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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-4027-0003-3Adam McKeownThe Young Reader's Shakespeare: Hamlet
2004978-1-4027-0004-0Adam McKeownThe Young Reader's Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
2003978-1-4027-0006-4Christopher MacGowan · Robert CrockettPoetry for Young People: William Carlos Williams
2004978-1-4027-0025-5Ruth Schumann-Antelme · Stéphane RossiniIllustrated Hieroglyphics Handbook
2003978-1-4027-0031-6Stan SmithFive-Minute Mini-Mysteries
2002978-1-4027-0035-4Heike OwusuVoodoo Rituals: A User's Guide
2003978-1-4027-0057-6Kalashatra GovindaTantric Ecstasy: The Way of Sacred Sexuality
2002978-1-4027-0068-2Kathie StullHands on Crafts for Kids: 20-Minute Crafts
  ''978-1-4027-0073-6Helen BanesFiber & Bead Jewelry: Beautiful Designs to Make & Wear (Beadwork Books)
  ''978-1-4027-0097-2Catherine AustinChristmas Past & Christmas Presents
  ''978-1-4027-0106-1Connie SheerinBackyard Mosaics
  ''978-1-4027-0108-5Paola RosatiBookbinding Basics
2002978-1-4027-0111-5Mike ArtellCartooning For Kids
  ''978-1-4027-0113-9Dotty McMillanCreative Ways with Polymer Clay
  ''978-1-4027-0117-7Duy NguyenFantasy Origami
  ''978-1-4027-0121-4Joseph RosenbloomGiggle Fit®: Silly Knock-Knocks
  ''978-1-4027-0146-7Kumfoo WongSushi Made Easy Book & Kit
2003978-1-4027-0160-3Mark ZegarelliSit & Solve Logic Puzzles (Sit & Solve Series)
2002978-1-4027-0161-0Olivia Carlton · J. Baxter Newgate · Emily Cox · Henry RathvonThe Big Book of Crossword Puzzles: 288 Puzzles for the Crossword Fanatic
2005978-1-4027-0201-3Mary Jo HineyQuilted Bags & Purses
2002978-1-4027-0202-0Evelin Burger · Johannes FiebigTarot Basics
2004978-1-4027-0237-2Paul TaggartArt Techniques for Line & Wash
2003978-1-4027-0262-4Rolf HeimannPicture Puzzle Mysteries: Whodunits You Can See
2006978-1-4027-0265-5Audrey PaviaThe Little Giant Encyclopedia of World Mythology (Little Giant Encylopedias)
2006978-1-4027-0282-2Dotty McMillanArtful Ways with Polymer Clay
2003978-1-4027-0297-6Christian KampfMysterious Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-0330-0Theresa Flores GearyNative American Beadwork: Projects & Techniques from the Southwest
2005978-1-4027-0380-5Paul Sloane · Des MacHaleOutstanding Lateral Thinking Puzzles
2006978-1-4027-0385-0Chris SasakiConstellations: A Glow-in-the-Dark Guide to the Night Sky
2003978-1-4027-0392-8Hazel SoanThe Encyclopedia of Watercolor Landscapes: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
  ''978-1-4027-0393-5Alicia Merrett · Ann StephensThe Encyclopedia of Teddy-Bear Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
  ''978-1-4027-0413-0Jerry Slocum · Jacob Botermans · Dieter Gebhardt · Monica Ma · Xiaohe Ma · Harold Raizer · Dic Sonneveld · Carla van SplunterenThe Tangram Book
2005978-1-4027-0416-1Sonal BhattBeaded Critters
2003978-1-4027-0430-7Susanne Fischer-RizziThe Complete Earth Medicine Handbook, Revised Edition
2004978-1-4027-0517-5John Hollander · Sally Wern ComportAmerican Poetry (Poetry for Young People)
2003978-1-4027-0518-2Manuela Caldirola · Nicoletta Negri · Nathalie AruClassic Breads: Delicious Recipes from Around the World
2004978-1-4027-0537-3Donna KoolerDonna Kooler's Great Cross-Stitch Gifts
2003978-1-4027-0541-0Barry R ClarkeChallenging Logic Puzzles (Official Mensa Puzzle Book)
2004978-1-4027-0544-1Frank LongoPoint & Solve Crosswords
2003978-1-4027-0548-9Don-Oliver MatthiesMaze Craze Mummy Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-0549-6Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.Tricky Puzzles for Brainy Kids (For Brainy Kids Series)
2003978-1-4027-0550-2Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.Clever Puzzles for Brainy Kids
2004978-1-4027-0556-4Trip PayneClever Crosswords for Kids
2003978-1-4027-0569-4Patrick SpielmanMaking Wood Signs
  ''978-1-4027-0573-1Sasha FentonSuper Tarot: How to Link the Cards to Reveal Your Future
2004978-1-4027-0577-9Al SeckelMasters of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion
2003978-1-4027-0582-3Anne BrownChallenging Acrostic Puzzles
  ''978-1-4027-0590-8Salvatore CalabreseClassic Cooling Cocktails
  ''978-1-4027-0598-4Jacqueline HorsfallKids' Silliest Jokes
  ''978-1-4027-0602-8Kunihiko KasaharaExtreme Origami
2003978-1-4027-0603-5Don-Oliver MatthiesMaze Craze: Pirate Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-0604-2   ''Maze Craze: Spooky Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-0605-9   ''Maze Craze: Castle Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-0607-3Priscilla HauserPriscilla Hauser's Decorative Painting Secrets
  ''978-1-4027-0610-3Lillian TooLillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home
2003978-1-4027-0630-1Balloon BooksDot to Dot Count to 10 (Dot to Dot Counting)
  ''978-1-4027-0631-8   ''Dot to Dot Count to 50 (Dot to Dot Counting)
2007978-1-4027-0636-3Carole C. WilbournThe Complete Guide to Understanding & Caring for Your Cat
2003978-1-4027-0646-2Hy ConradWhodunit Crime Mysteries
2004978-1-4027-0652-3Andrea CampbellDetective Notebook: Crime Scene Science
2003978-1-4027-0657-8Mark DannaWord Search Puzzles to Keep You Sharp
2004978-1-4027-0658-5Mark DannaWacky-Shaped Word Search Puzzles to Keep You Sharp
  ''978-1-4027-0672-1Lora HellerSign Language for Kids: A Fun & Easy Guide to American Sign Language
2003978-1-4027-0701-8Mark DunningFlow Motion Counter Display with Other
  ''978-1-4027-0708-7Angela McAllister · Charles FugeFound You, Little Wombat!
  ''978-1-4027-0713-1Louise SolomonYogalates - Breathrough Workout That Combines The Best Of Yoga & Pilates
2003978-1-4027-0714-8Steve Harpster1-100 Dot-to-Dots
  ''978-1-4027-0722-3Petra SonnenbergThe Great Pendulum Book
  ''978-1-4027-0745-2Sit & Solve Counter Display
2007978-1-4027-0763-6Wood® MagazineWood® Magazine: Making Great Boxes
2003978-1-4027-0766-7Thomas JosephLarge Print Crosswords #1
  ''978-1-4027-0767-4   ''Large Print Crosswords #2
  ''978-1-4027-0774-2Pauline CherrettThe Practical Art of Chinese Brush Painting
2003978-1-4027-0777-3Duy NguyenJungle Animal Origami
2004978-1-4027-0796-4Meg Evershed3-D Cross Stitch: More Than 25 Original Designs
2003978-1-4027-0798-8Cheri Saffiote301 Country Christmas Quilt Blocks
  ''978-1-4027-0800-8Chris SasakiThe Constellations: Stars & Stories
  ''978-1-4027-0802-2Brad MeeDesign Is in the Details: Kitchens
  ''978-1-4027-0808-4Jacqueline HorsfallKids' Silliest Riddles
  ''978-1-4027-0816-9Jayme BarrettFeng Shui Your Life
2003978-1-4027-0854-1Stephanie DunnewindCome to Tea: Fun Tea Party Themes, Recipes, Crafts, Games, Etiquette and More
  ''978-1-4027-0861-9Charles FugeI Know a Rhino
  ''978-1-4027-0869-5Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.50 State Quarters Collector's Folder: 1999-2008 Denver & Philadelphia Mints
  ''978-1-4027-0870-1Vicki Churchill · Charles FugeSometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball
2004978-1-4027-0871-8Qu Lei LeiThe Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting
2003978-1-4027-0875-6Frank Longo · Fraser Simpson · Terry StickelsThe Brainiac's Puzzle Book
  ''978-1-4027-0876-3Thomas Joseph · Stephen Sniderman · Terry StickelsPuzzles for the Super Sharp
2003978-1-4027-0879-4Caroline EarlBeginner's Guide to Silk Painting
2002978-1-4027-0890-9TV GuideThe Big Book of TV Guide Crossword Puzzles: 300 Crossword Puzzles From the TV Guide Archives!
2004978-1-4027-0910-4Martin GardnerSmart Science Tricks
2003978-1-4027-0911-1Judy MartinThe Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
2006978-1-4027-0922-7Caroll Louise ShreeveVictorian Details: Decorating Tips & Easy-to-Make Projects
2004978-1-4027-0926-5John Hollander · Simona MulazzaniPoetry for Young People: Animal Poems
2005978-1-4027-0931-9Susan BaumgartExtinct Creatures Dot-to-Dot
2003978-1-4027-0932-6David SanmiguelArt of Drawing: The Complete Course
2004978-1-4027-0936-4Elizabeth DuValBeyond the Basics: Mosaics (Beyond the Basics (Sterling Publishing))
2005978-1-4027-0938-8Mary Jo HineyBeautiful Quiltagami: New Ideas for Fabric Folding
2004978-1-4027-0944-9Francesca ParodiBig Book of Solitaire
  ''978-1-4027-0947-0Mike BaronThe Complete Wordbook for Game Players: Winning Words for Word Freaks
  ''978-1-4027-0949-4David Levinson WilkReally Clever Crosswords (Official Mensa Puzzle Book)
2003978-1-4027-0973-9Stefan R. Dziemianowicz · Robert H. Weinberg · Martin H. Greenberg100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-4027-0974-6Robert H. Weinberg · Stefan R. Dziemianowicz · Martin H. Greenberg100 Dastardly Little Detective Stories (100 Stories)
  ''978-1-4027-0975-3Al Sarrantonio · Martin H. Greenberg100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories (100 Stories)
2003978-1-4027-0976-0Martin H. Greenberg100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (100 Stories)
2005978-1-4027-0979-1Joshua HornikMensa® Guide to Blackjack
  ''978-1-4027-0988-3John Hollander · Miles HymanStories for Young People: O. Henry
2002978-1-4027-1000-1Kathy PasseroFrench Country At Home
2004978-1-4027-1020-9Dian G SmithWorld's Greatest Practical Jokes
  ''978-1-4027-1023-0Patrick MerrellMaze Madness: Super Fun Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-1024-7Patrick MerrellMaze Madness: Mind-Melting Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-1028-5Victoria Garrett JonesWonders of the World Dot-to-Dot
2004978-1-4027-1029-2Anna GriffinDesigner Scrapbooks with Anna Griffin: Memorable Moments Captured with Style
978-1-4027-1030-8Diana DunkleyChristmas in Miniature: Festive Projects & Decorating Ideas for the Holidays
2005978-1-4027-1031-5Susan Pickering RothamelThe Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques
2004978-1-4027-1038-4Trip PayneAwesome Crosswords for Kids (Mensa)
2005978-1-4027-1039-1Trip PayneAmazing Crosswords for Kids (Mensa)
  ''978-1-4027-1041-4Mark DannaBaffling Word Search Puzzles for Kids (Mensa®)
2003978-1-4027-1052-0Bob Longe · Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.Giant Book of Card Tricks
2007978-1-4027-1053-7Barb Crabbe DVMThe Comprehensive Guide to Equine Veterinary Medicine
2006978-1-4027-1055-1William P. SpenceThe Home Carpenter & Woodworker's Repair Manual
2004978-1-4027-1057-5Kay StanleyDesigner Scrapbooks with K & Company
2005978-1-4027-1060-5David MacfarlaneBeyond the Basics: Gourd Art (Beyond the Basics (Sterling Publishing))
2006978-1-4027-1061-2Michael GlassmanGarden Getaways: Havens at Home
2003978-1-4027-1065-0Stanley Smith · Tom Bullimore · Derrick Niederman · Hy Conrad · Tatjana Mai-WyssClassic Whodunits
  ''978-1-4027-1067-4Karen C. Richards · Alan Stillson · Bernardo Recaman SantosClassic Brain Teasers
2005978-1-4027-1075-9Philip Yates · Matt RissingerSilly Jokes & Giggles
  ''978-1-4027-1077-3Theresa Flores GearyCreative Native American Beading
2004978-1-4027-1079-7Mishabae EdmondThe Joy of Partner Yoga
2005978-1-4027-1080-3Jean JoachimRescue Vehicles Dot-to-Dot (Connect The Dots & Color)
2003978-1-4027-1092-6Dick WolfLaw & Order: Crime Scenes
2004978-1-4027-1101-5Martin H. Greenberg · Isaac Asimov · Joseph D. Olander100 Malicious Little Mysteries (100 Stories)
  ''978-1-4027-1104-6Dan BarlowWinning Cribbage Tips (Mensa)
2003978-1-4027-1109-1Joel Meyerowitz · Maggie BarrettTuscany: Inside the Light
2005978-1-4027-1115-2Adam McKeownThe Young Reader's Shakespeare: Othello
2004978-1-4027-1116-9Adam McKeown · Lynne CannoyThe Young Reader's Shakespeare: Macbeth
2005978-1-4027-1127-5James HalliganFerocious Animals Dot-to-Dot
2005978-1-4027-1130-5Lucy Maud MontgomeryClassic Starts®: Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts® Series)
2004978-1-4027-1135-0Jacqueline HorsfallKids' Silliest Knock-Knocks
  ''978-1-4027-1137-4Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.Encyclopedia of Two-Hour Craft Projects (Two-hour Crafts S.)
  ''978-1-4027-1138-1Sudipta Bardhan-QuallenChampionship Science Fair Projects: 100 Sure-to-Win Experiments
2005978-1-4027-1143-5Donna Tussing Orwin · Herve BlondonStories for Young People: Leo Tolstoy
  ''978-1-4027-1144-2Anna SewellClassic Starts®: Black Beauty (Classic Starts® Series)
  ''978-1-4027-1145-9Burt HochbergAward-Winning Chess Problems (Official Mensa Puzzle Book)
2004978-1-4027-1147-3Terry StickelsSit & Solve Frame Games (Sit & Solve Series)
2004978-1-4027-1148-0Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.Art of Drawing the Human Body
978-1-4027-1157-2Susan M. CottrellThe New Granny Square
2006978-1-4027-1158-9Kurt M. RobinetteGreg Woodard's Art of Bird Sculpture: Wood, Bronze & Clay
2003978-1-4027-1172-5Davide SechiMassage Basics
2006978-1-4027-1174-9Wood® MagazineWood® Magazine: Arts and Crafts Furniture (Wood Magazine)
2005978-1-4027-1175-6   ''Wood® Magazine: 35 Great Outdoor Projects
2007978-1-4027-1177-0   ''Wood® Magazine: How to Build a Great Home Workshop (Wood Magazine)
2005978-1-4027-1178-7Gregg Camfield · Sally Wern ComportMark Twain (Stories for Young People)
2004978-1-4027-1180-0Donna KoolerDonna Kooler's 555 Timeless Cross-Stitch Patterns
2005978-1-4027-1204-3Monica RussoReptiles & Amphibians Dot-to-Dot (Connect the Dots & Color)
2004978-1-4027-1205-0Eric R. BravermanThe Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage
  ''978-1-4027-1207-4Louisa SladenA Mini Magic Color Book: Farm Animals (Magic Color Books)
  ''978-1-4027-1208-1Louisa Sladen · Luana RinaldoA Mini Magic Color Book: Jungle Animals (Magic Color Books)
2005978-1-4027-1216-6Mark TwainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Classic Starts)
  ''978-1-4027-1217-3Arthur Conan DoyleClassic Starts®: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Classic Starts® Series)
  ''978-1-4027-1227-2Jill Williams GroverThrowing the Perfect Party: Fun Games & Activities for Wedding & Baby Showers
2005978-1-4027-1229-6Jo PackhamWhere Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women
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2004978-1-4027-1238-8Thomas JosephLarge Print Crosswords #4
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  ''978-1-4027-1246-3Salvatore CalabreseSexy Cocktails
2004978-1-4027-1247-0Salvatore CalabreseVirgin Cocktails
  ''978-1-4027-1249-4Paul Sloane · Des MacHaleBrain-Busting Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Official Mensa Puzzle Book)
2005978-1-4027-1254-8John N. Serio · Robert CrockettPoetry for Young People: The Seasons
  ''978-1-4027-1257-9Howard PyleThe Adventures of Robin Hood (Classic Starts)
  ''978-1-4027-1259-3Ruth JollesEasy as Cake: The Quickest Cakes, Cookies & Desserts You'll Ever Make
2004978-1-4027-1260-9Avner LaskinThe Easy Way to Artisan Breads & Pastries
  ''978-1-4027-1262-3J. Baxter Newgate · Thomas Joseph · Rich NorrisThe Big Book of Crossword Puzzles II: 288 More Puzzles for the Crossword Fanatic
2005978-1-4027-1265-4Marie HodgeAre You Sleepy Yet, Petey?
2004978-1-4027-1271-5Ann BensonThe Pattern Companion: Beading
2005978-1-4027-1272-2Mary Morris · Sally McCann · Joanne O'Sullivan · Arden Franklin · Mary Jo Hiney · Susan E. Mickey · Anita Louise CraneThe Pattern Companion: Sewing
2005978-1-4027-1273-9Leslie Dierks · Elizabeth DuVal · Reham Aarti Jacobsen · Jill MacKay · Connie SheerinThe Pattern Companion: Mosaics
  ''978-1-4027-1274-6Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild (Classic Starts)
  ''978-1-4027-1275-3Frances Hodgson BurnettClassic Starts®: A Little Princess (Classic Starts® Series)
2004978-1-4027-1292-0Don-Oliver MatthiesMaze Craze: Dinosaur Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-1293-7   ''Maze Craze: Detective Mazes
  ''978-1-4027-1300-2Andrew BrismanMensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways
2004978-1-4027-1306-4Diagram GroupThe Book of The Zodiac
  ''978-1-4027-1309-5National Puzzlers' LeagueSit & Solve Cryptograms #2 (Sit & Solve Series)
  ''978-1-4027-1313-2Trip Payne · Shawn KennedyLarge Print Cryptograms
2005978-1-4027-1318-7Robert Louis StevensonClassic Starts®: Treasure Island (Classic Starts® Series)
  ''978-1-4027-1319-4Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden (Classic Starts)
2004978-1-4027-1320-0Steve HarpsterFirst Word Search: Fun First Words
2004978-1-4027-1321-7Steve HarpsterFirst Word Search: Fun First Phonics
2005978-1-4027-1323-1Andrea Shackleton · Gayle ShackletonGreat Knitted Gifts
2006978-1-4027-1327-9Susan UreThe Altered Book Scrapbook
2005978-1-4027-1331-6Miriam E. Atkins30-Day Revitalization Plan: Total Rejuvenation for Body and Mind
2002978-1-4027-1333-0Robert CokerRoller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines
2004978-1-4027-1337-8Dom Forker · Robert Obojski · Wayne StewartThe Big Book of Baseball Brainteasers
  ''978-1-4027-1338-5Dom Forker · Wayne Stewart · Michael J. PellowskiBaffling Baseball Trivia
2005978-1-4027-1343-9Jeanee LedouxAbode a la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Decor
2004978-1-4027-1345-3Hans de BeerLet's Play, Lars! (a little polar bear story)
2005978-1-4027-1346-0Craig Hamilton-ParkerOpening to the Other Side: How to Become a Psychic or Medium
2004978-1-4027-1347-7Vanessa-Ann1,001 Decorating Tips & Ideas
  ''978-1-4027-1349-1Karen L CohenThe Art of Fine Enameling