British Library, Historical Print Editions

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-241-00214-5Dakota StevensA Traveler's Guide to Greenland Including the History, Transportation, Cuisine, National Geographic Features, and More
  ''978-1-241-00544-3See Notes Multiple ContributorsThe menace to business of the Sherman Anti-trust Act.
  ''978-1-241-00620-4See Notes Multiple ContributorsReport of the Senate Vice Committee: created under the authority of the Senate of the Forty-ninth General Assembly as a continuation of the committee ... General Assembly, State of Illinois.
  ''978-1-241-01054-6Anonymous · M LewisThe Old Hag in a Red Cloak. A romance. [In verse, by G. Watson.] Inscribed to [and a parody of the style of] the author of The Grim White Woman [M. G. Lewis].
  ''978-1-241-01259-5See Notes Multiple ContributorsProposed general bankrupt act for the United States / as prepared under the direction of a Committee of Merchants and Bankers of the City of New York.
2011978-1-241-04916-4Anne AdairSt. Kitts, Island Jewel of the Caribbean: What to See and Do During Your Visit
  ''978-1-241-05125-9AnonymousUnder King Constantine. [Poems.]
  ''978-1-241-05441-0Maksim GorkyThrough Russia (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-05442-7VariousBest Russian Short Stories (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-05443-4AnonymousThe marriage system of Bengal.
2011978-1-241-05444-1AnonymousChinese Literature (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-05785-5William CartwrightThe Battle of Waterloo, a poem.
  ''978-1-241-06200-2Robert John ParkerThe Antidote. A Letter of Enquiry addressed to R. J. Parker, Esq., and the Ratepayers of Selby. A sequel to Mr. Parker's Letter to Lord Londesborough.
  ''978-1-241-06202-6Pierce EganSongs ... in an entirely new ... burletta ... called Tom and Jerry, or Life in London ... founded on P. E.'s work, etc.
  ''978-1-241-06203-3AnonymousSailing Directions for the Lower Shannon and for Lough Derg. By Commander J. Wolfe. Second Edition
2011978-1-241-06204-0George Gordon N. ByronLord Byron's Armenian Exercises and Poetry (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-07087-8Edwin ArnoldThe Light of Asia (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-08036-5Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle de l CliffordA Toy Tragedy.
  ''978-1-241-10058-2Robert Bloomfield · Capel Lofft · Charlton NesbitRural tales, ballads, and songs.
  ''978-1-241-10544-0AnonymousThe Guide to Whitby and the neighbourhood: comprehending a description of the Abbey, etc.
2011978-1-241-10695-9Henry Scott Riddell · William Shillinglaw Crockett"Scotland Yet," and other verses ... Selected and edited, with memoir, by W. S. Crockett ... Centenary edition.
  ''978-1-241-11159-5Calista KingThe Young and the Restless Cast Party: An Unauthorized Guide to the History, Characters, and Cast of One of the Most Popular Soap Operas
  ''978-1-241-11464-0Esther SingletonJapan as Seen and Described by Famous Writers (Primary Sources, Historical Collections)
  ''978-1-241-11827-3Andrew Lang · Charles Oliver MurrayBorder Ballads. With an introductory essay by Andrew Lang, and twelve etchings by C. O. Murray.
  ''978-1-241-12002-3See Notes Multiple ContributorsThe Bar examination guide Volume 2 of 2
2011978-1-241-12054-2Robert FordVagabond Songs and Ballads of Scotland. With many old and familiar melodies. Edited, with notes, by R. Ford.
  ''978-1-241-12590-5William DavenantSalmacida spolia. A masque. Presented by the King and Queenes Majesties, at White-hall, on Tuesday the 21. day of Ianuary 1639. [In verse.]
  ''978-1-241-12591-2E C. · Edward CapellNotes and Various Readings to Shakespeare, part the first containing, All's Well that ends Well, Anthony and Cleopatra ... With a general glossary. ... reader" signed: E. C., i.e. Edward Capell.]
  ''978-1-241-12594-3See Notes Multiple ContributorsCopy of the first report of Her Majesty's commissioners appointed to inquire into the process, practice, and system of pleading in the Court of Chancery, &c.
  ''978-1-241-12596-7AnonymousPart II. Eighth edition.
2011978-1-241-12597-4W R. · William RichardsThe Christmas Ordinary, a Private Show; wherein is expressed the Jovial Freedom of that Festival. ... By W. R., Master of Arts.
  ''978-1-241-12598-1Charles Sidney WhitmanPatent laws and practice of obtaining letters patent for inventions in the United States and foreign countries: including copy-right and trade-mark laws.
  ''978-1-241-12599-8Thomas BurtonThe History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York ... Edited and enlarged by J. Raine.
  ''978-1-241-13451-8Alexander Allan CarrA History of Coldingham Priory; containing a survey of the civil and ecclesiastical history of the Eastern portion of Berwickshire, etc.
  ''978-1-241-13579-9Emily RastBlondie Off the Record: A Look Back at the New Wave Band That Helped Kick Off the Punk Rock Movement.
2011978-1-241-14012-0Thomas Shadwell · Jean Baptiste de. MolièreThe Miser: a comedy, in five acts and in prose: founded on Molière's "L'Avare.".
  ''978-1-241-14336-7Aphra BehnThe Rover, or, the Banish't Cavaliers. [A comedy in five acts and in prose, by Aphara Behn. Part the first.]
  ''978-1-241-14419-7Thomas Shadwell · Jean Baptiste de. MolièreThe Miser: a comedy in five acts and in prose. Founded on Molière's "L'Avare". Written by T. Shadwell.
  ''978-1-241-14746-4Anonymous · Thomas Moore · Joseph Rudolf SchachnerIsrael's Return from Babylon, an Oratorio in Four Parts ... Composed by J. R. Schachner, Etc.
  ''978-1-241-16004-3A .Toeppe Robolsky · Henrietta WalduckEnglisches Lesebuch .
2011978-1-241-16547-5Henry PeachamThe garden of eloquence, etc. (Poetry & Drama)
  ''978-1-241-19420-8Charles d' Héricault · Frances Cashel Hoey1794. A Tale of the Terror. From the French ("Les Aventures de Deux Parisiennes pendant la Terreur") ...
  ''978-1-241-19593-9Reginald Saint barbeFrancesca Halstead: a tale of San Remo.
  ''978-1-241-20381-8Marie CorelliA Romance of Two Worlds. A novel.
  ''978-1-241-20544-7Samuel LL.D. Johnson · Alexander F.S.A. Chalmers · Arthur MurphyThe Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. A new edition ... With an essay on his life and genius by Arthur Murphy. [With a portrait. Edited by A. Chalmers.]
2011978-1-241-20620-8Edward BoidA Description of the Azores, or Western Islands, from personal observation, etc. [With plates and a map.]
  ''978-1-241-21073-1Annë CoatesRie's Diary.
  ''978-1-241-21512-5Ida Scott Taylor · Frances BrundageBaby's Book ... Illustrated by F. Brundage.
  ''978-1-241-21587-3George Robert SimsDorcas Dene, Detective, etc.
  ''978-1-241-21634-4F. AnsteyThe Giant's Robe.
2011978-1-241-21809-6Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan · Edwin Austin Abbey · Frederick BarnardSheridan's Comedies. The Rivals and the School for Scandal. Edited with an introduction and notes to each play and a biographical sketch of Sheridan ... Fred. Barnard, R. Blum, C. S. Reinhart, etc.
  ''978-1-241-25900-6Pusey E. B.Do All to the Lord Jesus: A Sermon
  ''978-1-241-25908-2Franklin K MathiewsThe ransom of Red Chief, and other O. Henry stories for boys
2009978-1-241-25912-9Siegfried Ludwig Johan P. Ckler-LimpurgMartin Schaffner
  ''978-1-241-25916-7Fr Ministère de l'instruction publiqueCatalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France: Départements (French Edition)
  ''978-1-241-25917-4Almela Mengot VicenteLa Hora del Amor: Comedia en un Acto y en Prosa (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-241-25935-8Riemann OthonÉtudes sur la Langue et la Grammaire de Tite-Live (French Edition)
  ''978-1-241-25936-5Thomas ChattertonThe Revenge, a Burletta; Acted at Marybone Gardens, MDCCLXX. With Additional Songs
  ''978-1-241-25939-6Upfold GeorgeNational sins the cause of national calamity. A sermon dilivered in St. Paul's church, La Porte, Ind
  ''978-1-241-25940-2Boyle WilliamIrish Poets and the East
  ''978-1-241-25942-6ChateaubriandVoyage en Grèce (French Edition)
2009978-1-241-25943-3Fitzwilliam (N.H. : Town)Reports of the Superintending School Committee Selectmen & Treasurer of the Town of Fitzwilliam
  ''978-1-241-25945-7M'Arthur AlexanderAnton Rubinstein: A Biographical Sketch
  ''978-1-241-25946-4Lee Alfred T.Facts Respecting the Present State of the Church in Ireland
  ''978-1-241-25947-1Marsh Luther R.A Slight Souvenir of a Visit to the Yorktown Centennial Celebration in October 1881
  ''978-1-241-25949-5Charles DarwinThe Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication
2011978-1-241-25951-8AnonymousThis Rol was Laburd & Finished by Master John Rows of Warrewyk
2009978-1-241-25957-0   ''Report
2009978-1-241-25959-4John Stuart Blackie · Archibald Stodart WalkerSelected Poems
2011978-1-241-25963-1Griffis William ElliotSir William Johnson and the Six Nations
2009978-1-241-25967-9JAMES CURTIS BALLAGHThe Letters of Richard Henry Lee Volume - II 1779-1794
  ''978-1-241-25971-6Associação Com Comercial de MaranhãoRelatório da Directoria da Associação Commercial do Maranhão: apresentado em sessão da assembléa ger
  ''978-1-241-25972-3CapAn Account of the Pilgrimage to the Tomb of General Grant
  ''978-1-241-25978-5Dotia Trigg CooneyA Study in Ebony
  ''978-1-241-25981-5Richards George d.1814The political passing bell; an elegy. Written in a country meeting house, April, 1789
2011978-1-241-25982-2Jac Melancthon W.A Plea for the Critical Study of the Scriptures against Romanism and Rationalism
2009978-1-241-25983-9Committee of Republicans and IndependentReport of the National Executive Committee of Republicans and Independents
2011978-1-241-25986-0Isaac Fitzgerald ShepardMemorial Day,May 30,1870: Oration at Jefferson Barracks,St.Louis
2009978-1-241-25987-7English AssociationSummary of Examinations in English Affecting Schools
2009978-1-241-25989-1F. R. Vaterl Ndische Naturkunde in W. RtJahreshefte Des Vereins Fur Vaterl Ndische Naturkunde in W Rttemberg (German Edition)
  ''978-1-241-25991-4of Chicago. Dept. of English Language anShakspere tercentennial celebration: a program illustrating the chief types of drama before Shakspe
  ''978-1-241-25992-1Wells Frederic LymanA Statistical Study of Literary Merit with Remarks on Some New Phases of the Method
2011978-1-241-25995-2Fitch Theodore ThornburThe Influence of Density of Gas on the Formation of Corona
2009978-1-241-25996-9Jeanne Mairet Mme. Charle Healey Bigot · Marie"Our Ancestors: A Comedy in Two Acts
  ''978-1-241-26595-3Franz JungbluthÜber Gesetzmässigkeiten und Eigentümlichkeiten in der Struktur der dritten Cyanbandengruppe...
  ''978-1-241-27125-1Pierre Corneille · John Ernst MatzkeCinna; ou, La clémence d'Auguste. Edited with introd. and notes by John E. Matzke (French Edition)
2011978-1-241-30544-4AnonymousThe History of Marshall County ... Illustrated.
2011978-1-241-30620-5George PeckWyoming; its history, stirring incidents, and romantic adventures. With illustrations.
  ''978-1-241-30915-2Dana RasmussenLet's Get Naked, Vol. 1: Nude Beaches, Nude Hiking, Skinny Dipping, Nude Biking, Nude Weddings, and So Much More
  ''978-1-241-31233-6   ''Canine Hydrotherapy: The Use of Water to Help Dogs with Sore Backs, Hips, and Joints Like the Golden Retriever, Boxer, German Shepherd, Gre
  ''978-1-241-31259-6John BrownHaverfordwest and its Story; with Old Pembrokeshire Parishes, their traditions, histories and memories. (Old Pembrokeshire Parishes in the Hundred of ... of John Brown, writer on Pembrokeshire].)
  ''978-1-241-32863-4James Taylor · Francis Jeffrey · James MoncreiffLord Jeffrey and Craigcrook. A history of the Castle. By J. Taylor. And a sketch of Lord Jeffrey's character and Craigcrook life. By ... Lord ... T. Ross [and a preface by A. W. Williamson].
2011978-1-241-32957-0Freimund Goldmann · G GoldmannF. G.'s Briefe aus Wisconsin in Nord-Amerika ... herausgegeben von Dr. G. Goldmann. (German Edition)
  ''978-1-241-33142-9Monica MillianAn Unofficial Biography of Uta Barth: Contemporary Abstract Photography
  ''978-1-241-33674-5Dudley George Cary Elwes · Charles John RobinsonA history of the castles, mansions and manors of Western Sussex. By D. G. C. E. ... assisted by ... C. J. Robinson. ... With ... illustrations, etc. Part I.
  ''978-1-241-33685-1Alexander Hastie Millar · David SmallBy-gone Glasgow ... Forty full-page drawings and twenty-three text illustrations by D. Small, etc.
  ''978-1-241-34054-4Arthur George CharletonTin: describing the chief methods of mining, dressing, and smelting it abroad ... With drawings, etc.
2011978-1-241-38125-7Édouard SauerInventaire des Aveux et Dénombrements deposés aux Archives départementales à Metz, précédé d'une notice sur la création de la Chambre Royale. Publiés par E. Sauer. (French Edition)
  ''978-1-241-38467-8Anthony TrollopeThe Three Clerks. A novel. VOL. I
  ''978-1-241-38756-3Elizabeth CarterPoems on Several Occasions. (The Rambler. Numb. XLIV.).
  ''978-1-241-39653-4Stella Maberly · F. AnsteyThe Statement of Stella Maberly, written by herself. [A novel.] [By T. Arstey Guthrie.]
  ''978-1-241-40544-1AnonymousSixteen-String Jack, the Hero Highwayman, or the Dangers and Diversions of the Road, etc.
2011978-1-241-41038-4DaviesGuaranty Trust Company, Petitioner, against Metropolitan Street Railway Company, New York City Railway Company and others, Respondents
  ''978-1-241-41259-3Henry S. LunnHow to visit Switzerland. A guide book to the chief scenes of interest in Switzerland, together with the arrangements for the Grindelwald and ... Edited by H. S. Lunn. Third edition
  ''978-1-241-41353-8Dudley George Cary Elwes · Charles John RobinsonA History of the Castles, Mansions and Manors of Western Sussex. by D. G. C. E. Assisted by C. J. Robinson. with Illustrations, Etc
  ''978-1-241-41480-1YoungThe Universal Passion. Satire.
  ''978-1-241-43330-7César de. Bazancourt · Robert Howe. GouldThe Crimean Expedition, to the Capture of Sebastopol. Chronicles of the War in the East from its commencement to the signing of the treaty of peace. Translated by Robert Howe Gould.
2011978-1-241-43331-4George Thomas StauntonNotes of proceedings and occurrences, during the British embassy to Pekin, in 1816
  ''978-1-241-43332-1Henry Walter BatesThe Naturalist on the River Amazons. A record of adventures, habits of animals, sketches of Brazilian and Indian life, and aspects of nature under the Equator, during eleven years of travel. vol. II
  ''978-1-241-43336-9Robert P. Porter · Henry Gannet · William Palmer JonesThe West: from the census of 1880, a history of the industrial, commercial, social and political development of the states and territories of the West ... by H. Gannet ... and W. P. Jones, etc.
  ''978-1-241-43337-6George E. Warner · Charles M. Foote · J.F. WilliamsHistory of Washington County and the St. Croix Valley, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota, by E. D. Neill, and Outlines of the History of Minnesota, by J. F. Williams.
  ''978-1-241-43339-0William Sir LL.D. Smith · Abel Hendy Jones GreenidgeA Smaller History of Rome ... New and thoroughly revised edition by A. H. J. Greenidge, etc.
2011978-1-241-43360-4John Lamont · Archibald ConstableThe Chronicle of Fife; being the diary of J. L. of Newton, from 1649 to 1672. Edited by Archibald Constable
  ''978-1-241-43361-1William TarrantHongkong. A history of Hongkong from the time of its cession to the British Empire to the year 1844. pt. 1.
  ''978-1-241-43363-5Lucy Bethia WalfordCousins. [A Novel.]
  ''978-1-241-43364-2J.N. Metcalf · A W. Hyde · William W. RiceWorcester: its Past and Present. A brief historical review of two hundred years. Illustrated. [Chiefly compiled by J. N. Metcalf and A. W. Hyde, with ... authors, and an introduction by W. W. Rice.]
  ''978-1-241-43367-3Alexander WilmotThe Story of the Expansion of Southern Africa.
2011978-1-241-43368-0Charles Cornwallis ChesneyWaterloo Lectures: a study of the campaign of 1815. With a map
  ''978-1-241-43369-7N MatsonMemories of Shaubena. Incidents relating to the early settlements of the West. With illustrations.
  ''978-1-241-43766-4James WilkinsonMemoirs of my own times. VOL. III
  ''978-1-241-44654-3John Leavitt StevensHistory of Gustavus Adolphus.
  ''978-1-241-44854-7H PembertonThe History of Monaco, past and present
2011978-1-241-44980-3George Moir Bussey · Jean Baptiste Jules David · Thomas GaspeyThe Pictorial History of France and of the French People Enriched with designs by Jules David
  ''978-1-241-46044-0Joseph Marie Bruno Kervyn de lettenhoveHistoire de Flandre. Tome Premier (French Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46410-3J HolzwarthDer Abfall der Niederlande. ERSTER BAND (German Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46411-0C M. DaviesHistory of Holland, from the beginning of the tenth to the end of the eighteenth century. Volume the Third.
  ''978-1-241-46412-7W Wessels · Willem Jacobs. HofdijkWeerklank van een Echo. Alkmaar in 1573. Kritische toonen uit de "Dietsche Warande," onder het balkon van den Heer W. J. Hofdijk. [Being a stricture ... "Een Echo van 1573."] (Dutch Edition)
2011978-1-241-46413-4Herman BosschaGeschiedenis der staats-omwenteling in Nederland, voorgevallen in het jaar achttienhonderd dertien. TWEEDE DEEL (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46414-1John Lothrop MotleyThe Rise of the Dutch Republic, etc. [With plates.] vol. II (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46415-8Pieter Johan Blok · Oscar A. Bierstadt · Ruth PutnamHistory of the People of the Netherlands ... Translated by O. A. Bierstadt and Ruth Putnam. PART I
  ''978-1-241-46416-5Jan Izaak DoorninckDe Staatkunde der Nederlandsche Republiek van 1697 to 1795 in betrekking tot het evenwigt van Europa: academisch proefschrift, etc. (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46417-2Pieter Johan Blok · Oscar A. Bierstadt · Ruth PutnamHistory of the People of the Netherlands ... Translated by O. A. Bierstadt and Ruth Putnam. PART II
2011978-1-241-46418-9Daniel Veegens · Jakob Dirk VeegensHistorische Studien, ... uitgegeven door ... J. D. Veegens. (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46419-6Johannes Cornelis de JongeNederland en Venetie. (Dutch Edition)
  ''978-1-241-46585-8Louis Le moyne de la borderieHistoire de Bretagne. Critique des sources. Vol. 1. (French Edition)
  ''978-1-241-48072-1Carrick BrodieThe Hidden Picture. A novel. Vol. I
  ''978-1-241-48079-0Margaret Wilson OliphantMrs. Arthur. a Novel.
2011978-1-241-48474-3Esmé Amelie Claire le Roy StuartBy Right of Succession.
  ''978-1-241-49125-3Edward AbramA Ride through Syria, etc.
  ''978-1-241-49912-9Thomas AtkinsThe Wanderings of the Clerical Eulysses [sic] described in a narrative of ten years' residence in Tasmania and New South Wales, at Norfolk Island and Moreton Bay, in Calcutta, Madras, and Cape Town.
  ''978-1-241-50620-9William Sproston CaineA Trip round the World in 1887-8 ... Illustrated by John Pedder ... and the author. Second edition.
  ''978-1-241-50729-9Thomas SheehanExcursions from Bandon, in the South of Ireland. By a plain Englishman [i.e. Thomas Sheahan].
2011978-1-241-51259-0Robert Grenville WallaceFifteen years in India; or sketches of a soldier's life ... by an officer in His Majesty's service [R. G. W. i.e. R. G. Wallace].
  ''978-1-241-53115-7J.E.P. WeeksTrial of Rev Joy Hamlet Fairchild, on a Charge of Adultery with Miss Rhoda Davidson, in The Municipal Court, Boston, March Term, 1845
  ''978-1-241-53155-3Noelle MarinThe Influential Women of Rock, Pop, New Wave and Alternative Music: Pat Benatar, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper and More
  ''978-1-241-53789-0Dana RasmussenAll Grown Up: The Avril LaVigne Story
  ''978-1-241-54021-0Arthur KleinschmidtDrei Jahrhunderte russischer Geschichte. 1598-1898. Mit zwei genealogischen Tafeln und einer Karte. (German Edition)
2011978-1-241-54353-2Richard Herne ShepherdAnnus moriens (1858). [In verse.]
  ''978-1-241-54926-8James TaylorThe Victorian Empire; A Brilliant Epoch in Our National History. [With Illustrations and Maps.]
  ''978-1-241-56054-6Gaetano BaluffiL'America un tempo spagnuola riguardata sotto l'aspetto religioso dall' epoca del suo discuoprimento sino al 1843. (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-241-58287-6Florence MarryatThe Strange Transfiguration of Hannah Stubbs. [A novel.]
  ''978-1-241-60544-5AnonymousThe Poll Book of the contested Election for the Northern Division of ... Northumberland ... 1847, etc.
2011978-1-241-60708-1James Mackenzie · J. MacnairnThe Castles of England: their story and structure ... With ... illustrations and ... plans. VOL. I
  ''978-1-241-66084-0Bodleian LibraryIndex to the First Seven Volumes of the Dodsworth MSS
  ''978-1-241-66089-5United States Dept. of the InteriorDecisions of the Department of the Interior and the General Land Office: Volume III
  ''978-1-241-68062-6Hemans Felicia Dorothea BrowneThe Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy: A Poem
  ''978-1-241-68451-8William McCarthyPostmodern Literature and Its Writers: A Look at Cormac McCarthy, Don Delillo, Thomas Pynchon, and Paul Auster
2011978-1-241-71260-0Stella DawkinsA Guide to Locked-In Syndrome: An Overview, Presentation, Causes, Treatment, Etc.
  ''978-1-241-71598-4   ''A Guide to Rare Diseases: An Overview, Orphan Drugs, Prevalence, Support, Etc.
  ''978-1-241-72070-4Elane CasselberryJapanese Culture, Vol. 8: Popular Culture of Japan Including J-Pop, Cuteness, Fashion, Anime, Manga, Inventions and More