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2015978-1-298-00544-1H A. L. 1865-1940 FisherNapoleon - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-00620-2Rajanaka Abhinavagupta · Mukunda Rama Shastri · Madhusudan Kaul ShastriThe Tantraloka of Abhinava Gupta, with commentary by Rajanaka Jayaratha Volume 6 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-01259-3United States Congress House of RepresenBeyond The Classroom: Informal Stem Education - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-01433-7United States Government AccountabilityNuclear Waste: Absence of Key Management Reforms on Hanford's Cleanup Project Adds to Challenges of Achieving Cost and Schedule Goals - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-02284-4William Foster Coffin1812; the war and its moral: a Canadian chronicle. - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-02372-8Paul BlanshardCommunism Democracy And Catholic Power - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-02521-0Frederick Arthur BridgmanWinters in Algeria. Written and illustrated by F. A. Bridgman. - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-03054-2Harvey Paul.The Oxford Companion To Classical Literature - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-04062-6James Thomas HarrisOscar Wilde, His Life And Confessions, By Frank Harris. [followed By] Memories Of Oscar Wilde, By G.b. Shaw... - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05440-1Bliss Carman · Richard HoveyShort Works of Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-05441-8Frank NorrisVandover and the Brute - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05442-5Natalie Sumner LincolnThe Red Seal - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05443-2William Makepeace ThackerayThe Newcomes Volume 2 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05444-9Charles DarwinOn the Origin of Species - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05445-6Edward J. DentHandel - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-05446-3Edith WhartonThe Glimpses of the Moon - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05447-0W. E. SellersFrom Aldershot to Pretoria - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05448-7Bayard TaylorThe Lands of the Saracen - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-05449-4Hugh LoftingThe Voyages of Dr. Dolittle - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06200-0Amanda Minnie DouglasA Little Girl in Old Detroit - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-06201-7W. W. JacobsSalthaven - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06202-4Andrew LangLetters to Dead Authors - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06203-1Teresa of AvilaThe Life of St. Teresa of Jesus - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06204-8O. HenryThe Trimmed Lamp - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06205-5Edward Bulwer LyttonThe Caxtons - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-06206-2William Francis DawsonChristmas: Its Origin and Associations - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06207-9Wallace BruceThe Hudson - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06208-6Orison Swett MardenHow to Succeed - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-06209-3May Kellogg SullivanA Woman Who Went to Alaska - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-07087-6Ruth PutnamCharles the Bold - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-07125-5Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de MarivauxA Selection from the Comedies of Marivaux - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-07295-5Sarah Orne JewettA Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-07844-5Hutton WebsterRest Days: A Study in Early Law and Morality - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-08036-3Helen Norton StevensMemorial Biography of Adele M. Fielde, Humanitarian, by Helen Norton Stevens - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-08482-8Illustrated by Dan Beard W O. StoddardInside the White House in War Times - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-10544-8Auguste de Saint-HilaireVoyages dans l'Intérieur du Brésil - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-10620-9Jean Gustave KeetelsAn Elementary French Grammar for Colleges, High Schools and Academies - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-11750-2Mary Bradford PeaksThe General Civil and Military Administration of Noricum and Raetia - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-12591-0Alexander CorbettSelect Poems of Robert Burns - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-12593-4Francis GriersonAbraham Lincoln: the Practical Mystic - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-12596-5Charles WelshA Bookseller of the Last Century - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-12598-9John Merle DavisDavis Soldier Missionary - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-14336-5Charles Hubbard JuddGenetic Psychology for Teachers - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-16762-0Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of all Ages and Nations - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-20544-5Hall T. ProctorA Geometrical Vector Algebra - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-21029-6Christopher Columbus AndrewsHints to Company Officers on Their Military Duties - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-25308-8Elias BoudinotJournal Or Historical Recollections of American Events During the Revolutionary War - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-26062-8Oliver HuckelParsifal: A Mystical Drama - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-27974-3Painters Magazine739 Paint Questions Answered: A Reference Encyclopedia Answering Knotty Problems - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-30544-2Capes W. W.University Life in Ancient Athens - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-30620-3Smith WinifredThe Commedia Dell'arte: A Study in Italian Popular Comedy - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-30729-3Creamer DavidMethodist Hymnology; Comprehending Notices of the Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-30844-3DaviesAlgiers in 1857: Its Accessibility, Climate, and Resources - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-31259-4Sylvester Herbert MiltonIndian Wars of New England Volume I - War College Series
  ''978-1-298-32324-8Thomas-Stanford CharlesAbout Algeria: Algiers, Tlemçen, Constantine, Biskra, Timgad - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-34936-1Paul BorgReport on A Tour of Inspection in the Wine-growing Districts of Western Europe and Algeria - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-37062-4Narcissus LuttrellA Brief Historical Relation of State Affairs from Sept. 1678 to Apr. 1714 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-37616-9Charles Prestwood LucasThe Canadian War of 1812 - War College Series
  ''978-1-298-38663-2Heinrich EwaldSyntax of the Hebrew Language of the Old Testament; - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-39795-9George GaskellAlgeria as It Is - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-298-41259-1Thomas Sterry HuntMineral Physiology and Physiography - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-43258-2Alexander A KnoxThe new playground; or, Wanderings in Algeria - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-298-47794-1G H. 1866-1920 PerrisBlood and gold in South Africa: an answer to Dr. Conan Doyle ; being an examination of his account of the "cause and conduct" of the South African War - War College Series
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2015978-1-298-48062-0Rudyard KiplingSea warfare - War College Series
  ''978-1-298-48401-7George McCall ThealHistory of the Emigrant Boers in South Africa: Or, the Wanderings and Wars of the Emigrant Farmers from Their Leaving the Cape Colony to the ... by Great Britain - War College Series
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  ''978-1-298-48840-4L S. 1873-1955 AmeryThe Times history of the war in South Africa, 1899-1902 Volume 6 - War College Series
2015978-1-298-48860-2Great Britain. War OfficeSouth Africa: Correspondence Relating To Military Affairs In Natal & The Transvaal. War Office, 13th February 1879...... - War College Series
  ''978-1-298-48996-8G. P. TallboyThe Times History Of The War In South Africa: 1899-1902, Volume 4... - War College Series
  ''978-1-298-49237-1Sun TzuThe Art of War
  ''978-1-298-50834-8William H. [from old catalog] SeymourThe Story of Algiers, now Fifth District of New Orleans, 1718-1896. The Past and the Present
  ''978-1-298-51660-2I F. Henderson · W D. HendersonA Dictionary of Scientific Terms: Pronunciation, Derivation, and Definition of Terms in Biology, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Cytology, Embryology, Physiology
2015978-1-298-51860-6Rupert HughesMusic Lovers Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-298-52092-0Alexander SouterA Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament
  ''978-1-298-55271-6William Wallingfor KnollysA Handy Dictionary of Military Terms
  ''978-1-298-55723-0John George BourinotParliamentary Procedure and Practice, With an Introductory Account of the Origin and Growth of Parliamentary Institutions in the Dominion of Canada
  ''978-1-298-55842-8Gaston LabatRegional Anesthesia; Its Technic and Clinical Application
2015978-1-298-55865-7Daniel Harvey BraymerArmature Winding and Motor Repair: Practical Information and Data Covering Winding and Reconnectig Procedure for Direct and Alternating Current ... and Repair of Motors and Generators in Indu
  ''978-1-298-59892-9George B. ArmstrongThe Beginning of the True Railway Mail Service
  ''978-1-298-63373-6Henry Mayhew · John Binny · Benno LoewyThe Criminal Prisons of London, and Scenes of Prison Life
2017978-1-298-65546-2Henry LouisA Handbook of Gold Milling
  ''978-1-298-66870-7Roy A. SeatonConcrete Construction for Rural Communities
  ''978-1-298-67488-3Universal Portland Cement CompanyConcrete Silos: A Booklet of Practical Information for the Farmer and the Rural Contractor
2015978-1-298-68531-5Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 1
2015978-1-298-68666-4E Charles VivianA History of Aeronautics
  ''978-1-298-69248-1ScottA Journal of a Residence in the Esmailla of Abd-El-Kader and of Travels in Morocco and Algiers
  ''978-1-298-70169-5Hutton WebsterRest Days
  ''978-1-298-70750-5Walter William SkeatA Mœso-Gothic Glossary: With an Introduction, an Outline of Mœso-Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and Old and Modern English Words Etymologically Connected With Mœso-Gothic
  ''978-1-298-71312-4Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 12
2018978-1-298-74340-4J. Edmund WrightInvariants of Quadratic Differential Forms
2015978-1-298-75810-1Augustus Peabody LoringA Trustee's Handbook
2015978-1-298-76133-0W H. 1827-1875 BleekReynard the fox in South Africa; or, Hottentot Fables and Tales
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  ''978-1-298-76556-7Stewart CulinGames of the North American Indian
  ''978-1-298-77069-1James Rochfort MaguireThe Pioneers of Empire: Being a Vindication of the Principle and a Short Sketch of the History of Chartered Companies, With Especial Reference to the British South Africa Company
  ''978-1-298-77153-7Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel BleekReynard the fox in South Africa; or, Hottentot Fables and Tales. Chiefly Translated From Original Manuscripts in the Library of Sir George Grey
2015978-1-298-77989-2Bosdin LeechHistory of the Manchester Ship Canal, From its Inception to its Completion, With Personal Reminiscences Volume 1
  ''978-1-298-78965-5Charles Arthur FullerDesigning Heating and Ventilating Systems; the Practical Application of the Engineering Rules and Formulas in Every day use, in Laying out Steam, hot ... Kinds, Presented in a Simple and Easily Und
  ''978-1-298-79035-4George Washington CarletonOur Artist in Cuba, Peru, Spain and Algiers: Leaves From the Sketch-book of a Traveller, 1864-1868
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2015978-1-298-82056-3G H. 1866-1920 PerrisBlood and Gold in South Africa: An Answer to Dr. Conan Doyle ; Being An Examination of his Account of the "cause and Conduct" of the South African War
  ''978-1-298-82204-8Charles BurnettThe 18th Hussars In South Africa: The Records Of A Cavalry Regiment During The Boer War, 1899-1902
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2015978-1-298-95227-1George McCall ThealHistory of South Africa (1486-1691)
  ''978-1-298-95336-0Thomas Wilson HaynesHaynes' Baptist Cyclopædia: Or, Dictionary of Baptist Biography, Bibliography, Antiquities, History, Chronology, Theology, Polity and Literature ; to ... Gazeteer and Atlas of Baptist Churches
  ''978-1-298-95465-7George McCall ThealHistory and Ethnography of Africa South of the Zambesi: From the Settlement of the Portuguese at Sofala in September 1505 to the Conquest of the Cape Colony by the British in September 1795, Volume 1
  ''978-1-298-96414-4L J Kavanagh · James M McLaughlinCrown Hymnal: Containing English and Latin Hymns; Masses; Litanies; Funeral, Holy Week, and Vesper Services; Morning and Evening Prayers; and Ordinary of the Mass With Explanatory Notes
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2015978-1-298-96879-1Samuel BirchHistory of Ancient Pottery: Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
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