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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-4141-0015-9Dorcas SmuckerLetters from Harrisburg
  ''978-1-4141-0048-7Wesley M. ClarkThrough the Valley of Deception
  ''978-1-4141-0051-7Jack CuozzoCaptured Alive
  ''978-1-4141-0062-3Stephen SulykI Am with You Always
  ''978-1-4141-0070-8Lynne SchulzThe Survivor
2004978-1-4141-0117-0Grace Allman BurkeCouples of the Bible
2004978-1-4141-0137-8James D. GasterHow to Make a Coopered Wooden Bucket
  ''978-1-4141-0153-8Martha OldhamAfrica: Lord Hang Onto Me and Don't Let Go
2005978-1-4141-0163-7M.D. Hugh VaughanMy Life As a Country Doctor: It's Life at Its Best
2004978-1-4141-0164-4Linda M. WatermanInvesting Your Life in Things that Matter
  ''978-1-4141-0170-5Eddie Charles Spencer · Walcott Lafon BurrowInmate 46857
  ''978-1-4141-0172-9Ruth L.S. MillerLessons from the Washing Machine
  ''978-1-4141-0181-1Maxine MarsoliniBlended Families Workbook
2004978-1-4141-0185-9L.P. MeyersThis Church is not Appearing Glorious, And it Doesn't Seem to be Purpose Driven
  ''978-1-4141-0222-1Mary NahasThe Journey of Private Galione
2005978-1-4141-0249-8Aagje FrankenDasha
  ''978-1-4141-0254-2Kelly HassaniBaghdad, Is It The Final Episode?
2004978-1-4141-0261-0Betsy Talcott KelleherSometimes a Woman Needs a Horse
  ''978-1-4141-0262-7Robert LivingstonChristianity and Islam: The Final Clash
  ''978-1-4141-0267-2Michelle GardnerAfter the Dream Comes True
2005978-1-4141-0280-1Brian GuyotBible Cryptograms
2005978-1-4141-0313-6Martin M. DavisThe Gospel and the Twelve Steps
  ''978-1-4141-0336-5Bryan CarrawaySpiritual Gifts: Their Purpose & Power
  ''978-1-4141-0363-1Eva M DoolittleSeven Deadly Sins and Other Grave Transgressions
  ''978-1-4141-0365-5Betty Jane PurdyAunt Hattie, Aunt Mattie, And Aunt Pattie
  ''978-1-4141-0373-0Franklin D. BolinIn or Out of Salvation
2005978-1-4141-0376-1Dalen GarrisFire in the Hole
  ''978-1-4141-0378-5Vicki CaswellGuide Me Through This Barren Land
  ''978-1-4141-0385-3Kent E. SpauldingA God Who Is Alive
  ''978-1-4141-0399-0Rebecca Ingram PowellWise Up! Experience the Power of Proverbs
  ''978-1-4141-0407-2Mae Jean MasonOut of the Tempest
2005978-1-4141-0416-4Jennifer E. TodoroffThe Journey in Between
  ''978-1-4141-0432-4Marybeth WhalenFor the Write Reason: 31 Writers, Agents and Editors Share Their Experiences with Christian Publishing
2006978-1-4141-0440-9Joel RichardsonAntichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah
2005978-1-4141-0448-5Matthew S. HeinzChangeYour Mind: Daily Prayers to Transform Your Mindsets
2006978-1-4141-0459-1Robert KuestUncommon Leadership
2005978-1-4141-0461-4Jim JacksonWhen I Get to Heaven the Only One Shaking Will Be Elvis: My Battle With Parkinsons
  ''978-1-4141-0466-9Roy R. BrownThe Battle Is Not Yours, It's God's: Bible Battles
  ''978-1-4141-0480-5Greg Hadley100 Everyday Epiphanies: simple events that can inspire prayer
2006978-1-4141-0518-5Florence PetheramWORD: A Real Dog Locked in a Shelter Cage for Eight Years Until...
  ''978-1-4141-0527-7Thomas BraddockA Study Guide for Oswald Chambers 'My Utmost For His Highest'
2005978-1-4141-0540-6Troy ReinerTransformation! How Simple Bible Stories Provide In-depth Answers for Life's Most Difficult Problems
2005978-1-4141-0541-3Troy ReinerRevelations That Will Set You Free: The Biblical Roadmap for Spiritual and Psychological Growth
  ''978-1-4141-0542-0   ''Faith Therapy: The Ultimate Program for Salvation-based Counseling in the Church
  ''978-1-4141-0543-7   ''Principles for Life: Using Biblical Principles to Bring Dynamic Psychological Healing
2006978-1-4141-0553-6Peter Z. M. NehsahnThe Power of Caring
2005978-1-4141-0559-8Larry EdisonDiscover Jesus in Genesis
  ''978-1-4141-0599-4RN Patricia Burkley · M.D. Ph. D. Jack SummersDiscovering the Monster Within
2006978-1-4141-0611-3Kevin DeYoungFreedom and Boundaries: A Pastoral Primer on the Role of Women in the Church
  ''978-1-4141-0620-5George MeekManna Calendar
2006978-1-4141-0640-3Stephen CrosbyAuthority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement
  ''978-1-4141-0661-8Lane MetcalfTo Set A Prisoner Free
  ''978-1-4141-0663-2Marshall DavisMore Than A Purpose, An Evangelical Response to Rick Warren and the Megachurch Movement
  ''978-1-4141-0681-6Paula RichardsPortrait of Destiny
978-1-4141-0685-4Earnestly Contending for the Faith: A Fifty-Year History of the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary (1955-2005)
2006978-1-4141-0697-7Everett Aaron EdwardsJohn The Baptist In-Depth, a closer look
  ''978-1-4141-0734-9Mona ShriverHope & Healing
2006978-1-4141-0743-1Doug ElwoodPeacemaking in an Age of Terrorism
  ''978-1-4141-0751-6Jean CassidyIf You Do the Difficult, God Will Do the Impossible
  ''978-1-4141-0772-1Bud FrimothBring in the Clowns - a Metaphor for Ministry
2007978-1-4141-0806-3Joyce SampsonDown (Syndrome) But Not Out
  ''978-1-4141-0810-0Wanda OtteHidden Secrets of The Knob
2006978-1-4141-0858-2Eddie SpencerPut Out The Fire
2007978-1-4141-0861-2Peter Z.M. NehsahnEsther: Woman, Thy Time Is Now
  ''978-1-4141-0930-5Paul JohnsonMore Than Money More Than Faith; Successfully Raising Missionary Support in the Twenty-first Century
2007978-1-4141-0935-0Don KennedyOliver the Weak-Tailed Possum
  ''978-1-4141-0950-3FaithwritersFaithwriters - Abundance of Life
  ''978-1-4141-0993-0Verna BirkeyWomen Connecting with Women, Equipping Women for Friend-to-Friend Support and Mentoring
  ''978-1-4141-0994-7Verna BirkeyWomen Connecting with Women, Study Guide
2008978-1-4141-1045-5Kathy RodriguezHealing the Father Wound
2007978-1-4141-1129-2Wayne ClarkEschaton
2009978-1-4141-1192-6Tina L. WilsonLet Your Mind Be Free: How To Use Your God-Given Authority To Control Your Thoughts And Regulate Your Emotions
2008978-1-4141-1198-8Joyce K. Ellis · Tammie Edington ShawWriting So Heaven Will Be Different
2009978-1-4141-1229-9Betty OdakBefore, After, and Beyond Bankruptcy
  ''978-1-4141-1262-6Eugene Myers HarrisonGiants of the Missionary Trail: The Life Stories of Eight Men Who Gave Their All for the Cause of Christ
2009978-1-4141-1276-3Sharon HensleyHome Schooling Children with Special Needs (3rd Edition)
  ''978-1-4141-1361-6Gil StieglitzBecoming a Godly Husband
2010978-1-4141-1549-8Cynthia Zahm SiegfriedCancer Journey: A Caregiver's View from the Passenger Seat
  ''978-1-4141-1565-8Jerry KlineAn Unremarkable Man
  ''978-1-4141-1570-2Annette Reeder · Richard CoueyTreasures of Healthy Living
  ''978-1-4141-1657-0Gary McDonaldGod's Light is Near
2010978-1-4141-1725-6Annette Reeder · Richard CoueyTreasures of Health Nutrition Manual
  ''978-1-4141-1726-3Annette ReederHealthy Treasures Cookbook
  ''978-1-4141-1780-5Michael DuncanStarting Out: A Study Guide for New Believers
2011978-1-4141-1790-4Joy FrancisYou Are Beautiful: A Journey of Discovery
  ''978-1-4141-1871-0J. Kirk Lewis · Melanie D. LewisDesperate Dependency: Finding Christ Relevant to Every Area of Life
  ''978-1-4141-1934-2Katherine Hinchee PurdyThe Vision of a Mother's Heart
2011978-1-4141-2013-3Lane P. Jordan12 Steps to Having a More Organized Christmas and Holiday Season
  ''978-1-4141-2059-1Camy TangWeddings and Wasabi
2013978-1-4141-2599-2Kelly WeirYou Make Me Laugh