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ISBN 978-1-250-00000-2 to 978-1-250-00255-6 < ISBN 978-1-250-00256-3 to 978-1-250-00518-2 > ISBN 978-1-250-00519-9 to 978-1-250-00758-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-250-00256-3George SeldenTucker's Countryside (Chester Cricket and His Friends)
  ''978-1-250-00257-0Carola DunnAnthem for Doomed Youth: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-00258-7Ben KaneThe Road to Rome: A Novel of the Forgotten Legion (The Forgotten Legion Chronicles)
  ''978-1-250-00259-4Jill Paton WalshThe Attenbury Emeralds: The New Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane Mystery
  ''978-1-250-00260-0Carol Lynch WilliamsMILES FROM ORDINARY
2011978-1-250-00262-4John R. SharpThe Emotional Calendar: Understanding Seasonal Influences and Milestones to Become Happier, More Fulfilled, and in Control of Your Life
2012978-1-250-00263-1Fen MontaigneFraser's Penguins
2011978-1-250-00264-8Tim NewarkBoardwalk Gangster: The Real Lucky Luciano
2012978-1-250-00267-9Lucy MarchA Little Night Magic: A Novel (Nodaway Falls)
  ''978-1-250-00268-6Deb Olin UnferthREVOLUTION
  ''978-1-250-00269-3Keigo HigashinoThe Devotion of Suspect X: A Detective Galileo Novel (Detective Galileo Series)
2011978-1-250-00270-9Darynda JonesSecond Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson Series)
2012978-1-250-00271-6Carl SafinaThe View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World
  ''978-1-250-00272-3Alyson NoëlKiss & Blog: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00273-0Michael Fazio · Michael MaliceConcierge Confidential: The Secrets of Serving Champagne Bitches and Caviar Queens
2012978-1-250-00274-7Glen RetiefThe Jack Bank
  ''978-1-250-00275-4Leslie KentonLove Affair
  ''978-1-250-00276-1TIM GROSECLOSELEFT TURN
  ''978-1-250-00277-8P. T. DeutermannPacific Glory: A Novel (Sea Stories)
  ''978-1-250-00281-5Stella TillyardTides Of War
2012978-1-250-00282-2Sherrilyn KenyonInfamous: Chronicles of Nick
2013978-1-250-00283-9Sherrilyn KenyonInferno: Chronicles of Nick
2014978-1-250-00284-6   ''Illusion: Chronicles of Nick
2013978-1-250-00285-3   ''Infamous: Chronicles of Nick
2014978-1-250-00286-0   ''Inferno: Chronicles of Nick
2015978-1-250-00287-7   ''Illusion: Chronicles of Nick
2099978-1-250-00288-4Keith HollihanThe Four Stages of Cruelty: A Novel
2012978-1-250-00289-1Neil HegartyThe Story of Ireland: A History of the Irish People
2009978-1-250-00290-7Eric MetaxasIt's TIme to Sleep, My Love (Kohl's Care)
2011978-1-250-00292-1Nancy TillmanOn the Night You Were Born
2013978-1-250-00294-5Leslie Morgan SteinerThe Baby Chase: How Surrogacy Is Transforming the American Family
2012978-1-250-00295-2B. J. MendelsonSocial Media Is Bullshit
  ''978-1-250-00296-9Anne SebbaThat Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor
2013978-1-250-00297-6Chris EwanThe Good Thief's Guide to Berlin
2012978-1-250-00298-3Stephanie NewmanMad Men on the Couch: Analyzing the Minds of the Men and Women of the Hit TV Show
  ''978-1-250-00299-0HEATHER ANASTASIUGlitch (A Glitch Novel)
2013978-1-250-00300-3Heather AnastasiuOverride (A Glitch Novel)
2013978-1-250-00301-0Heather AnastasiuShutdown (A Glitch Novel)
  ''978-1-250-00302-7Frances Park · Ginger ParkAllergies, Away!: Creative Eats and Mouthwatering Treats for Kids Allergic to Nuts, Dairy, and Eggs
2012978-1-250-00303-4Samantha HoffmanWhat More Could You Wish For
2013978-1-250-00304-1Barry Martin · Philip LermanUnder One Roof: Lessons I Learned from a Tough Old Woman in a Little Old House
2012978-1-250-00305-8Karen Gravano · Lisa PulitzerMob Daughter: The Mafia, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, and Me!
2011978-1-250-00306-5Celia Birtwell · Dominic LutyensCelia Birtwell
2012978-1-250-00307-2Nikki GabrielThe Handknitter's Yarn Guide: A Visual Reference to Yarns and Fibers
  ''978-1-250-00308-9Jessica Polka75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet
2009978-1-250-00314-0Colin BeavanNo Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet and the Discoveries He Makes About Himself and Our Way of Life in the Process
2012978-1-250-00316-4Alan BennettSmut: Stories
  ''978-1-250-00318-8Arnaldur IndridasonOperation Napoleon: A Thriller (Reykjavik Thriller)
  ''978-1-250-00322-5Peter McAllisterManthropology
2012978-1-250-00323-2Wilbur SmithThose in Peril
  ''978-1-250-00324-9Madeleine WickhamA Desirable Residence: A Novel of Love and Real Estate
  ''978-1-250-00325-6Jeremy RobinsonThreshold: A Jack Sigler Thriller
  ''978-1-250-00326-3Brenda JacksonNo More Playas (Players Series)
  ''978-1-250-00327-0Erica SpindlerWatch Me Die
2012978-1-250-00328-7Robert Ludlum · Patrick LarkinRobert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta: A Covert-One Novel
  ''978-1-250-00330-0Janet McDonaldChill Wind
  ''978-1-250-00332-4Anna BanksOf Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy)
2013978-1-250-00333-1Anna BanksOf Triton (The Syrena Legacy)
2012978-1-250-00335-5Elsa Knight BrunoPunctuation Celebration
  ''978-1-250-00336-2Claudia MillsFractions = Trouble!
  ''978-1-250-00337-9Tommy GreenwaldCharlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading (Charlie Joe Jackson Series)
2012978-1-250-00339-3Alexander Gordon SmithFugitives: Escape from Furnace 4
2013978-1-250-00341-6Morris GleitzmanThen (Once Series)
2012978-1-250-00342-3Andrew GlassSnow Angels
  ''978-1-250-00343-0Madeleine L'EngleWrinkle in Time / Wind in the Door / Swiftly Tiltling Planet
2011978-1-250-00344-7Jessica WuFeed Your Face: Younger, Smoother Skin and a Beautiful Body in 28 Delicious Days
2012978-1-250-00345-4Kim IzzoThe Jane Austen Marriage Manual: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00346-1David CrystalThe Story of English in 100 Words
2013978-1-250-00347-8David CrystalSpell It Out: The Curious, Enthralling and Extraordinary Story of English Spelling
2012978-1-250-00348-5Julia KellerA Killing in the Hills (Bell Elkins Novels)
2013978-1-250-00349-2Julia KellerBitter River: A Novel (Bell Elkins Novels)
2012978-1-250-00350-8Shelle SumnersGrace Grows: A Novel
2014978-1-250-00351-5Haywood SmithQueen Bee Goes Home Again: A Novel
2013978-1-250-00352-2Haywood SmithOut of Warranty
2014978-1-250-00353-9Shanna HoganPicture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story: A Beautiful Photographer, Her Mormon Lover, and a Brutal Murder
2012978-1-250-00354-6Gardner DozoisThe Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Ninth Annual Collection
  ''978-1-250-00355-3Gardner DozoisThe Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Ninth Annual Collection
  ''978-1-250-00356-0Joanna BradyThe Woman at the Light: A Novel
2012978-1-250-00361-4Peter AckroydFoundation: The History of England from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors
2013978-1-250-00362-1Peter AckroydTudors: The History of England from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I
2014978-1-250-00363-8   ''Rebellion: The History of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution
2017978-1-250-00364-5   ''Revolution: The History of England from the Battle of the Boyne to the Battle of Waterloo
2018978-1-250-00365-2   ''Dominion: The History of England from the Battle of Waterloo to Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
2015978-1-250-00367-6Stanley B. GreenbergAmerica Ascendant: A Revolutionary Nation’s Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century
2012978-1-250-00368-3Sen. Arlen Specter · Charles RobbinsLife Among the Cannibals: A Political Career, a Tea Party Uprising, and the End of Governing As We Know It
  ''978-1-250-00369-0Marcia WillettThe Summer House: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00370-6Marcia WillettChristmas in Cornwall: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00371-3Peter SteinerThe Resistance: A Thriller (A Louis Morgon Thriller)
  ''978-1-250-00372-0Celia HaddonCats Behaving Badly: Why Cats Do the Naughty Things They Do
2012978-1-250-00373-7Gail JonesFive Bells
  ''978-1-250-00374-4Zoë HellerEverything You Know
  ''978-1-250-00375-1Nadine GordimerMy Son's Story: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00376-8Nadine GordimerJump and Other Stories
  ''978-1-250-00377-5Michael Lee WestGone with a Handsomer Man: A Novel (Teeny Templeton Mysteries)
2012978-1-250-00379-9Elizabeth EssexAlmost a Scandal (Reckless Brides, Book 1) (The Reckless Brides)
  ''978-1-250-00380-5Elizabeth EssexA Breath of Scandal: The Reckless Brides
2013978-1-250-00381-2   ''Scandal in the Night: The Reckless Brides
2012978-1-250-00382-9Anna DeanGentleman Of Fortune (Dido Kent Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-00383-6DAVID LIVINGSTONE SMITHLess Than Human
  ''978-1-250-00384-3Gareth CrockerFinding Jack: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00385-0Stacey EdgarGlobal Girlfriends: How One Mom Made It Her Business to Help Women in Poverty Worldwide
2012978-1-250-00386-7Raoul Felder · Barbara VictorThe Good Divorce: How to Walk Away Financially Sound and Emotionally Happy
  ''978-1-250-00387-4Julia Spencer-FlemingOne Was a Soldier (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-00388-1Thelma AdamsPlaydate: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00389-8Norb VonnegutThe Trust
  ''978-1-250-00390-4New York TimesThe New York Times Simply Sundays: 150 Big Sunday Crossword Puzzles
2012978-1-250-00391-1New York TimesThe New York Times Picnic Blanket Crosswords: 75 Easy to Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00392-8Will ShortzWill Shortz Presents Eat, Pray, Sudoku: 100 Easy to Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00393-5New York TimesThe New York Times Scrumptiously Simple Crosswords: 150 Easy Puzzles
2012978-1-250-00394-2New York TimesThe New York Times Deliciously Doable Crosswords: 150 Medium Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00395-9   ''The New York Times Delightfully Difficult Crosswords: 150 Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00396-6Will ShortzWill Shortz Presents Mischievous Sudoku: 200 Easy to Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00397-3   ''Will Shortz Presents Wicked Sudoku: 200 Hard Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00398-0   ''Will Shortz Presents Devious Sudoku
2012978-1-250-00399-7New York TimesThe New York Times Huge Book of Easy Crosswords: 200 Light and Easy Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00400-0   ''The New York Times Springtime Solving Crosswords: 75 Bright and Easy Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00401-7Will ShortzWill Shortz Presents The Epic Book of Extreme Sudoku: 300 Challenging Puzzles
  ''978-1-250-00402-4New York TimesThe New York Times Easy to Not-So-Easy Crossword Puzzle Omnibus Vol. 6: 200 Monday--Saturday Crosswords from the Pages of The New York Times
2012978-1-250-00403-1New York TimesThe New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles Volume 13: 50 Monday Puzzles from the Pages of The New York Times
  ''978-1-250-00404-8Evelyn TriboleIntuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works
  ''978-1-250-00405-5Ryan HeshkaWelcome to Monster Town
2014978-1-250-00406-2Alison McGheeOnly a Witch Can Fly
2012978-1-250-00407-9PETER TREMAYNECHALICE OF BLOOD (Mysteries of Ancient Ireland)
  ''978-1-250-00408-6Paula BrackstonThe Witch's Daughter: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00409-3Kimberly Willis HoltPiper Reed, Rodeo Star
2012978-1-250-00410-9G. M. MallietWicked Autumn: A Max Tudor Novel
  ''978-1-250-00411-6Patrick J. BuchananSuicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?
2011978-1-250-00412-3Chelsea CainEvil at Heart: A Thriller (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell)
2012978-1-250-00419-2Joseph FinderBuried Secrets 18c Mixed Floor Disp (Nick Heller Novels)
2011978-1-250-00421-5Tatiana de RosnaySarah's Key
2013978-1-250-00423-9Matt SametDeath Grip: A Climber's Escape from Benzo Madness
2012978-1-250-00424-6Eric Sinoway · Merrill MeadowHoward's Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work
  ''978-1-250-00425-3Joanie Zeier PooleThe Complete Guide to Machine Quilting: How to Use Your Home Sewing Machine to Achieve Hand-Quilting Effects
  ''978-1-250-00426-0Emily ZaidenTop Pops: 55 All-Natural Frozen Treats to Make at Home
  ''978-1-250-00427-7Ian K. SmithThe Truth About Men: The Secret Side of the Opposite Sex
2011978-1-250-00428-4Ian K. SmithEat
2013978-1-250-00432-1Gary O'Neal · David FisherAmerican Warrior: The True Story of a Legendary Ranger
2012978-1-250-00433-8Pam KasterMolly the Pony: A True Story (My Readers)
2011978-1-250-00434-5Tatiana de RosnaySarah's Key
2012978-1-250-00438-3Warren SappSapp Attack: My Story
2011978-1-250-00441-3Gerald J. Alred · Charles T. Brusaw · Walter E. OliuHandbook of Technical Writing, Tenth Edition
2011978-1-250-00442-0Gerald J. Alred · Charles T. Brusaw · Walter E. OliuThe Business Writer's Handbook, Tenth Edition (Business Writer's Handbook (Hardcover))
2012978-1-250-00443-7Tetsuya Miyamoto · LLC KenKen PuzzleWill Shortz Presents The Dangerous Book of KenKen: 100 Very Hard Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter
  ''978-1-250-00444-4Will Shortz · Tetsuya MiyamotoWill Shortz Presents Stress-Free KenKen: 100 Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter
2013978-1-250-00445-1Todd Gray · Ellen Kassoff GrayThe New Jewish Table: Modern Seasonal Recipes for Traditional Dishes
2012978-1-250-00446-8Mary TregellasHomemade Preserves & Jams: Over 90 Recipes for Luscious Jams, Tangy Marmalades, Crunchy Chutneys, and More
  ''978-1-250-00447-5Peter D. SchiffThe Real Crash
  ''978-1-250-00449-9Eleanor Clift · Matthew SpielerSelecting a President (Fundamentals of American Government)
2013978-1-250-00450-5James CharltonThe Military Quotation Book: More than 1,100 of the Best Quotations About War, Leadership, Courage, Victory, and Defeat
2012978-1-250-00451-2Lawrence Anthony · Graham SpenceThe Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World's Greatest Creatures
  ''978-1-250-00452-9Susan Hill · J. M. BarriePeter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
2012978-1-250-00453-6Annamaria AlfieriInvisible Country: A Mystery
  ''978-1-250-00454-3David HandlerThe Snow White Christmas Cookie: A Berger and Mitry Mystery (Berger and Mitry Mysteries)
2013978-1-250-00455-0Annamaria AlfieriBlood Tango: A Mystery
2012978-1-250-00456-7Harriet Welty RochefortJoie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like the French
  ''978-1-250-00457-4Joy CastroHell or High Water: A Novel (Nola Céspedes Novels)
2013978-1-250-00458-1Joy CastroNearer Home: A Novel (Nola Céspedes Novels)
2012978-1-250-00459-8Susan Hill · J. M. BarriePeter Pan: Lost and Found (My Readers)
  ''978-1-250-00462-8Charles CummingThe Trinity Six: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00463-5Reed Tucker · Andy BagwellDuke Sucks: A Completely Evenhanded, Unbiased Investigation into the Most Evil Team on Planet Earth
2011978-1-250-00464-2Jim FergusOne Thousand White Women
2012978-1-250-00467-3Madeleine L'EngleA Wrinkle in Time: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet)
978-1-250-00468-0Molokai - Dh Exclusive
2014978-1-250-00470-3Brian Cogan · Jeff MasseyEverything I Ever Needed to Know About _____* I Learned from Monty Python: *History, Art, Poetry, Communism, Philosophy, the Media, Birth, Death, ... Mythology, Fish Slapping, and Many More!
2012978-1-250-00471-0Stephen Dando-CollinsLegions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial Roman Legion
2013978-1-250-00472-7Christine BarberWhen the Devil Doesn't Show: A Mystery
2012978-1-250-00473-4Dan YaccarinoEvery Friday
2012978-1-250-00475-8Kimberly Willis HoltThe Water Seeker
  ''978-1-250-00476-5R. L. StineIt's the First Day of School...Forever!
  ''978-1-250-00477-2Elise BroachMissing on Superstition Mountain (Superstition Mountain Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-00478-9Greg TaylorKiller Pizza: The Slice
2013978-1-250-00479-6F. E. HigginsThe Lunatic's Curse
2012978-1-250-00480-2Tracy BarrettThe Missing Heir (Sherlock Files)
  ''978-1-250-00481-9Simon Cheshire · R. W. AlleyThe Pirate's Blood and Other Case Files: Saxby Smart, Private Detective: Book 3
2012978-1-250-00482-6Madeleine L'engleThe Joys of Love
  ''978-1-250-00483-3Jessica BrodyMy Life Undecided
  ''978-1-250-00484-0Jill S. AlexanderParadise
  ''978-1-250-00485-7Lisa MantchevSo Silver Bright (Theatre Illuminata)
  ''978-1-250-00487-1Andrew SmithPassenger (Marbury)
2013978-1-250-00492-5Doug WilsonThe Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych
2012978-1-250-00493-2Yrsa SigurdardottirAshes to Dust: A Thriller (Thora Gudmundsdottir)
2011978-1-250-00498-7Neville IsdellInside Coca Cola: A CEO's Secrets on Building the World's Most Popular Brand
2013978-1-250-00499-4Thurman MillerEarned in Blood: My Journey from Old-Breed Marine to the Most Dangerous Job in America
2013978-1-250-00500-7James W. HallGoing Dark: A Thorn Novel (Thorn Mysteries)
2014978-1-250-00501-4James W. HallThe Big Finish: A Thorn Novel (Thorn Mysteries)
2012978-1-250-00502-1Sandra DallasTrue Sisters
2013978-1-250-00503-8Sandra DallasTrue Sisters: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00504-5Kim GruenenfelderKeep Calm and Carry a Big Drink: A Novel (There's Cake in My Future)
2012978-1-250-00505-2Sterling Mace · Nick AllenBattleground Pacific: A Marine Rifleman's Combat Odyssey in K/3/5
2013978-1-250-00506-9Brad Steiger · Sherry Hansen SteigerFour-Legged Miracles: Heartwarming Tales of Lost Dogs' Journeys Home
  ''978-1-250-00510-6Eric Sinoway · Merrill MeadowHoward's Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work
  ''978-1-250-00511-3Andrew FukudaThe Prey (The Hunt Trilogy)
  ''978-1-250-00512-0Andrew FukudaThe Trap (The Hunt Trilogy)
2012978-1-250-00513-7Tom SantopietroThe Godfather Effect: Changing Hollywood, America, and Me
2012978-1-250-00514-4Andrew FukudaThe Hunt (The Hunt Trilogy)
2013978-1-250-00515-1James PrellerA Pirate's Guide to Recess
2012978-1-250-00516-8Robert LittellYoung Philby: A Novel
  ''978-1-250-00517-5Chris KnopfIce Cap: A Mystery (Jackie Swaitkowski Mysteries)
  ''978-1-250-00518-2Anita NairThe Lilac House: A Novel