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2008978-0-9819049-0-0Stephen BlahaA Complete Derivation of the Form of the Standard Model with a New Method to Generate Particle Masses SECOND EDITION
  ''978-0-9819049-1-7Stephen BlahaAlgebra of Thought & Reality: A New Operator Formulation for Classical & Quantum Logic Obviating Logic Paradoxes & Gödel's Theorem; & Realizing Plato's Theory of Ideas & Reality - The Standard Model
2009978-0-9819049-2-4   ''Bright Stars, Bright Universe: Advancing Civilization by Colonization of the Solar System and the Stars using a Fast Quark Drive
  ''978-0-9819049-3-1   ''The Algebra of Thought & Reality: Second Edition: The Mathematical Basis for Plato's Theory of Ideas, and Reality Extended to Include A Priori Observers and Space-Time
  ''978-0-9819049-5-5   ''To Far Stars and Galaxies: Second Edition of Bright Stars, Bright Universe
2010978-0-9819049-6-2   ''Operator Metaphysics: A New Metaphysics Based on a New Operator Logic and a New Quantum Operator Logic That Lead to a Mathematical Basis for
2010978-0-9819049-7-9Stephen BlahaRelativistic Quantum Metaphysics: A First Principles Basis for the Standard Model of Elementary Particles
  ''978-0-9819049-8-6   ''Supercivilizations: Civilizations as Superorganisms
2011978-0-9819049-9-3   ''21st Century Natural Philosophy of Ultimate Physical Reality