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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-4048-4785-9Trisha Sue Speed ShaskanIf You Were a Plus Sign (Math Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-4788-0   ''If You Were a Minus Sign (Math Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-4791-0   ''If You Were a Fraction (Math Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-4846-7Michael John O'HearnHow Spirit Dog Made the Milky Way: A Retelling of a Cherokee Legend (Read-It! Readers: Legends)
  ''978-1-4048-4868-9Rebecca Fjelland DavisWoof and Wag: Bringing Home a Dog (Get a Pet)
2008978-1-4048-4925-9Laura Purdie SalasFrom Mealworm to Beetle: Following the Life Cycle (Amazing Science: Life Cycles)
2009978-1-4048-4964-8Carl EmersonThe Autumn Leaf
  ''978-1-4048-4965-5   ''The Busy Spring
  ''978-1-4048-4967-9   ''The Cold Winter Day
  ''978-1-4048-4971-6Marcie AboffIf You Were a Suffix
  ''978-1-4048-4974-7Trisha Speed ShaskanIf You Were a Fraction
2009978-1-4048-5139-9Picture Window BooksRead-It! Readers: Character Education Classroom Collection
2008978-1-4048-5149-8Wild Animals
  ''978-1-4048-5150-4Wild Animals
2009978-1-4048-5315-7Amanda Doering TourvilleManners with a Library Book (Way To Be!: Manners)
  ''978-1-4048-5318-8Shelly LyonsIf You Were an Apostrophe (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5321-8Molly Cece Barlow BlaisdellIf You Were a Comma (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5324-9Shelly LyonsIf You Were a Question Mark (Word Fun)
2009978-1-4048-5327-0Shelly LyonsIf You Were an Exclamation Point (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5330-0Molly Cece Barlow BlaisdellIf You Were Quotation Marks (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5333-1Nicholas M. HealyIf You Were a Period (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5336-2Nancy LoewenOnce Upon a Time: Writing Your Own Fairy Tale (Writer's Toolbox)
  ''978-1-4048-5339-3Nancy LoewenSincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter (Writer's Toolbox)
2009978-1-4048-5342-3Nancy LoewenShow Me a Story: Writing Your Own Picture Book (Writer's Toolbox)
2010978-1-4048-5345-4Nancy LoewenWords, Wit, and Wonder: Writing Your Own Poem (Writer's Toolbox)
2009978-1-4048-5690-5Molly Cece Barlow BlaisdellIf You Were a Quadrilateral (Math Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5692-9Marcie AboffIf You Were a Polygon (Math Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5694-3Trisha Sue Speed ShaskanIf You Were a Capital Letter (Word Fun)
  ''978-1-4048-5698-1Nancy LoewenIt's All About You: Writing Your Own Journal (Writer's Toolbox)
  ''978-1-4048-5702-5   ''Just the Facts: Writing Your Own Research Report (Writer's Toolbox)
2009978-1-4048-5712-4Thomas Kingsley TroupeIf I Were the President (Dream Big!)
2010978-1-4048-5726-1Michael DahlDuck Goes Potty (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-5727-8Michael DahlPony Brushes His Teeth (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-5728-5   ''Bunny Eats Lunch (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-5749-0Amanda Doering TourvilleMy Friend Has ADHD (Friends with Disabilities)
  ''978-1-4048-5750-6   ''My Friend Has Autism (Friends with Disabilities)
2010978-1-4048-5751-3Amanda Doering TourvilleMy Friend Has Down Syndrome (Friends with Disabilities)
  ''978-1-4048-5752-0   ''My Friend Has Dyslexia (Friends with Disabilities)
978-1-4048-5829-9Math Fun
1996978-1-4048-5831-2William StrongWriter's Toolbox
978-1-4048-5833-6Dream Big!
2009978-1-4048-5905-0Nancy LoewenWriter's Toolbox: Learn How to Write Letters, Fairy Tales, Scary Stories, Journals, Poems, and Reports
  ''978-1-4048-5968-5Fables and Tall Tales Reader Format Classroom Library (NONE)
  ''978-1-4048-5977-7Gilles TiboRead-It! Readers: Alex
2010978-1-4048-6036-0Nancy LoewenIn The Money [Curtis 1000: A Book About Banking
  ''978-1-4048-6060-5Fran ManushkinA Nervous Night (Katie Woo)
2009978-1-4048-6065-0Bob Dewar · Karen WallaceRead-It Chapter Books: Alice Series
978-1-4048-6066-7Michaela MorganRead-It Chapter Books: Silly Sausage Series
2010978-1-4048-6101-5Michael Dahl · Mark MooreScreaming with Laughter: Jokes About Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Other Scary Creatures (Michael Dahl Presents Super Funny Joke Books)
2010978-1-4048-6109-1Amanda Doering TourvilleMy Friend Has Autism (Friends with Disabilities)
2010978-1-4048-6110-7Amanda Doering TourvilleMy Friend Has Down Syndrome (Friends with Disabilities)
978-1-4048-6188-6Kids' Questions
978-1-4048-6189-3Kids' Questions
978-1-4048-6190-9In the Library
978-1-4048-6192-3Friends with Disabilities
978-1-4048-6194-7Everyone Has Feelings
2009978-1-4048-6198-5Michael DahlHello Genius
2010978-1-4048-6199-2Karen Jacqueline Foster · Felicia LawKids' World Atlas: A Young Person's Guide to the Globe (Picture Window Books World Atlases)
978-1-4048-6236-4Animals All Around
978-1-4048-6238-8Know Your Numbers
978-1-4048-6239-5Know Your Numbers
2010978-1-4048-6364-4Fran ManushkinRed, White, and Blue and Katie Woo!
  ''978-1-4048-6366-8   ''Boo, Katie Woo!
  ''978-1-4048-6367-5   ''Katie Saves Thanksgiving (Katie Woo)
  ''978-1-4048-6372-9Michael Dahl · Mark MooreScreaming with Laughter: Jokes About Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Other Scary Creatures (Michael Dahl Presents Super Funny Joke Books)
  ''978-1-4048-6389-7National Geographic LearningLibrary Book: Busy Animals (Autumn)
2010978-1-4048-6390-3Lisa Marie BullardLeaves Fall Down: Learning About Autumn Leaves
  ''978-1-4048-6392-7Nancy LoewenAction!: Writing Your Own Play (Writer's Toolbox)
  ''978-1-4048-6394-1Suzanne Buckingham SladeWhat If There Were No Bees?: A Book About the Grassland Ecosystem (Food Chain Reactions)
  ''978-1-4048-6395-8Suzanne Buckingham SladeWhat If There Were No Gray Wolves?: A Book About the Temperate Forest Ecosystem (Food Chain Reactions)
  ''978-1-4048-6396-5   ''What If There Were No Lemmings?: A Book About the Tundra Ecosystem (Food Chain Reactions)
2010978-1-4048-6397-2Suzanne Buckingham SladeWhat If There Were No Sea Otters?: A Book About the Ocean Ecosystem (Food Chain Reactions)
2011978-1-4048-6425-2Writer's Toolbox
2010978-1-4048-6434-4Food Chain Reactions
978-1-4048-6435-1Food Chain Reactions
978-1-4048-6441-2Dream Big!
2010978-1-4048-6530-3Michael DahlAnimals All Around [Levy
  ''978-1-4048-6539-6Capstone PressScience [School Speciality
  ''978-1-4048-6567-9Capstone PressA-MAZE-ing Adventures [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6568-6   ''Autumn [Capstone Sole Source
2010978-1-4048-6569-3Capstone PressDream Big! [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6570-9   ''Fairy-Tale Superstars [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6571-6   ''Food Chain Reactions [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6572-3   ''Legend Has It [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6573-0   ''Musical Families [Capstone Sole Source
2010978-1-4048-6574-7Capstone PressPoint It Out! Tips for Green Living [Capstone Sole Source
2010978-1-4048-6575-4Capstone PressWhat's the Difference? [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6576-1   ''Writer's Toolbox [Capstone Sole Source
  ''978-1-4048-6599-0   ''Read-it! Readers: Math
  ''978-1-4048-6600-3   ''Read-it! Readers: Science
  ''978-1-4048-6601-0   ''Read-it! Readers: Social Studies
2011978-1-4048-6611-9Fran ManushkinThe Tricky Tooth (Katie Woo)
2011978-1-4048-6613-3Fran ManushkinStar of the Show (Katie Woo)
  ''978-1-4048-6615-7Marci PeschkeBlueberry Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-6616-4Marci PeschkeDrama Queen (Kylie Jean)
2011978-1-4048-6617-1Marci PeschkeHoop Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-6618-8   ''Rodeo Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-6620-1Sarah StephensPooches of Power! (DC Super-Pets)
  ''978-1-4048-6679-9Melissa HigginsThe Night Dad Went to Jail: What to Expect When Someone You Love Goes to Jail (Life's Challenges)
  ''978-1-4048-6710-9Thom RookeA Germ's Journey (Follow It!)
2011978-1-4048-6714-7Nancy LoewenShe Sells Seashells and Other Tricky Tongue Twisters (Ways to Say It)
  ''978-1-4048-6715-4   ''Stubborn as a Mule and Other Silly Similes (Ways to Say It)
  ''978-1-4048-6717-8   ''You're Toast and Other Metaphors We Adore (Ways to Say It)
978-1-4048-6736-9Follow It!
978-1-4048-6742-0Ways to Say It
978-1-4048-6754-3Kids' Questions
2011978-1-4048-6786-4Michael DahlBear Says "Thank You" (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-6787-1   ''Hippo Says "Excuse Me" (Hello Genius)
2011978-1-4048-6788-8Michael DahlPenguin Says "Please" (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-6789-5   ''Mouse Says "Sorry" (Hello Genius)
2012978-1-4048-6794-9Julie GassmanYou Get What You Get (Little Boost)
  ''978-1-4048-6796-3Christianne C. JonesLacey Walker, Nonstop Talker (Little Boost)
2011978-1-4048-6851-9CharlesGhignaI See Fall
  ''978-1-4048-6855-7Fran ManushkinKatie's New Shoes (Katie Woo)
  ''978-1-4048-6856-4   ''Katie and the Class Pet (Katie Woo)
2011978-1-4048-7017-8Kremena SpenglerAn Illustrated Timeline of Inventions and Inventors (Visual Timelines in History)
  ''978-1-4048-7019-2Kremena SpenglerAn Illustrated Timeline of Transportation (Visual Timelines in History)
978-1-4048-7026-0Patricia Wooster · Kremena T. SpenglerVisual Timelines in History
2011978-1-4048-7029-1Suzanne Buckingham SladeA Monarch Butterfly's Journey (Follow It!)
  ''978-1-4048-7044-4Nancy LoewenBelieve Me, Goldilocks Rocks!: The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7046-8Trisha Speed Shaskan · Trisha Sue Speed ShaskanHonestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!: The Story of Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7048-2   ''Seriously, Cinderella Is SO Annoying!: The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother (The Other Side of the Story)
2011978-1-4048-7050-5Eric Mark BraunTrust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks!: The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk as Told by the Giant (The Other Side of the Story)
2013978-1-4048-7119-9Michael DahlDuck Goes Potty (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-7124-3   ''Pony Brushes His Teeth (Hello Genius)
2012978-1-4048-7209-7Marci PeschkeDancing Queen (Kylie Jean)
2012978-1-4048-7210-3Marci PeschkeFootball Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-7211-0   ''Singing Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-7212-7   ''Spelling Queen (Kylie Jean)
  ''978-1-4048-7220-2D.L. GreenZeke Meeks vs the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week
  ''978-1-4048-7221-9   ''Zeke Meeks vs the Gruesome Girls
2012978-1-4048-7222-6D.L. GreenZeke Meeks vs the Stinkin' Science Fair
  ''978-1-4048-7223-3   ''Zeke Meeks vs the Putrid Puppet Pals
  ''978-1-4048-7224-0Fran ManushkinBig Brothers Are the Best (Fiction Picture Books)
2012978-1-4048-7225-7Fran ManushkinBig Sisters Are the Best (Fiction Picture Books)
2011978-1-4048-7355-1Christianne C. JonesChicken Little (My First Classic Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7357-5Eric BlairThe Brave Little Tailor: A Retelling of the Grimm's Fairy Tale (My First Classic Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7358-2Christianne C. JonesHow the Camel Got Its Hump (My First Classic Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7362-9Eric Blair · Ben PetersonThe Pied Piper (My First Classic Story)
  ''978-1-4048-7363-6Mark WhiteThe Ant and the Grasshopper: A Retelling of Aesop's Fable (My First Classic Story)
2012978-1-4048-7416-9Julie GassmanCrabby Pants (Little Boost)
2012978-1-4048-7418-3Beth BrackenToo Shy for Show-and-Tell (Little Boost)
2013978-1-4048-7533-3Michael DahlLittle Dinos Don't Hit
  ''978-1-4048-7534-0   ''Little Dinos Don't Push
  ''978-1-4048-7622-4   ''Bear Says "Thank You" (Hello Genius)
  ''978-1-4048-7625-5   ''Penguin Says "Please" (Hello Genius)
2012978-1-4048-7710-8Eric Mark BraunMad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method (In the Science Lab)
  ''978-1-4048-7998-0Jill KalzMy First Russian Phrases
2013978-1-4048-8083-2Nancy LoewenNo Lie, I Acted Like a Beast!: The Story of Beauty and the Beast as Told by the Beast (The Other Side of the Story)
2013978-1-4048-8085-6Nancy LoewenSeriously, Snow White Was SO Forgetful!: The Story of Snow White as Told by the Dwarves (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4048-8101-3Fran ManushkinKatie Woo, Don't Be Blue
  ''978-1-4048-8175-4Charles ReasonerTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Charles Reasoner Nursery Rhymes)
  ''978-1-4048-8297-3Steve KorteDC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia