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ISBN 978-1-250-08982-3 to 978-1-250-09341-7 < ISBN 978-1-250-09342-4 to 978-1-250-09710-1 > ISBN 978-1-250-09711-8 to 978-1-250-10188-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-250-09342-4Jim FergusThe Vengeance of Mothers: The Journals of Margaret Kelly & Molly McGill: A Novel (One Thousand White Women Series)
2018978-1-250-09343-1Jim FergusThe Vengeance of Mothers: The Journals of Margaret Kelly & Molly McGill: A Novel (One Thousand White Women Series)
2015978-1-250-09345-5Rainbow RowellSIGNED! Carry On Hardcover
2017978-1-250-09346-2Robin Dreeke · Cameron StauthThe Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert's Five Rules to Lead and Succeed
2014978-1-250-09349-3Tiffany ClareTHE SCANDALOUS DUKE TAKES A BRIDE
2012978-1-250-09350-9Beth CiottaFool for Love: A Cupcake Lovers Novel
2006978-1-250-09351-6Cindy GerardTo the Brink
2008978-1-250-09352-3L. A. BanksBite the Bullet: A Crimson Moon novel
2006978-1-250-09353-0Christine WarrenWOLF AT THE DOOR
2016978-1-250-09356-1Dusty RichardsRancher's Law
2015978-1-250-09360-8Jessica FellowesThe Wit and Wisdom of Downton Abbey (The World of Downton Abbey)
2016978-1-250-09362-2Maggie MitchellPretty Is: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09363-9Julie Lythcott-HaimsHow to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success
  ''978-1-250-09364-6CHARLES FINCHHOME BY NIGHTFALL (Charles Lenox Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-09365-3New York TimesThe New York Times Decaf Crosswords: 150 Easy Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-09366-0New York TimesThe New York Times Light & Sweet Crosswords: 150 Medium-Level Puzzles
2016978-1-250-09367-7New York TimesThe New York Times Double Shot Crosswords: 150 Challenging Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-09368-4   ''The New York Times Beginners' Luck Easy Crosswords: 75 Fun Puzzles to Get You Hooked! (The New York Times Crossword Puzzles)
  ''978-1-250-09369-1   ''The New York Times Red Hot Crosswords: 75 Easy to Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-09370-7   ''The New York Times Genius Sunday Crosswords: 75 Sunday Crossword Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
  ''978-1-250-09371-4   ''The New York Times Smart Sunday Crosswords Volume 4: 50 Sunday Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
2016978-1-250-09372-1New York TimesThe New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzle Omnibus Volume 12: 200 Solvable Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
2016978-1-250-09373-8New York TimesThe New York Times Large-Print Brainbuilder Crosswords: 120 Large-Print Easy to Hard Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
  ''978-1-250-09374-5Will ShortzWill Shortz Presents Lazy Day Sudoku: 300 Easy to Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-09375-2Will ShortzWill Shortz Presents Genius Sudoku: 200 Extreme Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-09377-6   ''Will Shortz Presents Double Shot Sudoku: 200 Challenging Puzzles
2007978-1-250-09379-0Wilbur SmithA Sparrow Falls: A Courtney Family Novel (Courtney Family Adventures)
2006978-1-250-09380-6Wilbur SmithTHE TRIUMPH OF THE SUN
2016978-1-250-09381-3Dennis MahoneyBell Weather: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09383-7Caitlin SainioCrochet Snowflakes Step-by-Step: A Delightful Flurry of 40 Patterns for Beginners (Knit & Crochet)
2016978-1-250-09384-4Eleni N. GageThe Ladies of Managua: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09385-1Anna McPartlinThe Last Days of Rabbit Hayes: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09386-8Patti Callahan HenryThe Idea of Love: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09387-5Tatiana de RosnayA Paris Affair
2017978-1-250-09389-9Kimberley TaitFake Plastic Love: A Novel
2018978-1-250-09390-5   ''Fake Plastic Love: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09391-2James PrellerThe Courage Test
2017978-1-250-09393-6James PrellerThe Courage Test
  ''978-1-250-09394-3Zillah BethellA Whisper of Horses
2018978-1-250-09396-7   ''A Whisper of Horses
2015978-1-250-09397-4M. C. BEATONTHE VICIOUS VET (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
2009978-1-250-09398-1M. C. BeatonTHE WALKERS OF DEMBLEY (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
2003978-1-250-09399-8   ''Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came: An Agatha Raisin Mystery (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
2007978-1-250-09400-1M. C. BeatonAGATHA RAISIN AND THE FAIRIES OF FRYFAM (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-09401-8   ''AGATHA RAISIN AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
1997978-1-250-09402-5   ''AGATHA RAISIN AND THE MURDEROUS MARRIAGE (Agatha Raisin Mysteries)
2005978-1-250-09403-2Val McDermidThe Mermaids Singing (Dr. Tony Hill & Carol Jordan Mysteries)
2018978-1-250-09404-9Zillah BethellThe Extraordinary Colors of Auden Dare
2017978-1-250-09406-3Toni YulyThe Jelly Bean Tree
2018978-1-250-09407-0Maryann MacdonaldThe Little Dancers: Showtime!
2016978-1-250-09411-7John SuchetThe Last Waltz: The Strauss Dynasty and Vienna
  ''978-1-250-09412-4Anita HughesSantorini Sunsets: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09415-5Robert J. ConleyThe Devil's Trail: A Texas Outlaw Novel (Texas Outlaws Series)
2015978-1-250-09416-2Rainbow RowellCarry On: Library Edition
2016978-1-250-09419-3Linda LearBeatrix Potter: A Life in Nature
2015978-1-250-09421-6Diane ChamberlainPretending to Dance
2016978-1-250-09422-3Albert PodellAround the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth
2015978-1-250-09423-0Tasha AlexanderThe Adventuress: A Lady Emily Mystery
  ''978-1-250-09424-7John FortunatoDark Reservations: A Mystery
2016978-1-250-09425-4Travis SawchikBig Data Baseball: Math, Miracles, and the End of a 20-Year Losing Streak
2017978-1-250-09426-1Chelsea BobulskiThe Wood
2000978-1-250-09431-5Agatha ChristieTHE UNEXPECTED GUEST
2011978-1-250-09432-2Joan HessTHE MERRY WIVES OF MAGGODY (Arly Hanks Mystery)
2007978-1-250-09433-9JOAN HESSPOISONED PINS (Claire Malloy Mysteries)
2007978-1-250-09434-6Joseph FinderKiller Instinct: A Novel
2008978-1-250-09435-3Joseph FinderPOWER PLAY
1996978-1-250-09436-0Adrian GilbertSNIPER
2007978-1-250-09437-7JANE HADDAMHARDSCRABBLE ROAD (Gregor Demarkian Novels)
2013978-1-250-09439-1Dana HaynesIce Cold Kill: A Daria Gibron Thriller
2018978-1-250-09440-7Paul Martinez · George GaldorisiWhen the Killer Man Comes: Eliminating Terrorists As a Special Operations Sniper
  ''978-1-250-09442-1Phyllis CheslerA Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women
2016978-1-250-09444-5Ali A. RizviThe Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason
  ''978-1-250-09446-9EriyRomantic Country: A Fantasy Coloring Book
2018978-1-250-09447-6David HousewrightDarkness, Sing Me a Song: A Holland Taylor Mystery
2017978-1-250-09451-3David HousewrightWhat the Dead Leave Behind: A McKenzie Novel (Twin Cities P.I. Mac McKenzie Novels)
2018978-1-250-09453-7   ''Like to Die: A McKenzie Novel (Twin Cities P.I. Mac McKenzie Novels)
2016978-1-250-09455-1Jennine Capó CrucetMake Your Home Among Strangers: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09459-9Carl SafinaBeyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel
2017978-1-250-09461-2Herta MüllerThe Fox Was Ever the Hunter: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09462-9Aleksandar HemonThe Making of Zombie Wars: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09463-6Asali SolomonDisgruntled: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09464-3John BoyneA History of Loneliness: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09465-0Caryl PhillipsThe Lost Child: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09466-7Stephen JarvisDeath and Mr. Pickwick: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09467-4Robyn CadwalladerThe Anchoress: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09468-1Andrew O'HaganThe Illuminations: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09469-8NELLIE HERMANNSeason of Migration
  ''978-1-250-09470-4Lisa GornickLouisa Meets Bear: Stories
  ''978-1-250-09471-1Amitav GhoshFlood of Fire: A Novel (The Ibis Trilogy)
  ''978-1-250-09472-8Ari BermanGIVE US THE BALLOT
  ''978-1-250-09473-5Lucia BerlinA Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories
2016978-1-250-09474-2Mario Vargas LlosaNotes on the Death of Culture: Essays on Spectacle and Society
2018978-1-250-09476-6Tom MatthewsRaising the Dad: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09480-3Diane KellyAgainst the Paw: A Paw Enforcement Novel
  ''978-1-250-09482-7Diane KellyDeath, Taxes, and a Satin Garter: A Tara Holloway Novel
  ''978-1-250-09484-1   ''Above the Paw: A Paw Enforcement Novel
2017978-1-250-09486-5Diane KellyEnforcing the Paw: A Paw Enforcement Novel
  ''978-1-250-09488-9   ''Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries: A Tara Holloway Novel
  ''978-1-250-09490-2   ''Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding: A Tara Holloway Novel
  ''978-1-250-09493-3Julie Ann Sageer · Leah BhabhaJulie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen: Authentic Recipes for Fresh and Flavorful Mediterranean Home Cooking
  ''978-1-250-09496-4Alice AndersonSome Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away: A Memoir
2017978-1-250-09498-8Julie HalpernMeant to Be
2016978-1-250-09501-5Tatjana SoliThe Last Good Paradise: A Novel
2015978-1-250-09502-2Georgie WoolridgeBirds: A Mindful Coloring Book
2016978-1-250-09503-9   ''Waterlife: A Mindful Coloring Book
2015978-1-250-09504-6Sarah RaynerAnother Night, Another Day: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09506-0Nicolas BarreauThe Ingredients of Love: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09508-4Brooke BarkerSad Animal Facts
2015978-1-250-09510-7Patti Callahan HenryAnd Then I Found You: A Novel
978-1-250-09511-4Maternity Leave
2017978-1-250-09512-1Lisa ScottolineAccused: A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel
  ''978-1-250-09516-9Chris RussellSongs About a Girl
2015978-1-250-09517-6Nancy JensenThe Sisters
2099978-1-250-09518-3Nancy TillmanOn the Night You Were Born
2017978-1-250-09520-6Grant GinderThe People We Hate at the Wedding: A Novel
2018978-1-250-09522-0Grant GinderThe People We Hate at the Wedding: A Novel
2017978-1-250-09523-7Sara LövestamWonderful Feels Like This
2018978-1-250-09524-4   ''Wonderful Feels Like This
2017978-1-250-09525-1Stephanie GarberCaraval: A Caraval Novel
2018978-1-250-09526-8Stephanie GarberCaraval
2017978-1-250-09528-2M. L. RioIf We Were Villains: A Novel
2018978-1-250-09529-9M. L. RioIf We Were Villains: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09531-2Stephanie GarberLegendary: A Caraval Novel
2014978-1-250-09534-3Blaize ClementDUPLICITY DOGGED THE DACHSHUND
2009978-1-250-09535-0Blaize ClementCat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof
2016978-1-250-09536-7Kimberly Willis HoltSkinny Brown Dog
  ''978-1-250-09537-4Laurie KellerGrandpa Gazillion's Number Yard
  ''978-1-250-09541-1Suzanne EnochHero in the Highlands: A No Ordinary Hero Novel
2017978-1-250-09543-5Suzanne EnochMy One True Highlander: A No Ordinary Hero Novel
2018978-1-250-09545-9   ''A Devil in Scotland: A No Ordinary Hero Novel
  ''978-1-250-09547-3Therese Anne FowlerA Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts
2017978-1-250-09550-3David MacNealBugged: The Insects Who Rule the World and the People Obsessed with Them
2016978-1-250-09552-7Gae PolisnerThe Memory of Things: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09554-1Sarah HodgsonModern Dog Parenting: Raising Your Dog or Puppy to Be a Loving Member of Your Family
2018978-1-250-09561-9Alanna OkunThe Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater: Essays on Crafting
2019978-1-250-09563-3   ''The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater: Essays on Crafting
2017978-1-250-09566-4Cara BrookinsRise: How a House Built a Family
2016978-1-250-09568-8George ChristieExile on Front Street: My Life As a Hells Angel... and Beyond
  ''978-1-250-09577-0Gwendolyn WomackThe Memory Painter: A Novel of Love and Reincarnation
  ''978-1-250-09578-7Benjamin JohncockThe Last Pilot: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09579-4Brin-Jonathan ButlerThe Domino Diaries: My Decade Boxing with Olympic Champions and Chasing Hemingway's Ghost in the Last Days of Castro's Cuba
  ''978-1-250-09580-0Eve MakisThe Spice Box Letters: A Novel
2017978-1-250-09585-5Mark FeltonCastle of the Eagles: Escape from Mussolini's Colditz
2017978-1-250-09587-9Larry McShane · Dan PearsonLast Don Standing: The Secret Life of Mob Boss Ralph Natale
2015978-1-250-09589-3Carly SimonBoys in the Trees: A Memoir
2016978-1-250-09591-6Carly SimonBoys in the Trees: A Memoir
  ''978-1-250-09594-7Robert SellersPeter O'Toole: The Definitive Biography
2017978-1-250-09596-1Tricia LevensellerDaughter of the Pirate King
2018978-1-250-09601-2   ''Daughter of the Siren Queen (Daughter of the Pirate King)
2016978-1-250-09603-6Thalia KalkipsakisGo Girl! #5: The Worst Gymnast
  ''978-1-250-09604-3Vicki SteggallGo Girl! #6: Lunchtime Rules
  ''978-1-250-09606-7Jacquie McNish · Sean SilcoffLosing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry
2017978-1-250-09607-4Ragnar JonassonSnowblind: A Thriller (The Dark Iceland Series)
  ''978-1-250-09609-8Ragnar JonassonNightblind: A Thriller (The Dark Iceland Series)
2016978-1-250-09611-1Judith FlandersThe Making of Home: The 500-Year Story of How Our Houses Became Our Homes
2016978-1-250-09612-8Ashley WeaverDeath Wears a Mask: An Amory Ames Mystery
  ''978-1-250-09613-5Debra MurrayThe Best Pressure Cooker Recipes on the Planet: 200 Triple-Tested, Family-Approved, Fast & Easy Recipes
  ''978-1-250-09614-2Todd EnglishThe Air Fryer Cookbook: Deep-Fried Flavor Made Easy, Without All the Fat!
  ''978-1-250-09615-9Lily EverettSanctuary Island: Sanctuary Island Book 1
  ''978-1-250-09616-6   ''Shoreline Drive: Sanctuary Island Book 2
2016978-1-250-09617-3Lily EverettHeartbreak Cove: Sanctuary Island Book 3
2017978-1-250-09620-3Rhys BowenTell Me, Pretty Maiden: A Molly Murphy Mystery (Molly Murphy Mysteries)
2016978-1-250-09624-1Sophie McManusThe Unfortunates: A Novel
2017978-1-250-09627-2Ellie TerryForget Me Not
  ''978-1-250-09629-6Allen Appel · Sherry Conway AppelFrom Father to Son: Wisdom for the Next Generation
  ''978-1-250-09631-9Sherry Conway AppelFrom Mother to Daughter: Advice and Lessons for a Good Life
  ''978-1-250-09633-3J. Bradford HippsThe Adventurist: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09635-7Shay Mitchell · Michaela BlaneyBliss: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09636-4Howard Frank MosherGod's Kingdom: A Novel
2017978-1-250-09640-1Calista FoxThe Billionaires: A Billionaire Menage Romance (Lover's Triangle)
2017978-1-250-09642-5Calista FoxThe Billionaires: The Bosses: A Lovers' Triangle Novel
2017978-1-250-09644-9Calista FoxThe Billionaires: The Stepbrothers: A Lover's Triangle Novel
2016978-1-250-09648-7R. L. StineFear Street Super Thriller: Secrets: The Lost Girl; Can You Keep a Secret?
  ''978-1-250-09655-5Nancy MartinMiss Ruffles Inherits Everything: A Mystery (Miss Ruffles Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-09658-6Carla NortonWhat Doesn't Kill Her: A Novel (Reeve LeClaire Series)
2022978-1-250-09660-9Jeanette FarrellInvisible Enemies: Stories of Infectious Disease
2016978-1-250-09666-1Jerry OppenheimerRFK Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Dark Side of the Dream
2017978-1-250-09667-8Susan RonaldHitler's Art Thief: Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Nazis, and the Looting of Europe's Treasures
2016978-1-250-09668-5Sam ThomasThe Midwife and the Assassin: A Midwife Mystery (The Midwife's Tale)
  ''978-1-250-09669-2Diana OrgainYappy Hour: A Mystery (Roundup Crew Series)
  ''978-1-250-09670-8Gail OustCinnamon Toasted: A Spice Shop Mystery (Spice Shop Mystery Series)
2017978-1-250-09671-5Joanna ZeigerThe Champion Mindset: An Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness
2017978-1-250-09673-9Ausma Zehanat KhanAmong the Ruins: A Mystery (Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak Novels)
2018978-1-250-09674-6   ''Among the Ruins: A Mystery (Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak Novels)
  ''978-1-250-09676-0   ''A Dangerous Crossing: A Novel (Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak Novels)
2016978-1-250-09679-1Nora Katz · Wilson Josephson · Jill PoskanzerLiterary Starbucks: Fresh-Brewed, Half-Caf, No-Whip Bookish Humor
  ''978-1-250-09681-4John A. NagyGeorge Washington's Secret Spy War: The Making of America's First Spymaster
  ''978-1-250-09683-8Jonathan FenbyFrance: A Modern History from the Revolution to the War with Terror
2018978-1-250-09686-9Charles CasilloMarilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon
2017978-1-250-09689-0Marie MarquardtThe Radius of Us: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-09691-3Sasscer HillFlamingo Road: A Mystery (A Fia McKee Mystery)
2016978-1-250-09693-7Ron Miscavige · Dan KoonRuthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me
2019978-1-250-09696-8M. R. O'ConnorWayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World
2017978-1-250-09698-2Victor LodatoEdgar and Lucy: A Novel
2018978-1-250-09699-9Victor LodatoEdgar and Lucy: A Novel
2018978-1-250-09701-9Sasscer HillThe Dark Side of Town: A Mystery (A Fia McKee Mystery)
2017978-1-250-09703-3Loretta EllsworthStars Over Clear Lake: A Novel
2016978-1-250-09705-7India EdghillGame of Queens: A Novel of Vashti and Esther
  ''978-1-250-09706-4Rebecca Rideal1666: Plague, War, and Hellfire
  ''978-1-250-09710-1Jonathan FranzenPurity: A Novel