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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-949284-01-3AnonymousQuaffing Quotes And Wine Facts
1992978-0-949284-06-8E. NellEskimo Diet
1988978-0-949284-07-5Nadine AmadioAlice In Rainforest Land New Adventures
  ''978-0-949284-08-2Alexandra ParsonsFacts & Phalluses: Hard Facts That Stand Up For Themselves
1995978-0-949284-09-9Hilary TuplingBreastfeeding: a New Mother's Handbook
1988978-0-949284-10-5Bruce MontgomerieBart The story of Bart Cummings
1989978-0-949284-12-9Simon BlackallFood for thought
1992978-0-949284-14-3Karen HedbergDog Owner's Manual: On Selecting, Raising and Breeding Dogs
2001978-0-949284-15-0Lester Cannon · Mark GoyenExploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef
2000978-0-949284-16-7Simon BlackallThe Book of Australia: Almanac 1997-1998
1992978-0-949284-17-4Fawcett BoomAfter Dinner Speaking
978-0-949284-18-1Wendy BealingPretty Presents
1992978-0-949284-19-8Catherine RetterLegends, lore & lies: Australians and their Driza-Bones
1994978-0-949284-20-4Mark GoyenThe Australian Guide To Prescription Drugs
  ''978-0-949284-21-1   ''The Australian Guide To Prescription Drugs
1995978-0-949284-22-8Helen FurberFurber's Concise Encyclopaedia of Dogs
1996978-0-949284-25-9wallis-annette-wallisKiller Tea Cosies
2002978-0-949284-26-6Karen HeddergNew Dog Owner's Manual
1988978-0-949284-27-3A Celebration Of Mothers In Prose And Poetry
2001978-0-949284-29-7Harold R. SpiraCanine Terminology
2000978-0-949284-30-3Simon JeansNew Baby Names: Names Your Child Can Live with Now and into the 21st Century
1997978-0-949284-31-0No Known AuthorThe Book of Australia: Almanac 1997-98
2006978-0-949284-32-7Graham JahnGuide to Sydney Architecture (Architecture Guides (Watermark Press))
2000978-0-949284-33-4Haig BeckParliament House, Canberra: A Building for the Nation
1997978-0-949284-34-1Nick GodleeKiller slippers and how to make them.
2000978-0-949284-35-8S. MerrettCross Stitch Fruit & Alphabet
2006978-0-949284-36-5Philip GoadGuide to Melbourne Architecture (Architecture Guides (Watermark Press))
1998978-0-949284-37-2Sophie BlackhallBold and Bright Nursery Crafts
2000978-0-949284-38-9Diane WallisOven Mitts to Die for
2006978-0-949284-39-6Patrick Bingham-HallOlympic Architecture: Building Sydney 2000
2000978-0-949284-41-9Leith HillardA Giraffe for France
2006978-0-949284-42-6Patrick Bingham-HallAustral Eden: 200 Years of Australian Architecture
2003978-0-949284-43-3Watermark PressGuide to Brisbane Architecture (Architecture Guides (Watermark Press))
2000978-0-949284-45-7Jenny HaskinsVictorian Pansies: Embroidery and Pastimes for the 21st Century
  ''978-0-949284-48-8Jenny HaskinsInspirational Home Decorating with Machine Embroidery
  ''978-0-949284-49-5   ''Victorian Roses More Embroidery and Pastimes for the 21st Century
2001978-0-949284-50-1Simon BlackallThe Book of Australia
2000978-0-949284-52-5Paul ByrnesQantas by George!: The Remarkable story of George Roberts
2006978-0-949284-53-2Andrew MetcalfeAurora Place: Renzo Piano in Sydney
2001978-0-949284-55-6Zeny EdwardsWilliam Hardy Wilson: Artist, Architect and Orientalist
2001978-0-949284-57-0Jenny HaskinsVictorian Splendor: Even More Embroidery and Pastimes for the 21st Century
2002978-0-949284-59-4The Magic Of The Forest In Cross Stitch And Watercolour
  ''978-0-949284-61-7Lynette Ramsay SilverThe Battle of Vinegar Hill - Australia's Irish Rebellion
  ''978-0-949284-62-4Betty Lane HollandKevin Bacon: Australia's Extraordinary Horseman
2006978-0-949284-63-1Andrew MetcalfCanberra Architecture (Architecture Guides (Watermark Press))
2005978-0-949284-64-8Suzanne StrumBarcelona Architecture (Watermark Architectural Guides)
2004978-0-949284-65-5Lynette Ramsay SilverThe Bridge at Parit Sulong - an Investigation of Mass Murder Malaya 1942
2003978-0-949284-66-2Llyris McIntosh · Wayne Lawrence · Alan Kitchen · Warner Gibbs · Charles Spiteri · Lilian Heal · Pamela Salter · Anne BradleyPax, Slips and Dunlops: 65 Years of Qantas In-Flight Service
2005978-0-949284-70-9Peter CollinsStrike Swiftly - The Australian Commando Story
  ''978-0-949284-71-6Wal MurrayTraditional Joinery: Sydney Houses 1810-1915
2006978-0-949284-72-3Patrick · Roberts, Tom McCarthyBailed Up: The Story Behind the Painting
  ''978-0-949284-73-0Karen HedbergThe Dog Owner's Manual: On Selecting, Raising and Breeding Dogs
2007978-0-949284-75-4Trevor HowellsUniversity of Sydney Architecture (Watermark Architectural Guides)
2008978-0-949284-76-1Anne WarrShanghai Architecture: Watermark Architectural Guides
2006978-0-949284-78-5Donald GazzardSydneysider: An Optimistic Life in Architecture
2006978-0-949284-79-2John CoombsHow Can You Appear for Someone You Know Is Guilty?
2012978-0-949284-82-2Peter Pinson David PerryBert Flugelman
2010978-0-949284-92-1Ken WoolleyReviewing the Performance: The Design of the Sydney Opera House
2014978-0-949284-93-8Murat Gul · Trevor HowellsIstanbul Architecture (Watermark Architectural Guides)