year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-4341-0004-7Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan the Terrible
  ''978-1-4341-0005-4Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan the Untamed
  ''978-1-4341-0024-5Booth TarkingtonAlice Adams
  ''978-1-4341-0028-3Alexandre DumasAnge Pitou: The Taking of the Bastille, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-4341-0029-0Alexandre DumasAnge Pitou: The Taking of the Bastille. Vol. 2
2007978-1-4341-0035-1Ayn RandAnthem
2008978-1-4341-0042-9Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Chessmen of Mars
  ''978-1-4341-0052-8Alexandre DumasThe Corsican Brothers
  ''978-1-4341-0053-5   ''The Countess de Charny
  ''978-1-4341-0055-9Gustave le BonThe Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
  ''978-1-4341-0068-9P. G. WodehouseThe Gold Bat
2008978-1-4341-0070-2Arthur MachenThe Great God Pan
  ''978-1-4341-0072-6Philip Jose FarmerThe Green Odyssey
  ''978-1-4341-0077-1P. G. WodehouseThe Head of Kay's
  ''978-1-4341-0087-0John RuskinThe King of the Golden River
  ''978-1-4341-0103-7Franz KafkaThe Metamorphosis
2008978-1-4341-0107-5Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Moon Maid
  ''978-1-4341-0123-5G. K. ChestertonThe Return of Don Quixote
  ''978-1-4341-0135-8Theodore DreiserThe Titan
  ''978-1-4341-0144-0Frederick William RolfeThe Weird of the Wanderer: Being the Papyrus Records of Some Incidents in One of the Previous Lives of Mr. Nicholas Crabbe
  ''978-1-4341-0162-4William MorrisWood Beyond the World
2008978-1-4341-0163-1Edward Bulwer-LyttonZanoni
2007978-1-4341-0164-8John Stuart MillOn Liberty
  ''978-1-4341-0168-6T. S. EliotPrufrock and Other Poems
  ''978-1-4341-0169-3T. S. EliotThe Wasteland, Prufrock, and Other Poems
  ''978-1-4341-0180-8Samuel ButlerErewhon
  ''978-1-4341-0189-1Francis BaconThe New Atlantis
2007978-1-4341-0201-0Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness
2008978-1-4341-0222-5E. R. EddisonThe Worm Ouroboros
  ''978-1-4341-0223-2David LindsayA Voyage to Arcturus
  ''978-1-4341-0229-4H. G. WellsThe War of the Worlds
  ''978-1-4341-0232-4Jules Verne20,000 Leagues under the Sea
  ''978-1-4341-0234-8Dallas E. Murdoch · John Murray Nichol · Phillip Rasmussen R.The James and Mary Murray Murdoch Family History
2008978-1-4341-0237-9Johann David WyssThe Swiss Family Robinson: Adventures in a Desert Island
  ''978-1-4341-0238-6Jessie L. WestonFrom Ritual to Romance: The Classic Study of the Arthurian Legend and the Roots of Religion
  ''978-1-4341-0244-7Lao TsuTao Te Ching: Book of the Way
  ''978-1-4341-0246-1Claude C. HopkinsScientific Advertising
2009978-1-4341-0256-0F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  ''978-1-4341-0266-9Robert E. HowardThe Hour of the Dragon (Conan the Conqueror)
2009978-1-4341-0274-4Edward Mandell HousePhilip Dru, Administrator
  ''978-1-4341-0275-1James Webb YoungA Technique for Producing Ideas: The simple, five-step formula anyone can use to be more creative in business and in life!
  ''978-1-4341-0281-2Jr. William StrunkThe Elements of Style: The Original Edition
2010978-1-4341-0290-4Abraham CahanYekl, the Imported Bridegroom, and Other Stories of Yiddish New York
  ''978-1-4341-0296-6Joseph Fort NewtonThe Builders: A Story and Study of Masonry
  ''978-1-4341-0301-7Noah WebsterWebster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language
2010978-1-4341-0307-9Leo BabautaFocus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction
2011978-1-4341-0310-9Leo BabautaZen Habits Handbook for Life
  ''978-1-4341-0311-6   ''The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life
  ''978-1-4341-0313-0T. S. EliotThe Sacred Wood
  ''978-1-4341-0318-5Leo BabautaZen to Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System
  ''978-1-4341-0333-8Thea von HarbouMetropolis
2018978-1-4341-0387-1Anne LyonBookmarks and Scripture Totes: Counted Cross-Stitch Designs by Anne Lyon
2015978-1-4341-0396-3Noah WebsterWebster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language
2015978-1-4341-0400-7Leo Babauta52 Changes

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