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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4385-0001-0ProcopiusProcopius History of the Wars
  ''978-1-4385-0004-1Lytton StracheyEminent Victorians
  ''978-1-4385-0006-5Lucy Maud MontgomeryChronicles of Avonlea
  ''978-1-4385-0036-2William BlakeSongs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
  ''978-1-4385-0045-4Evelyn UnderhillPractical Mysticism
2008978-1-4385-0049-2Francis L. WellmanThe Art of Cross-Examination
  ''978-1-4385-0052-2P.D. OuspenskyTertium Organum
  ''978-1-4385-0053-9Ring W. LardnerYou Know me Al
  ''978-1-4385-0055-3Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason
  ''978-1-4385-0057-7Georges PoltiThe Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
2008978-1-4385-0060-7T. TrowardBible Mystery and Bible Meaning (The Edinburgh Lecture)
  ''978-1-4385-0070-6Charles Dudley WarnerMy Summer in a Garden
  ''978-1-4385-0072-0Yogi RamacharakaScience of Breath
  ''978-1-4385-0075-1J. KrishnamurtiAt the Feet of the Master
  ''978-1-4385-0079-9Thomas D'Arcy McGeeA Popular History of Ireland II
2008978-1-4385-0088-1Samuel ButlerErewhon
  ''978-1-4385-0101-7John BuchanPrester John
  ''978-1-4385-0102-4E. F. BensonQueen Lucia
  ''978-1-4385-0131-4Robert BurnsThe Works of Robert Burns
  ''978-1-4385-0151-2Sherwood AndersonA Story Tellers Story
2008978-1-4385-0167-3Scott WalterRob Roy
  ''978-1-4385-0174-1Arthur Clive Heward Bell · Clive BellArt
  ''978-1-4385-0175-8Herman MelvilleBartleby the Scrivener a Story of Wall-Street
  ''978-1-4385-0176-5Robert Hugh BensonCome Rack Come Rope
  ''978-1-4385-0186-4Jane AustenMansfield Park
2008978-1-4385-0190-1W. W. JacobsThe Best of W W Jacobs
  ''978-1-4385-0232-8Robert Hugh BensonParadoxes of Catholicism
  ''978-1-4385-0258-8Upton SinclairThe Moneychangers
  ''978-1-4385-0296-0L. Frank BaumOzma of Oz
  ''978-1-4385-0332-5John PolidoriThe Vampyre a Tale
2008978-1-4385-0357-8Willa CatherA Lost Lady
  ''978-1-4385-0365-3A.P. SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
  ''978-1-4385-0374-5ColetteCheri the Last of Cheri
  ''978-1-4385-0382-0Isabella Lucy BirdAmong the Tibetans
  ''978-1-4385-0398-1George EliotThe Lifted Veil
2008978-1-4385-0416-2Andre Alice NortonStar Hunter
  ''978-1-4385-0420-9Jacob Gould SchurmanThe Balkan Wars 1912 1913
  ''978-1-4385-0421-6Dante AlighieriThe Banquet Il Convito
  ''978-1-4385-0448-3Honore De BalzacThe Unknown Masterpiece
  ''978-1-4385-0449-0Ernest BramahThe Wallet of Kai Lung
2008978-1-4385-0458-2Edward SapirLanguage an Introduction to the Study of Speech
  ''978-1-4385-0459-9Henri Louis BergsonLaughter an Essay on the Meaning of the Comic
  ''978-1-4385-0465-0Marcus AureliusMeditations by Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius
  ''978-1-4385-0469-8John DeweyMoral Principles in Education
  ''978-1-4385-0488-9Henry James Sumner MaineAncient Law
2008978-1-4385-0491-9M. C. BurrittApple Growing
  ''978-1-4385-0496-4Maria MonkAwful Disclosures
  ''978-1-4385-0506-0Lysander SpoonerAn Essay On The Trial By Jury
  ''978-1-4385-0513-8Horatio Jr. AlgerHelping Himself
  ''978-1-4385-0514-5Gene Stratton-PorterHer Father s Daughter
2008978-1-4385-0515-2Grant AllenHilda Wade a Woman with Tenacity of Purpose
  ''978-1-4385-0516-9Ernest PooleHis Family
  ''978-1-4385-0519-0Harold BrighouseHobson s Choice
  ''978-1-4385-0522-0Booth WilliamIn Darkest England and the Way Out
  ''978-1-4385-0561-9Bernard MandevilleAn Enquiry into the Origin of Honour and the Usefulness of Christianity in War
2008978-1-4385-0600-5Gerard Manley HopkinsPoems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
  ''978-1-4385-0620-3UnknownThe Arabian Nights
  ''978-1-4385-0621-0VariousThe Belgian Cook-Book
  ''978-1-4385-0636-4Henrik IbsenThe Lady From The Sea
  ''978-1-4385-0694-4Siegfried SassoonThe War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon
2008978-1-4385-0706-4Margaret SangerWoman And The New Race
  ''978-1-4385-0713-2E. J. BanfieldThe Confessions of a Beachcomber
  ''978-1-4385-0715-6Robert Hugh BensonDawn of All
  ''978-1-4385-0720-0Christopher MarloweHero and Leander
  ''978-1-4385-0737-8Rex StoutUnder the Andes
2008978-1-4385-0768-2May SinclairLife and Death of Harriett Frean
  ''978-1-4385-0811-5Edgar Albert GuestMaking the House a Home
  ''978-1-4385-0812-2William GodwinMemoirs of the Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman
  ''978-1-4385-0813-9Octavus Roy CohenMidnight
  ''978-1-4385-0831-3Vachel LindsayThe Art Of The Moving Picture
2008978-1-4385-0842-9Thomas H. BurgoyneThe Light of Egypt or the Science of the Soul and the Stars
  ''978-1-4385-0869-6John BuchanPrester John
2009978-1-4385-0884-9Walter RauschenbuschA Theology for the Social Gospel
  ''978-1-4385-0892-4M.C. BurrittApple Growing
  ''978-1-4385-0894-8Clive BellArt
  ''978-1-4385-0898-6Herman MelvilleBartleby, The Scrivener - A Story of Wall-Street
2009978-1-4385-0909-9Robert Hugh BensonCome Rack! Come Rope!
  ''978-1-4385-0912-9Ralph Waldo EmersonEmerson's Essays
  ''978-1-4385-0927-3Henry M. StanleyHow I Found Livingstone
  ''978-1-4385-0938-9Stephen LeacockLiterary Lapses
  ''978-1-4385-0943-3George Bernard ShawMajor Barbara
2009978-1-4385-0948-8Marcus AureliusMeditations
  ''978-1-4385-0955-6Robert Louis StevensonNew Arabian Nights
  ''978-1-4385-0957-0Robert Hugh BensonParadoxes of Catholicism
  ''978-1-4385-0963-1E. F. BensonQueen Lucia
  ''978-1-4385-0968-6Andre Alice NortonStar Hunter
2009978-1-4385-0980-8Walter ScottThe Fortunes of Nigel
  ''978-1-4385-1019-4Robert BurnsThe Works of Robert Burns
  ''978-1-4385-1040-8Oliver GoldsmithShe Stoops to Conquer
  ''978-1-4385-1043-9Baroness Emmuska OrczyI Will Repay
  ''978-1-4385-1054-5John LockeTwo Treatises of Government
2009978-1-4385-1055-2F. Scott FitzgeraldFlappers and Philosophers
  ''978-1-4385-1063-7Herman HesseSiddhartha
  ''978-1-4385-1151-1Rafael SabatiniMistress Wilding
  ''978-1-4385-1259-4Grace Livingston Hill LutzThe Witness
  ''978-1-4385-1280-8Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book of Tea
2009978-1-4385-1296-9Jane AddamsThe Spirit of Youth and the City Streets
  ''978-1-4385-1300-3Brooks AdamsThe Theory of Social Revolutions
  ''978-1-4385-1306-5John Dos PassosThree Soldiers
  ''978-1-4385-1339-3Robert Smith SurteesJorrock's Jaunts and Jollities
  ''978-1-4385-1382-9Orison Swett MardenSelf-Investment
2009978-1-4385-1388-1Colonel C.E. CallwellSmall Wars Their Principles and Practice
  ''978-1-4385-1390-4E.T. WhittakerA Course of Modern Analysis
  ''978-1-4385-1396-6Benjamin N. CardozoThe Nature of the Judicial Process
  ''978-1-4385-1418-5Sax RohmerBat Wing
  ''978-1-4385-1441-3John RuskinGiotto and his works in Padua
2009978-1-4385-1525-0Henri BergsonCreative Evolution
  ''978-1-4385-1536-6Friedrich NietzscheOn the Future of our Educational Institutions
  ''978-1-4385-1545-8Arthur SchopenhauerThe Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer Counsels and Maxims
  ''978-1-4385-1647-9George GissingIn the Year of Jubilee
  ''978-1-4385-1747-6MoliereThe Impostures of Scapin
2009978-1-4385-1774-2Princess Catherine RadziwillCecil Rhodes Man and Empire-Maker
  ''978-1-4385-1797-1Ring LardnerThe Real Dope
  ''978-1-4385-1806-0James Oliver CurwoodThe Wolf Hunters
  ''978-1-4385-1845-9E.T. WhittakerA Course of Modern Analysis
  ''978-1-4385-1854-1H. Rider HaggardCleopatra
2009978-1-4385-1860-2James BaldwinFifty Famous People
  ''978-1-4385-1897-8Rabindranath TagoreThe Gardener
  ''978-1-4385-1906-7W.E.B. Du BoisThe Negro
  ''978-1-4385-1909-8Karl MarxThe Poverty of Philosophy
  ''978-1-4385-1941-8Jules VerneDick Sand A Captain at Fifteen
2009978-1-4385-1951-7Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyNotes to the Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
  ''978-1-4385-1987-6Frederich SchillerLove and Intrigue
  ''978-1-4385-2021-6XenophonThe Memorable Thoughts of Socrates
  ''978-1-4385-2049-0Cyrus ByingtonA Dictionary of the Choctaw Language (Choctaw Edition)
  ''978-1-4385-2066-7G.H. HardyThe General Theory of Dirichlets Series
2009978-1-4385-2178-7Sarah ScottA Description of Millenium Hall
  ''978-1-4385-2188-6Richard Brinsley SheridanThe School For Scandal
  ''978-1-4385-2336-1Albert Payson TerhuneHis Dog
  ''978-1-4385-2360-6John Maurice MillerPhilippine Folklore Stories
  ''978-1-4385-2362-0Horatio AlgerRagged Dick
2009978-1-4385-2466-5Ben JonsonEpicoene
  ''978-1-4385-2490-0George MacDonaldPhantastes
  ''978-1-4385-2539-6Henry Jr. JamesThe Real Thing
  ''978-1-4385-2558-7Ivan S. TurgenevVirgin Soil
  ''978-1-4385-2575-4Sax RohmerBrood of the Witch-Queen
2009978-1-4385-2639-3Booth TarkingtonThe Magnificent Ambersons
  ''978-1-4385-2652-2Baroness OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel
  ''978-1-4385-2655-3L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  ''978-1-4385-2716-1Sara TeasdaleRivers to the Sea
  ''978-1-4385-2790-1Willa CatherA Lost Lady
2009978-1-4385-2801-4Robert Hugh BensonCome Rack! Come Rope!
  ''978-1-4385-2802-1Ralph Waldo EmersonEmerson's Essays
  ''978-1-4385-2804-5E. F. BensonQueen Lucia
  ''978-1-4385-2813-7Helen KellerThe World I Live In
  ''978-1-4385-2814-4C. E. CallwellSmall Wars Their Principles and Practice
2009978-1-4385-2815-1E. T. WhittakerA Course of Modern Analysis
  ''978-1-4385-2817-5Henri BergsonCreative Evolution
  ''978-1-4385-2819-9Christian D. LarsonThe Great Within
  ''978-1-4385-2832-8Martin LutherCommentary on the Epistle to the Galatians
  ''978-1-4385-2880-9Edison MarshallThe Sky Line of Spruce
2009978-1-4385-2943-1Fannie HurstHumoresque: A Laugh On Life With A Tear Behind It
  ''978-1-4385-3051-2Jessie L. WestonFrom Ritual to Romance
  ''978-1-4385-3054-3George GissingNew Grub Street
  ''978-1-4385-3100-7William and Ellen CraftRunning a Thousand Miles for Freedom
  ''978-1-4385-3199-1Hilda ConklingPoems By a Little Girl
2009978-1-4385-3235-6Arthur Hugh CloughAmours de Voyage
  ''978-1-4385-3272-1Jerome K. JeromeTold After Supper
  ''978-1-4385-3316-2Horatio AlgerFacing the World
  ''978-1-4385-3341-4Ethel Sybil TurnerSeven Little Australians
  ''978-1-4385-3353-7Arabella B. BuckleyThe Fairy-Land of Science
2009978-1-4385-3387-2Oscar WildeThe Soul of Man under Socialism
  ''978-1-4385-3402-2Mina Benson HubbardA Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador
  ''978-1-4385-3410-7Thomas MoreDialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation
2010978-1-4385-3539-5E. NesbitFive Children and It
  ''978-1-4385-3683-5Anthony TrollopeAn Eye for an Eye
  ''978-1-4385-3728-3Eliza Calvert HallAunt Jane of Kentucky
2010978-1-4385-3745-0Jeffrey FarnolMy Lady Caprice
  ''978-1-4385-7366-3Sara TeasdaleLove Songs
  ''978-1-4385-7374-8H. Rider HaggardMR Meeson S Will
  ''978-1-4385-7398-4Fannie HurstStar-Dust
  ''978-1-4385-7413-4Clyde FitchThe Girl with the Green Eyes
2010978-1-4385-7434-9Margaret Alice MurrayThe Witch-cult in Western Europe
  ''978-1-4385-9481-1Stephen LeacockNonsense Novels
  ''978-1-4385-9561-0Susan CoolidgeWhat Katy Did Next