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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4170-0268-9The Best of Abbott & Costello: Volume 3
978-1-4170-0344-0The Bourne Supremacy
978-1-4170-0345-7The Bourne Supremacy
2004978-1-4170-0387-7Audie Ddmc 25017 MurphyTo Hell and Back
978-1-4170-0604-5Fried Green Tomatoes
978-1-4170-0857-5Straight Into Darkness
978-1-4170-0947-3The Fast and Furious Collection
978-1-4170-1101-8Fast Times at Ridgemont High
2004978-1-4170-1103-2Jason Ddmc 25448 LondonDazed and Confused Flashback Edition
  ''978-1-4170-1104-9Jason Ddmc 25449 LondonDazed and Confused Flashback Edition
978-1-4170-1110-0The Invisible Man
2006978-1-4170-1117-9DVD: The Bourne Identity
978-1-4170-1118-6The Bourne Identity
978-1-4170-1395-1October Sky
2006978-1-4170-1786-7Jason Ddmc 25796 LondonUltimate Party Collection
2005978-1-4170-1835-2In Good Company
  ''978-1-4170-1844-4Cinderella Man
  ''978-1-4170-2204-5Gael Ddmc 25942 Garcia BernalMotorcycle Diaries
2004978-1-4170-2377-6Stone PhillipsNBC News Presents Ronald Reagan
978-1-4170-2650-0Curious George
978-1-4170-2764-4King Kong
978-1-4170-2981-5Little Miss Marker
2005978-1-4170-3013-2The Perfect Man
978-1-4170-3025-5Nanny McPhee
978-1-4170-3026-2Nanny McPhee
2004978-1-4170-4179-4American Tail Ddmc 27098American Tail Family Double Feature
978-1-4170-4180-0The Land Before Time Chomper Double Feature
978-1-4170-4184-8Magnum P.I.: The Complete Second Season
978-1-4170-4306-4George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
2005978-1-4170-4566-2Carlito's Way: Rise to Power
  ''978-1-4170-4572-3Jack Ddmc 27347 LemmonDad
978-1-4170-4724-6The Big Lebowski Collector's Edition
978-1-4170-5083-3Baa Baa Black Sheep: Vol 1
978-1-4170-5366-7The Last Time I Committed Suicide
2005978-1-4170-5368-1To Kill a Mockingbird
978-1-4170-5387-2The Sting
978-1-4170-5447-3Strange Bedfellows
978-1-4170-5506-7Pride and Prejudice
978-1-4170-5507-4Love Songs
978-1-4170-5626-2After the Rain
978-1-4170-5886-0The Man Who Knew Too Much
978-1-4170-5938-6Inside Deep Throat
978-1-4170-6570-7Jordan-Claire GreenThe 12 Dogs of Christmas [USA] [DVD]
978-1-4170-6587-5Red Eye
978-1-4170-6605-6Into the West
978-1-4170-6658-2American Dreamz
978-1-4170-6660-5Something New
978-1-4170-6992-7Mae West: The Glamour Collection
978-1-4170-6999-6Vince Vaughn · Joey Lauren AdamsThe Break-Up [USA] [DVD]
978-1-4170-7252-1Smokey and the Bandit
978-1-4170-7487-7Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Second Season
978-1-4170-7806-6Smile (CBA Version)
978-1-4170-8281-0Northern Exposure: The Complete First & Second Seasons