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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-9524555-0-9Je GampopaGems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom: Clear and Authoritative Classic Handbook of Mahayana Buddhism by the Great 12th Century Tibetan Bodhisattva
  ''978-0-9524555-4-7Ken HolmesKarmapa
  ''978-0-9524555-5-4Sheldon Nidle · Jose A. ArguellesGalactic Human Handbook: Entering the New Time - Creating Planetary Groups
1996978-0-9524555-6-1Jose A. ArguellesThe Call of Pacal Votan: Time is the Fourth Dimension
2000978-0-9524555-8-5Ken Holmes · Katia HolmesMaitreya on Buddha Nature: A New Translation of Asanga's "Mahayana Uttara Tantra Sastra", with a Comprehensive Commentary