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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4378-0304-4Ernst HaeckelEvolution in Modern Thought
  ''978-1-4378-0309-9Ernst HaeckelEvolution in Modern Thought
  ''978-1-4378-0544-4Mark PhillipsThat Sweet Little Old Lady
  ''978-1-4378-0620-5Oliver OpticWork and Win Or Noddy Newman on a Cruise
  ''978-1-4378-0757-8Jean George NathanThe American Credo (A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind)
2008978-1-4378-0840-7Maud Lucy MontgomeryAnne of Avonlea
  ''978-1-4378-1259-6Charles DickensOur Mutual Friend, V1
  ''978-1-4378-1377-7Y. M. LermontovA Hero of Our Time
  ''978-1-4378-1433-0Louis GinzbergThe Legends of the Jews, Volume 1
  ''978-1-4378-1824-6Louis Redmond-HowardSix Days of the Irish Republic (A Narrative and Critical Account of the Latest Phase of Irish Politics)
2008978-1-4378-1917-5Frank L. BaumThe Road to Oz
  ''978-1-4378-2078-2Mark TwainA Tramp Abroad
  ''978-1-4378-2585-5Rudyard KiplingRewards and Fairies
  ''978-1-4378-2674-6David LindsayA Voyage to Arcturus
  ''978-1-4378-2736-1Joseph MacliseSurgical Anatomy
2008978-1-4378-2841-2T. L. MeadeA Young Mutineer
  ''978-1-4378-2999-0Jacob BurckhardtThe Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  ''978-1-4378-3054-5Anatole FranceThe Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
  ''978-1-4378-3214-3Several AuthorsChronicles of Canada, V3 & V4
  ''978-1-4378-3227-3Several AuthorsChronicles of Canada, V1 & V2
2008978-1-4378-3433-8Jane AustenEmma / Lady Susan
  ''978-1-4378-3463-5Baroness OrczyThe Elusive Pimpernel
  ''978-1-4378-3535-9S. T. ArthurFinger Posts on the Way of Life
  ''978-1-4378-3758-2Morgan RobertsonThe Wreck of the Titan Or Futility
  ''978-1-4378-3968-5Emmuska Baroness OrczyI Will Repay
2008978-1-4378-4062-9D. R. BlackmoreMary Anerley
  ''978-1-4378-4107-7Yorke Sara StevensonMaximilian in Mexico
  ''978-1-4378-4211-1M. Anna GalbraithThe Four Epochs of Woman's Life
  ''978-1-4378-4274-6Joseph Alexander AltshelerThe Candidate (A Political Romance)
  ''978-1-4378-4351-4E. Charles CarrylDavy and The Goblin Or What Followed Reading ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''
2008978-1-4378-4490-0Canniff HaightLife in Canada Fifty Years Ago
  ''978-1-4378-4768-0William Edward WatkinCanada and the States
  ''978-1-4378-5188-5Steve SolomonGardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway
  ''978-1-4378-5522-7Joseph DevlinHow to Speak and Write Correctly
  ''978-1-4378-7125-8Hamilton E. CurreySea-Wolves of the Mediterranean
2009978-1-4378-8083-0Henry Alfred LewisThe President (A Novel)
2009978-1-4378-8322-0Elizabeth WetherellDaisy
  ''978-1-4378-8479-1Isaac Charles EltonThe Great Book-Collectors
  ''978-1-4378-8529-3Joseph Emile DillonThe Inside Story of the Peace Conference
  ''978-1-4378-8581-1G. Aitchison W. RobertsonAids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  ''978-1-4378-8841-6Bayard VeillerThe Thirteenth Chair
2009978-1-4378-8844-7Bayard VeillerThe Thirteenth Chair
  ''978-1-4378-9110-2Lewis RothBaartock
  ''978-1-4378-9343-4AnonymousThe Old Testament of the King James Version of the Bible, Volume 3
  ''978-1-4378-9361-8D. Oscar SkeltonThe Canadian Dominion; A Chronicle of our Northern Neighbor
  ''978-1-4378-9366-3   ''The Canadian Dominion; A Chronicle of our Northern Neighbor
2009978-1-4378-9454-7Booth TarkingtonThe Flirt
  ''978-1-4378-9519-3Edward GibbonThe History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-4378-9558-2R. William ShepherdThe Hispanic Nations of the New World; A Chronicle of Our Southern Neighbors