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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-100-10107-1Timothy C. WinegardOka: A Convergence of Cultures and the Canadian Forces
  ''978-1-100-10155-2Indian Claims CommissionIndian Claims Commission Proceedings (2008) 21 ICCP
  ''978-1-100-10176-7Neil McCrankRoad to Improvement: Report to the Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development: The Review of the Regulato
  ''978-1-100-10443-0Fred GaffenForgotten Soldiers
2009978-1-100-10627-4CanadaEffects-Based Approaches to Operations: Canadian Perspectives
  ''978-1-100-10809-4First Nation Forestry ProgramFirst Nations Forestry Program: Success Stories
2009978-1-100-10835-3CanadaCanada's Economic Action Plan: The Budget Speech, 2009
2010978-1-100-11029-5Mary Lynn ReidMountain Pine Beetle Dispersal Through Managed and Unmanaged Landscapes
  ''978-1-100-11047-9Ann Chan-McLeodFactors Affecting the Ecological Legacy of Unsalvaged Post-Mountain Pine Beetle Stands
2008978-1-100-11121-6Sarah BonesteelCanada's Relationship with Inuit: A History of Policy and Program Development
  ''978-1-100-11196-4Canada2009 Agristability Program: Guide to the 2009 Agristability Interim Application, Form and Guide
2010978-1-100-11229-9Canadian Wood Fibre CentreEffect of Commercial Thinning on Within-Stand Microclimate and Fine Fuel Moisture Conditions in a Mature Lodgepole Pine Stand in Southeastern British
2008978-1-100-11281-7Advisory Panel on Canadas System of InteEnhancing Canada's International Tax Advantage: Final Report
978-1-100-11292-3CanadaProtecting Canada's Future: Economic and Fiscal Statement, November 27, 2008
978-1-100-11293-0   ''Protecting Canada's Future: Economic and Fiscal Statement, November 27, 2008
2008978-1-100-11413-2Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativeTemporal Composition and Structure of Post-Beetle Lodgepole Pine Stands: Regeneration, Growth, Economics and Harvest Implications
2009978-1-100-11464-4CanadaCultural Intelligence and Leadership: An Introduction for Canadian Forces Leaders
  ''978-1-100-11551-1David L. BashowNone But the Brave: The Essential Contributions of RAF Bomber Command to Allied Victory During the Second World War
2008978-1-100-11627-3Adam · MacIver, Don · Dallmeier, Francisco FenechClimate Change and Biodiversity in the Americas
2009978-1-100-11742-3Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativeThe Bowron River Watershed: A Landscape Level Assessment of Post-Beetle Change in Stream Riparian Function
  ''978-1-100-11743-0CanadaSecuring the Start Line: An Introduction to Your Veterans Ombudsman
2009978-1-100-11896-3VariousSpecies at Risk. A Guide to Canada's Species at Risk in the Prairie Provinces.
  ''978-1-100-11920-5Steen MagnussenAssessing the Shelf Life Attributes of Mountain Pine Beetle-Killed Trees
2010978-1-100-11921-2Kathy J. LewisChange in Wood Quality and Fall Rate of Trees Up to Ten Years After Death from Mountain Pine Beetle
2013978-1-100-12176-5CanadaCanada's Economic Action Plan: A First Report to Canadians
2009978-1-100-12406-3Transportation Safety Board of CanadaCrossing Collision, Via Rail Canada Inc., Passenger Train Number 35, Mile 23.57, Canadian National Kingston Subdivision, Pincourt/Terrasse-Vaudreuil,
  ''978-1-100-12518-3Barry CookeForecasting Mountain Pine Beetle Overwintering Mortality in a Variable Environment
  ''978-1-100-12723-1CanadaCanadian Pipeline Transportation System: Transportation Assessment
2010978-1-100-12725-5Terry Copp · J. T. CoppCombat Stress in the 20th Century: The Commonwealth Perspective
2009978-1-100-12770-5Transportation Safety Board of CanadaRunaway/Derailment: Canadian National Freight Train L-567-51-29, Mile 184.8, Lillooet Subdivision Near Lillooet, British Columbia, 29 June
  ''978-1-100-13137-5Pacific Forestry CentreLinking Survey Detection Accuracy with Ability to Mitigate Populations of Mountain Pine Beetle
2009978-1-100-13139-9John F. RexHydrologic Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation and Salvage-Harvesting Operations
  ''978-1-100-13140-5Rod StirlingNear Infrared Detection of Decay in Post-Mountain Pine Beetle Lumber
  ''978-1-100-13142-9Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativeEffects of Pine Beetle Infestations and Treatments on Hydrology and Geomorphology: Integrating Stand-Level Data and Knowledge in Mesoscale Watershed F
  ''978-1-100-13144-3Pacific Forestry CentreAssessment of Post-Beetle Impacts on Natural Regeneration of Lodgepole Pine
  ''978-1-100-13147-4Chunping DaiFeasibility of Composing Green Mountain Pine Beetle Veneers
2009978-1-100-13149-8Pacific Forestry CentreDevelopment of High-Performance and Durable Engineered Wood Products from Mountain Pine Beetle Veneers Using Novel Resin Impregnation Technologies
  ''978-1-100-13151-1   ''Modeling the Effects of a Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak and Potential Management Responses in Alberta's Eastern Slopes
2010978-1-100-13385-0Markus SchnorbusQuantifying the Water Resource Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle and Associated Salvage Harvest Operations Across a Range of Watershed Scales: Hydrologi
2009978-1-100-13387-4Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativeDevelopment and Application of a Peak-Flow Hazard Model for the Fraser Basin (British Columbia)
  ''978-1-100-13389-8   ''Development of a Low-Flow Hazard Model for the Fraser Basin, British Columbia
  ''978-1-100-13391-1Patrick Anthony TetiEffects of Overstory Mortality on Snow Accumulation and Ablation: Phase 2
  ''978-1-100-13393-5   ''Novel Aerial Photography as an Aid to Sampling Secondary Structure in Pine Stands
2009978-1-100-13395-9Pacific Forestry CentreMountain Pine Beetle and Salvage Harvesting Influence on Small Stream Riparian Zones
  ''978-1-100-13434-5Pierre VernierMpb Biodiversity (Mpbio): A GIS-Based Toolbox for Exploring the Ecological Consequences of Salvage Logging Description and User's Guide
  ''978-1-100-13437-6Jan BrdickoFeasibility of Optimizing Log Sorting and Lumber Manufacturing Processes by Using X-Ray Scanning to Characterize Check Severity in Mountain Pine Beetl
  ''978-1-100-13439-0Pacific Forestry CentreWaste Fatty Acid Addition to Black Liquor to Decrease Tall Oil Soap Solubility and Increase Skimming Efficiency in Kraft Mills Pulping Mountain Pine B
  ''978-1-100-13441-3Victor Charles UlothThe Effect of Varying Air Injection Rates on Tall Oil Soap Skimming Efficiency for Low Fatty Acid/Resin Acid Ratio Soaps Produced by Pulping Mountain
2009978-1-100-13447-5Kathleen Margaret Sempl ChowImproving the Stability of Oriented Strand Board Manufactured from Mountain Pine Beetle Wood
  ''978-1-100-13448-2Pacific Forestry CentreDetermining the Relationship Between Wood and Fibre Quality of Mountain Pine Beetle-Killed Wood and Paper Quality of Mechanical Paper
  ''978-1-100-13451-2Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativePreliminary Risk Rating for Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation of Lodgepole Pine Forests Over Large Areas with Ordinal Regression Modelling
  ''978-1-100-13453-6K. Dave CoatesAbundance of Secondary Structure in Lodgepole Pine Stands Affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle in the Cariboo-Chilcotin
  ''978-1-100-13455-0Emina KrcmarFramework to Support Impact Analyses of Renewal Strategies of Forestlands Affected by Mountain Pine Beetle
2009978-1-100-13457-4Ann Chan-McLeodDecision Support Tool for Managing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resilience in Mountain Pine Beetle-Susceptible Landscapes
  ''978-1-100-13459-8J. N. SaddlerBioconversion of Beetle-Killed Lodgepole Pine to Bioethanol
  ''978-1-100-13720-9CanadaCanada's Energy Future: Infrastructure Changes and Challenges to 2020
  ''978-1-100-13768-1Michael K. JefferyInside Canadian Forces Transformation: Institutional Leadership as a Catalyst for Change / Michael K. Jeffery
2013978-1-100-13770-4CanadaDecision-Making: International Perspectives
2009978-1-100-13969-2Public Health Agency of CanadaReport from the National Diabetes Surveillance System: Diabetes in Canada, 2009
2010978-1-100-13993-7Brad WangImpact of Mountain Pine Beetle-Attacked Lodgepole Pine Logs on Veneer Processing
  ''978-1-100-14031-5Parks CanadaGros Morne National Park of Canada: Management Plan
2009978-1-100-14149-7National Round Table on the EnvironmentTrue North: Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Change in Canada's North
2009978-1-100-14309-5CanadaCanada's Economic Action Plan: A Fourth Report to Canadians
2010978-1-100-14337-8Christopher R. KilfordThe Other Cold War: Canada's Military Assistance to the Developing World, 1945-1975
  ''978-1-100-14609-6Adnan UzunovicHeat Disinfestation of Decay Fungi Found in Post-Mountain Pine Beetle Wood
  ''978-1-100-14615-7Mountain Pine Beetle InitiativeLandscape-Level Analysis of Mountain Pine Beetle in British Columbia: Spatiotemporal Development and Spatial Synchrony Within the Present Outbreak
  ''978-1-100-14808-3CanadaFifth National Communication on Climate Change: Actions to Meet Commitments Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  ''978-1-100-14931-8Claude DelisleAtlas of Long-Term Forest Research Experimental Sites of the Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre
2010978-1-100-15226-4CanadaScott Research Farm Celebrating 100 Years: Founded 1910
2013978-1-100-15500-5Parks CanadaWaterton Lakes National Park of Canada: Management Plan
2010978-1-100-15514-2Parks CanadaNahanni National Park Reserve of Canada Nah?a Dehe Management Plan
  ''978-1-100-15532-6   ''Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada Management Plan
  ''978-1-100-15576-0CanadaEnvironmental Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture
  ''978-1-100-15872-3Public Health Agency of CanadaPopulation-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: Aboriginal Peoples
  ''978-1-100-16456-4CanadaIntegrated Capstone Concept
2010978-1-100-16595-0Transportation Safety Board of CanadaRolling Stock Damage Without Derailment or Collision: Canadian National, Freight Train Number M-30451-11, Mile 238.30, Redditt Subdivision, Dugald, Ma
  ''978-1-100-16914-9Public Health Agency of CanadaCanadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2008: Major Findings
  ''978-1-100-17236-1None CreditedEthical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
  ''978-1-100-17628-4Transportation Safety Board of CanadaMain Gearbox Malfunction/Collision with Water: Cougar Helicopters Inc., Sikorsky S-92a, C-Gzch, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, 35 NM E, 12 Mar
2011978-1-100-18143-1   ''Loss of Control - Collision with Water, Seair Seaplanes Ltd., de Havilland Dhc-2 Mk 1 (Beaver) C-Gtmc, Lyall Harbour, Saturna Island, British Columbia
  ''978-1-100-18213-1Kathy J. LewisForest Health and Mortality of Advance Regeneration Following Canopy Tree Mortality Caused by the Mountain Pine Beetle
2011978-1-100-18286-5Pacific Forestry CentreMarkets for Forest Products Following a Large Disturbance: Opportunities and Challenges from the Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak in Western Canada
  ''978-1-100-18313-8Markus SchnorbusA Synthesis of the Hydrological Consequences of Large-Scale Mountain Pine Beetle Disturbance
  ''978-1-100-18315-2W. G. RielImpacts of Climate Change on Mountain Pine Beetle Habitat Connectivity in Western Canada
  ''978-1-100-18317-6Kevin PellowMountain Pine Beetle Survey in the Peace Region of British Columbia and Adjacent Areas in Alberta
  ''978-1-100-18378-7L. SafranyikDevelopment and Survival of the Spruce Beetle, Dendroctonus Rufipennis, in Stumps and Windthrow
2011978-1-100-18391-6K. P. BleikerMountain Pine Beetle Range Expansion: Assessing the Threat to Canada's Boreal Forest by Evaluating the Endemic Niche: Final Report
  ''978-1-100-18475-3CanadaReport on Federal Science Conducted in Support of Northern Energy Development, 2002-2010
  ''978-1-100-18883-6Canadian Manufacturers & ExportersBusiness Innovation and Strategy: A Canadian Perspective: Report Based on the Results of the Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy (Sibs)
  ''978-1-100-19049-5Sherry Farrell RacetteResilience Resistance: Metis Art, 1880-2011
  ''978-1-100-19291-8Parks CanadaGulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site of Canada Management Plan
2011978-1-100-19408-0Canadian Defence AcademyShaping the Future: Military and Veteran Health Research
  ''978-1-100-19496-7Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionCnsc Fukushima Task Force Report
  ''978-1-100-19568-1Diabetes in Canada: Facts and Figures from a Public Health Perspective
  ''978-1-100-19569-8Diabetes in Canada: Facts and Figures from a Public Health Perspective
  ''978-1-100-19737-1Northwest TerritoriesNorthern Land Use Guidelines: Northwest Territories Seismic Operations
2012978-1-100-19743-2Bernard James BristerThe Same Yet Different: Continuity and Change in the Canada-United States Post-9/11 Security Relationship
2011978-1-100-19765-4CanadaReview of Offshore Drilling in the Canadian Arctic: Preparing for the Future
2012978-1-100-19871-2D. Lynne DicksonSeasonal Movement of King Eiders Breeding in Western Arctic Canada and Northern Alaska
2012978-1-100-19898-9Parks CanadaAulavik National Park of Canada Management Plan, 2012
  ''978-1-100-20377-5Public Health Agency of CanadaPopulation-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: Women
  ''978-1-100-20763-6CanadaSpecial Operations Forces: Building Global Partnerships
2013978-1-100-21527-3   ''In Their Own Words: Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007
  ''978-1-100-22340-7Harald MeerkammSchaeffler: Technisches Taschenbuch [Neuauflage, Ausgabe April 2013]
2007978-1-100-42008-0Nadim Sibtain · Nadaim SibotainPaure Tan Kaa Idhaura Pan: Dosraa Shiarai Va Aksai Mujmuah
2013978-1-100-50098-0Public Service Commission of CanadaAudit of Health Canada
2010978-1-100-50104-8   ''Audit of Infrastructure Canada
2010978-1-100-50106-2Public Service Commission of CanadaAudit of the Canada Border Services Agency
  ''978-1-100-50107-9   ''Audit of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada: A Report
2009978-1-100-50267-0CanadaHistorical Aspects of Air Force Leadership
2008978-1-100-50319-6Amy PhenixCoding Rules for Static- 2002
2009978-1-100-50392-9CanadaAboriginal Consultation and Accommodation: Interim Guidelines for Federal Officials to Fulfill the Legal Duty to Consult
  ''978-1-100-50449-0Natural Resources CanadaCanada LARGE Wall Map 46x63 inches PAPER, Ships Rolled
  ''978-1-100-50509-1Public Health Agency of CanadaReport from the National Diabetes Surveillance System: Diabetes in Canada, 2009
2010978-1-100-50683-8Canadian International Development AgencDevelopment for Results, 2009: At the Heart of Canada's Efforts for a Better World
2009978-1-100-50720-0Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare CentreProjecting Power: Canada's Air Force 2035
2010978-1-100-50756-9CanadaSurvey of Household Energy Use, 2007: Summary Report
  ''978-1-100-50815-3   ''The Health Canada Scientific Integrity Policy
2009978-1-100-50965-5Leticia GutierrezDrug Treatment Courts: A Quantitative Review of Study and Treatment Quality
2009978-1-100-50971-6CanadaCommunity Stories: Aboriginal Successes in British Columbia
2010978-1-100-51148-1Canadian Manufacturers & ExportersState of Design: The Canadian Report 2010
  ''978-1-100-51263-1Canadian Wood Fibre CentreImplementation Plan, 2009-2011
  ''978-1-100-51298-3Office of the Federal Ombudsman for VictToward a Greater Respect for Victims in the Corrections and Conditional Release ACT
2015978-1-100-51390-4CanadaPacific Region Cold-Water Coral and Sponge Conservation Strategy, 2010-2015
2010978-1-100-51470-3Canadian Institutes Of Health ResearchTo Your Health: Celebrating 10 Years of Research Success
2013978-1-100-51548-9Parks CanadaBanff National Park of Canada Management Plan 2010: Parc National Du Canada Banff Plan Directeur 2010
2010978-1-100-51553-3Public Health Agency of CanadaReport from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System: Hypertension in Canada, 2010
978-1-100-51569-4CanadaImproving Canada's Digital Advantage: Strategies for Sustainable Prosperity: Consultation Paper on a Digital Economy Strategy for Canada
2013978-1-100-51596-0Parks CanadaJasper National Park of Canada Management Plan: Plan Directeur Du Parc National Du Canada Jasper
2010978-1-100-51597-7Elections CanadaResponding to Changing Needs: Recommendations from the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Following the 40th General Election
2013978-1-100-51662-2Udaas Naslain
2010978-1-100-51680-6CanadaAudit, Linguistic Audit of the Individual Training and Education System: Canadian Forces, Department of National Defence
  ''978-1-100-51850-3Canadian Coast Guard2010-2013 Strategic Human Resources Plan
  ''978-1-100-51896-1CanadaRisk Management Strategy for Mercury
2009978-1-100-52045-2JOSIANE JONCKHEERE · KATRIEN KERCKHOVELa coiffure en fiches pratiques - vaktaalboek (+ oefen-cd)
2012978-1-100-52082-7Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceProgress: Transformation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
2010978-1-100-52197-8CanadaGuide to Violence Prevention in the Work Place
2010978-1-100-52199-2FpinnovationsStatus of Energy Use in Canadian Wood Products Sector
  ''978-1-100-52522-8CanadaCanadian Forces Aerospace Doctrine
2011978-1-100-52692-8   ''Canadian Forces Aerospace Sustain Doctrine
  ''978-1-100-52722-2   ''Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Resilience Strategy for Canada
2011978-1-100-52783-3CanadaRaising Our Game for Vancouver 2010: Final Report on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
2009978-1-100-52999-8Carl A. & Sandy Babcock & Christopher Shelley & Jody Perrun & Jeff Noakes & Leo Pettipas & Dean C. Black & Dixie Dysart & Paul Johnston & Richard Gimblett & W. A. March ChristieBig Sky, Little Air Force (Sic Itur Ad Astra Canadian Aerospace Power Studies)
2011978-1-100-53014-7CanadaAerospace Electronic Warfare Doctrine
  ''978-1-100-53048-2   ''Beyond Bilingual Meetings: Leadership Behaviours for Managers
  ''978-1-100-53099-4Canadian Coast GuardCanadian Coast Guard: Maritime Security Contributions
  ''978-1-100-53101-4CanadaAssessing the Risk of Older Sex Offenders: Developing the Static-99r and Static-2002r
  ''978-1-100-53113-7Tod STRICKLANDFrom the Boers to the Taliban: How Canadian Attitudes Towards War Have Changed / Des Boers aux talibans: le changement de la perception canadienne de la guerre.
2011978-1-100-53229-5D. J. LambertCampaign Authority as a Framework in Operational Design
  ''978-1-100-53273-8Parks CanadaOur Story: Notre histoire
2009978-1-100-53543-2Carl A. & Sandy Babcock & Christopher Shelley & Jody Perrun & Jeff Noakes & Leo Pettipas & Dean C. Black & Dixie Dysart & Paul Johnston & Richard Gimblett & W. A. March ChristieCombat if Necessary but not Necessarily Combat
2011978-1-100-53622-4CanadaYouth on the Street and Youth Involved with Child Welfare: Maltreatment, Mental Health and Substance Use
  ''978-1-100-53756-6   ''Audit of Service Delivery in English and French to Air Canada Passengers: Final Report
  ''978-1-100-53763-4J. A. E. K. DowellIntelligence for the Canadian Army in the 21st Century: Enabling Land Operations
  ''978-1-100-53903-4Public Service Commission of CanadaReport on the Agreement on the Follow-Up to the Audit of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada: A Report
2011978-1-100-53970-6CanadaCanadian Forces Aerospace Move Doctrine
2012978-1-100-54028-3Natural Resources CanadaNorthern Canada Wall map 44x48 inch PAPER, Ships Rolled
  ''978-1-100-54040-5CanadaBeyond Transformation: The Cpo1/Cwo Strategic Employment Model
2011978-1-100-54041-2   ''Project Laminar Strike: Canada's Air Force: Post Op Athena
2012978-1-100-54160-0   ''Canadian Forces Aerospace Shield Doctrine
2012978-1-100-54182-2CanadaThe Supreme Court of Canada
  ''978-1-100-54212-6   ''Canadian Forces Aerospace Command Doctrine
  ''978-1-100-54259-1Jean-Pierre GuayPredicting Recidivism with Street Gang Members
2011978-1-100-54286-7Public Health Agency of CanadaInjury in Review: Spotlight on Road and Transport Safety
2012978-1-100-54293-5Christopher McCreery · Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of Honours and Recognition.The Order of Military Merit
  ''978-1-100-54299-7CanadaAudit of the Implementation of Part VII of the Official Languages ACT at Industry Canada: Final Report
  ''978-1-100-54368-0Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare CentreCanadian Forces Aerospace Sense Doctrine
2012978-1-100-54405-2Canadade-Icing Required!: The Historical Dimension of the Canadian Air Force's Experience in the Arctic
2013978-1-100-54502-8Aaron P. JacksonDoctrine, Strategy and Military Culture: Military-Strategic Doctrine Development in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, 1987-2007
2014978-1-100-54623-0J. R. MCKAYShifting Sands: Air Coercion and Iraq, 1991-2003
2013978-1-100-54643-8Department of National DefenseOn Windswept Heights II: Historical Highlights of the Royal Canadian Air Force Revised Edition
2014978-1-100-54835-7Directorate of Honours and RecognitionThe Meritorious Service Cross 1984-2014
978-1-100-54996-5Mens Black Sunglasses - Wrap Around Gorilla Sports Sunglasses with Smoked Lenses - Available in Black & Blue + Protective Drawstring Pouch, Cloth & Cord - Affordable Sunglasses (Black)
978-1-100-54997-2Mens Blue Sunglasses - Wrap Around Gorilla Sports Sunglasses with Smoked Lenses - Available in Black & Blue + Free Protective Drawstring Pouch, Cloth & Cord - Affordable Sunglasses (Blue)
2010978-1-100-57346-5BLAUWENSTransport Economics en Applied Transport Economics (pakket)
2013978-1-100-73699-0Catalogue solal
2009978-1-100-90857-1CanadaLe Leadership Des Femmes Dans Les Forces Canadiennes: Perspectives Et Experiences
  ''978-1-100-90878-6   ''Renforcement Des Capacites Et Production de Resultats: Contributions D'Environnement Canada Au Programme Environnemental Pour Le Nord, 2003-2008
2010978-1-100-92264-5   ''Livre de Raesumaes: Forum Scientifique 2010 de Santae Canada

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