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2005978-1-4255-0054-2Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesCelebration of the twentyfifth anniversary... Historical discourse by the president, Israel W. Andrews...with the addresses at the reunion of the ... of the college, Marietta, June 27, 1860.
  ''978-1-4255-0078-8Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesMason adn Dixon's line: a history. Including an outline of the boundary controversy between Pennsylvania and Virgina. By James Veech.
  ''978-1-4255-0137-2   ''New York City transit ...: A memorandum addressed to the Public Service Commission of the First district / by the City Club of New York.
  ''978-1-4255-0138-9Lester WallackThe Veteran: or, France and Algeria. A drama, in six tableaux, as performed at Wallack's theater, January 17, 1859
2006978-1-4255-0139-6Edmund C. StedmanThe Prince's ball: a brochure from Vanity fair
2005978-1-4255-0197-6Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe last will and testament of John McDonogh, late of MacDonoghville, state of Louisiana. Also, his Memoranda of instructions to this executors, ... of the executors, from an authenticated copy.
2006978-1-4255-0544-8Unknown authorBoston slave riot, and trial of Anthony Burns. Containing the report of the Faneuil hall meeting; the murder of Batchelder; Theodore Parker's lesson ... themselves; a verbatim report of Judge Loring
2005978-1-4255-0590-5Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesExplosions of steam boilers:
  ''978-1-4255-0620-9   ''Sundayschools in the mountains. Written for the American SundaySchool Union.
2005978-1-4255-0657-5Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesCompound engines.
  ''978-1-4255-0755-8Benjamin DisraeliContarini Fleming: an autobiography
  ''978-1-4255-0777-0Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesOld age poverty in Greenwich Village: a neighborhood study / by Mabel Louise Nassau ; introduction by Henry R. Seager.
  ''978-1-4255-0928-6   ''The laws of fermentation and the wines of the ancients / by William Patton.
  ''978-1-4255-1062-6   ''The writings of S. S. Peter, James, and John; together with notices of their lives, and the Ten Commandments. The text accurately copied from an ... Clementine edition of the Scriptures, with
2005978-1-4255-1125-8Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe errors of prohibition.
2005978-1-4255-1137-1Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesNotes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not. By Florence Nightingale.
  ''978-1-4255-1259-0   ''Reasons for becoming a Methodist. By Rev. I. Smith ... Including a brief account of the author's religious experience up to the time of his becoming a Methodist.
  ''978-1-4255-1329-0Charles DickensThe Adventures of Oliver Twist
  ''978-1-4255-1378-8Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesA treatise on the Richards steamengine indicator, with directions for its use.
  ''978-1-4255-1433-4   ''The perfect sacrifice. By Benjamin Wills Newton.
2005978-1-4255-1441-9Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesA treatise on the diseases of females. Disorders of menstruation. By John C. Peters, M.D.
  ''978-1-4255-1987-2   ''Manual of United States surveying. System of rectangular surveying employed in subdividing the public lands of the United States; also instructions ... corners of the public lands. By J.H. Hawes
2006978-1-4255-2359-6   ''Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class, by Elizabeth P. Peabody; And Moral Culture of Infancy, by Mary Mann.
2005978-1-4255-2408-1Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesA method of horsemanship, founded upon new principles: including the breaking and training of horses: with instructions for obtaining a good seat. By F. Baucher.
  ''978-1-4255-2569-9   ''The complete poetical works of Robert Burns: with explanatory and glossarial notes; and a life of the author, by James Currie, M.D. (Michigan Historical Reprint)
2006978-1-4255-2869-0   ''The physical geography of the sea. By M. F. Maury.
2005978-1-4255-2907-9   ''The art of perfumery, and the methods of obtaining the odours of plants; with instructions for the manufacture of ... dentifrices, pomatums, ... ... (The Michigan Historical Reprint Series)
  ''978-1-4255-2912-3   ''Brazil, the home for southerners: or, A practical account of what the author, and others, who visited that country, for the same objects, saw and did while in that empire. By Rev. Ballard S. Dunn ...
2005978-1-4255-2952-9Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesPetroleum: A History Of The Oil Region Of Venango County Pennsylvania.
  ''978-1-4255-2991-8   ''Poems by William Cullen Bryant.
  ''978-1-4255-2996-3   ''Life of Schamyl: and, Narrative of the Circassian war of independence against Russia / by J. Milton Mackie.
  ''978-1-4255-3176-8   ''The silk industry in America.
  ''978-1-4255-3201-7   ''The complete works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
2005978-1-4255-3209-3Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe history of Tennessee, from its earliest settlement to the present time.
  ''978-1-4255-3220-8Mrs. C. V. WaiteThe Mormon prophet and his harem; or, An authentic history of Brigham Young, his numerous wives and children.
  ''978-1-4255-3255-0Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesAonio Paleario and His Friends, with a Revised Edition of the Benefit of Christ's Death.
2005978-1-4255-3427-1Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, by Cuthbert Bede, B.A. [pseud.] With nearly two hundred humorous illus. by the author.
  ''978-1-4255-3525-4   ''An introduction to algebra: being the first part of a course of mathematics, adapted to the method of instruction in the American colleges. By Jeremiah Day.
  ''978-1-4255-3727-2   ''God in Christ. Three discourses delivered at New Haven, Cambridge, & Andover, with a preliminary dissertation on language. By Horace Bushnell.
  ''978-1-4255-3729-6   ''New manual of homoeopathic veterinary medicine; or, the homoeopathic treatment of the horse, the ox, the sheep, the dog, and other domestic animals. by F. A. Gunther.
  ''978-1-4255-3831-6   ''The English governess at the Siamese court; being recollections of six years in the royal palace at Bangkok, by Anna Harriette Leonowens. With illustrations from photographs presented to the author
2005978-1-4255-4125-5Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesCatalogue of the Public library of Indianapolis.
2005978-1-4255-4179-8Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesA practical guide for the perfumer: being a new treatise on perfumery the most favorable to beauty without being injurious to the health, comprising a ... of More Than One Thousand Preparations ...
  ''978-1-4255-4211-5William Makepeace ThackerayThe History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy. by William Maekpeace Thackeray. with Illustrations on Wood by the Author. Vol. 1
2006978-1-4255-4284-9Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe spirit of prophecy ... By Ellen G. White ...: Vol. 3
2005978-1-4255-4394-5Benson John LossingOur countrymen: or, Brief memoirs of eminent Americans. Illustrated by one hundred and three portraits, by Lossing and Barritt.
  ''978-1-4255-4415-7Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe marine steamengine.
  ''978-1-4255-4459-1   ''Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection: A Series of Essays
  ''978-1-4255-4493-5   ''History of Alabama, and incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the earliest period. (Michigan Historical Reprint)
2005978-1-4255-4625-0Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesDental pathology and surgery, by S. James A. Salter ...
  ''978-1-4255-4670-0   ''Manual of ancient geography & history. By Wilhelm Pütz ... Tr. from the German. Ed. by Rev. Thomas Kerchever Arnold.
  ''978-1-4255-4706-6   ''The history of Switzerland, by Heinrich Zschokko. Translated by Francis George Shaw.
2005978-1-4255-5021-9Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesA history of education in the state of Ohio. A centennial volume. Pub. by authority of the General assembly.
  ''978-1-4255-5452-1   ''A history of the state of Delaware, from its first settlement until the present time, containing a full account of the first Dutch and Swedish ... a description of its geography and geology.
  ''978-1-4255-5481-1   ''Partisan life with Col. John S. Mosby. By Major John Scott, with portraits and engravings on wood.
  ''978-1-4255-5571-9E. B. O'CallaghanHistory of New Netherland Vol. 1
  ''978-1-4255-5578-8Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesProblems of life and mind, by George Henry Lewes. First series: The foundations of a creed ...: Vol. 2
2005978-1-4255-5630-3Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesForce and nature. Attraction and repulsion: the radical principles of energy, discussed in their relations to physical and morphological developments. By Charles Frederick Winslow, M. D.
2006978-1-4255-5809-3Cooper, James FenimoreThe last of the Mohicans. A narrative of 1757. By J. Fenimore Cooper.
2005978-1-4255-5825-3Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesTheological essays. By Frederick Denison Maurice ...
2006978-1-4255-5865-9   ''Nature and the supernatural, as together constituting the one system of God, by Horace Bushnell.
2005978-1-4255-5915-1   ''Hermeneutical manual ; or, Introduction to the exegetical study of the Scriptures of the New Testament.
2005978-1-4255-5971-7Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe ordnance manual for the use of officers of the United States army.
  ''978-1-4255-6076-8   ''A memoir of the life and labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson ... by Francis Wayland, Vol 1 of a 2-Vol set
  ''978-1-4255-6097-3   ''The Paradise lost, by John Milton. With notes, explanatory and critical. Ed. by Rev. James Robert Boyd.
  ''978-1-4255-6152-9   ''Shelby and his men; or, The war in the West. By John N. Edwards.
  ''978-1-4255-6179-6   ''France and England in North America. A series of historical narratives. By Francis Parkman ...
2005978-1-4255-6422-3John OswaldAn etymological dictionary of the English language by John Oswald.
2006978-1-4255-6491-9J. H. (Joseph Holt) IngrahamThe Pillar of Fire.
  ''978-1-4255-6600-5G. H. (Gideon Hiram) HollisterThe history of Connecticut, from the first settlement of the colony to the adoption of the present constitution (Michigan Historical Reprint)
  ''978-1-4255-6656-2State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Library.Catalogue of the library of the State historical society of Wisconsin. Prepared by Daniel S. Durrie, librarian, and Isabel Durrie, assistant.: Vol. 2
  ''978-1-4255-6777-4Mather, CottonMagnalia Christi Americana Vol. I
  ''978-1-4255-6782-8Ripley, GeorgeCyclopedia of literature and the fine arts ... Comp. and arranged by George Ripley and Bayard Taylor.
2006978-1-4255-7331-7William A. BacherThe Treasury Star Parade, Edited by William A. Bacher, with an Introduction by Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
978-1-4255-7464-2Willard W. GlazierThree years in the federal cavalry
978-1-4255-8108-4Charles Franz ZimpelLeitfaden für angehende homöopathen ... (German Edition)
978-1-4255-8595-2New York Historical SocietyCollections of the New-York Historical Society For the Year 1922. The John Watts DePeyster Publication Fund series. [Vol. 55]
2007978-1-4255-8913-4Wilfred Kaplan · Donald J. LewisCalculus and Linear Algebra V.1
  ''978-1-4255-9027-7James Brown ScottThe Status of the International Court of Justice: With an Appendix of Addresses and Official Documents
  ''978-1-4255-9160-1Petr KropotkineRevolutionary Studies. By Petr Kropotkine