year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4397-1012-8Paperblanks Lindau Grande Journal (128 pages, Unlined, 8.25 x 11.75 inches)
2009978-1-4397-1013-5Paperblanks Lindau Gospels Journals Ultra 7 in. x 9 in. 144 pages, lined
2010978-1-4397-1015-9PaperblanksLindau Gospels Lined
2009978-1-4397-1017-3PaperblanksLindau Gospels Coll, Lindau, Mini, Lin
978-1-4397-1019-7Blue Cats & Butterflies Mini Lined Journ (Paperblanks Laurel Burch)
2010978-1-4397-1040-1Hartley & MarksMidnight Gold Wrap Midi Journal (Paperblanks)
  ''978-1-4397-1042-5PaperBlanksBrocaded Paper Bavarian Wild Flower Midi
2009978-1-4397-1047-0PaperblanksRomantic Sen, Sublime Nature, Midi, Lin
978-1-4397-1049-4Delicacy & Its Delights Midi
2009978-1-4397-1050-0PaperblanksRomantic Sen, Pastoral Impuls, Midi, Lin
978-1-4397-1142-2Whimsical Creations
978-1-4397-1209-2Monet Water Lilies Letter to Morisot Lined Midi Journal
2010978-1-4397-1237-5PaperBlanksParabole Ultra
  ''978-1-4397-1242-9Paperblanks Rousseau 1242-9 Mini
978-1-4397-1267-2Paperblanks Embellished Manuscripts Balzac Eugénie Grandet Ultra Notebook with Lined Pages
978-1-4397-1271-9Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Journals Darwin, Tree of Life Ultra, 7 in. x 9 in. 144 pages, lined
2010978-1-4397-1273-3PaperblanksDarwin Tree of Life Mini Wrap Journal
2009978-1-4397-1285-6Kalender 2010 Seidenpracht fuchsie - mini daily
978-1-4397-1286-3Hantooled Midi Day at a Time Diary 2010
978-1-4397-1292-4Romantik Pastorale Impulse - Kalender 2010 Midi - Tages - Paperblanks
2009978-1-4397-1339-6PAPERBLANKSCrystal Jewel 210 Diary Slim Format
2013978-1-4397-1402-7Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Poe, Tamerlane Ultra Lined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
2009978-1-4397-1403-4PAPERBLANKSPaperblanks Poe Tamberlane Lined Mini Journal
  ''978-1-4397-1404-1PaperblanksThe Great Gatsby
  ''978-1-4397-1411-9   ''Hotaru Slim Journal
2013978-1-4397-1428-7   ''Old Leather Jade
978-1-4397-1429-4Jade Journal (Paperblanks)
2010978-1-4397-1443-0Paperblanks Buchkalender 2011 mini daily Seidenpracht grün Tageskalender (Paperblanks)
2016978-1-4397-1530-7LIN.Faszinierende Handschriften Saint-Exupéry - Faux Leder - Notizbuch Midi Liniert - Paperblanks
2016978-1-4397-1544-4Unl.Saintexupry Windsandandstars
978-1-4397-1594-9Paperblanks Grolier Ornamentali Journals Grande 8 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. 240 pages, unlined
2016978-1-4397-1595-6PAPERBLANKSGrolier Ornamentali Ultra Lined Journal
978-1-4397-1596-3Grolier Ornamentali Midi Lined Journal (Paperblanks)
2013978-1-4397-1598-7Grolier Mini Lined Journal (Grolier Ornamentali)
978-1-4397-1600-7Paperblanks Grolier Ornamentali Journals Mini 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. 240 pages, unlined
2013978-1-4397-1601-4Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Safavid Ultra Lined Journal (Safavid Binding Art)
  ''978-1-4397-1602-1Safavid Midi Lined Journal
978-1-4397-1603-8Safavid Journal (Paperblanks)
978-1-4397-1607-6Sun and Moonlight Midi Journal (Paperblanks)
2012978-1-4397-1610-6Water Motion Ultra Journal
2011978-1-4397-1612-0PaperblanksLeonardo, Water Motion, Mini, Lin
2010978-1-4397-1619-9   ''Will Morris, Birds, Midi, Lin
  ''978-1-4397-1623-6   ''Paperblanks William Morris Journals Windrush Midi, 4 3/4 in. x 6 3/4 in. 176 pages, lined
2010978-1-4397-1624-3PaperblanksWill Morris, Iris, Midi, Lin
978-1-4397-1629-8William Morris Windrush Micro Journal
2010978-1-4397-1635-9PaperblanksLaurel Burch, Flutterbye, Micro, Lin
  ''978-1-4397-1649-6PAPERBLANKSShidare Ultra
2013978-1-4397-1650-2   ''Japanese Lacquer Hotaru Ultra Lin
978-1-4397-1677-9Paperblanks Baroque Ventaglio Journals Rosso Grande, 8 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. 240 pages, unlined
2011978-1-4397-1679-3PaperblanksBaroque Ventaglio Rosso,LIN,MIDI
978-1-4397-1707-3Flutterbyes Maxi 18 Month Diary 2012
978-1-4397-1767-7Soul & Tears Mini 12 Month Diary 2012 (Paperblanks Diary)
978-1-4397-1792-9Seraphim Slim 12 Month Diary 2012
978-1-4397-1797-4Blue Cats & Butter Midi 12 Mon Dia 2012 (Paperblanks Diary)
978-1-4397-1812-4French Ornate Viole Midi 12 Mon Dia 2012 (Paperblanks Diary)
978-1-4397-1813-1Agenda 2012. Seda Francesa Violet. Midi. (Por Semanas)
978-1-4397-1821-62012 Safavid Midi Diary (Paperblanks Diary)
978-1-4397-1899-5Handschriften Blake Gedichte - Notizbuch Mini Liniert - Paperblanks
978-1-4397-1900-8Embellished Manuscripts Blake Poems Ultr
978-1-4397-1902-2Paperblanks Embellished Manuscripts Wordsworth Ultra Journal
978-1-4397-1912-1Paperblanks Lyon Florals Filigree Floral Ebony Hand Stitched Ultra Notebook with Lined Pages
978-1-4397-1915-2Paperblanks Silver Filigree Blush Pink Notebook Lined Pages Writing Journal Blank Sketch Book
2016978-1-4397-1920-6Lin.Glowing Rose
2011978-1-4397-1923-7PaperblanksBaroque Ventaglio Marrone Midi Notebook
2014978-1-4397-1924-4   ''Baroque Ventaglio, Marrone, Midi, Unl
978-1-4397-1925-1Paperblanks Baroque Ventaglio Marrone Ultra Lined Journal (240 pages, 7 x 9 Inches)
978-1-4397-1926-8Paperblanks Baroque Ventaglio Marrone Grande Unlined Journal (240 Pages, 8.25 x 11.75 Inches)
2016978-1-4397-1927-5Lin.Paperblanks Silver Filigree Natural Ultra Journal (240 Pages, Lined, 7 x 9 Inches)
978-1-4397-1928-2Natural Ultra Blank Journal
2011978-1-4397-1929-9PaperblanksSilver Filigree Collection Natural Midi
2013978-1-4397-1935-0Lin.Blush Pink Midi Lin
  ''978-1-4397-1936-7Not AvailableBlush Pink Classic Mini Lined Journal (Silver Filigree)
2016978-1-4397-1939-8Lin.Monet Bridge Lettertomorisot
978-1-4397-1998-5Filigree Floral Ivory 2013 Diary (Paperblanks Diaries)
978-1-4397-2075-2French Ornate Violet 2013 Diary (Paperblanks Diaries)
978-1-4397-2171-1Faszinierende Handschriften Saint-Exupéry - Faux Leder - Notizbuch Groß Liniert - Paperblanks
978-1-4397-2172-8Saint Exupery Wind Sand and Stars Wrap (Paperblanks)
2013978-1-4397-2173-5N/AMichelangelo, Handwriting Ultra Lined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
978-1-4397-2174-2Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Journal (Michelangelo Handwriting Ultra, Unlined, 7 x 9 Inches)
978-1-4397-2175-9Michelangelo Handwiting Mini
2013978-1-4397-2185-8Not AvailableShadow Classic Mini Lined Journal (Silver Filigree)
978-1-4397-2189-6Paperblanks Address Book, Mini, Blush Pink
978-1-4397-2190-2Saint Exupery Wind Sand & Stars
978-1-4397-2207-7Paperblanks Nocturnelle Ultra Lined Journal (144 pages, 7 x 9 Inches)
2013978-1-4397-2209-1Not AvailableNocturnelle Midi Unlined
978-1-4397-2215-2French Ornate Journal Ultra
978-1-4397-2217-6Paperblanks French Ornate Journals Vert Midi, 5 in. x 7 in. 144 pages, unlined
978-1-4397-2218-3Violet Grande Lined Journal
978-1-4397-2219-0Paperblanks French Ornate Journals violet Grande, 8 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. 128 pages, unlined
978-1-4397-2220-6French Ornate Violet Ultra
978-1-4397-2222-0Paperblanks French Ornate Journals violet Midi, 5 in. x 7 in. 144 pages, unlined
2016978-1-4397-2223-7Lin.Monet Water Lilies Lettertomorisot
978-1-4397-2224-4French Ornate Bleu Ultra
2013978-1-4397-2225-1French Ornate Bleu Midi Lin (French Ornate Collection)
978-1-4397-2234-3Paperblanks Laurel Burch Journals Hummingbird Mini, 4 in. x 5 1/2 in. 176 pages, lined
2013978-1-4397-2236-7Lin.Ocean Song Midi Lin
978-1-4397-2237-4Paperblanks Laurel Burch Flutterbyes Midi Notebook Lined Writing Journal Blank Sketch Book
2013978-1-4397-2524-5Not AvailableKipling, Song of Songs Ultra Lined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
978-1-4397-2526-9Amy Winehouse Tears Dry Ultra Lined
978-1-4397-2530-6Gold Inlay Ultra
2014978-1-4397-2533-7PAPERBLANKSPaperblanks Gold Inlay Midi Journal
978-1-4397-2559-7Paperblanks Silver Filigree Journals Maya Blue Grande, 8 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. 240 pages, unlined
978-1-4397-2560-3Paperblanks Maya Blue Ultra Lined Journal
2013978-1-4397-2566-5Maya Blue Classic Mini Lined Journal (Silver Filigree)
  ''978-1-4397-2567-2Not AvailableGandhi: Right Against Might Ultra Lin
2016978-1-4397-2593-1Unl.Blush Pink
2014978-1-4397-2594-8   ''Faux Leder schwarzes Marokkoleder - Gästebuch Unliniert - Paperblanks
  ''978-1-4397-2668-6Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Albert Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity Ultra Unlined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
2014978-1-4397-2670-9Hartley and Marks Pub.Albert Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity Midi Lined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
  ''978-1-4397-2671-6Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Albert Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity Mini Lined Journal (Embellished Manuscripts)
  ''978-1-4397-2678-5Azure Ultra Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
  ''978-1-4397-2679-2Azure Ultra
  ''978-1-4397-2680-8Hartley and Marks Pub.Azure Midi Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
2014978-1-4397-2683-9Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Azure Mini Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
2014978-1-4397-2685-3Hartley and Marks Pub.Carmine Grande Unlined Journal (Equinoxe)
  ''978-1-4397-2686-0Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Carmine Ultra Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
  ''978-1-4397-2687-7Hartley and Marks Pub.Carmine Midi Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
2014978-1-4397-2689-1Not AvailableCarmine Mini Lined Journal (Equinoxe)
2015978-1-4397-2886-4Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Esmeralda Ultra Lined Notebook (Silver Filigree Collection)
978-1-4397-2888-8Aubergine Mini Lined
2015978-1-4397-2891-8Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.Aubergine Midi Lined Notebook (Silver Filigree Collection)
2016978-1-4397-2893-2Lin.Paperblanks Aubergine Ultra Lined Journal
978-1-4397-3111-62016 Azure (Ultra Day at a Time)
978-1-4397-3328-82017 Carmine Mini Day At A Time