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  ''978-1-4338-1638-3Julie Greves · Katy Tenhulzen · Fred WilkinsonUpside Down and Backwards: A Sibling's Journey Through Childhood Cancer
2014978-1-4338-1639-0Tanja WenischFriends Always
  ''978-1-4338-1640-6   ''Friends Always
  ''978-1-4338-1641-3Estelle Meens · Mijade PublicationsBoss No More
  ''978-1-4338-1642-0Estelle MeensBoss No More
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2014978-1-4338-1644-4Ellen FlanaganTen Turtles on Tuesday: A Story for Children About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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  ''978-1-4338-1646-8Sandra LevinsBumblebee Bike
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  ''978-1-4338-1648-2Jeffrey Bone and Lisa BoneNot Every Princess
2014978-1-4338-1649-9PhD Cheryl Sterling · PhD Paola Conte · PsyD Larissa LabaySome Bunny to Talk to: A Story About Going to Therapy
  ''978-1-4338-1650-5Cheryl Sterling · Paola Conte · Larissa LabaySome Bunny To Talk To: A Story About Going to Therapy
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  ''978-1-4338-1653-6   ''Joey Daring Caring and Curious: How a Mischief Maker Uncovers Unconditional Love
2014978-1-4338-1654-3Marlene L. SzymonaMy Sister Beth's Pink Birthday: A Story About Sibling Relationships
  ''978-1-4338-1655-0   ''My Sister Beth's Pink Birthday: A Story About Sibling Relationships
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2014978-1-4338-1661-1Brenda S. Miles · Colleen PattersonHow I Learn:: A Kid's Guide to Learning Disability (Mom's Choice Award Recipient)
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  ''978-1-4338-1672-7Claudine CrangleWoolfred Cannot Eat Dandelions: A Tale of Being True to Your Tummy
  ''978-1-4338-1673-4Claudine CrangleWoolfred Cannot Eat Dandelions: A Tale of Being True to Your Tummy
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2015978-1-4338-1908-7Jill NeimarkThe Hugging Tree: A Story About Resilience
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2015978-1-4338-1917-9Shaina Rudolph · Danielle RoyerAll My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism
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