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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-1-4426-5241-5Volodymyr Kubijovyc̆Encyclopedia of Ukraine: Volume II: G-K
2014978-1-4426-5243-9Danylo StrukEncyclopedia of Ukraine, Volume III: L-Pf
  ''978-1-4426-5244-6Danylo Husar StrukEncyclopedia of Ukraine, Volume IV: Ph-Sr
  ''978-1-4426-5245-3Danylo StrukEncyclopedia of Ukraine, Volume V: St-Z
2015978-1-4426-5248-4Craig CooperEpigraphy and the Greek Historian
2014978-1-4426-5249-1Robert E Butts · John W DavisThe Methodological Heritage of Newton
  ''978-1-4426-5250-7Carol WiltonInside the Law: Canadian Law Firms in Historical Perspective
978-1-4426-5496-9Paul Robert MagocsiEncyclopedia of Canada's Peoples
2015978-1-4426-5497-6John Stuart MillMiscellaneous Writings: Volume 31
  ''978-1-4426-5498-3John Stuart MillAn Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy
2015978-1-4426-5499-0Christopher MooreThe Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario's Lawyers, 1797-1997
  ''978-1-4426-5500-3Douglas H. ParkerThe praier and complaynte of the ploweman unto Christe
  ''978-1-4426-5501-0Daniel RussellEmblematic Structures in Renaissance French Culture
  ''978-1-4426-5502-7William W E SlightsBen Jonson and the Art of Secrecy
  ''978-1-4426-5503-4Germaine WarkentinCritical Issues Editing Exploration Text
2015978-1-4426-5504-1Alan WaterhouseBoundaries of the City: The Architecture of Western Urbanism
  ''978-1-4426-5505-8Glenn B. WigginsCaddisflies: The Underwater Architects
  ''978-1-4426-5506-5   ''Larvae of the North American caddisfly genera (trichoptera)
  ''978-1-4426-5507-2   ''The Caddisfly Family Phryganeidae (Trichoptera)
2014978-1-4426-5508-9Hanni WoodburyOnondaga-English / English-Onondaga Dictionary
1996978-1-4426-5623-9Northrop FryeFools of Time: Studies in Shakespearean Tragedy
2012978-1-4426-5639-0Scholarly Publishing Division University of Toronto PressMirror up to Shakespeare: Essays in Honour of G.R. Hibbard
2015978-1-4426-5720-5George F HendersonW.L. MacKenzie King: A Bibliography and Research Guide
1900978-1-4426-5736-6Robert R. Raymo · Ruth E. Sternglantz · Elaine E. WhitakerThe Mirroure of the Worlde: A Middle English Translation of the Miroir de Monde
  ''978-1-4426-5760-1Chris ArmstrongMoose Pastures and Mergers: The Ontario Securities Commission and the Regulation of Share Markets in Canada, 1940-1980
2015978-1-4426-5761-8George Baker · Jim PhillipsEssays in the History of Canadian Law: In Honour of R.C.B. Risk
1900978-1-4426-5762-5Patrick BrodeCourted and Abandoned: Seduction in Canadian Law
2015978-1-4426-5763-2Barry CahillThe Thousandth Man: A Biography of James McGregor Stewart
1900978-1-4426-5764-9Michael DolzaniNorthrop Frye's Notebooks on Renaissance Literature
1900978-1-4426-5765-6Theodore EvergatesLittere Baronum: The Earliest Cartulary of the Counts of Champagne
2015978-1-4426-5766-3Karen FinlayThe Force of Culture: Vincent Massey and Canadian Sovereignty
  ''978-1-4426-5767-0Frank Murray Greenwood · Barry WrightCanadian State Trials: Rebellion and Invasion in the Canadas, 1837-1839
1900978-1-4426-5768-7Sean HawkinsWriting and Colonialism in Northern Ghana: The Encounter between the LoDagaa and 'the World on Paper'
  ''978-1-4426-5770-0Nenad Mis̆c̆evic̆Rationality and Cognition: Against Relativism-Pragmatism
2003978-1-4426-5771-7Robert Sharpe · Kent RoachBrian Dickson: A Judge's Journey
2015978-1-4426-5773-1Luca SomigliLegitimizing the Artist: Manifesto Writing and European Modernism 1885-1915
  ''978-1-4426-5774-8Walter R LairdThe Unfinished Mechanics of Giuseppe Moletti: An Edition and English Translation of His Dialogue on Mechanics, 1576
  ''978-1-4426-5775-5James T H ConnorDoing Good: The Life of Toronto's General Hospital
2015978-1-4426-5963-6Joan SangsterDreams of Equality: Women on the Canadian Left, 1920-1950
  ''978-1-4426-5964-3Professor of History Angus McLarenOur Own Master Race: Eugenics in Canada, 1885-1945
978-1-4426-5965-0Miriam WrightA Fishery for Modern Times: Industrialization of the Newfoundland Fishery, 1934-1968
2012978-1-4426-6154-7Laura Elizabeth PintoCurriculum Reform in Ontario: 'Common-Sense' Policy Processes and Democratic Possibilities
2013978-1-4426-6404-3Edward ShorterPartnership for Excellence: Medicine at the University of Toronto and Academic Hospitals
978-1-4426-6590-3Sarah L. Burch Sara E. HarrisUnderstanding Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Practice
2014978-1-4426-6751-8Ana M. Gomez-Bravo · Ana M. Goumez-BravoTextual Agency: Writing Culture and Social Networks in Fifteenth-Century Spain (Toronto Iberic)
1995978-1-4426-7708-1John M. RobsonMarriage or Celibacy? The Daily telegraph on a Victorian Dilemma
2011978-1-4426-8522-2Tanya TitchkoskyThe Question of Access: Disability, Space, Meaning
978-1-4426-8650-2Elizabeth A. PophamA.M. Klein: Letters
978-1-4426-8730-1Michael J. PrinceAbsent Citizens: Disability Politics and Policy in Canada
2009978-1-4426-8891-9Parin DossaRacialized Bodies, Disabling Worlds: Storied Lives of Immigrant Muslim Women
978-1-4426-8920-6Jan Alber · Frank LauterbachStones of Law, Bricks of Shame: Narrating Imprisonment in the Victorian Age
2010978-1-4426-8988-6Victoria UniversityNorthrop Frye's Writings on Shakespeare & the Renaissance
978-1-4426-8992-3Scholarly Publishing Division University of Toronto PressFrom Fatalism to Mastery: Studies in the Coming of Modern Medicine
2012978-1-4426-8995-4Douglas YoungRebuilding the Modern City After Modernism
2010978-1-4426-8997-8Douglas ReidBecoming Recovery-Ready
2011978-1-4426-8999-2Cecilia Benoit · Helga HallgrimsdottirValuing Intimate Labour: Engendering Work In Economic & Non-Economic Organizations
2013978-1-4426-9001-1Jason Haslam · Joel FaflakThe Public Intellectual and the Culture of Hope
2009978-1-4426-9007-3Sovereign State & Its Conformists
2011978-1-4426-9008-0KerryGlen Edward ChambersGambling for Profit: Historical Contingency and Jagged Growth
2010978-1-4426-9345-6James E. CoteLowering Higher Education: The Rise of Corporate Universities and the Fall of Liberal Education
2012978-1-4426-9660-0Lynn BrowneOntario Legal Directory 2011
  ''978-1-4426-9661-7   ''Ontario Legal Directory 2011 (Network Licence)
2009978-1-4426-9721-8Jack Quarter · Laurie Mook · Ann ArmstrongUnderstanding the Social Economy: A Canadian Perspective
2018978-1-4426-9799-7Dario BullittaNidrstigningar Saga: Sources, Transmission, and Theology of the Old Norse "Descent into Hell"
978-1-4426-9933-5Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice
2009978-1-4426-9987-8Donald G. FrantzBlackfoot Grammar: Second Edition