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2007978-1-4127-7412-3Publications International(Manufactured by)Pop Go the Wiggles!: Little Pop-Up Songbook
  ''978-1-4127-7415-4Publications InternationalWe've Got a Mission! (Disney's Little Einsteins (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-7416-1Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-7423-9Art MawhinneyFairies (Look & Find)
  ''978-1-4127-7424-6Dean KlevenLittle Einsteins (Look & Find)
2007978-1-4127-7435-2Publications InternationalTreasury of Fairy Tales (Padded Treasuries 6x6)
  ''978-1-4127-7451-2First Sesame Street Library 12 Volume Boxed Set
2008978-1-4127-7455-0Editors of Publications International Ltd.My First Look and Find: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  ''978-1-4127-7462-8Pub Intl IncSing & Learn Fisher Price
  ''978-1-4127-7471-0Editors of Publications International · Ltd.First Look and Find: Toy Story (My First Look and Find)
  ''978-1-4127-7504-5Editors of Publications International Ltd.What Do Fish Do? (Play-A-Song)
2007978-1-4127-7511-3Publicatiions InternationalElmo's Tappin' Tunes: With Xylophone (Sesame Street)
2009978-1-4127-7515-1George Cantor · Foreword by Sparky AndersonDetroit Tigers Yesterday & Today
2009978-1-4127-7516-8Jim Brewer · Foreword by Joe FergusonArkansas Football: Yesterday & Today
2008978-1-4127-7551-9Louis WeberSesame Street Silly Snacks: Cooking with Kids (Sesame Street (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-7566-3Sue DiCicco · Disney Storybook ArtistsMickey Mouse Clubhouse (First Look and Find)
2009978-1-4127-7585-4Editors of Publications International Ltd.Play-a-Sound: Toy Story (Little Sound Book)
2007978-1-4127-7588-5Publications InternationalWhat a Team!: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book [With Soundboard] (Nick Jr. Go Diego Go!)
  ''978-1-4127-7589-2Renee TawaFollow That Hat! (Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
2008978-1-4127-7591-5Publications InternationalFind That Freight: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book [With Soundboard] (Thomas & Friends)
  ''978-1-4127-7611-0Louis Weber3 Books in 1 Jell-O & CoolWhip Favorite Desserts/Philadelphia Cheesecakes and More/Baker's Desserts for Chocolate Lovers
  ''978-1-4127-7625-7Editors of West Side PublishingKitchenaid Baking Companion
2008978-1-4127-7658-5Auto Editors of Consumer Guide · Publications International Ltd.Muscle Car Classics
  ''978-1-4127-7662-2Editors of Publications International · Ltd.My First Library: The World of Cars
2009978-1-4127-7694-3   ''Look and Find: Disney Villains
2008978-1-4127-7696-7Julia LoboDisney Princess First Look and Find
  ''978-1-4127-7707-0ASSORTEDDisney Princess Little Look and Find
2009978-1-4127-7761-2Editors of Publications International Ltd.Brain Games Crossword Puzzles - Large Print (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
2008978-1-4127-7762-9   ''Brain Games® Word Searches - Large Print
2009978-1-4127-7769-8Editors of Publications International · Ltd.First Look and Find: Finding Nemo, What s Different? (Look and Find What's Different?)
  ''978-1-4127-7770-4   ''First Look and Find: Marvel Spider-Man & Friends
  ''978-1-4127-7781-0Editors of Publications International Ltd.Potty Time with Abby Cadabby
2009978-1-4127-7786-5Editors of Publications International Ltd.3 Books in 1: Kraft Cheese Casseroles & More, Nabisco Appetizers & More, and Velveeta Crowd-Pleasing Recipes
  ''978-1-4127-7787-2Publications InternationalKraft Velveeta Incredibly Easy Recipes
  ''978-1-4127-7788-9Publications International StaffHershey's Recipe Collection in 5-Ring Binder (5 Ring Binder Cookbook)
2010978-1-4127-7792-6Martha Sonntag Bradley · Elizabeth Bradley-WilsonSalt Lake City: Yesterday and Today
2009978-1-4127-7863-3Editors of Publications International Ltd.CROCK-POT® Best-Loved Slow Cooker Recipes
2010978-1-4127-7875-6Editors of Favorite Brand Name RecipesFun Stuff Cookies
2009978-1-4127-7876-3Editors of Publications InternationalKitchenAid Best-Loved Recipes
  ''978-1-4127-7877-0   ''Philadelphia Best-Loved Appetizers, Dips, Sides, Entrees, Desserts & More
978-1-4127-7900-5Winnie Puuh - Verrückte Suchbilder
2009978-1-4127-7901-2Publications InternationalThe Wisdom of Jesus
  ''978-1-4127-7939-5By the Editors of Publications International · Ltd.Play-a-Sound: Disney Princess, Ring-a-Ling! A Friend Is Here (Disney Princess, Play-a-sound)
2010978-1-4127-8163-3Debbie MummScrapbooking, Simple 1,2,3, Spring
2014978-1-4127-8436-8Editors of Phoenix International PublicationsBaby Einstein - Let's Look Little My First Look and Find - PI Kids
2007978-1-4127-8457-3Inc. Disney EnterprisesFollow That Hat! (Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play a Sound)
2011978-1-4127-8458-0Publications InternationalThomas & Friends - Find that Freight! Lift-a-Flap Sound Book
2007978-1-4127-8486-3DiCicco StudiosLearning Fun: 4 Little First Look and Find Books
2007978-1-4127-8521-1Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8522-8Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8523-5Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8524-2Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8525-9Early Learning: 12 Board Books
2007978-1-4127-8526-6Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8527-3Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8528-0Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8529-7Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8530-3Early Learning: 12 Board Books
2007978-1-4127-8531-0Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8532-7Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8533-4Early Learning: 12 Board Books
  ''978-1-4127-8555-6Caleb BurroughsDisney Pixar Cars
978-1-4127-8556-3Disney Pixar Cars by Caleb Burroughs (2007
978-1-4127-8560-0Disney Pixar Cars by Caleb Burroughs (2007
978-1-4127-8561-7Disney Pixar Cars by Caleb Burroughs (2007
978-1-4127-8562-4Disney Pixar Cars by Caleb Burroughs (2007, Hardcover)
2007978-1-4127-8634-8Reynolds Cooking with Foil
  ''978-1-4127-8641-6Publications InternationalJell-O Favorite Desserts
2007978-1-4127-8645-4Do the Wiggly Shuffle [With Digital Music Player] (Play-A-Song)
  ''978-1-4127-8653-9Publications InternationalPrincess Songs: Pop-Up Songbook (Play-A-Song)
  ''978-1-4127-8654-6Prince Elmo and the Pea: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book (Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8655-3Pi KidsBaby Einstein Discover the Day: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book (Play-A-Sound Books)
  ''978-1-4127-8656-0Publications InternationalThe Backyardigans Musical Adventures! (Little Popup Song Book)
2008978-1-4127-8662-1Editors of Publications InternationalPlay-a-Sound: Disney Fairies Tinker Bell (Interactive Play a Sound)
2007978-1-4127-8667-6Sandra D. LawrenceSurf's Up (Look and Find (Publications International))
2007978-1-4127-8669-0Ted Elliott · Terry RossioPirates of the Caribbean at World's End: Look and Find
  ''978-1-4127-8671-3Pixar · Art Mawhinney · Disney Storybook ArtistsRatatouille (Look and Find (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-8673-7Caleb BurroughsTransformers (Look and Find (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-8674-4DiCicco StudiosElmo & Friends (Look and Find (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-8675-1Art MawhinneyDisney Princess Worlds of Wonder (Look and Find (Publications International))
2007978-1-4127-8676-8publications-internationalThe Amazing Spider-Man (Look and Find (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-8678-2Caleb BurroughsMarvel Heroes (Look and Find (Publications International))
  ''978-1-4127-8679-9S I InternationalThomas & Friends (Look and Find (Publications International))
2008978-1-4127-8695-9Michael P. FertigNemo and Friends
2008978-1-4127-8696-6Michael P. FertigNemo and Friends
  ''978-1-4127-8697-3   ''Nemo and Friends
  ''978-1-4127-8698-0   ''Nemo and Friends
  ''978-1-4127-8699-7   ''Nemo and Friends
  ''978-1-4127-8700-0   ''Nemo and Friends
2008978-1-4127-8701-7Michael P. FertigNemo and Friends
2008978-1-4127-8702-4Michael P. FertigNemo and Friends
  ''978-1-4127-8703-1   ''Nemo and Friends
2007978-1-4127-8709-3Joanna SpathisThe Backyardigans (My First Look & Find)
  ''978-1-4127-8710-9Michael P. FertigBaby Einstein Let's Look!: First Look and Find
  ''978-1-4127-8711-6Artifact GroupSpongebob Squarepants (First Look and Find)
  ''978-1-4127-8716-1Publications InternationalSesame Street Get Up and Go Songs (Play-A-Song)
2007978-1-4127-8719-2Disney Princess Cinderella's Palace with Other (Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8721-5Editors of Publications InternationalThomas & Friends Ride Along with Thomas (Play-A-Sound Books)
  ''978-1-4127-8725-3Pi KidsThe Wiggles Play-Along Xylophone [With Xylophone] (Play-A-Song)
  ''978-1-4127-8728-4Caleb BurroughsCars (Look and Find)
  ''978-1-4127-8729-1Jaime Diaz Studios · John Kurtz StudiosDisney Princess Look and Find
2007978-1-4127-8750-5Publications InternationalPotty Time with Elmo (Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8754-3Susan Rich Brooke · Disney Storybook ArtistsFinding Nemo (Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8804-5Editors of Publications InternationalDisney Pixar Cars Tour the Town (Steering Wheel Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8812-0Joanna(Author) · Mawhinney, Art(Illustrator) SpathisDisney Enchanted (Interactive Play-A-Sound)
  ''978-1-4127-8820-5The Wiggles: Wiggling Idol! [With Removable Microphone]
2007978-1-4127-8827-4Caleb BurroughsFinding Nemo First Look and Find
  ''978-1-4127-8828-1Michael P. FertigDisney/Pixer Friends & Heroes (First Look and Find)
2008978-1-4127-8867-0Editors of Publications International · Ltd.Play-a-Sound: Handy Manny, Fiesta Fun / Diversión en el Festival
2007978-1-4127-8961-5Haddon H SundblomThe Night Before Christmas: A Family Treasury of Songs, Poems, and Stories
  ''978-1-4127-8995-0Editors of Play-a-Song Books · Warner McGeeSesame Street Song Book: Elmo's Piano (1 2 3 Sesame Street)
2010978-1-4127-9076-5Debbie MummScrapbooking, Simple 1,2,3, Fall
2008978-1-4127-9084-0Editors of Favorite Brand Name RecipesCampbell's Weeknight Cooking
978-1-4127-9139-7Blue Baby Feet Scrapbook Kit
2008978-1-4127-9211-0Editors of Publications International Ltd.Sesame Street Video Sound Book: Fun at the Farm
  ''978-1-4127-9287-5Art Mawhinney · Disney Storybook ArtistsDisney/Pixar Wall-E Look & Find (Look and Find (Publications International))
2007978-1-4127-9296-7Publications InternationalElmo's Piano (Play-A-Song)
  ''978-1-4127-9321-6   ''Incredibly Easy Cooking with Foil and More
2008978-1-4127-9344-5Editors of Publications International · Ltd.First Look and Find: Cars (My First Look and Find)
2008978-1-4127-9355-1Editors of Publications International · Ltd.First Look and Find: My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Super Sleuths (My First Look and Find)
  ''978-1-4127-9371-1   ''My First Library: My Friends Tigger & Pooh
  ''978-1-4127-9373-5   ''First Look and Find: Handy Manny
2008978-1-4127-9375-9Editors of Publications International · Ltd.Lift-a-Flap Sound Book: Little Einsteins, Catch That Kite! (Disney's Little Einsteins (Publications International))
978-1-4127-9435-0Fifi and the Flowertots (Video Play a Sound Book)
2007978-1-4127-9498-5Publications InternationalJello & Cool Whip Favorite Desserts
2008978-1-4127-9519-7Lou WeberBest Loved Kitchenaid (Best Loved)
  ''978-1-4127-9521-0Elkhonon GoldbergBrain Games Collection #5: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-4127-9522-7Lou WeberBrain Games Collection #6 (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-4127-9532-6Holli FortBrain Games Picture Puzzles (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-4127-9576-0Editors of Publications InternationalJell-O and Cool Whip Recipe Collection in 3-Ring Binder
2008978-1-4127-9577-7Editors of Publications InternationalPhiladelphia Cream Cheese Recipe Collection in 3-Ring Binder
2009978-1-4127-9578-4   ''Philadelphia Best-Loved Appetizers, Dips, Sides, Entrees, Desserts & More (Best Loved Cookbook)
2008978-1-4127-9580-7Ltd. Editors of Publications Internation3 Books in 1: Jello and Cool Whip Favorite Desserts, Baker's Dessert for Chocolate Lovers, Philadelphia Cheesecakes and More
  ''978-1-4127-9584-5Editors of Favorite Brand Name RecipesPhiladelphia Cream Cheese Recipe Card Box
  ''978-1-4127-9591-3Editors of Publications International Ltd.School Years Memory Keeper
  ''978-1-4127-9605-7Eric PetersonRoadside Americana
  ''978-1-4127-9614-9Editors of Publications International · Ltd.My Friends Tigger & Pooh: A Ring-A-Ling Day! (Little Doorbell Book)
978-1-4127-9617-0Roary the Racing Car - Where Is Rory (Little Lift and Listen)
2013978-1-4127-9649-1Editors of Publications InternationalDisney Pixar: Monsters University: Look and Find
2009978-1-4127-9666-8Editors of Publications International Ltd.Fun Stuff Cupcakes
2008978-1-4127-9736-8Auto Editors of Consumer GuideMuscle Cars
2009978-1-4127-9784-9Greg Fielden · Bryan Hallman · Auto Editors of Consumer GuideNascar: The Complete History
2009978-1-4127-9785-6Publications International StaffMacaroni & Cheese Recipes
  ''978-1-4127-9805-1Editors of Publications International Ltd.Brain Games® Picture Puzzles: Amazing Places - How Many Differences Can You Spot While Boosting Your Travel Trivia? (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
  ''978-1-4127-9807-5Editors of Publications InternationalBrain Games: Halloween Picture Puzzles
  ''978-1-4127-9808-2Editors of Publications International Ltd.Brain Games Christmas Picture Puzzles: How Many Differences Can You Find?
  ''978-1-4127-9819-8Robert Ernest Hubbard · Jeff Bahr · J. K. Kelley · David MorrowArmchair Reader: The Last Survivors of Historical Events, Movies, Disasters, and More
2009978-1-4127-9864-8Editors of Publications International · Ltd.Mickey s Play-Along Christmas Songs
2010978-1-4127-9913-3Editors of Publications International Ltd.Ding-Dong! Where s Barney? Play-a-Sound Book
2009978-1-4127-9919-5Publications International StaffBrain Games #7: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day (Brain Games (Unnumbered))
2008978-1-4127-9940-9Editors of Publications InternationalKitchenAid Best-Loved Recipes
2009978-1-4127-9947-8Publications International StaffLift-a-Flap Sound Book: My Friends Tigger & Pooh, The Mysteries of Water
2008978-1-4127-9950-8Editors of Publications International Ltd.All About Me Tween Scrapbook
  ''978-1-4127-9965-2Editors of Publications InternationalBrain Games Picture Puzzles #3: How Many Differences Can You Find?
  ''978-1-4127-9966-9Editors of Publications International Ltd.Brain Games Picture Puzzles #4: How Many Differences Can You Find?
  ''978-1-4127-9967-6Editors of Publications International · Ltd.My First Look and Find: The Batman