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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-4114-9749-8Penny DowdyFearless Writing Research Paper Workbook Practice for Middle-school Writing
978-1-4114-9750-4Fearless Writing: Essay Workbook (Flash Kids Fearless Series)
2007978-1-4114-9751-1Danielle DenegaFearless Writing Essay Guide
  ''978-1-4114-9755-9Yoga (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9756-6QuamutWine (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9757-3   ''Estate Planning (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9761-0   ''Stock Investing (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9763-4How to Do It Stain Removal
2010978-1-4114-9764-1QuamutSpanish Travel Phrases (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9765-8Louise PeacockQuamut: Slow Cookers
2010978-1-4114-9766-5QuamutPlanning Your Retirement (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9767-2Ilana DzubaQuamut: Pregnancy
  ''978-1-4114-9770-2Pilates (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9772-6QuamutPersonal Finance (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9773-3PC Basics (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9775-7QuamutHealthy Eating (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9778-8QuamutiPod and iTunes (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9779-5   ''Investing Basics (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9780-1Emma ChastainInfant Care (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9781-8Preventing Identity Theft (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9782-5Cheryl MorrissetteQuamut: Buying a Hybrid Car
  ''978-1-4114-9783-2Bree SposatoQuamut: Houseplants
2010978-1-4114-9784-9QuamutGuitar Chords (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9785-6QuamutGuitar (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9788-7French Travel Phrases (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9789-4First Aid & CPR (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9790-0QuamutFeng Shui (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9791-7   ''Etiquette and Manners (Quamut)
2010978-1-4114-9792-4QuamutBuying & Selling on eBay (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9793-1Cara VacchianoGetting a Dog (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9794-8Elspeth PiersonDog Breeds (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9797-9Meg CharendoffGetting a Cat (Quamut)
  ''978-1-4114-9798-6Car Care & Roadside Emergencies (Quamut "How-To")
  ''978-1-4114-9800-6QuamutQuamut: Buying a Car
2010978-1-4114-9801-3   ''Building a Website (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9802-0   ''Bartending (Quamut)
2007978-1-4114-9803-7QuamutQuamut: Baby Names
  ''978-1-4114-9804-4April Elliot KentQuamut: Astrology
  ''978-1-4114-9811-2Marianne Hudz Spark PublishingSpark Your Career in Fashion (SparkNotes)
  ''978-1-4114-9812-9Spark PublishingSpark Your Career in Book Publishing (SparkNotes)
  ''978-1-4114-9813-6Randi ZuckerbergSpark Your Career in Advertising (SparkNotes)
2007978-1-4114-9815-0nicola-behrmanSpark Your Career in Film ((SparkNotes))
  ''978-1-4114-9816-7spark-publishing-veronica-clydeSpark Your Career in Magazines
  ''978-1-4114-9817-4Flash Kids EditorsPreschool Games: Numbers Fun Board Game (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
  ''978-1-4114-9818-1   ''Preschool Games: Same & Different Lotto (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
  ''978-1-4114-9819-8   ''Preschool Games: Alphabet Bingo (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
2007978-1-4114-9820-4Flash Kids EditorsPreschool Games: Colors and Shapes Bingo (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
2007978-1-4114-9821-1Flash Kids EditorsPreschool Games: Beginning Sounds Memory Match (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
  ''978-1-4114-9822-8   ''Preschool Games: Ready for School Memory Match (Flash Kids Preschool Games)
  ''978-1-4114-9826-6   ''Summer Skills Daily Activity Workbook: Grade K (Flash Kids Summer Skills Series)
  ''978-1-4114-9827-3Christine HoodSummer Skills Daily Activity Workbook: Grade 4
  ''978-1-4114-9828-0Flash Kids EditorsSummer Skills Daily Activity Workbook: Grade 3 (Flash Kids Summer Skills)
2007978-1-4114-9829-7Flash Kids Editors · Patricia Storms Shannon KeeleySummer Skills Daily Activity Workbook: Grade 2 (Flash Kids Summer Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9830-3Flash Kids EditorsSummer Skills Daily Activity Workbook: Grade 1 (Flash Kids Summer Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9844-0Other Contributor-Michael RaphanWhen in Madrid: The Ultimate Study-Abroad Guide
  ''978-1-4114-9845-7Spark PublishingWhen in Paris: The Ultimate Study-Abroad Guide
978-1-4114-9846-4When in London: The Ultimate Study-Abroad Guide
2008978-1-4114-9847-1SparkNotesSpark Notes When in Rome Live Like a Local
2007978-1-4114-9855-6Paul GlennSparknotes 101 Political Science
978-1-4114-9864-8Spark NotesSparknotes Guide to the PSAT
2007978-1-4114-9865-5sparknotes-editorsSparkNotes 101--Short Stories
2006978-1-4114-9866-2SparkNotesSparknotes Study Cards - Italian Grammar Study Cards - 600 Cards
  ''978-1-4114-9867-9SparknotesMore Spanish Vocabulary Study Cards - 1,000 Cards
2006978-1-4114-9869-3Matthew Belinkie · Jordan StokesUnofficial College Guide to Yale-- With Murder: Everything You Ever Wanted to Kn
  ''978-1-4114-9870-9xThe Unofficial Guide To Harvard With Murder
2008978-1-4114-9871-6SparkNotesMacbeth (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels)
2007978-1-4114-9872-3Barry EdelsteinThinking Shakespeare: A How-to Guide for Student Actors, Directors, and Anyone Else Who Wants to Feel More Comfortable With the Bard
2008978-1-4114-9873-0William ShakespeareHamlet (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels)
  ''978-1-4114-9874-7SparkNotesRomeo and Juliet (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels) (No Fear Shakespeare Illustrated)
2006978-1-4114-9876-1Flash Kids EditorsPhonics Consonants (Flash Kids Workbooks)
  ''978-1-4114-9879-2Flash Kids Harcourt Family LearningComplete Curriculum Grade 6 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
  ''978-1-4114-9880-8Flash Kids EditorsComplete Curriculum: Grade 5 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
2006978-1-4114-9881-5Flash Kids EditorsComplete Curriculum: Grade 4 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
  ''978-1-4114-9882-2   ''Complete Curriculum: Grade 3 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
  ''978-1-4114-9883-9   ''Complete Curriculum: Grade 2 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
2006978-1-4114-9884-6Flash Kids EditorsComplete Curriculum: Grade 1 (Flash Kids Harcourt Family Learning)
  ''978-1-4114-9885-3   ''Reading Comprehension: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9886-0   ''Colors and Shapes: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9887-7   ''Problem Solving: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9888-4   ''Number Activities: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9889-1Flash Kids EditorsFraction Activities: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9890-7Flash Kids EditorsReady for School: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9891-4   ''Alphabet Puzzles and Games: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9892-1   ''Number Puzzles and Games: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9893-8   ''Problem Solving: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9894-5   ''Letter Dot-to-Dot: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9895-2Flash Kids EditorsNumber Dot-to-Dot: Grade Pre-K-K (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9896-9Flash Kids EditorsMath Drills: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9897-6Alphabet Activities: Grade PreK-K (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9898-3Flash Kids EditorsPlace Value: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9899-0   ''Subtraction Activities: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9900-3Eliza BerkowitzAddition Activities: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9901-0Flash Kids EditorsSubtraction Activities: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9902-7   ''Place Value: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9903-4   ''Math Drills: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9904-1   ''Addition Activities: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9905-8Flash Kids EditorsMultiplication Activities: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9906-5   ''Math Drills: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9907-2   ''Time and Money: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9908-9   ''Sight Words: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9910-2   ''Writing Skills: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9911-9Flash Kids EditorsWriting Skills: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9912-6Flash Kids EditorsReading Comprehension: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9913-3   ''Phonics Vowels: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9914-0   ''Phonics Blends: Grade 1 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9915-7   ''Division Activities: Grade 3 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9918-8   ''Sight Words: Grade 2 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9919-5SparkNotesAntony & Cleopatra (No Fear Shakespeare)
2007978-1-4114-9920-1Flash Kids EditorsReading Comprehension: Grade 6 (Flash Skills)
2007978-1-4114-9921-8Flash Kids EditorsReading Comprehension: Grade 5 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9922-5   ''Reading Comprehension: Grade 4 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9923-2   ''Problem Solving: Grade 6 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9924-9   ''Problem Solving: Grade 5 (Flash Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9925-6   ''Problem Solving: Grade 4 (Flash Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9949-2Holli CongerPreschool Skills: Same and Different (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9950-8Nathan JarvisPreschool Skills: Beginning Sounds (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9951-5NoneReady for School Preschool Skills Flash Kids
  ''978-1-4114-9952-2Preschool Skills: Colors and Shapes (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9953-9Dave GarbotPreschool Skills: Numbers (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)
  ''978-1-4114-9954-6NonePreschool Skills: Alphabet (Flash Kids Preschool Skills)
2006978-1-4114-9962-1Flash Kids Editors3 Letter Words (Flash Kids Flash Cards)
2006978-1-4114-9963-8Flash Kids EditorsRhyming Words (Flash Kids Flash Cards)
  ''978-1-4114-9964-5   ''Animals (Flash Kids Flash Cards)
2008978-1-4114-9967-6sparknotes-editorsSparknotes Guide to the GRE Test
2007978-1-4114-9968-3Eric GoodmanSparknotes Guide to the New Lsat
2008978-1-4114-9970-6William ShakespeareHenry IV Part One (Barnes & Noble Shakespeare) (Pt. 1)
2006978-1-4114-9971-3sparknotes-editorsFilm Classics
  ''978-1-4114-9972-0The Chronicles of Narnia Flash Charts
  ''978-1-4114-9973-7John VorwaldSparknotes Ultimate Style: How to Write a Short Story
  ''978-1-4114-9974-4Diane MehtaSparknotes Ultimate Style: How to Write Poetry
2005978-1-4114-9975-1Emma ChastainHow to Write a Research Paper
2006978-1-4114-9976-8Justin MarshallHow to Write an Essay
1900978-1-4114-9977-5sparknotes-editorsCritical Writing
2005978-1-4114-9978-2   ''Math Word Problems
2005978-1-4114-9979-9SparknotesSAT SUBJECT TEST: BIOLOGY (SPARKNOTES)
2006978-1-4114-9980-5sparknotes-editorsSpanish (the Daily Spark)
  ''978-1-4114-9981-2SparknotesGreat Books Warm-up Activities the Daily Spark (The Daily Spark, Great Books)
2005978-1-4114-9982-9   ''SAT Math Level 2 - Revised and Updated (Sparknotes)
  ''978-1-4114-9983-6Harvard StudentsSAT Subject Test Math Level 1
2006978-1-4114-9988-1Jessica AllenTreasure Schools: America's College Gems
2007978-1-4114-9989-8Spark Publishing129 Great Colleges in the Eastern Great Lakes
978-1-4114-9990-481 Great Colleges in Florida, Georgia & Alabama
978-1-4114-9991-1101 Great Colleges in New York
2007978-1-4114-9992-8Spark Publishing101 Great Colleges in Texas & the Southwest
978-1-4114-9993-5123 Great Colleges in New England
978-1-4114-9994-257 Great Colleges in California and Nevada: Find Your Perfect Fit
2008978-1-4114-9996-6William ShakespeareHenry V (Barnes & Noble Shakespeare)