Studio 2 Publishing

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-9763601-0-0Shane Lacy HensleySavage Worlds RPG (S2P10000)
2004978-0-9763601-1-7Clint Black · Scott PyleNecessary Evil (Savage Worlds; S2P10006)
2006978-0-9763601-2-4Jim Ward & Craig BrainMetamorphosis Alpha 4th Edition (MPY1000)(Jim Ward's)
2005978-0-9763601-3-1Simon Lucas & Christopher DoluntRippers (Savage Worlds; S2P10005) by Simon Lucas & Christopher Dolunt (2005-06-01)
2006978-0-9763601-4-8Sean PrestonRunePunk (Savage Worlds) (REB10001)
2005978-0-9763601-5-5Andy HoppLow Life (Savage Worlds; S2P10007)
2006978-0-9763601-6-2Shane Lacy Hensley & BD FloryDeadlands Reloaded (Savage Worlds; S2P10200)
  ''978-0-9763601-8-6Rob VauxThe Naked City (The Edge of Midnight RPG; EMP1100)
2007978-0-9763601-9-3Paul "Wiggy" Wade-WilliamsPirates of the Spanish Main RPG (S2P10300; Savage Worlds)