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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-947882-00-6David E. CorneyHandwork Skills and Themes (Belair)
1986978-0-947882-02-0   ''Integrated Handwork
1985978-0-947882-03-7Maxelle Herring · Diane WhittleSounds Alive! A 'Phonovisual' Programme For Early Years
1990978-0-947882-04-4Judith Makoff · Linda DuncanDisplay for All Seasons: A Thematic Approach to Infant Teaching
1986978-0-947882-05-1Yvonne WinerOf Frogs and Snails (Belair)
1987978-0-947882-06-8Marion WareTime to Dance: Integration of Movement in the Primary Curriculum (World of Display)
  ''978-0-947882-07-5William Booth · Paul Briten · Fenella ScottThemes Familiar: Research and Display in the Primary School Using Everyday Objects (Kids' Stuff)
1988978-0-947882-08-2Joan Chambers · Molly HoodSimply Artistic (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
  ''978-0-947882-09-9Barbara Hume · Kathie BarrsMaths on Display (Creative activities for the teaching of infant maths)
1989978-0-947882-10-5Moira AndrewLanguage in Colour: Themes for Infants and Lower Juniors with Poetry as the Starting-Point
  ''978-0-947882-11-2Barbara Hume · Christine GaltonThe Art of Science: Activities and Creative Ideas for the Teaching of Science to Infants and Lower Juniors (Kids' Stuff)
2000978-0-947882-12-9Judith Makoff · Linda DuncanA World of Display: Topics Across the Curriculum for Children aged Five to Nine
1990978-0-947882-13-6Kathie Barrs · Katie KitchingClasswise: Organisation and topic ideas for teachers of children from five to seven
  ''978-0-947882-14-3Lyn GraySomething Special: Seasonal and Festive Art and Craft for Children (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1991978-0-947882-15-0Moira AndrewWords with Wings: Ideas for Writing in Different Forms and Contexts for Infants and Juniors
1991978-0-947882-16-7Joan Chambers · Molly HoodPaper Capers (Belair)
  ''978-0-947882-17-4Lyn GrayHats in a Hurry (Belair)
  ''978-0-947882-18-1Barbara Hume · Annie SevierStarting with Me: Topic Ideas for the Teaching of History, Geography and Religious Education to Infants
1992978-0-947882-19-8Kay DunbarThe Spice of Life: Cross-curricular Approach to Food and Cookery for Children from Five to Eleven (Creative Teaching S.)
  ''978-0-947882-20-4Moira AndrewWith Best Wishes (Little Bell Books S.)
  ''978-0-947882-21-1Heather GastonPresent Times (Little Bell Books S.)
1990978-0-947882-22-8Joan Chambers · Molly HoodPicture the Past: Art Ideas to Recreate History for Children Aged Five to Eleven
1993978-0-947882-23-5Robina Beckles Willson · Lyn GrayJust Imagine: Drama and Dressing-up for Children Aged Five to Nine (Creative Teaching S.)
1993978-0-947882-24-2Frances James · Ann KerrOn First Reading: Ideas for Developing Reading Skills with Children from Four to Seven (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
  ''978-0-947882-25-9Stephanie Mudd · Hilary MasonTales for Topics: Linking Favourite Stories with Popular Topics for Children Aged Five to Nine (World of Display)
  ''978-0-947882-26-6Katie KitchingSounds Like This: First Steps in Phonics, linking sounds with letter shapes (Belair - A World of Display)
1994978-0-947882-27-3Stephanie Mudd · Hilary MasonIn a Moment: Mini-topics for Classroom, Substitute and Supply Teachers with Children from Five to Eight (Creative Teaching S.)
  ''978-0-947882-28-0Kathie BarrsMusic Works: Music Education in the Classroom with Children from Five to Nine Years
1996978-0-947882-29-7Ian SouterABC Book (ABC Collection S.)
1990978-0-947882-30-3Lilian CoppockOutstanding Art (Belair - A World of Display)
1999978-0-947882-31-0Hilary MasonCollections (A World of Display Series) (Belair)
2000978-0-947882-32-7Moira AndrewPatchwork of Poems (Belair - A World of Display)
1994978-0-947882-33-4Frances James · Ken BrownswordA Positive Approach: Creating a Learning Environment That Encourages and Supports Good Behaviour (Creative Teaching S.)
1990978-0-947882-35-8Hilary AnsellArt of Recycling (Belair - A World of Display)
2002978-0-947882-36-5Moira AndrewTell Me a Tale (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1990978-0-947882-37-2Laura CollinsonLanguage on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
1994978-0-947882-38-9Moira AndrewRainbow Year: Month-by-month Language, Art and Assembly Ideas for Children Between Five and Eleven (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1990978-0-947882-39-6Rhona Whiteford · Jim FitzsimmonsHands on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
2000978-0-947882-40-2Lillian CoppockArt of Different Cultures (Belair - A World of Display)
1990978-0-947882-41-9Rhona WhitefordSounds Interesting (Belair - A World of Display)
1999978-0-947882-42-6Andrea LeachAesop's Fables: the Fox & the Grapes: Big Book
1994978-0-947882-43-3Joan Chambers · Molly HoodCreative Christmas (Little Bell Books)
1996978-0-947882-44-0Moira AndrewPaint a Poem: Imaginative Ideas for the Writing and Presentation of Poetry
1990978-0-947882-45-7Kathy AlcockOur World (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-46-4Julie MorrowMusic (Belair - Early Years)
1990978-0-947882-47-1Pat GainsStories (Belair - Early Years)
1994978-0-947882-48-8Juliet CraneLet's Make a Book (Little Bell Books S.)
1997978-0-947882-49-5Frances James · Ann KerrCreative Computing: Essential and Imaginative Activities Using Information Technology with Children from Five to Eleven Years
1990978-0-947882-50-1Rhona WhitefordArt (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-51-8Graham PartonICT (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-52-5Jean EvansWaterplay (Belair - Early Years)
1995978-0-947882-53-2Barbara Hume · Frances James · Ann KerrA Sense of Place: Activities Which Develop Geographical Skills Through the Study of Places and Themes for Children from Five to Nine Years (Kids' Stuff)
1997978-0-947882-54-9Joan Chambers · Molly HoodArt for Writing: Creative Ideas to Stimulate Written Activities (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1999978-0-947882-55-6Aesop's Fables: the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg: Big Book
  ''978-0-947882-56-3LeachAesop's Fables: the Lion & the Mouse: Big Book (Aesop's Fables S.)
  ''978-0-947882-57-0Andrea LeachAesop's Fables: the Hare and the Tortoise: Big Book
1990978-0-947882-58-7Joan Chambers · Molly Hood · Michael PeakeA Work of Art: Creative Activities Inspired by Famous Artists
1997978-0-947882-59-4Lillian CoppockPuppet Talk (Belair - A World of Display)
1990978-0-947882-60-0Hilary AnsellBelair A World of Display Art and Design - Art in Focus (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
2003978-0-947882-61-7Pete Worrall · Kevin MathiesonArt through IT (Belair - A World of Display)
2003978-0-947882-62-4Jean EvansScience (Belair - Early Years)
1995978-0-947882-63-1Lillian CoppockMaterial Pleasures (Belair - A World of Display)
1997978-0-947882-64-8Kathie Barrs · Sue LoganA Number of Things (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
2004978-0-947882-65-5Valerie EvansCreative History (Belair - A World of Display)
2003978-0-947882-66-2Hilary AnsellDesign and Technology (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-67-9Rhona WhitefordRhymes (Belair - Early Years)
1995978-0-947882-68-6Kathie Barrs · Paul BritenThe Maths Collection: Practical and Creative Activities in Maths for Children from Seven to Eleven
1998978-0-947882-69-3Moira AndrewLegend into Language (Belair - A World of Display)
2004978-0-947882-70-9Katharine NewallShape, Space and Measures (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-71-6Jean EvansWriting (Belair - Early Years)
1999978-0-947882-72-3Mary GreenFantasy Worlds
1995978-0-947882-73-0Anne GainsMaking and Baking (Belair)
1998978-0-947882-74-7Katie Kitching · Annie SevierTime for Reflection (Kids' Stuff)
2004978-0-947882-75-4Cherri MoseleyNumber and Calculating (Belair - Early Years)
  ''978-0-947882-76-1Hilary AnsellStarting Points in Design and Technology (Belair - A World of Display)
2005978-0-947882-77-8Carolyn DaleScience on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
1996978-0-947882-78-5Katie Kitching · Chris WansboroughStorytime Topics: Traditional Tales Used as the Starting Point for Classroom Activities with Children from Five to Seven Years (World of Display)
1998978-0-947882-79-2Katherine CuthbertDiscoveries (Belair - A World of Display)
2005978-0-947882-80-8Claire TinkerGeography on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
  ''978-0-947882-81-5Celine George · Stephanie JephsonArt Through Literacy (Belair - A World of Display)
2005978-0-947882-82-2Valerie EvansFaith in Art (Belair - A World if Display)
1996978-0-947882-83-9Ian SouterABC Book (ABC Collection S.)
1998978-0-947882-84-6Barbara Hume · Richard SmithTurning the Page (World of Display)
2006978-0-947882-85-3Claire TinkerA Century of Art (Belair - A World of Display)
2001978-0-947882-86-0Valerie EvansCreative Elements (Belair - A World of Display)
2004978-0-947882-87-7Celine GeorgeInspired by Art (Belair - A World of Display)
1996978-0-947882-88-4Barbara Hume · Ian SouterThe ABC Teacher Resource Book (ABC Collection)
1999978-0-947882-89-1Joan Chambers · Molly HoodIn the Picture (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1990978-0-947882-90-7Marilyn BarnesStarting Points in Art (Belair - A World of Display)
  ''978-0-947882-91-4Margaret ShareNumeracy on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
  ''978-0-947882-92-1Marilyn BarnesA World of Display - Art for all Seasons (5-11) (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
1996978-0-947882-93-8Ian SouterABC Poster Book (ABC Collection)
1999978-0-947882-94-5Penny Coltman · Jayne GreenwoodEnterprising Ideas (Belair a World of Display PSHCE)
2003978-0-947882-95-2Noreen Wetton · Margaret CollinsPictures of Health (Belair - A World of Display)
1990978-0-947882-96-9Laura CollinsonLiteracy on Display (Belair - A World of Display)
2003978-0-947882-97-6Liz Webster · Linda DuncanHands on Numeracy (Belair - A World of Display)
1996978-0-947882-98-3Ian SouterABC Book (ABC Collection S.)
1990978-0-947882-99-0Patricia HarrisonAn Eye for Display (Belair - A World of Display)