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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-4063-1462-5Tanya LandmanDying to be Famous (Poppy Fields Murder Mystery)
  ''978-1-4063-1463-2Tanya LandmanThe Head Is Dead (Poppy Fields Murder Mystery)
2008978-1-4063-1467-0Mo WillemsToday I Will Fly! (Elephant & Piggie Book)
  ''978-1-4063-1468-7Mo WillemsMy Friend Is Sad (Elephant & Piggie Book)
  ''978-1-4063-1469-4   ''I am Invited to a Party! (Elephant & Piggie Book)
  ''978-1-4063-1470-0   ''There Is a Bird on Your Head! (Elephant & Piggie Book)
2008978-1-4063-1471-7Mo WillemsI Love My New Toy! (Elephant & Piggie)
  ''978-1-4063-1472-4   ''I Will Surprise My Friend! (Elephant & Piggie)
  ''978-1-4063-1473-1Jill MurphyThe Large Family: Laura Bakes a Cake
  ''978-1-4063-1474-8Jill MurphyThe Large Family: Lucy Meets Mr Chilly
  ''978-1-4063-1475-5   ''The Large Family: Lester Learns a Lesson
2008978-1-4063-1476-2Dave Barry · Ridley PearsonPeter and the Secret of Rundoon (Starcatchers Trilogy)
2009978-1-4063-1478-6Lucy CousinsMaisy Bakes a Cake (Maisy)
978-1-4063-1482-3Oscar and the Frog: A Book About Growing (Story Book & DVD)
2009978-1-4063-1484-7Emma Chichester ClarkGoldilocks and the Three Bears
2008978-1-4063-1485-4Sue HeapCowboy Baby
978-1-4063-1490-8Kiss Good Night, Sam
2008978-1-4063-1492-2Michael RosenThis is our house (+DVD)
  ''978-1-4063-1495-3AtinukeHooray for Anna Hibiscus! (Walker Racing Reads)
  ''978-1-4063-1497-7Susan HubbardThe Society of S
2012978-1-4063-1500-4Adam Hart-DavisInventions: A History of Key Inventions that Changed the World
  ''978-1-4063-1502-8Martin JenkinsTitanic
2009978-1-4063-1508-0AtinukeGood Luck, Anna Hibiscus! (Walker Racing Reads)
2011978-1-4063-1511-0Michael MorpurgoThe Pied Piper of Hamelin (Illustrated Classics)
2009978-1-4063-1516-5Y S LeeA Spy in the House: A Mary Quinn Mystery
  ''978-1-4063-1517-2Jane MitchellChalkline
978-1-4063-1519-6Carlo and the really nice librarian (+DVD)
2008978-1-4063-1527-1Richard PlattMoon Landing (Pop Up)
2008978-1-4063-1529-5Robert CrowtherPop-up House of Inventions
2010978-1-4063-1548-6Dyan SheldonAnd Baby Makes Two
2008978-1-4063-1549-3Deborah HautzigSecond Star to the Right
  ''978-1-4063-1550-9Mo WillemsThe Pigeon Wants a Puppy!
2009978-1-4063-1551-6Nora Raleigh BaskinAll We Know of Love
  ''978-1-4063-1554-7Joyce DunbarThe Monster Who Ate Darkness
  ''978-1-4063-1558-5Jean MahoneySwan Lake Ballet Theatre
  ''978-1-4063-1559-2Michael MorpurgoThis Morning I Met a Whale
2008978-1-4063-1560-8Cynthia Leitich SmithTantalize
2009978-1-4063-1574-5Penny DalePrincess, Fairy
2008978-1-4063-1592-9Mem FoxTen Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
2009978-1-4063-1596-7Floella Benjamin Actress/Producer/ Broadcaster/ AuthorComing to England
2011978-1-4063-1597-4Y. S. LeeThe Traitor and the Tunnel: A Mary Quinn Mystery
2010978-1-4063-1598-1Y S LeeThe Body at the Tower: A Mary Quinn Mystery
2008978-1-4063-1600-1Anthony HorowitzThe Power of Five: Necropolis
2008978-1-4063-1601-8Gregory MaguireWhat-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy
2009978-1-4063-1604-9Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You All Year Round
2008978-1-4063-1612-4Ron KoertgeStrays
  ''978-1-4063-1613-1Bob GrahamHas Anyone Here Seen William?
2009978-1-4063-1621-6Lucy CousinsYummy: My Favourite Nursery Stories
  ''978-1-4063-1623-0Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland: Walker Illustrated Classics
2010978-1-4063-1624-7Jonathan EmmettThe Pig's Knickers
978-1-4063-1625-4Where's Wally? The Ultimate Travel Collection: "Where's Wally?" WITH "Where's Wally Now?" AND "Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey" AND "Where's ... AND "Where's Wally? The Wonder Book"
2008978-1-4063-1626-1Robert Sabuda · Matthew ReinhartEncyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection: A Collection of Prehistoric Proportions!
2009978-1-4063-1641-4Amy HestLittle Chick
2010978-1-4063-1643-8Lerryn KordaInto the Wild
2009978-1-4063-1644-5Lerryn KordaMillions of Snow (Playtime With Little Nye)
2010978-1-4063-1645-2Lerryn KordaTime for a Holiday
2008978-1-4063-1647-6Bob GrahamGrandad's Magic
  ''978-1-4063-1648-3   ''Queenie the Bantam
  ''978-1-4063-1649-0   ''The Red Woollen Blanket
  ''978-1-4063-1658-2Matthew ReinhartFairies & Magical Creatures 18+1 Free DB (Encyclopedia Mythologica)
2011978-1-4063-1663-6N PuttapipatAladdin
2008978-1-4063-1668-1Judy HindleyLittle and Big
  ''978-1-4063-1669-8Judy HindleyCrazy ABC
2008978-1-4063-1673-5Tony MittonGoldilocks and the Three Bears (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1674-2Guy Parker-ReesLittle Jim Lost
  ''978-1-4063-1675-9Kate TaylorAnimal Sounds (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1676-6Nick SharrattWhat Do I Look Like? (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1677-3Siobhan DoddsDown at the Station (Flip the Flap)
2008978-1-4063-1678-0Tony MittonWhere's My Egg? (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1679-7   ''Little Red Riding Hood (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1680-3Siobhan DoddsOld Macdonald Had a Farm (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1681-0Nick SharrattLook What I've Found (Flip the Flap)
  ''978-1-4063-1682-7Tony MittonWhat's the Time, Mr Wolf? (Flip the Flap)
2008978-1-4063-1683-4Brita GranstromRing-a-ring O' Roses- and Other Nursery Rhymes (Flip-The-Flap)
2010978-1-4063-1689-6Viviane SchwarzThere Are No Cats in This Book
2009978-1-4063-1691-9Sarah WebbAsk Amy Green: Boy Trouble
2010978-1-4063-1693-3Sarah WebbAsk Amy Green: Bridesmaid Blitz
  ''978-1-4063-1694-0   ''Amy Green Teen Agony Queen: Summer Secrets (Ask Amy Green)
  ''978-1-4063-1698-8Anthony HorowitzCrocodile Tears (Alex Rider)
2009978-1-4063-1699-5Anthony HorowitzCrocodile Tears (Alex Rider)
2010978-1-4063-1700-8   ''More Bloody Horowitz
2009978-1-4063-1701-5James Carter · Graham DentonOrange Silver Sausage: A Collection of Poems Without Rhymes from Zephaniah to Agard
  ''978-1-4063-1707-7Martin WaddellFarmer Duck (Book & DVD)
  ''978-1-4063-1730-5Helena PielichatyGirls FC 1: Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?
2011978-1-4063-1731-2Helena PielichatyGirls FC 10: Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?
2009978-1-4063-1737-4   ''Girls FC 5: Who Ate All the Pies?
  ''978-1-4063-1738-1   ''Girls FC 6: What's Ukrainian for Football?
2010978-1-4063-1739-8   ''Girls FC 7: So What If I Hog the Ball?
2010978-1-4063-1740-4Helena PielichatyGirls FC 8: Can't I Just Kick It?
2011978-1-4063-1741-1   ''Girls FC 9: We're the Dream Team, Right?
2009978-1-4063-1742-8Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows (Walker Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-4063-1743-5Michael Rosen · Paul HowardClassic Poetry: An Illustrated Collection (Walker Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-4063-1744-2Herman MelvilleMoby-Dick: Walker Illustrated Classics
  ''978-1-4063-1745-9Berlie DohertyClassic Fairy Tales (Walker Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-4063-1746-6Hans Christian AndersenTales of Hans Christian Andersen: Walker Illustrated Classic (Walker Illustrated Classics)
2009978-1-4063-1747-3Carlo CollodiPinocchio (Walker Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-4063-1748-0Jonathan Swift · Martin JenkinsJonathan Swift's Gulliver (Walker Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-4063-1750-3Sandy FussellSamurai Kids: White Crane
  ''978-1-4063-1751-0Sandy FussellSamurai Kids: Owl Ninja
  ''978-1-4063-1752-7Megan McDonaldJudy Moody Goes to College
2008978-1-4063-1759-6James Putnam · Scott SteedmanEgyptian News
2009978-1-4063-1760-2Anton Powell · Philip SteeleGreek News (History News)
2009978-1-4063-1761-9Andrew LangleyRoman News
  ''978-1-4063-1762-6Penny Bateman · Norma Rosso · Philip SteeleAztec News
  ''978-1-4063-1764-0Petr HoracekLook Out, Suzy Goose
  ''978-1-4063-1765-7Jeanne WillisMummy, Do You Love Me?
2008978-1-4063-1772-5Patrick BurstonThe Island of Horror (Puzzle Master Game)
  ''978-1-4063-1773-2Patrick BurstonThe Castle of Fear (Puzzle Master)
2008978-1-4063-1774-9Patrick BurstonThe Jungle of Peril (Puzzle Master)
  ''978-1-4063-1775-6   ''The Planet of Terror (Puzzle Master Game)
  ''978-1-4063-1776-3   ''The Pirates of Doom (Puzzle Master)
  ''978-1-4063-1777-0   ''The Sea of Menace (Puzzle Master Game)
2011978-1-4063-1784-8Michael RosenMichael Rosen's Sad Book
2009978-1-4063-1790-9Hans Christian AndersenThe Little Mermaid (Illustrated Classics)
2010978-1-4063-1792-3Will PettyMy Pop-Up Body Book
2009978-1-4063-1798-5Michael MorpurgoThe Kites Are Flying!
  ''978-1-4063-1803-6Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden: Walker Illustrated Classic (Walker Illustrated Classics)
2012978-1-4063-1814-2Zoe MarriottFrostFire (Daughter of the Flames)
2011978-1-4063-1815-9Zoe MarriottShadows on the Moon
2009978-1-4063-1823-4Jude and Tor FreemanNelson (Walker Stories)
2008978-1-4063-1828-9David HawcockInventions: Pop-up Models from the Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
2009978-1-4063-1830-2David Almond · Michael Morpurgo · Theresa Breslin · Jamila Gavin · Rita Williams-Garcia · Patricia McCormick · Meja Mwangi · Ibtisam BarakatFree?: Stories Celebrating Human Rights
2009978-1-4063-1831-9Alice Hart-Davis & Molly HindhaughBe Beautiful: Every Girl's Guide to Hair, Skin and Make-up
  ''978-1-4063-1832-6Michael RosenDear Mother Goose (Lift the Flap Book)
2011978-1-4063-1833-3AtinukeAnna Hibiscus' Song
978-1-4063-1841-8Dick King-SmithI Love Guinea-pigs
2008978-1-4063-1850-0Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden
2009978-1-4063-1851-7Elizabeth Cody KimmelMy Penguin Osbert in Love
2008978-1-4063-1852-4Anthony BrowneHansel and Gretel
  ''978-1-4063-1853-1Anthony HorowitzNecropolis: City of the Dead
2010978-1-4063-1857-9Martin JenkinsChameleons Are Cool (Read and Discover)
2010978-1-4063-1859-3Martin JenkinsGrandma Elephant's in Charge (Read and Discover)
  ''978-1-4063-1860-9Karen WallaceThink of a Beaver (Read and Discover)
  ''978-1-4063-1861-6Malachy DoyleJody's Beans (Read and Discover)
  ''978-1-4063-1862-3Karen Wallace · Anita JeramMy Hen Is Dancing (Read and Discover)
  ''978-1-4063-1863-0Judy HindleyA Piece of String Is a Wonderful Thing (Read and Discover)
2010978-1-4063-1864-7Martin JenkinsFly Traps! Plants that Bite Back (Read and Discover)
  ''978-1-4063-1866-1Marcia WilliamsKing Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Illustrated Classics)
2009978-1-4063-1868-5Geoff WaringOscar and the Bird: A Book about Electricity
2008978-1-4063-1869-2Amy HestMr. George Baker
2009978-1-4063-1870-8Karen WallaceBears in the Forest (Nature Storybooks)
  ''978-1-4063-1871-5Nick DowsonTracks of a Panda (Nature Storybooks)
  ''978-1-4063-1872-2Dick King-SmithI Love Guinea-Pigs (Nature Storybooks)
2008978-1-4063-1873-9Anthony BrowneWilly the Champ (Willy the Chimp)
  ''978-1-4063-1874-6   ''Willy the Wimp (Willy the Chimp)
2012978-1-4063-1877-7Anthony Horowitz · Antony JohnstonEagle Strike Graphic Novel (Alex Rider)
2008978-1-4063-1886-9Henry Winkler · Lin OliverHank Zipzer 6: Holy Enchilada!
2008978-1-4063-1887-6Henry Winkler · Lin OliverHank Zipzer 5: The Night I Flunked My Field Trip
  ''978-1-4063-1888-3   ''Hank Zipzer: The Zippity Zinger (Hank Zipzer)
  ''978-1-4063-1889-0   ''Hank Zipzer 3: Day of the Iguana
  ''978-1-4063-1890-6   ''Hank Zipzer: Niagara Falls - Or Does It?
2008978-1-4063-1891-3Henry Winkler · Lin OliverHank Zipzer: I Got a "D" in Salami
2009978-1-4063-1900-2Abby McDonaldLife Swap
  ''978-1-4063-1901-9Bob GrahamDimity Dumpty
  ''978-1-4063-1903-3Lucy CousinsMaisy's Train
  ''978-1-4063-1904-0   ''Maisy's Fire Engine (Maisy)
  ''978-1-4063-1905-7   ''Maisy Likes Playing
2010978-1-4063-1907-1Vivian FrenchThe Flight of Dragons: The Fourth Tale from the Five Kingdoms (Tales from the Five Kingdoms)
2012978-1-4063-1908-8Vivian FrenchThe Music of Zombies: The Fifth Tale from the Five Kingdoms (Tales from the Five Kingdoms)
2011978-1-4063-1909-5Martin JenkinsCan We Save the Tiger?
2010978-1-4063-1913-2Tommy DonbavandScream Street 8: Attack of the Trolls
2010978-1-4063-1914-9Tommy DonbavandScream Street 9: Terror of the Nightwatchman
2011978-1-4063-1915-6   ''Scream Street 11: Hunger of the Yeti
2010978-1-4063-1916-3   ''Scream Street 10: Rampage of the Goblins
2011978-1-4063-1917-0Tommy DonbavandScream Street 12: Secret of the Changeling
  ''978-1-4063-1919-4   ''Scream Street 13: Flame of the Dragon
2010978-1-4063-1922-4Dyan SheldonThe Crazy Things Girls Do for Love
  ''978-1-4063-1923-1Anne FineUnder a Silver Moon
2012978-1-4063-1924-8Anne FineUnder a Silver Moon
2009978-1-4063-1926-2Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
  ''978-1-4063-1927-9Ian WhybrowQuacky quack-quack!
2008978-1-4063-1929-3Martin JenkinsApe
2009978-1-4063-1930-9Anthony BrowneLittle Beauty
  ''978-1-4063-1931-6William BeeBeware of the Frog
2009978-1-4063-1934-7Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes to Nursery
  ''978-1-4063-1935-4Helen OxenburyClap Hands
  ''978-1-4063-1937-8Lucy CousinsMaisy's Food
  ''978-1-4063-1940-8Michael RosenWe're Going on a Bear Hunt
2010978-1-4063-1944-6Marcia WilliamsSinbad the Sailor (Illustrated Classics)
2009978-1-4063-1947-7Helen OxenburyTickle, Tickle
  ''978-1-4063-1948-4   ''Say Goodnight: A First Book for Babies
2009978-1-4063-1949-1Helen OxenburyAll Fall Down: A First Book for Babies
  ''978-1-4063-1951-4Mervyn PeakeCaptain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor
  ''978-1-4063-1953-8Jan FearnleyMartha in the Middle
  ''978-1-4063-1954-5Allan AhlbergThe Baby in the Hat
  ''978-1-4063-1955-2Allan AhlbergThe Pencil
2009978-1-4063-1956-9Mem FoxTen Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
  ''978-1-4063-1957-6Jonathan EmmettThe Best Gift of All (Mole and Friends)
  ''978-1-4063-1958-3David LucasPeanut
  ''978-1-4063-1960-6Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes to the Museum
2010978-1-4063-1968-2Will PetersonTriskellion 3: The Gathering
  ''978-1-4063-1970-5Hans Christian AndersenThe Snow Queen (Illustrated Classics) Hans Christian Andersen
2009978-1-4063-1973-6Geoff WaringOscar and the Snail: A Book About Things That We Use
2010978-1-4063-1975-0Sam Stern · Susan SternSam Stern's Eat Vegetarian
2010978-1-4063-1980-4Megan McDonaldJudy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt
2009978-1-4063-1982-8Philippa PearceA Finder's Magic
  ''978-1-4063-1985-9David AlmondThe Savage
  ''978-1-4063-1986-6Jill MurphyThe Large Family: Sebastian's Sleepover
  ''978-1-4063-1987-3   ''The Large Family: Grandpa in Trouble
2008978-1-4063-1991-0Martin HandfordWhere's Wally? The Mega Mini Collection