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2009978-1-4288-9790-8Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Differential Equations by Paul Blanchard
2010978-1-4288-9798-4Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Marketing Management by Kotler
2009978-1-4288-9800-4   ''Outlines & Highlights for Financial and Managerial Accounting by Jan Williams
  ''978-1-4288-9802-8   ''Outlines & Highlights for World War II: Short History by Michael J. Lyons
  ''978-1-4288-9804-2   ''Outlines & Highlights for Law and Economics by Robert B. Cooter
2010978-1-4288-9808-0   ''Outlines & Highlights for Community Health Nursing: Theory and Practice: Health for Families and Populations by Frances A. Maurer
2010978-1-4288-9817-2Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Discovering the Essential Universe by Neil F. Comins
2009978-1-4288-9828-8   ''Outlines & Highlights for Business Communication Essentials by Courtland L. Bovee
  ''978-1-4288-9835-6   ''Outlines & Highlights for Applied Pharmacology for Dental Hygienist by Elena Bablenis Haveles
  ''978-1-4288-9844-8   ''Outlines & Highlights for Ordeal by Fire: The Civil War and Reconstruction by James M. McPherson
  ''978-1-4288-9850-9   ''Outlines & Highlights for Government by People: National Version by David B. Magleby
2009978-1-4288-9859-2Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics by Tom Tietenberg
  ''978-1-4288-9861-5   ''Outlines & Highlights for Concise History of India by Barbara D. Metcalf
  ''978-1-4288-9871-4   ''Outlines & Highlights for Primer of Ecological Statistics by Nicholas J. Gotelli
  ''978-1-4288-9877-6   ''Outlines & Highlights for The Human Brain: An Introduction to its Functional Anatomy by John Nolte
  ''978-1-4288-9880-6   ''Outlines & Highlights for World: A Brief World History Volume 2 by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
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2009978-1-4288-9899-8Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society by Marvin Perry
  ''978-1-4288-9908-7   ''Outlines & Highlights for College Algebra by R. David Gustafson
  ''978-1-4288-9911-7   ''Outlines & Highlights for American Government: Political Change and Institutional Development by Cal Jillson
  ''978-1-4288-9916-2   ''Outlines & Highlights for History of World Societies, Volume II by McKay
  ''978-1-4288-9945-2   ''Outlines & Highlights for Keeping the Republic: Brief by Christine Barbour
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2009978-1-4288-9952-0Cram101 Textbook ReviewsOutlines & Highlights for Calculus by Ron Larson
  ''978-1-4288-9954-4   ''Outlines & Highlights for American Century: A History of the United States since the 1890s by Walter LaFeber
  ''978-1-4288-9956-8   ''Outlines & Highlights for Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts by Barbara Kuhn Timby
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  ''978-1-4288-9982-7   ''Outlines & Highlights for American History: A Survey, Combined Edition by Alan Brinkley