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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4049-0016-5Dragon Tales: We Can Solve It Together
2003978-1-4049-0544-3Daddy Day Care [VHS]
978-1-4049-0549-8Anger Management
2003978-1-4049-0885-7Columbia Tristar Home EntertainmentMies Vailla Menneisyytta: The Man Without a Past
1992978-1-4049-0977-9The Big Man
978-1-4049-1147-5Gods Must Be Crazy I & II
978-1-4049-1273-1And Now for Something Completely Hilarious! Collection
978-1-4049-1282-3I Dream of Jeannie: Season 1
978-1-4049-1433-9Ladies in Lavender
2006978-1-4049-1447-6Kevin BaconWhere the Truth Lies [2005] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
978-1-4049-1753-8Winged Migration
978-1-4049-2280-8Laurel Canyon
2003978-1-4049-2302-7The Fast Runner
978-1-4049-2303-4The Fast Runner
2003978-1-4049-2360-7Donald ZuckermanThe Man from Elysian Fields
978-1-4049-2527-4All in the Family: The Complete Second Season
978-1-4049-2643-1The Medallion
2003978-1-4049-2647-9Adam RichmanBorderline
2006978-1-4049-2691-2Charlotte GambillIdentity
978-1-4049-2810-7Bad Boys II (Two-Disc Special Edition)
978-1-4049-2859-6Starsky and Hutch: The Complete First Season
978-1-4049-2866-4Dragon Tales: Let's Start a Band
978-1-4049-2889-3No Good Deed
978-1-4049-2922-7Belly of the Beast
978-1-4049-3103-9In Hell
978-1-4049-3136-7Hollywood Homicide
978-1-4049-3405-4Cliff de Young · Roxanne HartPulse [USA] [DVD]
2003978-1-4049-3485-6Cirque Du Soleil Ddco 01235Cirque Du Soleil:Dralion (Superbit)
978-1-4049-3487-0Jim Henson's the Storyteller: The Complete Collection
978-1-4049-3566-2Forever Knight - The Trilogy: Part One
978-1-4049-3568-6Monty Python and the Holy Grail
978-1-4049-3713-0Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
978-1-4049-3912-7Once Upon a Time in China Trilogy
978-1-4049-3941-7Sleepless in Seattle
2003978-1-4049-4017-8Steve CarrDaddy Day Care
978-1-4049-4480-0Three Stooges: Stooges at Work
978-1-4049-4495-4Berenstain Bears: Fun Lessons to Learn
978-1-4049-4537-1White Chicks
978-1-4049-4562-3The Missing
978-1-4049-4668-2Punch-Drunk Love (Single Disc Edition)
978-1-4049-4799-3The Three Stooges: Stooges and the Law
2004978-1-4049-4833-4Brittany Ddco 03198 MurphyLittle Black Book
978-1-4049-5014-6Gang of Roses
978-1-4049-5093-1Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Paperback]
978-1-4049-5600-1Here Comes Mr. Jordan
978-1-4049-5748-0Seinfeld: Season 3
978-1-4049-5788-6Dawson's Creek: The Complete Fourth Season
978-1-4049-6060-2Starsky and Hutch: The Complete Second Season
978-1-4049-6279-8Head in the Clouds
978-1-4049-6312-2The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: The Cat's Musical Tales
978-1-4049-6587-4Berenstain Bears: Bears Mind Their Manners
978-1-4049-6589-8Berenstain Bears: Bears Take a Car Trip
978-1-4049-6847-9Fahrenheit 9/11
978-1-4049-6906-3Lust for Gold (REGION 1) (NTSC)
978-1-4049-6960-5The Mad about You Collection
978-1-4049-7153-0Forever Knight - The Trilogy: Part Two
2005978-1-4049-7229-2Peter Ddco 09699 PaulTwin Sitters
  ''978-1-4049-7524-8Carroll Ddco 10280 O'ConnorAll in the Family:Complete Fourth Sea
978-1-4049-7660-3Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real
978-1-4049-7912-3A Knight's Tale - Extended Cut
978-1-4049-8048-8The Mask of Zorro
978-1-4049-8122-5The Woodsman
2005978-1-4049-8563-6Anger Management/As Good As It Gets (REGION 1) (NTSC)
  ''978-1-4049-8606-0Alicia WittUrban Legends 3 Pack (REGION 1) (NTSC)
978-1-4049-8625-1Brothers in Arms
978-1-4049-8739-5The Valachi Papers
978-1-4049-8924-5The Marksman
978-1-4049-8943-6unbekannt2046. Chinesiche Originalfassung. DVD.
978-1-4049-9497-3Wild Palms
978-1-4049-9606-9Nicolas GessnerLittle Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
978-1-4049-9693-9Battle of Britain
978-1-4049-9710-3A Dry White Season [1989] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
978-1-4049-9829-2A Bridge Too Far