year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-949892-02-7Sydney, then and now: A collection of nostalgic and contemporary photographs
1990978-0-949892-04-1Italian Cooking Class Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
1986978-0-949892-10-2Australian Womens WeeklyBig Book of Beautiful Biscuits ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1990978-0-949892-11-9Home Hints ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1989978-0-949892-13-3Walter BolesAustralia's Beautiful Birds and their Young
1990978-0-949892-15-7Wilson PollyDinner Party Cookbook: Vol 2 (Australian Women's Weekly)
1980978-0-949892-16-4Australian Woman's WeeklyHandknits
1990978-0-949892-21-8AwwBest Recipes from the Weekly ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1987978-0-949892-24-9Australian Women's Weekly StaffBarbecue Cook Book (Australian Women's Weekly)
1985978-0-949892-28-7Pamela ClarkMicrowave Cookbook
1990978-0-949892-29-4AnonymousNeedlework: Australian Womens Weekly
1987978-0-949892-33-1Australian Women's Weekly StaffLight And Luscious Summertime Cooking (Australian Women's Weekly)
1990978-0-949892-35-5Australian Women's WeeklyBaby Book ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
  ''978-0-949892-36-2Australian Women's Weekly StaffFrench Cooking Made Easy ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1987978-0-949892-37-9Australian Womens WeeklyWonderful Things to Make for Kids (Australian Women's Weekly)
1990978-0-949892-42-3Karen HammialThe Best of Australian Gourmet
1989978-0-949892-56-0Australian Women's WeeklyVegetarian Cooking (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1990978-0-949892-57-7anon`Choosing Your Pets
1998978-0-949892-58-4Maryanne BlackerCooking with Herbs (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1989978-0-949892-59-1Australian Women's WeeklyCocktail Guide ("Australian Women's Weekly")
1990978-0-949892-61-4Australian Womens WeAww Great Bbq Cookbook ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
  ''978-0-949892-62-1MARYANNE BLACKERClothes to Make for Tiny Tots
  ''978-0-949892-63-8Australian Women's WeeklyEasy Curry Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
  ''978-0-949892-64-5Fete Favourites (Australian Women's Weekly)
1990978-0-949892-65-2Delicious Desserts (Australian Women's Weekly)
  ''978-0-949892-66-9Maryanne BlackerHealthy Heart Cookbook ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
  ''978-0-949892-67-6Mary Ann BlackerThe Baby Book by The Australian Women's Weekly
1991978-0-949892-68-3Editor Maryanne BlackerDinner Party Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
1990978-0-949892-69-0Australian Womens WeAww Italian Cooking ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1998978-0-949892-70-6Maryanne BlackerThe Book of Preserves: Including Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Chutneys, Pickles, Relishes and More (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1988978-0-949892-71-3   ''Microwave Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) (No. 2)
1991978-0-949892-72-0AustraliMore Children's Arts and Crafts ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
2004978-0-949892-74-4Australian Womens WChildrens Birthday Cake Book ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1998978-0-949892-75-1Maryanne BlackerBest Seafood Recipes (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1991978-0-949892-76-8   ''Easy Curry Cookery ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1990978-0-949892-78-2Australian Womens WeParty Cakes for All Occasions (Australian Womens Weekly)
1991978-0-949892-79-9   ''Household Manual Australian Womens Week ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1989978-0-949892-81-2Maryanne BlackerCelebration Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
1985978-0-949892-82-9Sue Wendt - EditorFlowers and Plants at Home (Australian Women's Weekly)
1990978-0-949892-83-6Australian Women's Weekly StaffBest Ever Slimmers
  ''978-0-949892-85-0Australian Womens WeAww Microwave Cookbook 2 ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library) (No. 2)
1988978-0-949892-87-4Ustralian Women'S Weekly StaffFruit & Vegetable Cookbook (Australian Women's Weekly) ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
1990978-0-949892-88-1Family Atlas (Australian Women's Weekly)
1992978-0-949892-89-8Australian Consolidated PressAww Home Library Chocolate Cookbook
1990978-0-949892-92-8Basic Cook Book ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
  ''978-0-949892-95-9The Essential Decorators Handbook (Australian Women's Weekly)
1989978-0-949892-96-6Australian Women's Weekly StaffStarters and Soups Cook Book (" Australian Women's Weekly " Home Library)
1989978-0-949892-97-3AwwBest Children's Clothes to Make
1990978-0-949892-98-0n/aCake Decorating Made Easy (Australian Women's Weekly)
1989978-0-949892-99-7Maryanne BlackerThe Australian Women's Weekly Perfect Parties for Every Occasion

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