Ocean Explorer Maps

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-9538618-0-4Nigel SitwellAntarctic Explorer
2001978-0-9538618-1-1Nigel SitwellSpitsbergen Explorer: Map of the Svalbard Archipelago (Including Bear Island) (Ocean Explorer Maps S.)
  ''978-0-9538618-2-8   ''Entdecke Spitzbergen [Spitbergen Explorer] (Ocean Explorer Maps)
  ''978-0-9538618-3-5   ''Antarctic Explorer
2000978-0-9538618-4-2   ''Entdecke die Antarktis [Antarctic Explorer] (Ocean Explorer Maps)
2002978-0-9538618-5-9   ''Alaska Explorer: Visitors Map of Alaska, Including the Aleutian Islands, and Adjacent Areas of Canada (Ocean Explorer Maps)
2002978-0-9538618-6-6Nigel SitwellSouth American Explorer: Visitor's Map of Southern Chile and Argentina Including Uruguay and the Falkland Islands / Detailed Map of the Chilean ... of the Chilean Fjords (Ocean Explorer Maps)
  ''978-0-9538618-7-3   ''Antarctic Explorer: Visitor's Map of the Antarctic Peninsula Region and Map of the Antarctic Continent (Ocean Explorer Maps)
  ''978-0-9538618-8-0   ''Falkland Islands Explorer: Visitors Map of the Falklands Islands Including Stanley Town Plan (Ocean Explorer Maps)
  ''978-0-9538618-9-7   ''South Georgia Explorer: Visitors Map of South Georgia Including the South Sandwich Islands (Ocean Explorer Maps)