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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-4010-0010-3Carol MillerTraining Juan Domingo: Mexico and Me
  ''978-1-4010-0082-0George P HansenThe Trickster and the Paranormal
  ''978-1-4010-0272-5Dan SpencerFour Wheels Good
  ''978-1-4010-0294-7Paul CookThe Last Interviews With Hitler 1961
  ''978-1-4010-0411-8James WestThe End of an Era: my story of the L-1011
2010978-1-4010-0933-5Joseph RoccasalvoChartreuse
2001978-1-4010-1244-1Samuel ChapmanPolygamy, Bigamy and Human Rights Law
2001978-1-4010-1392-9Varda OneWriting as Adventure: A Writer's Companion
  ''978-1-4010-1410-0Nasim YousafImport & Export of Apparel & Textiles
  ''978-1-4010-1414-8Kristopher RhodesFall of the Tyrant: A Novel of the 1989 Romanian Revolution
  ''978-1-4010-1502-2Paul ReedThe Redwood Diary: A Journal
  ''978-1-4010-1522-0Laura ElizabethDragonfly Dreaming: A Childhood Redeemed
2001978-1-4010-1534-3Holly BergeimThe Customized No No-nos Weight Loss Plan: No-diet, No-pain, No-pills, No-hunger, No-excuses, No-guilt, No-drawbacks, No-nonsense, No-fooling!
  ''978-1-4010-1546-6Frank Montimurro · Wileliam F. HigbieProvolone in the Casket: Memoirs of a Mortician
  ''978-1-4010-1634-0Adrian HunterCrash Your Party Dress
  ''978-1-4010-1636-4John A. BusterudBelow the Salt: How the Fighting 90th Division Struck Gold and Art Treasure in a Salt Mine
  ''978-1-4010-1644-9V C SamuelThe Council of Chalcedon Re-Examined
2001978-1-4010-1931-0John F. MurphyDay of Reckoning: The Massacre at Columbine High School
2002978-1-4010-1981-5John W. HurleyIrish Gangs and Stick-Fighting: In the Works of William Carleton
2001978-1-4010-2041-5J. R. Model-T TateWalkin' on the Happy Side of Misery: A Slice of LIfe on the Appalachian Trail (Official Guides to the Appalachian Trail)
  ''978-1-4010-2092-7Patricia S. Taylor EdmistenThe Mourning of Angels
  ''978-1-4010-2131-3H. Rider HaggardAll Adventure :Allan Quatermain
  ''978-1-4010-2252-5Dody MyersThe Reberts of Littlestown
2002978-1-4010-2255-6Marsha Washington GeorgeBlack Radio ... Winner Takes All: America's 1st Black DJs
2001978-1-4010-2297-6Mary Hilaire TavennerNun of This and Nun of That: Book One: Beginnings
  ''978-1-4010-2299-0Mary Hilaire TavennerNun of This and Nun of That: Book Two: Making Vows
2002978-1-4010-2357-7Robert L MooreThe Magician and the Analyst
2002978-1-4010-2419-2Jeanette CookWithin the Four-Mile Square
2001978-1-4010-2514-4Fred HolmesThe Transition: An Account of the Canadian Group Behind the Recent Transition to World Government
  ''978-1-4010-2596-0Jonathan LuckettFeeding Frenzy
2009978-1-4010-2635-6Ruth Baja WilliamsDetour Berlin
2001978-1-4010-2727-8John J. SomersTeenagers at War: D-Day to the Elbe
2002978-1-4010-2740-7Peter W. MitsopoulosCenturion: A Novel of Ancient Rome
  ''978-1-4010-2741-4   ''Centurion
  ''978-1-4010-2778-0Jim Harding · Donna KellyMVS JCL in Plain English
  ''978-1-4010-2779-7Donna KellyMVS JCL in Plain English
2002978-1-4010-2788-9Barbara L FeaderSelf-Flying the African Bush: A South and East African Journal
2001978-1-4010-2823-7Jan MerlinShooting Montezuma: A Hollywood Monster Story
2002978-1-4010-2825-1Josef W. RokusThe Professionals: History of the Phu Lam, Vietnam U.S. Army Communications Base
2001978-1-4010-2851-0Shawn Livernoche · Daniel CorvinoA Brief History of Rhyme and Bass: Growing Up With Hip-Hop
2002978-1-4010-2856-5Cynthia MahmoodA Sea of Orange: Writings on the Sikhs and India
  ''978-1-4010-2857-2Cynthia MahmoodA Sea of Orange: Writings on the Sikhs and India
2001978-1-4010-2885-5Adrian Hunter · Chelsea ShepardOnce Bitten
2002978-1-4010-2887-9Rose PizzoGrowing Up Deaf
  ''978-1-4010-2912-8Anthony BuccinoRambling Round
  ''978-1-4010-2913-5Robert W. ChristieFate's Finger
  ''978-1-4010-2973-9Judy ConverseWhen Your Doctor is Wrong: Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism
2001978-1-4010-3027-8Dave ShieldsThe Pendulum's Path
2002978-1-4010-3252-4Dan ElishThe Worldwide Dessert Contest
2002978-1-4010-3272-2R. H. Florey · R. H. Stone · E. Finklea FloreyIn Afric's Forest and Jungle: Six Years Among the Yoruba
2001978-1-4010-3378-1Laura VestanenTravel Tips for the Sophisticated Woman: Over 1,000 practical tips on enjoying museums, shopping, performances, dining, chocolate, looking great, and more while traveling in Europe and North America
2002978-1-4010-3404-7Steven Carr ReubenA Nonjudgmental Guide to Interfaith Marriage: Making Interfaith Marriage Work
2001978-1-4010-3480-1Nora Harlow · Gene G. AbelThe Stop Child Molestation Book: What Ordinary People Can Do In Their Everyday Lives To Save 3 Million Children
2002978-1-4010-3569-3Margaret Lee LylesReiki and You: Awakening the Healer Within
  ''978-1-4010-3574-7Gayl J. SpearBreaking Boundaries: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Science Fiction
  ''978-1-4010-3607-2Dale McGowanCalling Bernadette's Bluff: A Novel
  ''978-1-4010-3643-0Elbert GreerBirdwatching with Bubba
  ''978-1-4010-3676-8William Severini KowinskiThe Malling of America: Travels in the United States of Shopping
2002978-1-4010-3697-3Sandra JaneLife Without Illusion
2001978-1-4010-3766-6Michael ManganSleepsex: Uncovered
2002978-1-4010-3786-4Esq William M Connolly · William M ConnollyOne Life
  ''978-1-4010-3866-3Douglas MyersA Kind of Dreaming
2003978-1-4010-3871-7Vinton A. DearingThe Great Physician: A Life of Jesus Christ in the Light of Modern Spiritual Healing, Vol. 2
2002978-1-4010-3884-7Barbara Leigh · Marshall TerrillThe King, McQueen and the Love Machine: My Secret Hollywood Life with Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and the Smiling Cobra
  ''978-1-4010-3885-4Barbara Leigh · Marshall TerrillThe King, McQueen and the Love Machine
  ''978-1-4010-3979-0David B., Jr. BooneHonor Without a Stain: The 34th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, 1862-1865
  ''978-1-4010-3989-9Michael J. Hanson · Max S. KayStar Wars: The New Myth
2002978-1-4010-3990-5Michael J. Hanson · Max S. KayStar Wars: The New Myth
  ''978-1-4010-4013-0John E. FlanaganBorn in Brooklyn. . . . Raised in the CAV!
  ''978-1-4010-4016-1Mark WashburneA Biography of Elihu Benjamin Washburne Congressman, Secretary of State, Envoy Extraordinary (v. 2)
  ''978-1-4010-4043-7R. A. BowlandWhat Does the Future Hold for Mankind
  ''978-1-4010-4073-4Noel HuntleyETs and Aliens: Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?
2002978-1-4010-4078-9Lou GiaffoAlbania: Wellspring of Antiquity
  ''978-1-4010-4094-9Pearl Shinn WormhoudtWith a Song in My Psyche: On the Psychology of Singing and Teaching Singing
  ''978-1-4010-4135-9Kevin BehanNatural Dog Training
  ''978-1-4010-4220-2Robert A NavarroSelf Realization: The est and Forum Phenomena in American Society
  ''978-1-4010-4257-8Frank ThomasThe Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes
2002978-1-4010-4354-4William HarwoodThe Disinformation Cycle: Hoaxes, Delusions, Security Beliefs, and Compulsory Mediocrity
  ''978-1-4010-4396-4Piers AnthonyThe Iron Maiden: Bio of a Space Tyrant Volume 6
  ''978-1-4010-4483-1Mark OpsasnickCapitol Rock
  ''978-1-4010-4485-5D. M. BernadetteAngel of Music
  ''978-1-4010-4486-2   ''Angel of Music
2002978-1-4010-4586-9David UngerReal Therapy
  ''978-1-4010-4645-3Ric OsunaThe Night the Defeos Died: Reinvestigating the Amityville Murders
  ''978-1-4010-4662-0Carol MillerThe Guttered Dog, a Compilation
  ''978-1-4010-4747-4Frederick Van FleterenFundamental Principles of a Natural Law Ethic
  ''978-1-4010-4854-9Caroline Adams MillerFeeding the Soul
2002978-1-4010-4894-5Robert Kulacz D.D.S. · Thomas E. LevyThe Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry and Medicine
  ''978-1-4010-4960-7John Harvey Gray · Lourdes GrayHand to Hand: The Longest-Practicing Reiki Master Tells His Story
  ''978-1-4010-5146-4Richard F. WhalenTruro: The Story of a Cape Cod Town
  ''978-1-4010-5229-4Myron TumanCriticalthinking.Com
  ''978-1-4010-5263-8Dumar BrownNov York
2002978-1-4010-5264-5Dumar BrownNov York
  ''978-1-4010-5297-3Dennis JonesStreet Fighting Man
  ''978-1-4010-5365-9Maureen MurdockMonday Morning Memoirs: Women in the Second Half of Life
  ''978-1-4010-5401-4Townsend HoopesA Textured Web
  ''978-1-4010-5429-8J. Michael JonesA Kernel in the Pod
2002978-1-4010-5441-0John W. WashburnPoint Last Seen
  ''978-1-4010-5443-4D. S. SaundersThe Rule of Two
  ''978-1-4010-5444-1D. S. SaundersThe Rule of Two
  ''978-1-4010-5447-2John CederCeder's Saga
  ''978-1-4010-5513-4Seth C. AndersonConfessions of an Expert Witness
2002978-1-4010-5545-5Brian WalshThe Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex
  ''978-1-4010-5586-8Dudley WeeksThrough the Mist
  ''978-1-4010-5703-9Robert Alden LoucksShale Oil
  ''978-1-4010-5785-5Jacqueline KelleherNurturing the Family: The Guide for Postpartum Doulas
2003978-1-4010-5796-1Carl R. RaswanBlack Tents of Arabia
2002978-1-4010-5954-5Ruth Dixon-Mueller · Paul K. B. DaggAbortion & Common Sense
2003978-1-4010-5966-8Victor Bliss · Nathan JamesThe ManTantra Letters
2002978-1-4010-6005-3Carol MillerSyria: A Selection of Reports
  ''978-1-4010-6008-4Draja MickaharicMagic Simplified: A series of practical exercises for developing the neophyte magician
2002978-1-4010-6054-1Stephen H. ClineThe Last Orange Grove
  ''978-1-4010-6096-1Juliann WhiteJimmy Page Past Presence
  ''978-1-4010-6124-1Dorothy K FletcherThe Cruelest Months
  ''978-1-4010-6201-9Dorothy WilliamsBury Her Out Back
2003978-1-4010-6202-6Jose MercadoFirstpeople
2002978-1-4010-6206-4Jeff InloCommon Rants for Common Folks
2003978-1-4010-6274-3Edward P. RichThe House of Eliott: The Anxious Years: Love for Evie and Denouement
2004978-1-4010-6313-9John AnthonyMike Papa: Tet Offensive of 1968
2002978-1-4010-6316-0Robert ErwinAmerican Products
  ''978-1-4010-6380-1Clair William, II ClarkLand, Sea and Foreign Shore: A Missileer's Story
2002978-1-4010-6385-6Leonard D., M.D. RosenmanThe Surgery of Roland of Parma
  ''978-1-4010-6411-2Kevin R. WilliamsNothing Better Than Death: Insights From 62 Profound Near-Death Experiences
  ''978-1-4010-6412-9   ''Nothing Better Than Death
  ''978-1-4010-6574-4Eric ArthurA Knight Without Intellect
  ''978-1-4010-6602-4Draja MickaharicMagical Techniques
2002978-1-4010-6606-2Writers of ChantillyWe Celebrate the Macabre
2003978-1-4010-6616-1Lenny RavichA Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Enlightenment: A Spiritual Approach to Happiness
2005978-1-4010-6705-2Elizabeth B. HendersonMelody of My Heartstrings
  ''978-1-4010-6706-9   ''Melody of My Heartstrings
2003978-1-4010-6712-0Marcus GreavesGemmotherapy and Oligotherapy Regenerators of Dying Intoxicated Cells: Tridosha of Cellular Regeneration
2002978-1-4010-6745-8Dave PalloneBehind the Mask
  ''978-1-4010-6789-2Ken SturtzMurder by Reunion
  ''978-1-4010-6846-2Thomas LeahyThe Steward
2002978-1-4010-6847-9Thomas LeahyThe Steward
  ''978-1-4010-6926-1Beverly BarnaInfertility Sucks! (Keeping it all together when sperm and egg stubbornly remain apart)
  ''978-1-4010-6927-8Beverly BarnaInfertility Sucks
  ''978-1-4010-6963-6Thomas E. LevyCuring the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins
  ''978-1-4010-6964-3   ''Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable
2002978-1-4010-6993-3Marion Webb-De SistoCrystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing and Sacred Wisdom
  ''978-1-4010-6994-0Marion Webb-de SistoCrystal Skulls
  ''978-1-4010-7020-5Rex, Ph.D. ButterfieldThe Official Guide to Interrogation: A Comprehensive Manual for Extracting the Truth
  ''978-1-4010-7021-2   ''The Official Guide to Interrogation: A Comprehensive Manual for Extracting the Truth
  ''978-1-4010-7134-9Dennis N. FoxTotally Bananas: The Funny Fruit in American History and Culture
2003978-1-4010-7217-9Jim Wilson · Weldon T. JohnsonCHOKEHOLD: Pro Wrestling's Real Mayhem Outside the Ring
2003978-1-4010-7218-6Weldon T. Johnson · Jim WilsonCHOKEHOLD: Pro Wrestling's Real Mayhem Outside the Ring
2002978-1-4010-7257-5Mary MartinFor the Mother of the Groom: The Groom's Mother
  ''978-1-4010-7295-7Rita HallettAbsolution
  ''978-1-4010-7299-5M. V. ManderickGuide to Alternative Cancer Treatments
  ''978-1-4010-7350-3Don LasseterTheir Deeds of Valor
2003978-1-4010-7463-0Gary R. BlinnConfession to a Deaf God
2006978-1-4010-7475-3Anne TeachworthWhy We Pick the Mates We Do
2003978-1-4010-7483-8Paul KingMy Life and My Music Thank You God
2002978-1-4010-7508-8Annie WeissmanAs One Door Closes
2003978-1-4010-7548-4Natasha CarverWalking Down a Dream: Mexico to Canada on Foot
  ''978-1-4010-7795-2Cindy RobertsDanielle, Where Are You?
2003978-1-4010-7820-1Jonathan M. SweetAlmasheol
2002978-1-4010-7876-8Toni Sar'h PetrinovichThe Call: Awakening the Angelic Human
2003978-1-4010-7903-1John W. KingThe Breeding of Contempt
  ''978-1-4010-7911-6William J. LynchJust a Philadelphia Boy
2004978-1-4010-7943-7James KayeMuriélle: The Story of a Model, a Painting, and the Artistry of John William Waterhouse
2003978-1-4010-7970-3Robert A. StallingsMethods of Disaster Research
  ''978-1-4010-7971-0Edited By) Robert a. StallingsMethods of Disaster Research
2005978-1-4010-8049-5Karen UhlmannParis For Kids
2003978-1-4010-8052-5Jaclyn HoyStorm:: Set Adrift in a Land Called Holy
2002978-1-4010-8106-5Draja MickaharicMental Influence: Magical Techniques Used to Control Other People
2003978-1-4010-8292-5Rebecca GraysonLiar
  ''978-1-4010-8293-2   ''Liar (Skip a Rock)
  ''978-1-4010-8316-8Ha Poong KimReading Lao Tzu: A Companion to the Tao Te Ching with a New Translation
2003978-1-4010-8322-9Patricia Shipp LiebAcross the Red River to Her Mysterious Heritage
  ''978-1-4010-8388-5Tom AdlerLost to the World
2009978-1-4010-8425-7Guy CavallaroThe Beginning of Futility: Diplomatic, Political, Military and Naval Events on the Austro-Italian Front in the First World War 1914-1917 Volume I
2010978-1-4010-8426-4Gaetano V. CavallaroThe Beginning of Futility
2003978-1-4010-8439-4Draja MickaharicA Spiritual Worker's Spell Book
  ''978-1-4010-8453-0Kenneth R BonessPile Driver
  ''978-1-4010-8572-8Leonard D. RosenmanThe Surgery of William of Saliceto
  ''978-1-4010-8587-2David Steele M.A.HOW TO BUILD YOUR IDEAL PRACTICE IN 90 DAYS: A Practical Guide To Having More Fun, Clients, Money, Success, and Fulfillment In Your Private Practice With Less Time And Money Than You Thought Possible
2003978-1-4010-8627-5Hilary MartinSolo-Ops: A Survival Guide for Military Wives
  ''978-1-4010-8734-0John ValentineThe Clan of the Black Man: A History of the Black Race
2006978-1-4010-8848-4Jana BowenSuzi Goes to the Fiji Islands
  ''978-1-4010-8932-0Horacio SanchezThe Mentor's Guide to Promoting Resiliency
  ''978-1-4010-8933-7Horacio SanchezThe Mentor's Guide to Promoting Resiliency
2003978-1-4010-8975-7Clifton BealeThe Trust Bible
  ''978-1-4010-9044-9Scott M. FisherThe Ironmen: The 1939 Hawkeyes
2003978-1-4010-9097-5Nasim YousafAllama Mashriqi & Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan
  ''978-1-4010-9123-1Michael J. KatzE-Newsletters That Work: The Small Business Owner's Guide To Creating, Writing and Managing An Effective Electronic Newsletter
  ''978-1-4010-9124-8Diane HopkinsThe Impossible Foot
  ''978-1-4010-9125-5Jack SevilleSomething Due
2004978-1-4010-9172-9Bill BryantThe 30th of May: A Poem of the Revolution
2003978-1-4010-9245-0A Lee ChichesterFalcons and Foxes in the U.K.
  ''978-1-4010-9298-6Richard C. JaffesonSilver Spring Success: The 300 Year History of Silver Spring, Maryland
2003978-1-4010-9327-3Pat AngeloPhilip Murray: Union Man: A Life Story
  ''978-1-4010-9427-0Gary WayneGunman's Dawn
  ''978-1-4010-9466-9Judith M. TaylorTangible Memories
  ''978-1-4010-9467-6Judith M. TaylorTangible Memories
  ''978-1-4010-9532-1Joseph R. Kozenczak · Karen M. Henrikson · Joseph R. Kozenczak HenriksonThe Chicago Killer
2001978-1-4010-9600-7Merle WestlakeJosiah Fox
2003978-1-4010-9675-5Henry Mark Holzer · Erika HolzerFake Warriors: Identifying, Exposing, and Punishing Those Who Falsify Their Military Service
2003978-1-4010-9761-5Kevin B. McCrayA Shouting of Orders
  ''978-1-4010-9849-0Mark SilveiraOrdinary Advertising
  ''978-1-4010-9901-5Loucious BroadwayNovurkistan
  ''978-1-4010-9902-2   ''Novurkistan
  ''978-1-4010-9942-8Cheryl SabanRecipe for a Good Marriage: Tongue-In-Cheek Morsels of Advice to the Bride-To-Be from Brides Who Have Been There
2003978-1-4010-9970-1Paula RobbinsThe Royal Family of Concord: Samuel, Elizabeth, and Rockwood Hoar and Their Friendship With Ralph Waldo Emerson