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2015978-1-297-00054-6Willa CatherYouth and the bright Medusa - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-00521-3Wilfred TrotterInstincts of the herd in peace and war - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-00544-2Oliver HogueTrooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles; descriptive narratives of the more desperate engagements on the Gallipoli Peninsula - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-00620-3Charles Dickens · George Cruikshank · Hablot Knight Browne[The complete works of Charles Dickens] Volume 1 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-01062-0United States Congress House of RepresenNational Security Implications Of The Dubai Ports World Deal To Take Over Management Of U.S. Ports - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-01259-4United States Congress House of RepresenAfter School Programs: How The Bush Administration's Budget Impacts Children And Families - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-02308-8William Foster Coffin1812; the war and its moral: a Canadian chronicle. - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-04125-9Sigmund FreudA General Introduction To Psychoanalysis - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05440-2Honore de BalzacThe Chouans - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05441-9Hans Christian AndersenStories from Hans Andersen - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-05442-6Edgar JepsonThe Loudwater Mystery - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05443-3James CrabbThe Gipsies' Advocate - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05444-0Walter Lynwood FlemingThe Sequel of Appomattox - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05446-4Richard Le GalliennePieces of Eight - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05447-1Ludovic HalévyParisian Points of View - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-05448-8Thomas DekkerThe Noble Spanish Soldier - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05449-5Arthur RansomeOld Peter's Russian Tales - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-05674-1Andrew LangMyth Ritual and Religion Volume 1 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06200-1FranchezzoA Wanderer in the Spirit Lands - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06201-8James Fenimore CooperHomeward Bound - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-06202-5William Henry Giles KingstonOur Sailors - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06203-2Charles J. ArchardThe Portland Peerage Romance - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06204-9Charlotte Mary YongeThe Carbonels - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06205-6G. A. HentyThrough the Fray - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06206-3Herbert George WellsThe War in the Air - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-06207-0Edward Phillips OppenheimThe Great Impersonation - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06208-7Jack LondonBurning Daylight - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-06209-4Edith B. OrdwayThe Etiquette of To-day - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-07087-7Theophilus CibberThe Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-07295-6Norman F. LangfordThe King Nobody Wanted - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-08036-4John BruceLetters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI. of Scotland - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-08408-9George Washington CarletonOur Artist in Cuba, Peru, Spain and Algiers - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-08508-6Illustrated by Dan Beard W O. StoddardInside the White House in War Times - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-10358-2Mrs Campbell OverendPerilous Adventures of a French Soldier in Algeria - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-10544-9Demetrio MilakovićStoria del Montenegro del Cavaliere Demetrio Milaković - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-10620-0Washington State Bar AssociationProceedings of the Washington State Bar Association - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-11259-1Mansfield MerrimanMechanics of Materials - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12062-6Margaret Frances ByingtonHomestead: The Households of a Mill Town - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12471-6William Wallingfor KnollysA Handy Dictionary of Military Terms - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12590-4Benaiah Whitley AdkinCopyhold and Other Land Tenures of England - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-12592-8Edward George Bulwer-LyttonHarold, the Last of the Saxon Kings, Volume I - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12594-2North CarolinaPublic School Law of North Carolina - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12596-6Agnes GiberneThe World's Foundations, or Geology for Beginners - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12598-0Emil LuckaEros: The Development of the Sex Relation Through the Ages - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-12599-7Elise C. OttéDenmark and Iceland - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-13850-8Grenville TempleExcursions in the Mediterranean: Algiers and Tunis, Volume I - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-14208-6Carl HeringPrinciples of Dynamo-electric Machines, and Practical Directions for Designing and Constructing Dyna - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-14336-6Sampson LowThe Charities of London in 1861: Comprising an Account of the Operations, Resources, and General Con - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-14807-1Charles ReadeWhite Lies: A Novel - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-15125-5Samuel JohnsonA Diary of a Journey Into North Wales, in the Yer 1774 - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-20407-4Alfred Montgomery MantellDictionary of Military Technical Terms - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-20544-6Jonathan EdwardsTwo Sermons Preached Fifty Years from the Building of the New Meeting-house for the First Church - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-21292-5Auguste F. LendyThe Principles of War; or, Elementary Treatise on the Higher Tactics and Strategy - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-22054-8Benjamin B. WarfieldAn Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-28974-3Irene Osgood AndrewsEconomic Effects of the World War Upon Women and Children in Great Britain - War College Series
2015978-1-297-30953-3Cutlack Frederic MorleyThe Australian Flying Corps in the Western and Eastern Theatres of War, 1914-1918 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-31433-9Nightingale B. D.Practice in Weaving and Loom-Fixing. A Complete Manual for the Weave Room - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-31840-5Isidore SingerThe Jewish encyclopedia: a descriptive record of the history, religion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-34062-8Russell MichaelCharge Delivered to the Episcopal Clergy of the City and District of Glasgow, May 4, 1842 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-37057-1George Frederick UnderhillA Century of English Fox-Hunting - Scholar's Choice Edition
2015978-1-297-37640-5Charles Prestwood LucasThe Canadian War of 1812 - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-41259-2J. B. WakeleyAnecdotes of the Wesleys: - Scholar's Choice Edition
  ''978-1-297-47720-1AnonymousThe Oxfordshire Light Infantry In South Africa: A Narrative Of The Boer War From The Letters And Journals Of Officers Of The Regiment And From Other Sources - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-47809-3John Ormond NevilleBoer and Britisher in South Africa; a history of the Boer-British war and the wars for United South Africa, together with biographies of the great men ... history of South Africa - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-48012-6Thomas J. LucasCamp Life And Sport In South Africa: Experiences Of Kaffir Warfare With The Cape Mounted Rifles. With Illustrations - War College Series
2015978-1-297-48125-3United States. War Dept · Army War CollegeSome economic aspects of war, a lecture delivered before the Army War College at Washington, D.C., April 11, 1913 - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-48777-4Great Britain. Royal Commission on the WReport Of His Majesty's Commissioners Appointed To Inquire Into The Military Preparations And Other Matters Connected With The War In South Africa, Volume 1 - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-48976-1John Clark RidpathThe Story of South Africa: An Account of the Historical Transformation of the Dark Continent by the European Powers and the Culminating Contest ... in the Transvaal War - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-48988-4Francis B. 1838-1926 HeitmanHistorical register of officers of the Continental army during the war of the Revolution, April, 1775, to December, 1783 - War College Series
  ''978-1-297-49143-6S H HamerThe Provincial Token-coinage of the 18th Century
2015978-1-297-49661-5Thomas Commerford Martin · Nikola TeslaThe Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla: With Special Reference to His Work in Polyphase Currents and High Potential Lighting
  ''978-1-297-50225-5EnochThe Book of Enoch: Tr. From the Ethiopic, With Intr. and Notes, by G. H. Schodde
  ''978-1-297-51751-8Josiah WedgwoodWedgwood's Catalogue of Cameos, Intaglios, Medals, Bas-Reliefs, Busts, and Small Statues: Repr. From the Ed. of 1787. Ed. by E. Meteyard
  ''978-1-297-53903-9Daniel Harvey BraymerArmature Winding and Motor Repair: Practical Information and Data Covering Winding and Reconnectig Procedure for Direct and Alternating Current ... and Repair of Motors and Generators in Indu
  ''978-1-297-60649-6William HughesBible Maps, or, A Historical and Descriptive Atlas of Scripture Geography ...
2015978-1-297-60762-2Egypt Exploration SocietyAn Atlas of Ancient Egypt: With Complete Index, Geographical and Historical Notes, Biblical References, Etc
  ''978-1-297-62140-6Episcopal Church. Diocese of New York. S · William Walter Smith · Milton Smith LittlefieldThe Complete Sunday School Atlas: Bible History Pictured In Geographic Form, Thirty-two Historical Maps In Colors
  ''978-1-297-62411-7Lyman ColemanAn Historical Text Book and Atlas of Biblical Geography
  ''978-1-297-65835-8henry morleyPalissy the Potter: The Life of Bernard Palissy, of Saintes, His Labors and Discoveries in Art and Science, With an Outline of His Philosophical ... Selections From His Works, Volume 2
2017978-1-297-66557-8George ChrystalAlgebra: An Elementary Text-Book, for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges: Algebra: An Elementary Text-book, For The Higher Classes Of Secondary Schools And For Colleges; Volume 1
  ''978-1-297-66600-1Newton H. Chittenden · William BettridgeOfficial Report of the Exploration of the Queen Charlotte Islands for the Government of British Columbia
2015978-1-297-66978-1David WebsterA Topographical Dictionary of Scotland
2017978-1-297-67508-9Harmon Howard RiceConcrete-Block Manufacture: Processes and Machines
2017978-1-297-68794-5Hubert b. 1884 ChadwickLife of the Venerable Gonçalo da Silveira of the Society of Jesus: Pioneer Missionary and Proto-martyr of South Africa ; From Original Sources
2015978-1-297-69196-6Walter HibbertElectric Ignition for Motor Vehicles
  ''978-1-297-69610-7Arthur MitchellCreative Evolution
  ''978-1-297-70708-7Clare SheridanMayfair to Moscow: Clare Sheridan's Diary
  ''978-1-297-70822-0Church of EnglandThe Book of Common Prayer: Reformed Together With the Book of Psalms and a Collection of Hymns for Public Worship Revised and Corrected
2016978-1-297-72167-0Justin WinsorNarrative and Critical History of America, Volume 1
2015978-1-297-72953-9Lionel StracheyThe World's Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia of the Classic Wit and Humor of All Ages and Nations, Volume 9
  ''978-1-297-73703-9Ernst BuschorGreek Vase-painting
2015978-1-297-74074-9Elson ElsonUniversity Musical Encyclopedia: A History of Music, Volume II
  ''978-1-297-74855-4Louis PéringueyDescriptive Catalogue of the Coleoptera of South Africa (Lucanidæ and Scarabæidæ) Volume v. 1
  ''978-1-297-75820-1Walter CrokerThe Cruelties of the Algerine Pirates, Shewing the Present Dreadful State of the English Slaves, and Other Europeans, at Algiers and Tunis ..
  ''978-1-297-75878-2James Ingall WedgwoodA Comprehensive Dictionary of Organ Stops: English and Foreign, Ancient and Modern, Practical, Theoretical, Historical, Aesthetic, Etymological, Phonetic
  ''978-1-297-77153-8Charles Francis AdamsRailroads: Their Origin and Problems
2015978-1-297-78440-8Bosdin LeechHistory of the Manchester Ship Canal, From its Inception to its Completion, With Personal Reminiscences Volume 2
  ''978-1-297-78543-6Cynthia StockleyWild Honey: Stories of South Africa
  ''978-1-297-80516-5John Ormond NevilleBoer and Britisher in South Africa; a History of the Boer-British war and the Wars for United South Africa, Together With Biographies of the Great men who Made the History of South Africa
  ''978-1-297-80614-8Joshua RoseThe Complete Practical Machinist: Embracing Lathe Work, Vise Work, Drills and Drilling, Taps and Dies, Hardening and Tempering, the Making and use of Tools ..
  ''978-1-297-81292-7Winifred JamesA Woman in the Wilderness
2015978-1-297-81671-0Livingstone David 1813-1873Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
  ''978-1-297-82115-8Roualeyn Gordon-CummingA Hunter's Life Among Lions, Elephants And Other Wild Animals Of South Africa
  ''978-1-297-82478-4Alan PatonHope For South Africa
  ''978-1-297-82707-5Andrew SmithIllustrations Of the Zoology Of South Africa, Consisting Chiefly Of Figures and Descriptions Of the Objects Of Natural History Collected During an ... 1835, and 1836; Fitted out by "The Cape Of
  ''978-1-297-83789-0Thomas J. LucasCamp Life And Sport In South Africa: Experiences Of Kaffir Warfare With The Cape Mounted Rifles. With Illustrations
2015978-1-297-83903-0Ewart Scott GroganFrom The Cape To Cairo: The First Traverse Of Africa From South To North
  ''978-1-297-83940-5Woodruff SamuelJournal Of A Tour To Malta, Greece, Asia Minor, Carthage, Algiers, Port Mahon, And Spain, In 1828
  ''978-1-297-85148-3Felix KleinOn Riemann's Theory Of Algebraic Functions And Their Integrals: A Supplement To The Usual Treatises
  ''978-1-297-85450-7Samuel ClarkThe Bible Atlas Of Maps And Plans To Illustrate The Geography And Topography Of The Old And New Testaments And The Apocrypha: With Explanatory Notes
  ''978-1-297-88985-1Edward Ernest Russell TratmanRailway Track and Track Work
2015978-1-297-90990-0Louis Charles Pie De Castellane-NovejanMilitary Life in Algeria
  ''978-1-297-91642-7John Clark KennedyAlgeria and Tunis in 1845, an Accountof a Journey
  ''978-1-297-92407-1Edward Samuel FarrowAmerican Small Arms: A Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men
  ''978-1-297-93625-8Great Britain. War OfficeHistory of the war in South Africa, 1899-1902 Volume 1
  ''978-1-297-93817-7Theodore ReunertDiamonds and Gold in South Africa
2015978-1-297-94251-8James Alexander HewittSketches of English Church History in South Africa: From 1795 to 1848
  ''978-1-297-94603-5Ernest J. ChambersThe Canadian Parliamentary Guide and Work of General Reference for the Dominion of Canada
  ''978-1-297-94663-9Charles Sumner NutterThe Hymns and Hymn Writers of the Church: An Annotated Edition of the Methodist Hymnal
  ''978-1-297-95133-6Stafford RansomeThe Engineer in South Africa: A Review of the Industrial Situation in South Africa After the War and a Forecast of the Possibilities of the Country
  ''978-1-297-95673-7Alfred Whaley ColeThe Cape and the Kafirs: Or, Notes of Five Years' Residence in South Africa
2015978-1-297-95755-0Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals CommitteeThe Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa, 1900-1902, Volume 2
  ''978-1-297-95856-4James FairieNotes On Pottery Clays: The Distribution, Proper Ties, Uses, and Analyses of Ball Clays, China Clays, and China Stone
  ''978-1-297-96083-3Dawson BorrerNarrative of a Campaign Against the Kabaïles of Algeria
  ''978-1-297-96399-5A Wyatt TilbySouth Africa, 1486-1913
  ''978-1-297-97338-3James Ewing RitchieImperialism in South Africa

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