprache) Ein Systematisches Worterbuch Marine-Technischer Ausdrucke In Englischer Und Deutscher Sprache
  ''978-1-4446-9747-6Georges PerrotHistory Of Art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria, And Lycia
2015978-1-4446-9991-3Randolph CaldecottThe House That Jack Built - Illustrated by Randolph Caldecott

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