Battlefront Miniatures

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-9864514-0-9Mid-War Monsters: Experimental Vehicles 1942-1943
2010978-0-9864514-1-6Phil YatesEastern Front
978-0-9864514-2-3Bridge Too Far
2010978-0-9864514-3-0Kenneth CamelDogs and Devils: Breakout at Anzio, Italy, May 1944
  ''978-0-9864514-4-7brisigotti-john-paul-simunovich-peter-turner-wayneStalin's Europe: The Soviet Invasion Of Eastern Europe, Oct 1944 - Feb 1945
2011978-0-9864514-5-4Mike HaughtCassino, Italy: January - May 1944
2010978-0-9864514-6-1Casey DaviesDas Book: Rules of Engagement for the Frontline Soldier (Flames of War)
2011978-0-9864514-7-8Mike Haught · Phil YatesTurning Tide: The Allied Invasion of France: June-September 1944
  ''978-0-9864514-8-5Wayne Turner · Phil YatesEarth & Steel: The German Defence of France: June-September 1944
2009978-0-9864514-9-2Phil YatesBlitzkrieg: The German Invasion of Poland and France 1939 to 1940 (Flames of War)