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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-9732911-0-0Mendel SachsMach's Principle and the Origin of Inertia
  ''978-0-9732911-1-7Joseph LevyFrom Galileo to Lorentz... and Beyond
2005978-0-9732911-2-4Volodimir SimulikWhat Is the Electron?
2006978-0-9732911-3-1Valeri V. DvoeglazovEinstein and Poincare: The Physical Vacuum
  ''978-0-9732911-4-8Thomas E., Jr. PhippsOld Physics for New: A Worldview Alternative to Einstein's Relativity Theory
2007978-0-9732911-5-5Andre Koch Torres Assis · Julio Akashi HernandesThe Electric Force of a Current: Weber and the Surface Charges of Resistive Conductors Carrying Steady Currents
2009978-0-9732911-8-6Michael Ciaran Duffy · Joseph LevyEther Space-time and Cosmology: New Insights into a Key Physical Medium