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2007978-1-4086-0032-0J. T. TrowbridgeCudjo's Cave
  ''978-1-4086-0054-2VariousCyclopedia Of Architecture, Carpentry And Building; A General Reference Work - Vol I: 1
  ''978-1-4086-0147-1Amy LowellA Critical Fable
2014978-1-4086-0304-8E. F. BensonThe Freaks of Mayfair
2007978-1-4086-0305-5Harry Clary JonesThe Freezing-Point, Boiling-Point, And Conductivity Methods
  ''978-1-4086-0313-0John Dando SeddingGarden-Craft Old And New
  ''978-1-4086-0453-3John VeitchThe History And Poetry Of The Scottish Border - Their Main Features And Relations - Vol I
2007978-1-4086-0840-1H.T. VulteLaboratory Manual Of Inorganic Preparations
  ''978-1-4086-0923-1Charles Russell OrcuttMolluscan World - Vol I: 1
  ''978-1-4086-0961-3Alberto Santos-DumontMy Air-Ships
  ''978-1-4086-1046-6Edward Hubert Cunningham-CraigOil-Finding - An Introduction To The Geological Study Of Petroleum
  ''978-1-4086-1062-6Sarah Orne JewettOld Friends and New
2008978-1-4086-1095-4Frederic Stewart IshamHalf A Chance
2008978-1-4086-1100-5Randall ParrishBob Hampton Of Placer
  ''978-1-4086-1127-2Peter HendersonHenderson's Handbook Of Plants
  ''978-1-4086-1132-6Samuel McMath RoweHand Book Of Timber Preservation
  ''978-1-4086-1191-3John TyndallHeat Considered As A Mode Of Motion
  ''978-1-4086-1201-9John Arthur RandallHeat; A Manual For Technical And Industrial Students
2008978-1-4086-1248-4Constance Elizabeth MaudHeroines Of Poetry
  ''978-1-4086-1299-6William StubbsHistorical Introductions To The Rolls Series
  ''978-1-4086-1304-7Percy Goldthwait StilesHuman Physiology - A Text-Book For High Schools And Colleges
  ''978-1-4086-1326-9E. S. BellasisHydraulics With Working Tables
  ''978-1-4086-1332-0Horace LambHydrodynamics
2008978-1-4086-1351-1Mary LangdonIda May: A Story Of Things Actual And Possible
  ''978-1-4086-1381-8J. Franklin CollinsIllustrated Key To The Wild And Commonly Cultivated Trees Of The Northeastern United States And Adjacent Canada; Based Primarily Upon Leaf Characters
  ''978-1-4086-1412-9J. M. KennedyImperial America
  ''978-1-4086-1420-4J. Pickering PutnamImproved Plumbing Appliances
  ''978-1-4086-1438-9Edward M. EastInbreeding And Outbreeding: Their Genetic And Sociological Significance
2008978-1-4086-1440-2Clara Kern BaylissIn Brook And Bayou; Or, Life In The Still Waters
  ''978-1-4086-1447-1Emma RaynerIn Castle And Colony
  ''978-1-4086-1461-7D. B. BatesIncidents On Land And Water, Or Four Years On The Pacific Coast. Being A Narrative Of The Burning Of The Ships Nonantum, Humayoon And Fanchon, ... And Interesting Adventures On Sea And Land
  ''978-1-4086-1465-5Gordon StablesIn The Dashing Days Of Old; Or, The World-Wide Adventures Of Willie Grant
  ''978-1-4086-1468-6Louise LampreyIn The Days Of The Guilds
2008978-1-4086-1470-9Charles F. AdamsIndependence Day Orations And Poems: July 4, 1876
  ''978-1-4086-1523-2George IlesLeading American Inventors
  ''978-1-4086-1568-3St. George Jackson MivartLessons From Nature, As Manifested In Mind And Matter
  ''978-1-4086-1577-5Walter Moore ColemanLessons In Hygienic Physiology
  ''978-1-4086-1592-8John Richard GreenLetters Of John Richard Green
2008978-1-4086-1605-5Edward Maunde ThompsonLetters Of Humphrey Prideaux, Sometime Dean Of Norwich, To John Ellis Sometime Under-Secretary Of State 1674-1722
  ''978-1-4086-1624-6Henry St. JohnLetters On The Study And Use Of History
  ''978-1-4086-1645-1Laurence Churton CollinsLife And Memoirs Of John Churton Collins
  ''978-1-4086-1650-5Samuel ButlerLife And Habit
  ''978-1-4086-1714-4John TyndallLight And Electricity: Notes Of Two Courses Of Lectures Before The Royal Institution Of Great Britain
2008978-1-4086-1730-4Richard A. ProctorLight Science For Leisure Hours: A Series Of Familiar Essays On Scientific Subjects, Natural Phenomena, Etc
  ''978-1-4086-1734-2George MacDonaldLilith - A Romance
  ''978-1-4086-1741-0Alfred S. MooreLinen - From The Raw Material To The Finished Product
  ''978-1-4086-1757-1Francis EspinasseLiterary Recollections And Sketches
  ''978-1-4086-1767-0Myra KellyLittle Citizens
2008978-1-4086-1774-8Henry Van DykeLittle Rivers; A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness
  ''978-1-4086-1779-3George Erle BeggsLive-Load Stresses In Railway Bridges, With Formulas And Tables
  ''978-1-4086-1817-2William Makepeace ThackerayLoose Sketches, An Eastern Adventure, Etc.
  ''978-1-4086-1839-4Amelia Edith Huddleston BarrLove For An Hour Is Love Forever
  ''978-1-4086-1857-8Patrick Augustine SheehanLuke Delmege
2008978-1-4086-1901-8Reuben Post HalleckMakers Of Our Nation
  ''978-1-4086-2079-3Paul Elmer MoreWith The Wits; Shelburne Essays, Tenth Series
  ''978-1-4086-2117-2John RichardsWorks Administration. Lectures Before The Students Of The Leland Stanford Junior University, Palo Alto, California
  ''978-1-4086-2185-1Percy MacKayeYankee Fantasies; Five One-Act Plays
2007978-1-4086-2437-1Louis FiguierThe Insect World: Being A Popular Account Of The Orders Of Insects; Together With A Description Of The Habits And Economy Of Some Of The Most Interesting Species
  ''978-1-4086-2561-3Royal Preston JarvisInvestigation On Jigging
2007978-1-4086-2782-2John PercyMetallurgy; The Art Of Extracting Metals From Their Ores, And Adapting Them To Various Purposes Of Manufacture: Fuel, Fire-Clays, Copper, Zinc, Brass, Etc
  ''978-1-4086-2839-3Ralph S. G. StokesMines And Minerals Of The British Empire; Being A Description Of The Historical, Physical, & Industrial Features Of The Principal Centres Of Mineral Production In The British Dominions Beyond The Seas
2017978-1-4086-2971-0W. G. CliffordBilliard Table Games for Tables of All Sizes
2014978-1-4086-3016-7Alice Duer MillerThe White Cliffs
2007978-1-4086-3027-3Alison UttleyThe Country Child
  ''978-1-4086-3036-5Eric WilliamsThe Wooden Horse
2014978-1-4086-3074-7John SquireThe Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker
2007978-1-4086-3174-4Tony ReadRunning Dogs - Or, Dogs That Hunt By Sight - The Early History, Origins, Breeding & Management Of Greyhounds, Whippets, Irish Wolfhounds, Deerhounds, Borzoi and Other Allied Eastern Hounds
  ''978-1-4086-3176-8Hugh B. C. PollardFox Hunting - The Mystery of Scent
  ''978-1-4086-3179-9VariousThe Italian Greyhound: A Dog Anthology (Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)
2008978-1-4086-3234-5Cecily Spencersmith PhillimoreBy An Unknown Disciple
2007978-1-4086-3346-5George Young · George YoungThe Dramas of Sophocles Rendered in English Verse, Dramatic and Lyric
2007978-1-4086-3349-6EuripidesThe Plays of Euripides in English - Volume I
  ''978-1-4086-3353-3Jefferies Richard Jefferies · Richard JefferiesBevis
2008978-1-4086-3418-9Heinrich HovestadtJena Glass And Its Scientific And Industrial Applications
  ''978-1-4086-3423-3James Robertson GilliesJeremiah - The Man And His Message
  ''978-1-4086-3435-6Joanna Hooe MathewsJessie's Parrot
  ''978-1-4086-3438-7Henry FoleyJesuits In Conflict - Or, Historic Facts, Illustrative Of The Labours And Sufferings Of The English Mission And Province Of The Society Of Jesus, In The Times Of Queen Elizabeth And Her Successors
2008978-1-4086-3451-6Rev. Pere LacordaireJesus Christ - God - God And Man
  ''978-1-4086-3456-1Joseph Gordon DonnellyJesus Delaney
  ''978-1-4086-3457-8George Foster TalbotJesus, His Opinions And Character, The New Testament Studies Of A Layman
  ''978-1-4086-3465-3Edward Hartley DewartJesus The Messiah - In Prophecy And Fulfilment - A Review And Refutation Of The Negative Theory Of Messianic Prophecy
  ''978-1-4086-3466-0John Brande MorrisJesus The Son Of Mary, Or, The Doctrine Of The Catholic Church Upon The Incarnation Of God The Son, Considered In Its Bearings Upon The Reverence Shewn By Catholics To his Blessed Mother
2008978-1-4086-3470-7John Alexander JoyceJewels Of Memory
  ''978-1-4086-3475-2Wilhelm HerzbergJewish Family Papers - Or, Letters Of A Missionary
  ''978-1-4086-3483-7SapperJim Maitland
  ''978-1-4086-3485-1Louis J. GribetzJimmie Walker - The Story Of A Personality
  ''978-1-4086-3486-8Lewis Erwin FinneyJim Miller's Girls
2008978-1-4086-3504-9Samuel Rutherford CrockettJoan Of The Sword Hand
  ''978-1-4086-3528-5Nicholas WalshJohn Baptist Franzelin - A Sketch And A Study
  ''978-1-4086-3554-4Julia KavanaghJohn Dorrien - A Novel
  ''978-1-4086-3559-9Frank Prentice RandJohn Epps - A Play Of M.A.C. In The Days Of '71
  ''978-1-4086-3575-9William Sloane KennedyJohn Greenleaf Whittier; His Life, Genius, And Writings
2008978-1-4086-3589-6J. H. ShorthouseJohn Inglesant - A Romance
  ''978-1-4086-3594-0Chester Bailey FernaldJohn Kendry's Idea
  ''978-1-4086-3595-7William M TaylorJohn Knox
  ''978-1-4086-3604-6John Lothrop MotleyJohn Lothrop Motley And His Family
  ''978-1-4086-3622-0Denton Jaques SniderJohnny Appleseed's Rhymes
2008978-1-4086-3638-1B. M. LelongThe Olive In California - Varieties, Budding, Grafting, New Methods, And General Observations
  ''978-1-4086-3656-5James Owen DorseyOmaha Sociology
  ''978-1-4086-3679-4Thomas Symes PrideauxOn Economy Of Fuel - Particularly With Reference To Reverberatory Furnaces For The Manufacture Of Iron And To Steam Boilers
  ''978-1-4086-3901-6William Dean HowellsOut Of The Question - A Comedy
  ''978-1-4086-4032-6William Crawford WilliamsonReminiscences Of A Yorkshire Naturalist
2008978-1-4086-4063-0Robert W. ServiceRhymes Of A Red Cross Man
  ''978-1-4086-4125-5VariousWilliam Richardson - (Late A Representative From Alabama) Memorial Addresses Delivered In The House Of Representatives Of The United States - ... 31, 1915 - Proceedings In The Senate April
  ''978-1-4086-4132-3George Mclean HarperWilliam Wordsworth - His Life, Works, And Influence
  ''978-1-4086-4133-0C. T. WinchesterWilliam Wordsworth - How To Know Him
  ''978-1-4086-4257-3Alphons BellesheimHistory Of The Catholic Church Of Scotland: From The Introduction Of Christianity To The Present Day
2008978-1-4086-4399-0William Hickling PrescottHistory Of The Conquest Of Mexico: 1
  ''978-1-4086-4608-3William Graham SumnerFinancier And The Finances Of The American Revolution. Volume I
  ''978-1-4086-4716-5Karl WarnkeOn The Formation Of English Words By Means Of Ablaut; A Grammatical Essay
  ''978-1-4086-5074-5Hamilton BusbeyThe Trotting And The Pacing Horse In America
  ''978-1-4086-5450-7S. R. DriverChristianity And Other Religions: Three Short Sermons
2009978-1-4086-6097-3J. Willard GibbsElementary Principles In Statistical Mechanics: Developed With Especial Reference To The Rational Foundation Of Thermodynamics
2008978-1-4086-6308-0Bracebridge HemyngEton School Days, Or, Recollections Of An Etonian
2009978-1-4086-6408-7John DavidsonFleet Street, And Other Poems
2008978-1-4086-6541-1John T. MccutcheonIn Africa; Hunting Adventures In The Big Game Country
2008978-1-4086-6655-5Francis DoddAdmirals Of The British Navy
  ''978-1-4086-6671-5Charles Henry LaneAll About Dogs; A Book For Doggy People
  ''978-1-4086-6882-5Alexander William KinglakeEothen, Or, Traces Of Travel Brought Home From The East
  ''978-1-4086-6895-5William Maddux TannerEssays And Essay-Writing, Based On Atlantic Monthly Models
  ''978-1-4086-7129-0Anna Alice ChapinMakers Of Song
2008978-1-4086-7267-9Thomas Sigismund StriblingBirthright
  ''978-1-4086-7273-0Joseph Jerome KleinBookkeeping And Accounting, Complete Course
  ''978-1-4086-7428-4Fred Charles WeberIntroductory Bookkeeping, Arranged For Use In The Classes Of The Commercial Department Of The Los Angeles Polytechnic High School
  ''978-1-4086-7433-8W. C. Roberts-AustenAn Introduction To The Study Of Metallurgy
  ''978-1-4086-7434-5Henry Paul TalbotAn Introductory Course Of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, With Explanatory Notes And Stoichiometrical Problems
2008978-1-4086-7474-1Isaac PitmanIsaac Pitman's Shorthand Instructor; An Exposition Of Isaac Pitman's System Of Phonography
  ''978-1-4086-7524-3A. N KuropatkinKashgaria, Eastern Or Chinese Turkistan; Historical And Geographical Sketch Of The Country, Its Military Strength, Industries, And Trade
  ''978-1-4086-7553-3Arthur Edward HeacoxKeyboard Training In Harmony: 725 Exercises Graded And Designed To Lead From The Easiest First Year Keyboard Harmony Up To The Difficult Sight Playing Tests For The Advanced Students
  ''978-1-4086-7569-4Elbert J. KimbleKimble's Vocational Vocabularies For Stenographers And Court Reporters
  ''978-1-4086-7615-8John VeitchKnowing And Being
2008978-1-4086-7700-1Lottie Hill PackardLessons In Munson Phonography
  ''978-1-4086-7987-6VariousCourse Of Study And Syllabus For The Elementary Schools;
  ''978-1-4086-8354-5Florence MarryatLife And Letters Of Captain Marryat
2014978-1-4086-8414-6Richard JefferiesThe Life Of The Fields
2008978-1-4086-8540-2Ednah Dow CheneyLouisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, And Journals
  ''978-1-4086-8709-3Joseph PopeMemoirs Of The Right Honourable Sir John Alexander Macdonald, G. C. B., First Prime Minister Of The Dominion Of Canada
  ''978-1-4086-8808-3S. R. DriverModern Research As Illustrating The Bible
2008978-1-4086-8897-7Anna TaylorNatural Method Of Shorthand Instruction For Individual Or Class Use
  ''978-1-4086-8909-7Charles Benedict DavenportNaval Officers, Their Heredity And Development
  ''978-1-4086-8979-0Henry Ward ReecherOratory: A Unique And Masterly Exposition Of The Fundamental Principles Of True Oratory
  ''978-1-4086-9030-7Amy SwainOutline Of Drawing Lessons For Grammar Grades
  ''978-1-4086-9031-4VariousOutline Of Education Courses In Manchester University
2008978-1-4086-9149-6William Franklin WillardA Practical Course In Mechanical Drawing For Individual Study And Shop Classes, Trade And High Schools
  ''978-1-4086-9152-6George James BurchPractical Exercises In Physiological Optics
2014978-1-4086-9222-6Lafcadio HearnShadowings
2008978-1-4086-9543-2John Eustace PrescottChristian Hymns And Hymn Writers: A Course Of Lectures
  ''978-1-4086-9554-8Bernard Edward JonesThe Cinematograph Book; A Complete Practical Guide To The Taking And Projecting Of Cinematograph Pictures
  ''978-1-4086-9605-7Cades Alfred Middleton SmithA Handbook Of Testing
  ''978-1-4086-9631-6Else Cecilia Mendelssohn BeneckeSelected Polish Tales
2008978-1-4086-9713-9C. E. HoveyWatch Officer's Manual, United States Navy, 1917
2014978-1-4086-9776-4W. B. YeatsIrish Fairy And Folk Tales
2008978-1-4086-9819-8James A. MossOfficers' Manual
  ''978-1-4086-9836-5Wharton P HoodOn Bone-Setting, And Its Relation To The Treatment Of Joints Crippled By Injury, Rheumatism, Inflammation, Etc
  ''978-1-4086-9848-8Oliver Wendell HolmesOration
  ''978-1-4086-9914-0George James BurchThe Capillary Electrometer In Theory And Practice - Part I.
  ''978-1-4086-9953-9Thomas BulfinchThe Age Of Chivalry
2008978-1-4086-9967-6VariousAn American Citizenship Course In United States History
  ''978-1-4086-9978-2Francis Wells Van PraagClayton Halowell