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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4344-5896-4Harry HarrisonToy Shop and Two Others
  ''978-1-4344-5897-1C.L. MooreShambleau: A Northwest Smith Adventure
  ''978-1-4344-5898-8H. Beam PiperTime Crime
  ''978-1-4344-5899-5Clark Ashton SmithThe Colossus of Ylourgne and Three Others
2008978-1-4344-6000-4George SandThe Countess of Rudolstadt
  ''978-1-4344-6004-2John Gregory BetancourtPulp Classics: Strange Tales #6 (October 1932)
2008978-1-4344-6030-1Achmed AbdullahThe Thief of Bagdad
  ''978-1-4344-6032-5Achmed AbdullahThe Year of the Wood Dragon
  ''978-1-4344-6050-9Julius CaesarCaesar's Gallic War: Interlinear Translation
  ''978-1-4344-6066-0A. Conan DoyleSir Nigel
  ''978-1-4344-6087-5Thomas HardyThe Woodlanders
2008978-1-4344-6101-8W. H. HudsonThe Purple Land
  ''978-1-4344-6136-0Alexander Pope · HomerHomer's Iliad
  ''978-1-4344-6162-9Ivan Sergeevich TurgenevDiary of a Superfluous Man
  ''978-1-4344-6192-6Robert-HoudinThe Secrets of Stage Conjuring
  ''978-1-4344-6213-8John Gregory Betancourt · Clark Ashton Smith · Robert E. HowardOriental Stories, Vol 2, No. 2 (Winter 1932)
2008978-1-4344-6214-5John Gregory Betancourt · Otis Adelbert Kline · Clark Ashton SmithOriental Stories, Vol 2, No. 3 (Summer 1932)
  ''978-1-4344-6215-2John Gregory Betancourt · Seabury Quinn · Edmund HamiltonThe Magic Carpet, Vol 3, No. 2 (April 1933)
  ''978-1-4344-6216-9John Gregory Betancourt · Robert E. Howard · Seabury QuinnThe Magic Carpet, Vol 3, No. 3 (July 1934 t)
  ''978-1-4344-6217-6   ''The Magic Carpet, Vol 4, No. 1 (January 1934)
  ''978-1-4344-6218-3Jack Williamson · Robert Moore Williams · Rog PhillipsPulp Classics: Science Stories #1 (October 1953)
2008978-1-4344-6228-2Ward MooreGreener Than You Think
  ''978-1-4344-6238-1Howard PyleThe Story of the Champions of the Round Table [Illustrated by Howard Pyle]
  ''978-1-4344-6239-8Howard PyleThe Story of the Champions of the Round Table [Illustrated by Howard Pyle]
  ''978-1-4344-6311-1Karl MarxValue, Price and Profit
  ''978-1-4344-6374-6Karl MarxThe 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
2008978-1-4344-6383-8John Stuart MillOn Liberty
  ''978-1-4344-6460-6Peter BryantRed Alert
  ''978-1-4344-6475-0William IrishThe Phantom Lady
  ''978-1-4344-6479-8Dwight V. SwainThe Transposed Man
  ''978-1-4344-6484-2H. Rider HaggardTreasure of the Lake
2008978-1-4344-6488-0VirgilThe Aeneid: Interlinear Translation
  ''978-1-4344-6648-8Henrik IbsenPeer Gynt
  ''978-1-4344-6746-1Ben JonsonFour Plays of Ben Jonson
  ''978-1-4344-6790-4Rafael SabatiniThe Sword of Islam and Other Tales of Adventure
  ''978-1-4344-6792-8Robert Leslie BellemThe Cock Crows Murder and Other Tales from the Pulps
2008978-1-4344-6834-5Curtis SteeleOperator #5: Hosts of the Flaming Death
  ''978-1-4344-6874-1Robert SheckleyThe Man in the Water
  ''978-1-4344-6906-9Daniel DefoeCaptain Singleton
  ''978-1-4344-6920-5Jack LondonThe Best Short Stories of Jack London
  ''978-1-4344-6926-7Karl MarxWage-Labour and Capital
2008978-1-4344-6932-8Alexandre DumasThe Companions of Jehu
  ''978-1-4344-6940-3Sax RohmerTales of Secret Egypt
  ''978-1-4344-6968-7Jules VernePropeller Island
  ''978-1-4344-6992-2Thornton W. BurgessMother West Wind When Stories
  ''978-1-4344-7003-4Philip Francis NowlanArmageddon 2419 A.D.
2008978-1-4344-7005-8Robert SheckleyThe Monsters and Other Science Fiction Tales
  ''978-1-4344-7073-7Rudyard KiplingSomething of Myself: For My Friends Known and Unknown
  ''978-1-4344-7074-4Rudyard KiplingSomething of Myself: For My Friends Known and Unknown
2009978-1-4344-7180-2Alfred BesterThe Flowered Thundermug
2008978-1-4344-7356-1Herbert MaxwellThe Making of Scotland
  ''978-1-4344-7374-5Edgar WallaceThe Keepers of the King's Peace
  ''978-1-4344-7396-7Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective: The Dancing Doll Murders
2008978-1-4344-7397-4Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective: Notes of Doom
  ''978-1-4344-7398-1E.F. BensonMiss Mapp
  ''978-1-4344-7407-0Fletcher PrattThe Blue Star
  ''978-1-4344-7425-4Curtis SteeleOperator #5: Siege of the Thousand Patriots
  ''978-1-4344-7429-2Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures of Bob White
2008978-1-4344-7435-3Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures of Mr. Mocker
  ''978-1-4344-7493-3Jerome Klapka JeromeIdle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
  ''978-1-4344-7535-0Joseph ConradThe Rover
  ''978-1-4344-7545-9Henry M. III RobertRobert's Rules of Order
  ''978-1-4344-7546-6Henry M. III RobertRobert's Rules of Order
2008978-1-4344-7547-3Rafael SabatiniFortune's Fool
  ''978-1-4344-7549-7Joseph ConradThe Rover
2009978-1-4344-7566-4Herman HesseSiddhartha: An Indian Tale
2008978-1-4344-7577-0Robert WallaceThe Phantom Detective: The Black Ball of Death
  ''978-1-4344-7618-0John FoxThree Wilderness Novellas: A Mountain Europa, a Cumberland Vendetta and the Last Stetson.
  ''978-1-4344-7697-5Abraham LincolnThe Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 6
  ''978-1-4344-7726-2N. Hudson MooreThe Old China Book
2008978-1-4344-7727-9N. Hudson MooreThe Old China Book
  ''978-1-4344-7739-2Albert Bigelow PaineA Short Life of Mark Twain
  ''978-1-4344-7748-4Robert M. PriceBeyond Born Again: Toward Evangelical Maturity
  ''978-1-4344-7759-0Fred AllenMuch Ado About Me
2009978-1-4344-7761-3Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Vondish Ambassador
2008978-1-4344-7762-0Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Vondish Ambassador
  ''978-1-4344-7813-9Booth TarkingtonPenrod Jashber
2008978-1-4344-7814-6Booth TarkingtonPenrod Jashber
  ''978-1-4344-7818-4Edgar PangbornWest of the Sun
2009978-1-4344-7853-5Ward MooreBring the Jubilee
  ''978-1-4344-7867-2Otis Adelbert KlineJan of the Jungle
  ''978-1-4344-7884-9Arthur RansomeSwallowdale
  ''978-1-4344-7885-6Arthur RansomeSwallowdale
2009978-1-4344-7912-9Arthur M. WinfieldThe Rover Boys on the Ocean
  ''978-1-4344-7914-3Edward FitzgeraldThe Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám and Other Writings by Edward Fitzgerald
  ''978-1-4344-7927-3Anatole FrancePenguin Island
  ''978-1-4344-7933-4Morgan Llywelyn · Esther Friesner · Laurell K. Hamilton · Darrell Schweitzer · Jay LakeH.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #4
  ''978-1-4344-7934-1G.K. ChestertonThe Ballad of the White Horse
2009978-1-4344-7947-1John Gregory BetancourtSherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society
2007978-1-4344-8165-8William MalteseWhen Summer Comes
  ''978-1-4344-8183-2Jerome K. JeromeSketches in Lavender Blue and Green
  ''978-1-4344-8189-4James H. SchmitzLegacy
  ''978-1-4344-8190-0James H. SchmitzLegacy
2007978-1-4344-8192-4H. Beam PiperUller Uprising
  ''978-1-4344-8207-5Murray LeinsterThe Runaway Skyscraper and Other Tales from the Pulps (Wildside Classics)
  ''978-1-4344-8224-2Gabriele D'AnnunzioThe Flame of Life
  ''978-1-4344-8352-2George Sylvester Viereck · Paul EldridgeSalome the Wandering Jewess: My First Two Thousand Years of Love
  ''978-1-4344-8411-6Martin CaidinThunderbolt!
2007978-1-4344-8494-9Phillip Jose FarmerThe Green Odyssey
  ''978-1-4344-8550-2L.P GratacapThe Mayor of New York
  ''978-1-4344-8551-9L.P GratacapThe Mayor of New York
  ''978-1-4344-8576-2E. H. HeronGhost Stories
  ''978-1-4344-8608-0Henrik IbsenBrand
2007978-1-4344-8614-1Jorge IsaacsMaria
  ''978-1-4344-8752-0Hope MirrleesLud-In-The-Mist
  ''978-1-4344-8753-7Hope MirrleesLud-In-The-Mist
  ''978-1-4344-8800-8Mary Roberts RinehartMore Tish
  ''978-1-4344-8802-2Mary Roberts RinehartTish
2007978-1-4344-8804-6Mary Roberts RinehartTish Plays the Game
  ''978-1-4344-8825-1Captain Joshua SlocumSailing Alone Around the World
  ''978-1-4344-8834-3Julian SturgisStephen Callinari
  ''978-1-4344-8850-3Alfred BesterWho He?
  ''978-1-4344-8862-6Alexandre DumasJoseph Balsamo
2007978-1-4344-8892-3HomerThe Iliad
  ''978-1-4344-8958-6Clarence E. MulfordTex: A Hopalong Cassidy Novel
  ''978-1-4344-9056-8Joseph Conrad · Ford Madox FordRomance
  ''978-1-4344-9070-4Charles LeverThe Fortunes of Glencore
  ''978-1-4344-9139-8J. S. FletcherThe Charing Cross Mystery
2007978-1-4344-9274-6Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Facsimile Reprint of the 1866 Edition
  ''978-1-4344-9302-6Mary CorelliThe Soul of Lilith
  ''978-1-4344-9358-3Henrik Johan IbsenBrand (The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen)
  ''978-1-4344-9477-1Allen Rogers BennerSelections from Homer's Iliad; with an introduction, notes, a short Homeric grammar, & a vocabulary (English and Ancient Greek Edition)
  ''978-1-4344-9479-5E. F. BensonThe Fascinating Mrs. Halton
2007978-1-4344-9497-9Lin CarterMad Empress of Callisto
  ''978-1-4344-9543-3Lajos EgriThe Art of Dramatic Writing
  ''978-1-4344-9634-8Albert Payson TerhuneFurther Adventures of Lad
  ''978-1-4344-9657-7Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Master Mind of Mars
  ''978-1-4344-9729-1Fritz LeiberThe Creature from Cleveland Depths and Other Tales
2007978-1-4344-9737-6Fritz LeiberThe Green Millennium
2008978-1-4344-9740-6Achmed AbdullahThe Mating of the Blades
  ''978-1-4344-9742-0   ''Dreamers of Empire
  ''978-1-4344-9752-9Edward Bulwer Lytton LyttonA Strange Story
  ''978-1-4344-9789-5John BurroughsSigns and Seasons
  ''978-1-4344-9807-6Lin CarterTolkien: A Look Behind the Lord of the Rings
2008978-1-4344-9849-6ADA R. HabershonThe Study of the Miracles
  ''978-1-4344-9861-8Jean HugardClose-Up Magic for the Night Club Magician
  ''978-1-4344-9907-3Mary Roberts RinehartK
  ''978-1-4344-9940-0Achmed AbdullahA Romantic Young Man
  ''978-1-4344-9949-3Alexandre De Tocqueville · Charles W. GoddardSelections from Democracy in America
2008978-1-4344-9963-9Achmed AbdullahThe Bungalow on the Roof
  ''978-1-4344-9965-3   ''Night Drums
2010978-1-4344-9982-0Victor AppletonThe Adventures of Tom Swift, Volume One: Four Complete Novels
2007978-1-4344-9989-9Alexandre DumasThe Queen's Necklace
  ''978-1-4344-9999-8Robert SheckleyThe Status Civilization