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2001978-1-4181-0054-4Richard W. (Richard Worsam) MeadeA treatise on naval architecture and ship-building; or, An exposition of the elementary principles involved in the science and practice of naval construction.
  ''978-1-4181-2334-5John Adolphus Bernard DahlgrenMemoir of Ulric Dahlgren. By his father, Rear-Admiral Dahlgren.
  ''978-1-4181-2344-4John Adolphus Bernard DahlgrenShells and Shell-Guns. by J. A. Dahlgren ...
  ''978-1-4181-2598-1Virginia PennyThe employments of women; a cyclopaedia of woman's work. By Virginia Penny.
978-1-4181-2924-8Martin Van BurenInquiry Into the Origin and Course of Political Parties in the United States / By the Late Ex-President Martin Van Buren ...; Ed. by His Sons.
978-1-4181-2980-4Charles Cotesworth BeamanThe National and Private Alabama Claims and Their Final and Amicable Settlement / By Charles C. Beaman.
2001978-1-4181-4346-6T. (Thomas) MainThe marine steam-engine.
  ''978-1-4181-4830-0Henry BarnardSchool architecture, or Contributions to the improvement of school-houses in the United States.
978-1-4181-5431-8Horace BushnellThe Vicarious Sacrifice, Grounded in Principles of Universal Obligation: By Horace Bushnell.
1904978-1-4181-6555-0Florian CajoriAn introduction to the modern theory of equations, by Florian Cajori. (The Michigan Historical Reprint Series)
1900978-1-4181-6590-1Max Br]ckner · Max BrucknerVielecke Und Vielflache. Theorie Und Geschichte. (Michigan Historical Reprint Series) (German Edition)
2001978-1-4181-6609-0John CaseyA sequel to the first six books of the Elements of Euclid, containing an easy introduction to modern geometry, with numerous examples. By John Casey.
1907978-1-4181-6703-5Henry Frederick Baker · H. F. (Henry Frederick) BakerAn Introduction to the Theory of Multiply Periodic Functions, by H.F. Baker.
1923978-1-4181-6759-2Luther Pfahler EisenhartTransformations of Surfaces, by Luther Pfahler Eisenhart.
1909978-1-4181-6797-4Edmund LandauHandbuch der Lehre von der Verteilung der Primzahlen. Von dr. Edmund Landau. Vol. 2 (German Edition)
2001978-1-4181-6989-3John CaseyA treatise on the analytical geometry of the point, line, circle, and conic sections, containing an account of its most recent extensions, with numerous examples.
978-1-4181-7009-7Arthur CayleyThe Collected Mathematical Papers of Arthur Cayley.Vol. 2
2005978-1-4181-8151-2Maxime BôcherPlane analytic geometry, with introductory chapters on the differential calculus
2005978-1-4181-8201-4Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesLectures on the calculus of variations; by Oskar Bolza.
  ''978-1-4181-8219-9Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesElements of the theory of functions of a complex variable with especial reference to the methods of Riemann, by Dr. H. DurFge. Authorized translation ... by George Egbert Fisher and Isaac J. Schwatt.
  ''978-1-4181-8269-4   ''Mathematical and physical papers, by George Gabriel Stokes. Reprinted from the original journals and transactions, with additional notes by the author. Vol. 1: Vol. 3
  ''978-1-4181-8283-0George GreenMathematical papers of the late George Green
  ''978-1-4181-8316-5Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe applications of elliptic functions, by Alfred George Greenhill.
2005978-1-4181-8484-1Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe theory of determinants in the historical order of development, by Sir Thomas Muir.Vol. 1
  ''978-1-4181-8509-1   ''Plane trigonometry, by S.L. Loney.
  ''978-1-4181-8533-6Andrew Russell ForsythTheory of Differential Equations, Part 2, Vol. 3: Ordinary Equations, Not Linear
2006978-1-4181-8804-7Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesMemoirs of a murder man, by Arthur A. Carey, late deputy inspector in charge of the Homicide bureau, New York city Police department, in collaboration with Howard McLellan.
2005978-1-4181-9061-3   ''K.G.C.: An authentic exposition of the origin, objects, and secret work of the organization known as the Knights of the Golden Circle.
  ''978-1-4181-9680-6   ''The reunion of the old and newschool Presbyterian churches, by Rev. Charles Hodge, D. D. Reprinted from the Princeton repertory for July. With a preface by the author noticing some objections.
2005978-1-4181-9926-5Michigan Historical Reprint SeriesThe facts and historical events of the Toledo war of 1835,
  ''978-1-4181-9959-3   ''Reports on the construction of the piers of the aqueduct of the Alexandria canal across the Potomac River at Georgetown, District of Columbia; by William Turnbull ... 18351840.