Love Inspired

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-1-335-49031-5Michelle KarlWilderness Pursuit
  ''978-1-335-49032-2Lisa PhillipsWitness in Hiding
  ''978-1-335-49034-6Valerie HansenBound by Duty
  ''978-1-335-49035-3Laura ScottPrimary Suspect
  ''978-1-335-49036-0Susan SleemanRodeo Standoff
2018978-1-335-49040-7Dana MentinkTop Secret Target
  ''978-1-335-49041-4Lynette EasonVanished in the Night
  ''978-1-335-49042-1Sharon DunnHidden Away
  ''978-1-335-49043-8Carol J. PostFatal Recall
  ''978-1-335-49044-5Jessica R. PatchDangerous Obsession
2018978-1-335-49045-2Jenna NightKiller Country Reunion
  ''978-1-335-49046-9Maggie K. BlackStanding Fast
  ''978-1-335-49047-6Shirlee McCoyGone
  ''978-1-335-49048-3Dana MentinkCowboy Bodyguard
  ''978-1-335-49049-0Lisa HarrisNo Place to Hide
2018978-1-335-49050-6Mary AlfordStandoff at Midnight Mountain
  ''978-1-335-49051-3Sarah VarlandAlaskan Hideout
  ''978-1-335-49052-0Lenora WorthRescue Operation
  ''978-1-335-49053-7Margaret DaleyTexas Baby Pursuit
  ''978-1-335-49054-4Dana R. LynnAmish Country Ambush
2018978-1-335-49056-8Michelle KarlAccidental Eyewitness
  ''978-1-335-49057-5Virginia VaughanCold Case Cover-Up
  ''978-1-335-49058-2Lynette EasonExplosive Force (Military K-9 Unit)
  ''978-1-335-49059-9Elizabeth GoddardStormy Haven (Coldwater Bay Intrigue)
  ''978-1-335-49060-5Meghan CarverAmish Country Amnesia
2018978-1-335-49062-9Jodie BaileyFatal Response
  ''978-1-335-49063-6Lisa PhillipsDefense Breach
  ''978-1-335-49064-3Laura ScottBattle Tested
  ''978-1-335-49066-7Debby GiustiAmish Christmas Secrets
  ''978-1-335-49067-4Sharon DunnIn Too Deep
2018978-1-335-49069-8Jaycee BullardFramed for Christmas
  ''978-1-335-49070-4Shirlee McCoyValiant Defender
  ''978-1-335-49071-1Dana R. LynnAmish Christmas Emergency
  ''978-1-335-49072-8Dana MentinkLost Christmas Memories
  ''978-1-335-49074-2Virginia VaughanDeadly Christmas Duty (Covert Operatives)
2018978-1-335-49075-9Michelle KarlChristmas Under Fire
  ''978-1-335-49076-6Valerie Hansen · Laura ScottMilitary K-9 Unit Christmas: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-49078-0Margaret DaleyLone Star Christmas Witness
2020978-1-335-50700-6Charles RosenbergThe Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington: A Novel
2018978-1-335-50882-9Carrie LighteAnna's Forgotten Fiancé
  ''978-1-335-50884-3Kathryn SpringerThe Bachelor's Perfect Match
  ''978-1-335-50889-8Jo Ann BrownThe Amish Suitor
2018978-1-335-50890-4Deb KastnerAnd Cowboy Makes Three
  ''978-1-335-50892-8Allie PleiterHis Surprise Son
  ''978-1-335-50897-3Vannetta ChapmanA Widow's Hope
  ''978-1-335-50898-0Ruth Logan HerneHer Cowboy Reunion
  ''978-1-335-50899-7Jill LynnThe Rancher's Surprise Daughter
2018978-1-335-50900-0Lois RicherMeant-to-Be Baby
  ''978-1-335-50905-5Jo Ann BrownThe Amish Christmas Cowboy
2017978-1-335-50922-2   ''An Amish Arrangement
  ''978-1-335-50923-9Jolene NavarroThe Texan's Twins
  ''978-1-335-50924-6Tina RadcliffeClaiming Her Cowboy
  ''978-1-335-50925-3Jean C. GordonA Mom for His Daughter
2017978-1-335-50926-0Lorraine BeattyHer Handyman Hero
  ''978-1-335-50927-7Donna GartshoreInstant Family
2018978-1-335-50934-5Patricia DavidsAn Unexpected Amish Romance
  ''978-1-335-50935-2Mary DavisCourting Her Amish Heart
  ''978-1-335-50936-9Lee Tobin McClainA Family for Easter
  ''978-1-335-50937-6Belle CalhouneHer Alaskan Cowboy
2018978-1-335-50938-3Renee AndrewsFinally a Bride
  ''978-1-335-50939-0Stephanie DeesTheir Secret Baby Bond
  ''978-1-335-50946-8Marta PerryThe Wedding Quilt Bride
  ''978-1-335-50963-5Kat BrookesThe Cowboy's Little Girl
  ''978-1-335-50964-2Vannetta ChapmanA Widow's Hope
2018978-1-335-50965-9Ruth Logan HerneHer Cowboy Reunion
  ''978-1-335-50966-6Jill LynnThe Rancher's Surprise Daughter
  ''978-1-335-50967-3Lois RicherMeant-to-Be Baby
  ''978-1-335-50968-0Patricia JohnsThe Deputy's Unexpected Family
  ''978-1-335-50969-7Jill WeatherholtA Father for Bella
2018978-1-335-50976-5Jo Ann BrownThe Amish Christmas Cowboy
  ''978-1-335-50977-2Carrie LighteAn Amish Holiday Wedding
  ''978-1-335-50980-2Jill KemererWyoming Christmas Quadruplets
  ''978-1-335-52382-2Linda Lael Miller · Maisey YatesCowboy Ever After: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-54349-3Laura ScottShattered Lullaby
2018978-1-335-54350-9Christy BarrittThe Baby Assignment
  ''978-1-335-54351-6Jill Elizabeth NelsonDuty to Defend
  ''978-1-335-54352-3Lisa HarrisDeadly Exchange
  ''978-1-335-54353-0Virginia VaughanMission: Memory Recall
  ''978-1-335-54354-7Tanya StoweMojave Rescue
2018978-1-335-54355-4Elizabeth GoddardThread of Revenge
  ''978-1-335-54356-1Hope WhiteBaby on the Run
  ''978-1-335-54360-8Jane M ChoateHigh-Risk Investigation
  ''978-1-335-54367-7Terri ReedMission to Protect
  ''978-1-335-54368-4Margaret DaleyTexas Ranger Showdown
2018978-1-335-54369-1Debby GiustiAmish Rescue
  ''978-1-335-54370-7Michelle KarlWilderness Pursuit
  ''978-1-335-54371-4Henry Luce III Director Lisa PhillipsWitness in Hiding
  ''978-1-335-54372-1Sharee StoverSecret Past
  ''978-1-335-54373-8Professor of History Valerie HansenBound by Duty
2018978-1-335-54375-2Susan SleemanRodeo Standoff
  ''978-1-335-54376-9Reader in European Philosophy Alison StonePlain Outsider
  ''978-1-335-54377-6Sara K ParkerDying to Remember
  ''978-1-335-54378-3Christa SinclairFugitive Pursuit
  ''978-1-335-54383-7Jessica R PatchDangerous Obsession
2018978-1-335-54384-4Jenna NightKiller Country Reunion
  ''978-1-335-54385-1Maggie K BlackStanding Fast
  ''978-1-335-54386-8Shirlee McCoyGone
  ''978-1-335-54387-5Dana MentinkCowboy Bodyguard
  ''978-1-335-54388-2Lisa HarrisNo Place to Hide
2018978-1-335-54389-9Mary AlfordStandoff at Midnight Mountain
  ''978-1-335-54390-5Sarah VarlandAlaskan Hideout
  ''978-1-335-54391-2Lenora WorthRescue Operation
  ''978-1-335-54392-9Margaret DaleyTexas Baby Pursuit
  ''978-1-335-54393-6Dana R LynnAmish Country Ambush
2018978-1-335-54394-3Heather WoodhavenProtected Secrets
  ''978-1-335-54395-0Michelle KarlAccidental Eyewitness
  ''978-1-335-54396-7Virginia VaughanCold Case Cover-Up
  ''978-1-335-54397-4Lynette EasonExplosive Force
  ''978-1-335-54398-1Elizabeth GoddardStormy Haven
2018978-1-335-54399-8Meghan CarverAmish Country Amnesia
  ''978-1-335-54400-1Carol J PostLethal Legacy
  ''978-1-335-54401-8Jodie BaileyFatal Response
  ''978-1-335-54402-5Henry Luce III Director Lisa PhillipsDefense Breach
  ''978-1-335-54403-2Laura ScottBattle Tested
2018978-1-335-54405-6Debby GiustiAmish Christmas Secrets
  ''978-1-335-54406-3Sharon DunnIn Too Deep
  ''978-1-335-54407-0Mary AlfordGrave Peril
  ''978-1-335-54408-7Jaycee BullardFramed for Christmas
  ''978-1-335-54410-0Dana R. LynnAmish Christmas Emergency
2018978-1-335-54412-4Susan SleemanChristmas Hideout
  ''978-1-335-54413-1Virginia VaughanDeadly Christmas Duty
  ''978-1-335-54414-8Michelle KarlChristmas Under Fire
2020978-1-335-57444-2Valerie Hansen · Jodie BaileyCanyon Standoff
2018978-1-335-58029-0Damian DibbenTomorrow: A Novel
  ''978-1-335-62408-6Sharon KendrickSecretos ocultos: (Hidden Secrets)
  ''978-1-335-62409-3Chantelle ShawSu bien mas preciado: (His most precious Belonging)
2018978-1-335-62410-9Tara PammiSolo por deseo: (Only for Desire)
  ''978-1-335-62411-6Cathy WilliamsFuego en la tormenta: (Fire in the Snowstorm)
  ''978-1-335-62412-3Jane PorterUna isla para soñar: (Dreamy Island)
  ''978-1-335-62413-0Kate HewittInocencia y poder: (Innocence and Power)
  ''978-1-335-62414-7Sara CravenMarcada por sus caricias: (Marked By His Caresses)
2018978-1-335-62415-4Jennifer HaywardReencuentro con el deseo: (Meeting Again With The Desire)
  ''978-1-335-62416-1Louise FullerNovia a la fuerza: (Bride By Force)
  ''978-1-335-62417-8Jennie LucasUna obsesión: (One Obssesion)
  ''978-1-335-62418-5Annie WestCautiva del rey del desierto: (The Desert King's Captive)
  ''978-1-335-62419-2Lee WilkinsonOtra noche de bodas: (Another Wedding Night)
2018978-1-335-62444-4Julia JamesUna Noche De Cuento De Hadas: (A Fairy Tale Night)
  ''978-1-335-62445-1Sharon KendrickLa Joya Del Jeque: (The Sheikh's Jewel)
  ''978-1-335-62446-8Michelle ConderTres Deseos: (Three Desires)
  ''978-1-335-62447-5Lucy EllisLa Corista Y El Magnate: (The Chorus Girl and The Tycoon)
  ''978-1-335-62448-2Lynne GrahamLegado De Lágrimas: (Legacy of Tears)
2018978-1-335-62449-9Penny JordanUn Príncipe Apasionado: (An Passionate Prince)
  ''978-1-335-62450-5Jane PorterPadre por contrato: (Father by Contract)
  ''978-1-335-62451-2Carol MarinelliLa decisión del jeque: (The Sheikh's Decision)
  ''978-1-335-62452-9Natalie AndersonCompromiso temporal: (Temporary Engagement)
  ''978-1-335-62453-6Melanie MilburneDeseo desatado: (Unbound Desire)
2018978-1-335-62454-3Susan StephensPrincesa por accidente: (Princess by Accident)
  ''978-1-335-62455-0Kim LawrenceTormenta en los corazones: (Storm in the Hearts)
  ''978-1-335-62456-7Helen BianchinEl placer de la venganza: (The Pleasure of Revenge)
  ''978-1-335-62457-4Caitlin CrewsLa heredera del desierto: (The Heir of the Desert)
  ''978-1-335-62458-1Bella FrancesDesterrada del paraíso: (Expelled from Paradise)
2018978-1-335-62459-8Cathy WilliamsUn encuentro accidental: (An Accidental Meeting)
  ''978-1-335-62460-4Maya BlakeEmbarazo por contrato: (Pregnant by Contract)
  ''978-1-335-62461-1Lindsay ArmstrongHija de la tormenta: (The Storm's Daughter)
  ''978-1-335-62462-8Michelle SmartTrampa al amor: (Trap For Love)
  ''978-1-335-62463-5Caitlin CrewsLa Reina del Jeque: (The Sheikh's Queen)
2018978-1-335-62464-2Robyn DonaldResistiéndose a un millonario: (Resisting The Millionaire)
  ''978-1-335-62465-9Lucy EllisViaje a la felicidad: (Trip To Happiness)
  ''978-1-335-62466-6Carole MortimerEl amor nunca duerme: (Love Never Sleeps)
  ''978-1-335-62467-3Helen BrooksDeuda del corazón: (Debt of the Heart)
  ''978-1-335-62470-3Clare ConnellyUn juego de venganza: (Revenge Game)
2018978-1-335-62472-7Miranda LeePasión y engaño: (Passion and Trickery)
  ''978-1-335-63414-6Lynne GrahamBoda en el desierto: (Wedding in the Desert)
2019978-1-335-63425-2Sharon KendrickEl regalo del millonario: (The Millionaire's Gift)
  ''978-1-335-63428-3Sara CravenConfesiones de amor: (Love Confessions)
2018978-1-335-63488-7Michelle StylesSent as the Viking's Bride
2019978-1-335-63508-2Greta GilbertSeduced by Her Rebel Warrior
2018978-1-335-65277-5Laurie Kingery · Lyn CoteHill Country Christmas & Her Captain's Heart: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-65278-2Janet Tronstad · Elizabeth WhiteCalico Christmas at Dry Creek & Redeeming Gabriel: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-65279-9Kerri Mountain · Linda FordThe Parson's Christmas Gift & The Path to Her Heart: An Anthology
2018978-1-335-65280-5Winnie Griggs · Victoria BylinThe Hand-Me-Down Family & The Maverick Preacher: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-65286-7Lynda AicherStrictly Confidential
2019978-1-335-66104-3Kat CantrellEngañando a Don Perfecto: (Playing Mr. Right)
2018978-1-335-74464-7Sarah M. AndersonTraiciones y secretos: (Betrayals and Secrets)
  ''978-1-335-74465-4Maureen ChildAmor en la tormenta: (Love in the Snowstorm)
  ''978-1-335-74467-8Sarah M. AndersonAmores fingidos: (Feigned Loves)
  ''978-1-335-74468-5Andrea LaurenceSolo una semana: (Just A Week)
2018978-1-335-74478-4Cat SchieldEscándalo Real: (Royal Scandal)
  ''978-1-335-74479-1Karen BoothCita Con Mi Vecino: (Date with my Neighbour)
  ''978-1-335-74480-7Barbara DunlopDoble tentación: (Double Temptation)
  ''978-1-335-74481-4Maureen ChildMentiras y pasión: (Lies and Passion)
  ''978-1-335-74482-1Barbara DunlopDoce noches de tentación: (Twelve Nights Of Temptation)
2018978-1-335-74483-8Sarah M. AndersonMás allá del orgullo: (Beyond Pride)
  ''978-1-335-74484-5Barbara DunlopTentaciones y secretos: (Temptations and Secrets)
  ''978-1-335-74485-2Andrea LaurencePasion Junto Al Mar: (Passion by the Sea)
2019978-1-335-80427-3Lori Foster · Brenda JacksonTreat Her Right & In the Doctor's Bed: A 2-in-1 Collection
  ''978-1-335-91783-6Karine Jean-PierreMoving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America
  ''978-1-335-91785-0Dan Abrams · David FisherLincoln's Last Trial Young Readers' Edition: The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency
2020978-1-335-93880-0Craig PittmanCat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save the Florida Panther
2018978-1-335-94391-0Peter GadolThe Stranger Game
2018978-1-335-94822-9Patricia Davids · Jo Ann BrownAmish Christmas Joy and An Amish Proposal: An Anthology
  ''978-1-335-94823-6Marta Perry · Jo Ann Brown · Rebecca KertzAmish Christmas Blessings and Her Amish Christmas Sweetheart: An Anthology
2020978-1-335-96662-9Al SharptonRise Up: Confronting a Country at the Crossroads
2018978-1-335-97167-8Jessica LemmonA Snowbound Scandal
2019978-1-335-99468-4Steven HartovThe Soul of a Thief: A Novel
2020978-1-335-99624-4Richard HumphreysUnder Pressure: Living Life and Avoiding Death on a Nuclear Submarine
2019978-1-335-99914-6Scott PelleyTruth Worth Telling: A Reporter's Search for Meaning in the Stories of Our Times