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2009978-1-4349-0196-5Marguerite Duras · translated by Ann Lenore DerricksonThe Little Horses of Tarquinia
  ''978-1-4349-0234-4Jozette LuceroHailey and the Castle
  ''978-1-4349-0240-5Charbel E-H MoussaThe Ultimate Peace: America's Challenge in the Middle East
  ''978-1-4349-0301-3Xuan-Lan NguyenThe Sea and the Mulberry Field
  ''978-1-4349-0340-2Phoenix RyderSymbiotic Sex
2009978-1-4349-0385-3Anthony WellsBlack Gold Finale
2010978-1-4349-0453-9Ismail A. OdehAnti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing for Financial Institutions
  ''978-1-4349-0498-0Rick Cushing1960 Pittsburgh Pirates - Day by Day: A Special Season, an Extraordinary World Series
  ''978-1-4349-0501-7Linda MonilawsNora's Ark
2011978-1-4349-0532-1Victoria Tallini-VegaA Friend Is a Great Thing to Be
2010978-1-4349-0729-5Shirlee SmithAs Good as Gold
  ''978-1-4349-0787-5John Hennessy Jr.The Bride and the Beetle
2012978-1-4349-1259-6V. D. WilliamsFaith, Obedience, and Sacrifice....As Inspired by the Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-4349-1284-8Annette JacksonI Hurt Like Hell
2015978-1-4349-1539-9Godwin Boswell AkubueCow without Tail: Book 1
2013978-1-4349-2856-6Jeff JonesOne of the 99%
2013978-1-4349-3254-9Mark A. RobertsA Revolution is Coming... The Fourteen International Laws of Recovery For Our Infected Planet
2010978-1-4349-4240-1Richard NazerThe Sunrise and Other Pieces
  ''978-1-4349-4277-7David SelvinThe Mansion on Mercy Street
  ''978-1-4349-4701-7Morris Maruice Antoni DyerInsight: My Experience During the Iraq Urban Conflict
2008978-1-4349-6025-2Michael A. CrichtonAcross Time and Forever
  ''978-1-4349-6054-2Edna L. Middleton-HuntThe Desires I Acquired With God
  ''978-1-4349-6083-2Michael GilfillanWinning Keno
2009978-1-4349-6208-9David WildeHow Deep the Rabbit Hole: An Uncommon Dialogue in Truth
2009978-1-4349-6237-9Elizabeth CraneShe Was Pharaoh: A Fictional Account of the Life of Pharaoh Hatshepsut-Ma'atkara
2013978-1-4349-7631-4Francis NwaohaPoverty & Religious Crisis in Africa: A Study of Hausa-Fulani Muslim Society
2010978-1-4349-8106-6Chijioke MbagwuRow of Beads
  ''978-1-4349-8126-4Marguerite TrupianoA Day with My Aunt
2011978-1-4349-8297-1Christopher GrayDemocracy Where and Where Not
  ''978-1-4349-8353-4John PepperReverse Parkinson's Disease
  ''978-1-4349-8527-9David BarraganNuestra Familia
2012978-1-4349-8875-1Revel MartinStreams of Poetic Proverbs
  ''978-1-4349-8890-4Roy SokolInfertility and Adoption: A Husband and Father's Perspective
2011978-1-4349-8937-6Ousman JammehThe Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010
2010978-1-4349-9041-9Sifu Guro Bud ThompsonInstructors Confidential Manual Supplemental Handbook
2008978-1-4349-9074-7Octavio Perez-BeatoFundamentals of Color Genetics in Canaries: Reproduction and Control
2009978-1-4349-9130-0Valenda RobinsonYour Weight Is Over: A Personal Trainer for Emotional Eaters
2009978-1-4349-9151-5David LoperTime Wars
  ''978-1-4349-9188-1Barry ConradAn Unknown Encounter: A True Account of the San Pedro Haunting
  ''978-1-4349-9324-3Frank RuppertFranz Schubert and the Mysterium Magnum
  ''978-1-4349-9355-7Jack FlowersThe Dirt Under the Asphalt: An Underground History of Stock Car Racing
  ''978-1-4349-9400-4The ScribeLaci's Story: Laci Peterson Reveals Her Own Story from Beyond the Grave
2010978-1-4349-9458-5Paul J. Wagner CMSGT USAF RetiredAir Force Tac Recce Aircraft: NATO and Non-aligned Western European Air Force Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft of the Cold War (1949-1989)
2010978-1-4349-9467-7Carlos Perez CoffieEl Misticismo Hindu / Hindu Mysticism (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-4349-9552-0Manoj ShrivastavaThe Christ Born in Mars
2010978-1-4349-9618-3Ethel SteinJewish Holiday Adventures
  ''978-1-4349-9650-3Tony UngerBlood Sun
  ''978-1-4349-9783-8Bonnie Case LefebvreM. D.: Masters of Deceit: Story of a Medical Debacle (hardback)
  ''978-1-4349-9798-2Melissa Christine KarpinskiTeaching in the Land of Kimchi: Discovering South Korea As a Working Ground
  ''978-1-4349-9900-9Ellen Marie FuquaThe Big Ugly: No Excuse for Murder?

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