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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-320-98150-7Laurent NivalleThrough my iPhone
  ''978-1-320-98152-1   ''Through my iPhone
  ''978-1-320-98153-8   ''Laurent Nivalle Photography
  ''978-1-320-98155-2   ''Laurent Nivalle Photography
  ''978-1-320-98157-6   ''Laurent Nivalle Photography
2011978-1-320-98160-6LaJoyce Brookshire Elijah(Farmer)MuhammadThe Last Listening Party/ The Notorious B.I.G.
2015978-1-320-98179-8Matthew J Boorman1975 Rock Chart Bible
2015978-1-320-98184-2Mackenzie McGrathCreepy Crawly Pets
2015978-1-320-98185-9Mackenzie McGrathCreepy Crawly Pets
  ''978-1-320-98186-6   ''Creepy Crawly Pets
2019978-1-320-98235-1E L Samson JrField Manual
2013978-1-320-98239-9Leilah RampaDance
2015978-1-320-98254-2Photos by Rawle C. JackmanFive Pointz Revisited
  ''978-1-320-98260-3Timothy WatsonConscience Round
2014978-1-320-98286-3Leo Maciel365 Days Facing the Book/Dias Encarando o Livro
2015978-1-320-98291-7Jordana Korsen ByOakley The Viszla: A Year In The Life
  ''978-1-320-98292-4danfoproject groupscrapbook
  ''978-1-320-98293-1Jordana Korsen ByOakley The Viszla: A Year In The Life
2015978-1-320-98300-6Poppy WilkinsNorfolk Beaches
2009978-1-320-98346-4Peter YueA One-Sided Conversation
2019978-1-320-98359-4C. McDonellDevilry
2015978-1-320-98370-9Marcus and Debra WalterWe Are People Too
  ''978-1-320-98385-3LyudmilaElegant Art by Lyudmila
  ''978-1-320-98411-9Gary T. BrownCalifornia Corks
  ''978-1-320-98415-7   ''California Corks
2014978-1-320-98432-4Mai Ashley MackNot Even Kodak Can Capture Mai Memories
2015978-1-320-98441-6Mark Edward StudioArt of the Male Body
  ''978-1-320-98454-6Valoree SkilesNow I Shine Like a Star in a Golden Bath
2015978-1-320-98467-6Peter HaworthPete Haworth - Lyrics 1979 - 2013
2019978-1-320-98472-0Christopher L. RoseExplorers - The Most Influential In History
  ''978-1-320-98480-5Evita MantzavinouThe End of Harlequins
2013978-1-320-98489-8Cédric FonceNew York
  ''978-1-320-98490-4   ''New York
  ''978-1-320-98491-1   ''New York
  ''978-1-320-98501-7Misty Dawn SeidelCritter Captions
2013978-1-320-98502-4Misty Dawn SeidelCritter Captions
2013978-1-320-98504-8Misty Dawn SeidelCritter Captions
  ''978-1-320-98508-6   ''Dreams on Paper
  ''978-1-320-98511-6   ''Dreams on Paper
2015978-1-320-98512-3Ramona EnriquezChispas! (Sparks!)
2014978-1-320-98521-5Fredrik AxelssonEn Försvunnen Tid PåÅland
  ''978-1-320-98522-2   ''En Försvunnen Tid PåÅland
  ''978-1-320-98527-7   ''En Försvunnen Tid PåÅland
2015978-1-320-98562-8Andres LaBradaThe Miamians
2015978-1-320-98565-9Clayton JonesSeoul Wanderer
2015978-1-320-98566-6Clayton JonesSeoul Wanderer
  ''978-1-320-98567-3   ''Seoul Wanderer
  ''978-1-320-98587-1Claudio TizzaniZ u i k a
  ''978-1-320-98593-2John ManningPimple face Nation Volume 1
2015978-1-320-98681-6Jenefer Ann SmithTHEN AND NOW A Walking Tour of Coalville's Historic Main Street and Other Points of Interest, Softcover Amazon
  ''978-1-320-98704-2Anu RumessenMA OLEN MAAILMA PARIM
2009978-1-320-98706-6Photos by MB, TW, AC, NS, MM, BL, AH Edited: Alison HoemanOutside Looking In
  ''978-1-320-98707-3Photos by MB, TW, AC, NS, M Edited: Alison HoemanOutside Looking In
2015978-1-320-98719-6Benjamin D. KnoxFinancial primer for young persons
2013978-1-320-98721-9Von Werner KonradGesichter einer Rundreise
  ''978-1-320-98722-6   ''Gesichter einer Rundreise
  ''978-1-320-98757-8Reid CardenEverything You Need to Know Before Attending an All Girls Boarding School
2014978-1-320-98916-9Qa Pdf Book GenA Softcover Trade Book with 240 Standard_trade_matte_paper Pages (Czech Edition)
2014978-1-320-98968-8Greg MoyStandard Trade_matte_paper Book (Swedish Edition)
  ''978-1-320-98993-0Lucky McGowanSwimming at the Glass House
  ''978-1-320-99154-4Greg MoyStandard Trade_matte_paper Book
  ''978-1-320-99492-7   ''Standard Trade_matte_paper Book
  ''978-1-320-99706-5   ''Standard Trade_matte_paper Book
2014978-1-320-99734-8Greg MoyStandard Trade_matte_paper Book
  ''978-1-320-99934-2Ludo LefebvreCRAVE - Limited Edition - 10th Anniversary Edition