year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4444-0015-1NULL Émile ZolaHis Masterpiece
2011978-1-4444-0036-6Shakespeare (spurious and doubtful works)A Yorkshire Tragedy: NULL
2010978-1-4444-0140-0Marie CorelliA Romance of Two Worlds
2011978-1-4444-0249-0NULL Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy, Cary's Translation, Complete: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-0544-6CharlesAt Last
  ''978-1-4444-0620-7JamesSugar and Spice
2010978-1-4444-0712-9Frederick Ferdinand MooreThe Devil's Admiral: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-0758-7Algernon BlackwoodThe Damned
  ''978-1-4444-0950-5Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Lost Continent
2011978-1-4444-1001-3William Wells BrownThe Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave: NULL
2010978-1-4444-1235-2Jack LondonSmoke Bellew
2011978-1-4444-1259-8Hugh RobertCome Rack! Come Rope!
2010978-1-4444-1813-2Evelyn UnderhillPractical Mysticism
2011978-1-4444-1929-0Howard AnnaThe Story of a Pioneer
2010978-1-4444-2095-1Steve SolomonGardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway
2010978-1-4444-2416-4Marie CorelliZiska: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-2480-5L. Frank (Lyman Frank) BaumThe Enchanted Island of Yew
2011978-1-4444-2731-8Sir . FrancisThe Power of Movement in Plants
2010978-1-4444-2860-5Horatio AlgerHelping Himself: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-2879-7Edward StratemeyerThe Rover Boys on the Ocean. Or, a chase for a fortune
2011978-1-4444-2984-8W. (John Wheeler) JohnSchool History of North Carolina: from 1584 to the present time
2010978-1-4444-3008-0John BuchanPrester John
2011978-1-4444-3407-1P. (Jens Peter) J.Mogens and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4444-3654-9NULL Marcel ProustSwann's Way: NULL
2009978-1-4444-4093-5Oscar WildeLady Windermere's Fan
2011978-1-4444-4181-9Translated from the German by Sophie A. Miller and Agnes M. DunneAfter Long Years and Other Stories: NULL
2009978-1-4444-4474-2Oscar WildeAn Ideal Husband
2011978-1-4444-4631-9M. B.Chip, of the Flying U
2010978-1-4444-5018-7AesopAesop's Fables; a new translation
2009978-1-4444-5031-6Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander) AltshelerThe Shadow of the North
  ''978-1-4444-5035-4   ''The Lords of the Wild
2010978-1-4444-5052-1Andy AdamsThe Log of a Cowboy
2010978-1-4444-5088-0Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander) AltshelerThe Forest Runners
2009978-1-4444-5090-3   ''The Hunters of the Hills
  ''978-1-4444-5091-0   ''The Rulers of the Lakes: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-5123-8Nephi AndersonAdded Upon: NULL
2010978-1-4444-5163-4NULL George AdeAde's Fables
  ''978-1-4444-5186-3NULL Jean WebsterJust Patty: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-5187-0NULL Howard R. (Howard Roger) GarisThe Curlytops and Their Pets: NULL
2010978-1-4444-5264-8R. M. (Robert Michael) BallantyneFighting the Whales: NULL
2009978-1-4444-5300-3Arnold BennettClayhanger
2010978-1-4444-5308-9Jean WebsterThe Four Pools Mystery
  ''978-1-4444-5318-8Orison Swett MardenPushing to the Front: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-5350-8James Sands ElliottOutlines of Greek and Roman Medicine
  ''978-1-4444-5354-6Charles Foster KentCharles Dickens as a Reader: NULL
2009978-1-4444-5362-1Ebenezer CookThe Sot-weed Factor: or, A Voyage to Maryland: NULL
2010978-1-4444-5462-8NULL Jack NULL LondonThe Scarlet Plague
  ''978-1-4444-5479-6O. F. WaltonChristie's Old Organ: NULL
2009978-1-4444-5566-3Roy HessionThe Calvary Road
2009978-1-4444-5584-7Clifford Donald SimakProject Mastodon
  ''978-1-4444-5614-1Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte GuyonThe Autobiography of Madame Guyon
2010978-1-4444-5639-4Harold Wellman FairbanksThe Western United States: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-5671-4G. K. (Gilbert Keith) ChestertonAppreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens: NULL
2009978-1-4444-5699-8I. Lilias TrotterParables of the Christ-life
2010978-1-4444-5720-9Lewis E. JahnsThe History of the American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviki. Campaigning in North Russia 1918-1919
2009978-1-4444-5855-8Robert BoyleThe Sceptical Chymist: NULL
  ''978-1-4444-5862-6John Meade FalknerThe Nebuly Coat
  ''978-1-4444-5877-0Anthony TrollopeOrley Farm: NULL
2010978-1-4444-5919-7M. B. (Margaret Bertha) SyngeA Book of Discovery
2009978-1-4444-6029-2Henry DrummondNatural Law in the Spiritual World
2011978-1-4444-6054-4Bernard GeorgeJohn Bull's Other Island
2011978-1-4444-6118-3Heinrich Karl Freiherr de La FriedrichUndine
  ''978-1-4444-6909-7HomerThe Iliad
2010978-1-4444-7062-8Samuel PepysDiary of Samuel Pepys - Volume 49: January 1666-67