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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-4022-7791-7Geoff HerbachI'm With Stupid (Felton Reinstein trilogy)
  ''978-1-4022-7794-8Janet GurtlerHow I Lost You
2015978-1-4022-7800-6   ''The Truth About Us
2013978-1-4022-7813-6Geralyn Broder MurrayFrom Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal
  ''978-1-4022-7816-7Susan Straub · KJ Dell'AntoniaReading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos: A Guide to Laughing, Learning and Growing Together Through Books
  ''978-1-4022-7822-8Judith JohnsonThe Wedding Ceremony Planner: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day
  ''978-1-4022-7825-9Robin MillerThe Newlywed Cookbook: More than 200 Simple Recipes and Original Meals for the Happy Couple
2013978-1-4022-7837-2James MarkertA White Wind Blew: A Novel
  ''978-1-4022-7845-7Marianne RichmondWedding Wishes for You
  ''978-1-4022-7848-8Marianne RichmondHere's to the Graduate
  ''978-1-4022-7851-8Grace BurrowesDarius: Lord of Pleasures
  ''978-1-4022-7863-1Grace BurrowesGareth: Lord of Rakes (The Lonely Lords)
2014978-1-4022-7869-3   ''Douglas: Lord of Heartache (Lonely Lords)
2013978-1-4022-7875-4   ''Gabriel: Lord of Regrets (The Lonely Lords)
2014978-1-4022-7878-5   ''The Captive (Captive Hearts)
2013978-1-4022-7905-8Anne CleelandTainted Angel
2012978-1-4022-7908-9Gregory GodekLove Coupons
2013978-1-4022-7930-0Anna StaniszewskiMy Epic Fairy Tale Fail (My Very UnFairy Tale Life)
2013978-1-4022-7936-2Jennifer FosberryIsabella: Star of the Story
  ''978-1-4022-7945-4Liz TrenowThe Last Telegram
  ''978-1-4022-7948-5Maria GoodinFrom the Kitchen of Half Truth
  ''978-1-4022-7953-9Marianne RichmondI Love You So... (Marianne Richmond)
  ''978-1-4022-7956-0Leslie LehrWhat a Mother Knows
2013978-1-4022-7959-1Inc. SourcebooksMy Little Valentine: Coupons and Stickers for the Sweetest Girl I Know
2012978-1-4022-7962-1Gregory LangWhy I Love You: 100 Reasons
2013978-1-4022-7967-6Gary GruberGruber's Complete GRE Guide 2014
  ''978-1-4022-7970-6Gary GruberGruber's Complete ACT Guide 2014
2013978-1-4022-7973-7Gary GruberGruber's Complete SAT Guide 2014
  ''978-1-4022-7976-8   ''Gruber's Complete PSAT/NMSQT Guide 2014
  ''978-1-4022-7979-9Leanna EllisPlain Fear: Forgiven: A Novel
  ''978-1-4022-7982-9Diane MelvilleThe Community College Advantage: Your Guide to a Low-Cost, High-Reward College Experience
  ''978-1-4022-7989-8R. R. RussellWonder Light (Unicorns of the Mist)
2014978-1-4022-7992-8   ''The Unicorn Thief (Unicorns of the Mist)
2013978-1-4022-7995-9Francesca SimonHorrid Henry Robs the Bank
2013978-1-4022-8009-2Gordon LeidnerThe Founding Fathers: Quotes, Quips and Speeches
  ''978-1-4022-8028-3Harlan CohenThe Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College (Naked Roomate)
  ''978-1-4022-8031-3Christie GartonU Chic: The College Girl's Guide to Everything
978-1-4022-8034-4Harlan CohenNaked Roommate's First Year Survival Workbook, 3e: The Ultimate Tools for a College Experience with More Fun, Less Stress and Top Success
2013978-1-4022-8037-5Gary GruberGruber's Complete SAT Math Workbook
  ''978-1-4022-8040-5   ''Gruber's Complete SAT Critical Reading Workbook
  ''978-1-4022-8043-6   ''Gruber's Complete SAT Writing Workbook
2013978-1-4022-8058-0James CarnacThe Autobiography of Jack the Ripper: In His Own Words, The Confession of the World's Most Infamous Killer
  ''978-1-4022-8061-0Christie GartonU Chic's Diploma Diaries: The Chic Grad's Guide to Work, Love, and Everything in Between
  ''978-1-4022-8076-4James AitchesonSworn Sword: A Novel (The Conquest Series)
  ''978-1-4022-8079-5Stefanie WeismanThe Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College
  ''978-1-4022-8088-7Laurie HelgoeIntrovert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength
2013978-1-4022-8091-7Patrick SmithCockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel: Questions, Answers, and Reflections
  ''978-1-4022-8094-8Bindi Irwin · Jess BlackSurfing with Turtles: A Bindi Irwin Adventure (Bindi's Wildlife Adventures)
  ''978-1-4022-8103-7Sophie HayesTrafficked: My Story of Surviving, Escaping, and Transcending Abduction into Prostitution
  ''978-1-4022-8129-7Jill MansellThinking of You
2014978-1-4022-8183-9Jenny ColganSweetshop of Dreams (A Novel with Recipes)
2013978-1-4022-8215-7Marianne RichmondOh, the Things My Mom Will Do
  ''978-1-4022-8224-9C.C. HumphreysThe Blooding of Jack Absolute: A Novel
2014978-1-4022-8227-0C.C. HumphreysAbsolute Honour: A Novel (Jack Absolute)
2013978-1-4022-8345-1Christie Garton2014 U Chic: The College Planner 2013-2014
2013978-1-4022-8346-8History Channel2014 History: This Day in History boxed calendar
  ''978-1-4022-8350-5History Channel2014 History: This Day in History wall calendar: 365 Remarkable People, Extraordinary Events, and Fascinating Facts
  ''978-1-4022-8351-2Amy Knapp2014 Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family wall calendar: The essential organization and communication tool for the entire family
  ''978-1-4022-8353-6National Parks Foundation2014 National Parks Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-4022-8393-2Jill MansellDon't Want to Miss a Thing
2014978-1-4022-8491-5Rachel Meltzer Warren MS RDNThe Smart Girl's Guide to Going Vegetarian: How to Look Great, Feel Fabulous, and Be a Better You
2014978-1-4022-8522-6TiddCONFESSIONS OF A MEDIOCRE WIDOW: Or, How I Lost My Husband and My Sanity
2013978-1-4022-8526-4Jessica LangeIt's About a Little Bird
2014978-1-4022-8542-4Pat RobinsonDo You Know What Turns Her On? / Do You Know What Turns Him On?: A (Slightly Naughty) Quiz about the Man/Woman You Think You Know
2013978-1-4022-8560-8Marianne RichmondHoliday Wishes for You
2014978-1-4022-8619-3James AitchesonThe Splintered Kingdom: A Novel (The Conquest Series)
2013978-1-4022-8646-9Emily LarsonThe 2014 Baby Names Almanac
  ''978-1-4022-8664-3Inc. SourcebooksGet Kinky Coupons
2013978-1-4022-8670-4Inc. SourcebooksNaughty Coupons for Him
  ''978-1-4022-8673-5   ''Naughty Coupons for Her
2014978-1-4022-8676-6Patricia Ph.DExpanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover's Every Touch
  ''978-1-4022-8703-9Carolyn BrownThe Red-Hot Chili Cookoff
  ''978-1-4022-8712-1Dawn RyderOut of Bounds
2013978-1-4022-8746-6Bill CotterDon't Push the Button!
  ''978-1-4022-8752-7Thomas FreeseSecrets of Question-Based Selling: How the Most Powerful Tool in Business Can Double Your Sales Results
2014978-1-4022-8767-1James AitchesonSworn Sword: A Novel (The Conquest Series)
2014978-1-4022-8900-2L.M. MontgomeryAnne of the Island (Official Anne of Green Gables)
  ''978-1-4022-8924-8L.M. MontgomeryPat of Silver Bush
  ''978-1-4022-8930-9   ''Jane of Lantern Hill
  ''978-1-4022-8933-0   ''A Tangled Web
  ''978-1-4022-8965-1K D GraceThe Initiation of Ms. Holly
2013978-1-4022-9082-4Helen DochertyThe Snatchabook
2014978-1-4022-9147-0Juliana StoneBoys Like You
2014978-1-4022-9191-3Bec McMasterForged by Desire (London Steampunk)
2015978-1-4022-9194-4Bec McMasterOf Silk and Steam (London Steampunk)
2014978-1-4022-9265-1Gordon LeidnerThe Civil War: Voices of Hope, Sacrifice, and Courage
  ''978-1-4022-9331-3Don WallaceThe French House
  ''978-1-4022-9337-5Harry Fisch · Karen MolineThe New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups
  ''978-1-4022-9391-7Michael Smith · Eric Kasum100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity's Thundering Brainstorms Turned Blundering Brain Farts
  ''978-1-4022-9415-0Charles BelfoureThe Paris Architect: A Novel
2014978-1-4022-9448-8Julie Ann WalkerHell for Leather (Black Knights Inc.)
  ''978-1-4022-9478-5Sarah Anne JohnsonThe Lightkeeper's Wife: A Novel
  ''978-1-4022-9499-0Grace BurrowesThe Traitor (Captive Hearts)
  ''978-1-4022-9561-4Brian KrebsSpam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime-from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door
  ''978-1-4022-9564-5Gary GruberGruber's Complete GRE Guide 2015
2014978-1-4022-9567-6Gary GruberGruber's Complete ACT Guide 2015
  ''978-1-4022-9570-6   ''Gruber's Complete PSAT/NMSQT Guide 2015
2014978-1-4022-9573-7Gary GruberGruber's Complete SAT Guide 2015
  ''978-1-4022-9576-8Edward Fiske · Bruce HammondFiske Real College Essays That Work (Fiske College Guides)
  ''978-1-4022-9579-9Edward Fiske · Bruce HammondFiske Guide to Getting Into the Right College
  ''978-1-4022-9590-4Roberta Taylor · Dorian MintzerThe Couple's Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations For Creating An Amazing New Life Together
2013978-1-4022-9706-9Roxanna EldenSee Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers
2014978-1-4022-9722-9Samantha VérantSeven Letters from Paris: A Memoir
  ''978-1-4022-9755-7Jess KeatingHow to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied (My Life Is a Zoo)
2014978-1-4022-9786-1Ali NovakMy Life with the Walter Boys
2015978-1-4022-9865-3Ella LeyaThe Orphan Sky
  ''978-1-4022-9868-4Greer MacallisterThe Magician's Lie: A Novel
2014978-1-4022-9883-7Elizabeth Hilts2015 Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bitch Boxed Calendar
  ''978-1-4022-9888-2Adam Kipple · Andrew Kipple · Luke Wherry2015 People of Walmart Boxed Calendar: 365 Days of Shop and Awe
  ''978-1-4022-9893-6Sourcebooks2015 Fat Cats Wall Calendar