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2011978-1-243-22542-9Hephaestus BooksArticles on Daseinsanalysis, Including: Martin Heidegger, Dasein, Being and Time, Medard Boss, Zollikon Seminars, Ludwig Binswanger
  ''978-1-243-31534-2Hephaestus BooksArticles on Physical Theatre, Including: Jacques Lecoq, Complicite, Kneehigh Theatre, Petra Massey, Dv8 Physical Theatre, Philippe Gaulier, Ephia
  ''978-1-243-34491-5   ''Articles on Loop Quantum Gravity, Including: Spin Network, Spin Foam, Immirzi Parameter, Ashtekar Variables, History of Loop Quantum Gravity, Hamilton
  ''978-1-243-40054-3Emily HollingsworthThis is not available 001188
  ''978-1-243-40620-0Katrina E BlackThis is not available 001389
2011978-1-243-41062-7Andrew F LangThis is not available 001587
  ''978-1-243-41741-1Hephaestus BooksArticles on Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition Researchers, Including: Stephen Krashen, Tracy D. Terrell, Rod Ellis, Carol Myers-Scotton, Da
  ''978-1-243-50074-8Jae Won LeeThis is not available 006984
  ''978-1-243-50544-6Peter Grant JordanThis is not available 007275
  ''978-1-243-50620-7Delia Cunningham MellisThis is not available 007324
2011978-1-243-51054-9John BlitzerThis is not available 007591
  ''978-1-243-51259-8Nikolaos BeratlisThis is not available 007724
  ''978-1-243-52846-9Qutaibah AlthebyanDesign and analysis of knowledge-base centric insider threat models.
  ''978-1-243-53078-3Jason Johnson Paul RockChurch in the Red Zone: Rekindling passion and purpose through contextual engagement.
  ''978-1-243-53984-7Li HanThis is not available 009734
2011978-1-243-55125-2Catherine T PrinceThis is not available 010636
  ''978-1-243-60544-3Michelle VonoThis is not available 015681
  ''978-1-243-60620-4Susan Marie NakleyThis is not available 015752
  ''978-1-243-61259-5Lisa DegiorgioThis is not available 016366
  ''978-1-243-61464-3David Stanford RazafskyThis is not available 016566
2011978-1-243-62054-5Cynthia A McGahueyThis is not available 017128
  ''978-1-243-63062-9Evelyn M GordonThis is not available 018090
  ''978-1-243-66125-8Eric R SimsThis is not available 020996
  ''978-1-243-68063-1Jose Ramon Urbez-TorresIdentification, distribution,biology
  ''978-1-243-68981-8Mellissa Heatherley WithersThis is not available 023791
2011978-1-243-70544-0Anna-Maria de la FuenteThis is not available 025305
  ''978-1-243-70704-8Mosin MondalComputational Techniques for Power and Signal Integrity in Packaged Microelectronics.
  ''978-1-243-71259-2Weihua CaoThis is not available 025990
  ''978-1-243-71433-6Wei XuThis is not available 026162
  ''978-1-243-73054-1Ali CivrilThis is not available 027696
2011978-1-243-74062-5Evelyn E KellyThis is not available 028685
  ''978-1-243-75334-2Tze-Ching FungThis is not available 029937
  ''978-1-243-77125-4Tiffany Aimee TsaoThis is not available 031687
  ''978-1-243-81259-9Heather Leavy RusiewiczThis is not available 033696
  ''978-1-243-97298-9David ZierlerThis is not available 035953
2011978-1-243-99265-9Tamar Judith PosnerDyscalculic in the Making: Mathematical Sovereignty, Neurological Citizenship, and the Realities of the Dyscalculic