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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4196-8247-6Tom GehrelsOn the Glassy Sea
  ''978-1-4196-8263-6Amnon GimpelBrain Exercises to Cure ADHD
  ''978-1-4196-8275-9Cousette CopelandSilicon Valley: Fact and Fiction
  ''978-1-4196-8283-4Deborah Hobart Crow NDAcupressure Facelift: How to Do It Yourself
  ''978-1-4196-8292-6Stan PrebleEDTA CHELATION THERAPY
2008978-1-4196-8300-8Gerald A. MossBiotechnology: A Comprehensive Curriculum Guide for a One Semester Course at the High School (grades 11-12) or Community College Level
  ''978-1-4196-8325-1Todd-Michael St. PierreMakin' Groceries: A New Orleans Tribute
2007978-1-4196-8331-2Timothy FishHow to Become a Bible Character
2008978-1-4196-8332-9Michael F. AndrewHow to Think Like a CEO and Act Like a Leader: Practical Insights for Performance and Results! (English and Korean Edition)
2009978-1-4196-8357-2Pam SchiffbauerSchool Children of the Great Depression
2007978-1-4196-8382-4Bill Welchthe Competitive Cat, Racing Small Gaff-Rigged Catboats
  ''978-1-4196-8386-2Sylvia Siegel SchildtBrownsville: The Jewish Years: celebrating hope, hard work, tolerance & the triumph of the human spirit
2008978-1-4196-8389-3Martin Trautschold · Gary MazoBlackBerry(r) Pearl Made Simple
  ''978-1-4196-8398-5Kathryn BurkeBuck
2007978-1-4196-8438-8Just EvelynMom I Need to be a Girl
2008978-1-4196-8441-8Lisa Sharon BelkinThe Cosmetics Cookbook
2007978-1-4196-8454-8Mohammad Samir HossainQUEST FOR A NEW DEATH: Death and Adjustment Hypotheses
2008978-1-4196-8459-3Johnnie M. ClarkSemper Fidelis
  ''978-1-4196-8460-9Laurence B. BrownGod'ed?: The Case for Islam as the Completion of Revelation
2008978-1-4196-8475-3Leslie PavlichClicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse
  ''978-1-4196-8479-1Leslie MoránThe Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots: and Everyone Else in the Family
2012978-1-4196-8498-2Donald MitchellAdventures of an Optimist: A Progress Report on the 400 Year Project to Help You Improve 20 Times Faster
2008978-1-4196-8510-1Carlos Ledson MillerBelize: A Novel
  ''978-1-4196-8523-1Holland KirboTriple Treasures:: Our Journey from Infertility through the First Year with Triplets
2007978-1-4196-8526-2Alfred FernbachCharting Democracy in America: Landmarks from History and Political Thought
2011978-1-4196-8533-0Leo Yates Jr.Pocket Reference of Religious Signs: Text Revision
2007978-1-4196-8538-5J. Dorsett MillerRon Paul: Speaking of Freedom
2008978-1-4196-8540-8Renee DelaplaineThe Sexually Tuned Body
  ''978-1-4196-8552-1Brendan P. KelsoShakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream for Kids: 3 melodramatic plays for 3 group sizes (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-4196-8570-5T. FosterTangram Cartoons
2008978-1-4196-8576-7Elizabeth D. RatherForth Application Techniques: Course Notebook, 5th Edition
  ''978-1-4196-8592-7Fabio PereiraHCS08 Unleashed: Designer's Guide To the HCS08 Microcontrollers
2011978-1-4196-8597-2Ram IyerGeography Bee Demystified
2008978-1-4196-8603-0Laura E. Miller · Ray MillerThat's Customer Focus!: The Overworked and Underappreciated Manager's Guide to Creating a Customer-Focused Organization
  ''978-1-4196-8608-5Marcy S. GregoryLose the Belly Fat
  ''978-1-4196-8611-5Sam SongLearning Chinese The Easy Way: Read & Understand The Symbols of Chinese Culture (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-4196-8612-2Randy E MooreMusculoskeletal Ultrasound for the Extremities: A Practical Guide to Songography of the Extremities
2008978-1-4196-8613-9Elaine BuffOut With Three: The Murder and Betrayal of Bald Head Island Police Officer Davina Buff Jones
  ''978-1-4196-8651-1Eugene C. FlinnThe Inn of the Seventy-Seven Clocks
  ''978-1-4196-8653-5Mark SchoenBellybuttons Are Navels
  ''978-1-4196-8662-7Edward KrohnRepublican National Convention Ticket Catalogue and Price Guide
  ''978-1-4196-8666-5Francine Saint MarieFortune Is a Woman
2008978-1-4196-8668-9Mark GreenPersecution, Privilege, & Power: Reconsidering The Zionist Narrative in American Life
  ''978-1-4196-8678-8mike youngJohn's Remarkable Journey
  ''978-1-4196-8719-8A.M. Best CompanyThe Guide to Understanding Employee Benefits: A fresh look at health, retirement and other workplace benefit plans for buyers and sellers
  ''978-1-4196-8725-9Norma BrodyLEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla
  ''978-1-4196-8733-4Brent CassanHeavy Metal: the Essential Bibliography of American Railroading Volume 1
2008978-1-4196-8735-8Amin WitnoTheory of Numbers
  ''978-1-4196-8741-9Joel JohnsSchool Daze
  ''978-1-4196-8743-3Pamela ButlerTalking To Yourself: How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Change Your Life.
  ''978-1-4196-8761-7W. D. Lyle Jr · L. Scott AllenA Very Unpleasant Truth...Peak Oil Production and its Global Consequences
  ''978-1-4196-8785-3Evert SeevinckAnalysis and Synthesis of Translinear Integrated Circuits
2008978-1-4196-8815-7BeachsleeperHandicapping Enlightenment
  ''978-1-4196-8821-8Gail FlinnGolf Rules Made Easy 2008-2009: "The 28 Golf Rules & Penalties for Stroke Play"
  ''978-1-4196-8829-4Patrick Reames · G Michael VaseySelecting and Implementing Energy Trading, Transaction and Risk Management Software - a Primer
  ''978-1-4196-8830-0Claire ThompsonGolden Angel: Unwilling Sex Slave
  ''978-1-4196-8833-1Brent CassanHeavy Metal: the Essential Bibliography of American Railroading Volume 2
2008978-1-4196-8834-8J.W. McKennaTorn Between Two Masters
  ''978-1-4196-8835-5J.W. McKennaDarkest Hour
  ''978-1-4196-8846-1Brent AtwaterHow to Overcome Your Health Problems: Solutions for a Better Quality of Life
  ''978-1-4196-8860-7Michael PritsosHoplite: Torch of Prometheus
  ''978-1-4196-8862-1Robert Purvin · Robert L. Purvin Jr.The Franchise Fraud: How To Protect Yourself Before And After You Invest
2008978-1-4196-8873-7Tommy ArlinEden
2009978-1-4196-8919-2J.D. SolomonOvercoming Macular Degeneration: A Guide to Seeing Beyond the Clouds
2008978-1-4196-8942-0Mohammad Samir HossainHuman Immortality: Death and Adjustment Hypotheses Elaborated
  ''978-1-4196-8950-5David Epstein · Suzanne Singer StutmanTorah With Love
  ''978-1-4196-8969-7Carolyn WilmanYou Can't Win If You Don't Enter: American Edition
  ''978-1-4196-8979-6Bartholomew FoxDeadlock
  ''978-1-4196-8986-4Madeline KaplanPlanet Earth Gets Well
2008978-1-4196-8995-6Libby ConeWar on the Margins: A Novel
  ''978-1-4196-9000-6Nelson BatesBest Website: Simple Steps to Successful Websites
  ''978-1-4196-9005-1Intellin OrganizationElectronic Circuits Volume 1.3
  ''978-1-4196-9014-3Bruce AndersonThe Mendocino Papers
  ''978-1-4196-9047-1Dennis HolranThe Ultimate Vocal Group Harmony Reference Guide, Volume 1: First Edition
2008978-1-4196-9048-8Dennis HolranThe Ultimate Vocal Group Harmony Reference Guide, Volume 2: First Edition
  ''978-1-4196-9059-4Paul CarterTracking Whitetails: Answers to Your Questions
  ''978-1-4196-9062-4Mitchell BelaconeTwo Dramas On My Way to Hell: and other short stories by Mitchell Belacone
  ''978-1-4196-9070-9Wendy Maltz · Suzie BossPrivate Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women's Sexual Fantasies
  ''978-1-4196-9092-1Sherlock BlanchardDeer Aint Peggy: Letters of Advice and Life's Observations from a 14-year-old Basset Hound
2008978-1-4196-9104-1Damian D. PittsBuilding Great Teams: Charting the Path of Organizational Politics
  ''978-1-4196-9126-3Nicholas Henning · Nicholas R.W. HenningBrennan Cooper
  ''978-1-4196-9130-0D.N. SimmonsHostile Territory: the knights of the darkness chronicles
  ''978-1-4196-9153-9J.W. McKennaCorruption of an Innocent Girl
  ''978-1-4196-9194-2Tracey M. FlynnUnlocking the Power of Certification: How to Develop Effective Certification Programs
2008978-1-4196-9227-7Khalid Hameed ShaidaHafiz: The Voice of God: A Hundred Odes
  ''978-1-4196-9235-2Klaus AgtheShadows of War: A German Life in the Century of Extremes
  ''978-1-4196-9236-9Intellin OrganizationElectronic Audio Circuits Sourcebook Volume 1
2007978-1-4196-9237-6Ron PapandreaThey Never Surrendered: The Lakota Sioux Band That Stayed in Canada
2008978-1-4196-9242-0Israel ShamirCabbala of Power
  ''978-1-4196-9243-7Israel ShamirMasters of Discourse
  ''978-1-4196-9279-6Martin Trautschold · Gary MazoBlackBerry(r) 8800 & 8300 Curve Made Simple (Blackberry Made Simple Guide Book)
2009978-1-4196-9288-8Dusty WhiteThe Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!
2008978-1-4196-9294-9Kevin Michaluk · Gary Mazo · Martin TrautscholdCrackberry: True Tales of Blackberry Use and Abuse: Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Responsible BlackBerry(r) Use
2008978-1-4196-9302-1Michael McAlisterAwake in This Life: A Guide for Those Climbing the Mountain of Spirit
  ''978-1-4196-9310-6Tom Debevoise · Rick GenevaThe Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN
  ''978-1-4196-9345-8Erik SimonA Mother's Tale
  ''978-1-4196-9362-5Darin L. StewartBuilding Enterprise Taxonomies
  ''978-1-4196-9366-3Landon JonesGreat Expectations: America & the Baby Boom Generation
2008978-1-4196-9370-0Lauren Taylor · Randy TaylorI Miss My Brother
  ''978-1-4196-9382-3M. Wesley SwearingenTo Kill A President: Finally---An Ex-FBI Agent rips aside the veil of secrecy that killed JFK
  ''978-1-4196-9385-4Michael R. HurwitzBackstage With Booth: Behind the Scenes of the Lincoln Assassination with the Innocent 'Conspirator'
  ''978-1-4196-9386-1Marlene RoyleTip of the Blade: Notes on Rowing
2009978-1-4196-9394-6Asad GharwalAward Winning Low-Fat Afghani Cooking
2008978-1-4196-9407-3Karen HorwitzWhite Chalk Crime: The REAL Reason Schools Fail: Untold story of crime that has destroyed our schools and how teacher abuse and teacher cleansing have kept this from you
  ''978-1-4196-9416-5Mark BarrattThe Guardian of Heaven: Israel
2008978-1-4196-9446-2Lawrence W. BowmanLeft Alive: Inspired From a True Story
  ''978-1-4196-9447-9Demetria D. HodgesCatzilla
  ''978-1-4196-9459-2Felton MessinaThe Physics of Karatedo
  ''978-1-4196-9464-6Dennis ForbesLast Call: A Novel of 1980 San Francisco
  ''978-1-4196-9476-9Maggie DorseyMy Hero, My Dad, The Nurse
2008978-1-4196-9477-6R. G. DierksTroutfly: Courage and Sacrifice of Fathers and Sons
  ''978-1-4196-9489-9Sylviane Toporkoff · Alan SharkBeyond e-Government & e-Democracy: A Global Perspective
  ''978-1-4196-9503-2Lothar KatzPrinciples of Negotiating International Business: Success Strategies for Global Negotiators
  ''978-1-4196-9508-7Claire ThompsonObsession - Girl Abducted: Formerly The Stalker - Revised and Expanded
  ''978-1-4196-9539-1Jo KempReflections for a Caregiver
2008978-1-4196-9541-4Valli MartiE-Z Text Messaging 4 Grandparents
  ''978-1-4196-9553-7Barbara WashburnChasing Carole
  ''978-1-4196-9556-8Hilton RatcliffeThe Virtue of Heresy: Confessions of a Dissident Astronomer, Second Edition, Revised and Updated
  ''978-1-4196-9558-2Greg GianforteEight to Great: Eight Steps to Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience
  ''978-1-4196-9563-6Markus HeitkoetterThe Complete Guide to Day Trading: A Practical Manual From a Professional Day Trading Coach
2008978-1-4196-9566-7Scott Friedman · Christy Crouch · Donna FleetwoodNow What Do I Say?: Never Be At a Loss For Words Again: Real Estate Objection Handlers for Virtually Every Situation
  ''978-1-4196-9578-0Scott KilobyLove's Quiet Revolution: The End Of The Spiritual Search
  ''978-1-4196-9582-7Bill BusseyMother Nature's Prophets
  ''978-1-4196-9597-1Bob GabbertEvergreen Is Moving
  ''978-1-4196-9612-1Will Henson Psy.D.Behavior Support Strategies for Education Paraprofessionals
2008978-1-4196-9627-5Shelley JohnsonThe Enviable Lifestyle: Creating a Successful Massage Therapy Business
  ''978-1-4196-9630-5Susan Murphy-MilanoMoving Out, Moving On
  ''978-1-4196-9636-7Dave BrunoNever Give Up
  ''978-1-4196-9655-8Nick NelsonMonkeys in the Middle: How One Drug Company Kept a Parkinsons Disease Breakthrough Out of Reach
  ''978-1-4196-9657-2Jack Firestone · Robin FirestoneChasing Diana
2008978-1-4196-9670-1Marti ToteWhen It's Time to Say Goodbye
  ''978-1-4196-9691-6Ron ThatcherSelling Pilates: A Detailed Book on the Art of Selling Pilates
  ''978-1-4196-9692-3Ron ThatcherSelling Yoga: A Handbook for the Ultimate Yoga Business Professional
  ''978-1-4196-9705-0Pope Shenouda IIIHave You Seen the One I Love: Contemplations on the Song of Songs
2009978-1-4196-9749-4Darryl CrossTeenager Trouble-Shooting:: How to Stop Your Adolescent Driving You Crazy
2008978-1-4196-9758-6Fida M. Hassnain · Suzanne OlssonRoza Bal The Tomb of Jesus
  ''978-1-4196-9802-6Meda KillgoreWho Am I? How Do I Find Me?
2008978-1-4196-9803-3Timothy T SchwartzTravesty in Haiti: A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking
  ''978-1-4196-9808-8Alcott Germany IIReal World 101: Student Guide
  ''978-1-4196-9809-5Janet S. WongA Suitcase of Seaweed and other poems
  ''978-1-4196-9810-1J.W. McKennaThe Sex Slave Protocols
2009978-1-4196-9868-2Peter DaleyMetaphysics And The New Age: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
2008978-1-4196-9873-6Narain MansharamaniLaser Ranging Techniques
2008978-1-4196-9882-8Jeff PotterWhatever Happened To Baseball
  ''978-1-4196-9912-2Ron Claassen · Roxanne ClaassenDiscipline that Restores: Strategies to Create Respect, Cooperation, and Responsibility in the Classroom
  ''978-1-4196-9939-9Robin Meloy GoldsbyRhythm: A Novel
2009978-1-4196-9961-0Lawrence T. FriedhoffNew Drugs: An Insider's Guide to the FDA's New Drug Approval Process for Scientists, Investors and Patients
2008978-1-4196-9969-6Gerald OlsonSubprime Meltdown: It's All About Money: Implications for Commercial Property Investments