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2006978-1-4069-0275-4Harold AveryThe Triple Alliance Its trials and triumphs
  ''978-1-4069-0388-1Thomas TrowardThe Creative Process in the Individual
  ''978-1-4069-0441-3Gustave FlaubertThree short works The Dance of Death, the Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller, a Simple Soul.
  ''978-1-4069-0442-0W. B. (William Butler) YeatsThe Celtic Twilight
  ''978-1-4069-0469-7H. G. (Herbert George) WellsThe World Set Free
2006978-1-4069-0479-6James Fenimore CooperThe Sea Lions The Lost Sealers
  ''978-1-4069-0492-5P. G. (Pelham Grenville) WodehouseMike and Psmith
  ''978-1-4069-0514-4William Hope HodgsonThe Night Land
  ''978-1-4069-0528-1Theodor MommsenThe History of Rome, Book I The Period Anterior to the Abolition of the Monarchy
  ''978-1-4069-0529-8Theodor MommsenThe History of Rome, Book II From the Abolition of the Monarchy in Rome to the Union of Italy
2006978-1-4069-0544-1Jack LondonChildren of the Frost
  ''978-1-4069-0548-9Arthur SchopenhauerThe Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer: the Wisdom of Life
  ''978-1-4069-0620-2John MorleyIndian speeches (1907-1909)
  ''978-1-4069-0632-5Knut HamsunGrowth of the Soil
  ''978-1-4069-0710-0Herman MelvilleBartleby, the Scrivener A Story of Wall-Street
2006978-1-4069-0833-6Susan Edmonstone FerrierMarriage
  ''978-1-4069-0839-8Arnold BennettThe Author's Craft
  ''978-1-4069-0907-4G. K. (Gilbert Keith) ChestertonOrthodoxy
  ''978-1-4069-0917-3Erskine ChildersIn the Ranks of the C.I.V.
  ''978-1-4069-0930-2Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray (Longman Cultural Editions) [ THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (LONGMAN CULTURAL EDITIONS) ] By Wilde, Oscar (Author)Oct-01-2006 Paperback
2006978-1-4069-1050-6Charles DickensA Message from the Sea
  ''978-1-4069-1052-0Robert Hugh BensonLord of the World
  ''978-1-4069-1095-7Karin MichaëlisThe Dangerous Age
  ''978-1-4069-1108-4H. G. (Henry George) KeeneSt George's Cross
  ''978-1-4069-1141-1Robert KnoxAn Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon in the East Indies Together with an Account of the Detaining in Captivity the Author and Divers other ... There, and of the Author's Miraculous Escape
2006978-1-4069-1167-1Stewart Edward WhiteAfrican Camp Fires
  ''978-1-4069-1259-3Jr. Jonathan Prince CilleyBowdoin Boys in Labrador
  ''978-1-4069-1265-4William Holmes McGuffeyMcGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader
  ''978-1-4069-1270-8JordanesThe Origin and Deeds of the Goths
  ''978-1-4069-1291-3Martha FinleyElsie's children
2006978-1-4069-1305-7Peter NielsenThe Black Man's Place in South Africa
  ''978-1-4069-1315-6Pierre CorneilleThe Cid
  ''978-1-4069-1339-2William Holmes McGuffeyMcGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader
  ''978-1-4069-1342-2J. HuysmansThe Cathedral
  ''978-1-4069-1406-1Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyMathilda
2006978-1-4069-1423-8Howard R. (Howard Roger) GarisUncle Wiggily's Adventures
  ''978-1-4069-1441-2Committee Of The Board Of HealthVenereal Diseases in New Zealand (1922)
  ''978-1-4069-1483-2Henrik IbsenA Doll's House
  ''978-1-4069-1535-8Charles E BennettNew Latin Grammar
  ''978-1-4069-1545-7Nathaniel HawthorneTrue Stories of History and Biography
2006978-1-4069-1566-2James RuncimanSide Lights
  ''978-1-4069-1575-4John Maynard KeynesThe Economic Consequences of the Peace
  ''978-1-4069-1597-61816? William Wells BrownThree Years in Europe Places I Have Seen and People I Have Met
  ''978-1-4069-1599-0L. T. MeadeThe Rebel of the School
  ''978-1-4069-1603-4Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIphigenia in Tauris
2006978-1-4069-1695-9Captain Samuel BruntA Voyage to Cacklogallinia With a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs and Manners of That Country
  ''978-1-4069-1711-6C. J. (Clarence James) DennisA Book for Kids
  ''978-1-4069-1753-6Robert Hugh BensonThe King's Achievement
  ''978-1-4069-1783-3HomerThe Iliad of Homer Translated into English Blank Verse by William Cowper
  ''978-1-4069-1789-5Edward E. HaleThe Man Without a Country
2006978-1-4069-1800-7W. Somerset (William Somerset) MaughamLiza of Lambeth
  ''978-1-4069-1817-5David BelascoThe Girl of the Golden West
  ''978-1-4069-1893-9Saint de Lisieux ThérèseThe Story of a Soul (L'Histoire d'une Âme): The Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux With Additional Writings and Sayings of St. Thérèse
  ''978-1-4069-1926-4Isaac NewtonObservations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John
  ''978-1-4069-2035-2Joseph TatlowFifty Years of Railway Life in England, Scotland and Ireland
2006978-1-4069-2055-06th cent. B.C. SunziThe Art of War
  ''978-1-4069-2130-4Joseph ConradTales Of Hearsay
  ''978-1-4069-2150-2Honoré de BalzacSarrasine
  ''978-1-4069-2304-9Anthony TrollopeBarchester Towers
  ''978-1-4069-2311-7Jules VerneIn Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant
2006978-1-4069-2328-5DonnMesser Marco Polo
  ''978-1-4069-2345-2Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka) JeromeThey and I
  ''978-1-4069-2346-9E. W. (Ernest William) HornungA Thief in the Night: a Book of Raffles' Adventures
  ''978-1-4069-2395-7Arthur Conan DoyleSir Nigel
2006978-1-4069-2396-4Holland ThompsonThe Age of Invention: a chronicle of mechanical conquest
  ''978-1-4069-2402-2Walter ScottRedgauntlet
  ''978-1-4069-2403-9E. M. (Edward Morgan) ForsterA Room with a View
  ''978-1-4069-2447-3Arthur Conan DoyleThe Great Boer War
  ''978-1-4069-2448-0Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy) BirdThe Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
2006978-1-4069-2476-3John MoodyThe Railroad Builders; a chronicle of the welding of the states
  ''978-1-4069-2514-2Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy) BirdAmong the Tibetans
  ''978-1-4069-2525-8Cosmo HamiltonWho Cares? a story of adolescence
  ''978-1-4069-2544-9Ben JonsonEvery Man in His Humour
  ''978-1-4069-2553-1Lucy Fitch PerkinsThe French Twins
2006978-1-4069-2695-8Henry Handel RichardsonAustralia Felix
  ''978-1-4069-2739-9Theodore DreiserThe Titan
  ''978-1-4069-2755-9David HumeA Treatise of Human Nature
  ''978-1-4069-2770-2Louisa May AlcottUnder the Lilacs
  ''978-1-4069-2873-0Upton SinclairThe Moneychangers
2006978-1-4069-2905-8Anthony TrollopeLa Vendée
  ''978-1-4069-2906-5William Dean HowellsVenetian Life
  ''978-1-4069-3011-5W. B. (William Butler) YeatsThe Countess Cathleen
  ''978-1-4069-3015-3Daniel DefoeThe Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton
  ''978-1-4069-3071-9Franklin Delano RooseveltThe Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2006978-1-4069-3117-4Jacob GrimmHousehold Tales by Brothers Grimm
  ''978-1-4069-3129-7Mary Gladys Meredith WebbGone to Earth
  ''978-1-4069-3132-7Harold BrighouseHobson's Choice
  ''978-1-4069-3169-3Immanuel KantFundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
  ''978-1-4069-3185-3Rabindranath TagoreSongs of Kabir
2006978-1-4069-3189-1L. M. (Lucy Maud) MontgomeryKilmeny of the Orchard
  ''978-1-4069-3213-3John FoxThe Trail of the Lonesome Pine
  ''978-1-4069-3217-1Martha FinleyElsie Dinsmore
  ''978-1-4069-3242-3Andrew J. BlackbirdHistory of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan
  ''978-1-4069-3253-9Walter ScottThe Monastery
2006978-1-4069-3255-3J. P. (Jens Peter) JacobsenMogens and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4069-3278-2P. G. (Pelham Grenville) WodehouseUneasy Money
  ''978-1-4069-3303-1Andrew LangThe Pink Fairy Book
  ''978-1-4069-3305-5Lillian Elizabeth RoyPolly of Pebbly Pit
  ''978-1-4069-3392-5Gertrude Franklin Horn AthertonSenator North
2006978-1-4069-3396-3Walter ScottThe Surgeon's Daughter
  ''978-1-4069-3479-3BrillatThe Physiology of Taste
  ''978-1-4069-3496-0John BurroughsTime and Change
  ''978-1-4069-3514-1Clarence DayThis Simian World
  ''978-1-4069-3565-3Maria MonkAwful Disclosures Containing, Also, Many Incidents Never before Published
2006978-1-4069-3605-6MolièreLe Bourgeois Gentilhomme The Shopkeeper Turned Gentleman
  ''978-1-4069-3653-7E. E. (Edward Estlin) CummingsThe Enormous Room
  ''978-1-4069-3654-4George (George Augustus) MooreEsther Waters
  ''978-1-4069-3743-5MolièreLe Malade Imaginaire The Imaginary Invalid
  ''978-1-4069-3760-2Stephen CraneMen, Women, and Boats
2006978-1-4069-3762-6Ernst Heinrich Philipp August HaeckelMonism as Connecting Religion and Science A Man of Science
  ''978-1-4069-3798-5Anton Pavlovich ChekhovPlays by Anton Chekhov, Second Series
  ''978-1-4069-3818-0Pío BarojaThe Quest
  ''978-1-4069-3837-1Sarah BernhardtMy Double Life The Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt
  ''978-1-4069-3841-8Knut HamsunShallow Soil
2006978-1-4069-3867-8Hilaire BellocThe Path to Rome
  ''978-1-4069-3960-6Wilkie CollinsThe Fallen Leaves
  ''978-1-4069-3992-7Sherwood AndersonPoor White
  ''978-1-4069-3993-4Kathleen HayThe Quest of Happy Hearts
  ''978-1-4069-4024-4John MuirTravels in Alaska
2006978-1-4069-4069-5Havelock EllisEssays in War-Time Further Studies in the Task of Social Hygiene
  ''978-1-4069-4104-3E. W. (Ernest William) HornungMr. Justice Raffles
  ''978-1-4069-4107-4Ivan Sergeevich TurgenevThe Diary of a Superfluous Man and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4069-4124-1Walter ScottWoodstock; or, the Cavalier
  ''978-1-4069-4170-8John MiltonParadise Lost
2006978-1-4069-4204-0W. Somerset (William Somerset) MaughamOf Human Bondage
  ''978-1-4069-4208-8Mary Hunter AustinThe Land of Little Rain
  ''978-1-4069-4214-9P. ProudhonWhat is Property?
  ''978-1-4069-4304-7Charles DickensMaster Humphrey's Clock
  ''978-1-4069-4314-6Marie Madeleine Pioche de la Vergne comtesse de LafayetteThe Princess of Cleves
2006978-1-4069-4322-1John BuchanPrester John
  ''978-1-4069-4353-5Izaak WaltonThe Compleat Angler
  ''978-1-4069-4374-0Thomas HardyThe Woodlanders
  ''978-1-4069-4381-8Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy, Cary's Translation, Complete
  ''978-1-4069-4382-5Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy, Longfellow's Translation, Complete
2006978-1-4069-4388-7Mikhail Yurevich LermontovA Hero of Our Time
  ''978-1-4069-4426-6Edgar A. (Edgar Albert) GuestJust Folks
  ''978-1-4069-4434-1Rebecca Harding DavisLife in the Iron-Mills; or, the Korl Woman
  ''978-1-4069-4448-8AnonymousThe Nibelungenlied
  ''978-1-4069-4468-6Christopher MarloweTamburlaine the Great — Part 1
2006978-1-4069-4473-0F. Scott (Francis Scott) FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradise
  ''978-1-4069-4490-7Alexandre Dumas pèreThe Three Musketeers
  ''978-1-4069-4493-8William ShakespeareThe Tragedy of Titus Andronicus
  ''978-1-4069-4520-1Olive SchreinerThe Story of an African Farm, a novel
  ''978-1-4069-4594-2H. Rider (Henry Rider) HaggardNada the Lily
2006978-1-4069-4595-9H. L. (Henry Louis) MenckenIn Defense of Women
  ''978-1-4069-4596-6Sol (Solomon Tshekisho) PlaatjeNative Life in South Africa
  ''978-1-4069-4603-1Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) PorterPollyanna
  ''978-1-4069-4639-0G. K. (Gilbert Keith) ChestertonThe Ballad of the White Horse
  ''978-1-4069-4655-0George MacDonaldThe Diary of an Old soul
2006978-1-4069-4659-8Robert Louis Stevenson · Lloyd OsbourneThe Ebb-Tide
  ''978-1-4069-4691-8Frau Auguste GronerThe Case of the Pocket Diary Found in the Snow
  ''978-1-4069-4713-7Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka) JeromeSecond Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
  ''978-1-4069-4722-9Christopher MarloweTamburlaine the Great — Part 2
  ''978-1-4069-4732-8Gaston LerouxThe Secret of the Night
  ''978-1-4069-4828-8Honoré de BalzacLost Illusions
  ''978-1-4069-4832-5Sam R. WatkinsCo. Aytch Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment or, A Side Show of the Big Show
  ''978-1-4069-4880-6Honoré de BalzacGobseck
  ''978-1-4069-4891-2   ''A Start in Life
2006978-1-4069-4927-8Francis ParkmanMontcalm and Wolfe
  ''978-1-4069-5068-7H. Rider (Henry Rider) HaggardFinished
  ''978-1-4069-5125-7Honoré de BalzacRise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau
  ''978-1-4069-5126-4   ''Louis Lambert
  ''978-1-4069-5193-6H. G. (Herbert George) WellsThe Time Machine
2006978-1-4069-5302-2Ernest Thompson SetonAnimal Heroes
  ''978-1-4069-5311-4Albert Payson TerhuneBruce
  ''978-1-4069-5325-1Albert Payson TerhuneFurther Adventures of Lad
  ''978-1-4069-5339-8John WebsterThe Duchess of Malfi
  ''978-1-4069-5374-9G. K. (Gilbert Keith) ChestertonUtopia of Usurers and Other Essays
2006978-1-4069-5388-6William KirbyThe Golden Dog
  ''978-1-4069-5435-7Rudyard KiplingThe Light That Failed
  ''978-1-4069-5436-4Louisa May AlcottLittle Men
  ''978-1-4069-5439-5Hamlin GarlandMain-Travelled Roads
  ''978-1-4069-5442-5George Pope MorrisPoems
2006978-1-4069-5453-1P. G. (Pelham Grenville) WodehousePsmith, Journalist
  ''978-1-4069-5470-8Tommaso CampanellaThe City of the Sun
  ''978-1-4069-5483-8William Harrison AinsworthWindsor Castle
  ''978-1-4069-5544-6Robert FrostNorth of Boston
  ''978-1-4069-5578-1Rafael SabatiniThe Tavern Knight
2006978-1-4069-5607-8Guy de MaupassantBel Ami
  ''978-1-4069-5610-8Louis BeckeBy Reef and Palm
  ''978-1-4069-5624-5George Bernard ShawCandida
  ''978-1-4069-5679-5Hamilton Wright MabieHeroes Every Child Should Know
  ''978-1-4069-5684-9Louisa May AlcottHospital Sketches
2006978-1-4069-5712-9Marie CorelliThe Master-Christian
  ''978-1-4069-5716-7George Bernard ShawMajor Barbara
2008978-1-4069-6007-5Emesa HeliodorusAn Ethiopian Romance
  ''978-1-4069-6274-1Eugen BeutelDie Quadratur des Kreises
  ''978-1-4069-6313-7Bayard TaylorEldorado: Adventures in the Path of Empire
2007978-1-4069-6645-9John Lloyd StephensIncidents of travel in Yucatan
2008978-1-4069-6715-9Mariano José de LarraArtículos de Costumbres
2007978-1-4069-6876-7George Biddell AiryA treatise on trigonometry
2019978-1-4069-6915-3Moses StuartCritical History and Defence of the Old Testament Canon
2008978-1-4069-6932-0John PierpontAirs of Palestine and Other Poems
  ''978-1-4069-6963-4Arthur RichmanAmbush
2008978-1-4069-7112-5Burton HarrisonBar Harbor Days
2019978-1-4069-7286-3J RidgwayAn Inquiry Into the Present State and Means of Improving the Salmon Fisheries; Including a Digest of the Evidence Taken by the a Select Committee of the House of Commons
2008978-1-4069-7305-1George Brinley"""Catalogue of the American Library of the Late Mr. George Brinley, of Hartford, Conn"""
2007978-1-4069-7420-1John Eddowes BowmanAn introduction to practical chemistry ...
2008978-1-4069-7477-5Abraham LincolnComplete Works of Abraham Lincoln Vol 6
  ''978-1-4069-7482-9Samuel MerwinComrade John
2019978-1-4069-7490-4Moses StuartCritical History and Defence of the Old Testament Canon
2008978-1-4069-7530-7Basil L. (Basil Lanneau) GildersleeveThe Creed of the Old South
  ''978-1-4069-7735-6Henry JamesEnglish Hours
  ''978-1-4069-7885-8Camilla KenyonFortune at Bandy's Flat
2019978-1-4069-7894-0Marshall HallA Descriptive, Diagnostic and Practical Essay on Disorders of the Digestive Organs and General Health: and Particularly of Their Numerous Forms and ... Being an Attempt to Prosecute the Views o
2008978-1-4069-7930-5Frederick JacksonA Full House
978-1-4069-8020-2How Our Grandfathers Lived
2008978-1-4069-8051-6Francis ParkmanA Half-Century of Conflict
  ''978-1-4069-8065-3Agnes RepplierA Happy Half Century and other Essays
978-1-4069-8079-0A Hasty Bunch
978-1-4069-8096-7The Heather Moon
978-1-4069-8104-9Chic Red Stylus Touch Screen Pen for Apple iPhone 4S 4G 3GS/iPod Touch 4/iPad 3
2019978-1-4069-8149-0William ProutOn the Nature and Treatment of Stomach and Urinary Diseases: Being an Inquiry Into the Connexion of Diabetes, Calculus, and Other Affections of the Kidney and Bladder, With Indigestion
2019978-1-4069-8227-5Adolphe ChauveauThéorie Du Code Pénal
2007978-1-4069-8246-6L. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists
2008978-1-4069-8258-9Victor HirtzlerThe Hotel St. Francis Cook Book
978-1-4069-8275-6How They Succeeded
2008978-1-4069-8292-3John Corbin"""Husband, and the Forbidden Guests"""
  ''978-1-4069-8311-1National Liberal Immigration LeagueThe Immigrant Jew in America
  ''978-1-4069-8423-1Emerson Hough"John Rawn, Prominent Citizen"
  ''978-1-4069-8427-9Bayard TaylorJoseph and His Friend
978-1-4069-8485-9A Knight of the Cumberland
2008978-1-4069-8518-4Julian HawthorneThe Laughing Mill and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4069-8549-8Jane PrinceLetters to a Young Housekeeper
978-1-4069-8566-5The Life and Letters of John Fiske
2008978-1-4069-8697-6Frances LittleLittle Sister Snow
2007978-1-4069-8756-0William Theodore DwightCharacteristics of New England theology.
2008978-1-4069-8793-5Sherwood AndersonMarching Men
2008978-1-4069-8907-6Emerson HoughThe Mississippi Bubble
2007978-1-4069-8909-0Harold StearnsCivilization In The United States
  ''978-1-4069-8973-1James Pugh KirkwoodCollection of reports, (condensed), and opinions of chemists in regard to the use of lead pipe for service pipe, in the distribution of water for the supply of cities.
2008978-1-4069-9040-9Clyde FitchNathan Hale
  ''978-1-4069-9062-1Johann Gottfried SommerNeuestes Gem?lde von Amerika Vol 3
  ''978-1-4069-9104-8Oliver OpticNow or Never
  ''978-1-4069-9225-0Edward LearNonsense Drolleries: The Owl and The Pussy-Cat. The Duck and The Kangaroo.
2008978-1-4069-9233-5Zoe Akins"Papa, an Amorality in Three Acts"
2019978-1-4069-9362-2Charles William JansonA View of the Present Condition of the States of Barbary, Or, an Account of the Climate, Soil &C. of Morocco, Fez, Algiers, Tripoli, Tunis
2008978-1-4069-9488-9Benj. F. (Benjamin F.) BabcockThe Presidential Favorites
978-1-4069-9499-5Princeton Stories
2008978-1-4069-9530-5John SwettHistory of the Public School System of California
  ''978-1-4069-9606-7L. H. (Lydia Howard) SigourneyPoems
  ''978-1-4069-9615-9Richard RushA Residence at the Court of London Vol 1
2007978-1-4069-9633-3Thomas ChalmersDiscourses on the Christian revelation, viewed in connection with the modern astronomy.
2008978-1-4069-9653-1Henry JamesRoderick Hudson
978-1-4069-9703-3The San Rosario Ranch
2008978-1-4069-9782-8Lyman AbbottSilhouettes of My Contemporaries
  ''978-1-4069-9846-7Ernest McGaffeySonnets to a Wife
  ''978-1-4069-9859-7Julian HawthorneThe Spectre of the Camera
2008978-1-4069-9863-4Wendell Phillips"Speeches, Lectures, and Letters Vol 2"