Ad Hoc Publications, Stowmarket

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-946958-05-4Roger Chesneau · Ray RimellAeroguide 6 - Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 / Mk. 2K
1986978-0-946958-18-4Roger Chesneau · Ray RimellAeroguide Classics No. 2 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 E
1989978-0-946958-34-4Ray RimellAeroguide Classics No. 5 - Hart Family: Hawker Hart and Derivatives
2003978-0-946958-39-9Roger ChesneauAeroguide 29 - Avro Vulcan B Mk 2
2005978-0-946958-41-2Richard L. WardLightning Squadrons of the Royal Air Force
2006978-0-946958-44-3Roger ChesneauAeroguide 32 - BAe Sea Harrier FRS Mk 1 /FA Mk 2
2005978-0-946958-45-0Geoffrey LeeHorizons: The Royal Air Force in the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-0-946958-46-7Anthony M. ThornboroughBritish Aircraft Corporation TSR 2: An Aeroguide Special
2006978-0-946958-47-4Anthony M. ThornboroughBritish Aircraft Corporation TSR 2: An Aeroguide Special
2006978-0-946958-49-8Roger ChesneauAeroguide 34 - English Electric Canberra PR Mk. 9
  ''978-0-946958-50-4Viscount Admiral Jellicoe of ScapaThe Grand Fleet 1914 - 1916: Its Creation, Development and Work
  ''978-0-946958-53-5Michael J. DoustFrom the Cockpit No. 1: Westland Wyvern
  ''978-0-946958-54-2   ''From the Cockpit No. 2: Supermarine Scimitar
2007978-0-946958-57-3   ''From the Cockpit No. 3: Hawker Sea Hawk
2007978-0-946958-59-7J. G. S. NormanFrom the Cockpit No. 4: Fairey Firefly
  ''978-0-946958-61-0Alan J. LeahyFrom the Cockpit No. 5: De Havilland Sea Hornet
  ''978-0-946958-62-7Michael J. DoustFrom the Cockpit No. 6: Blackburn Buccaneer S.1
2008978-0-946958-63-4Simon AskinsFrom the Cockpit No. 7: Fairey Gannet
  ''978-0-946958-66-5Eric BrownFrom the Cockpit No. 8: Blackburn Firebrand
  ''978-0-946958-67-2Graeme Rowan-ThomsonFrom the Cockpit No. 9: Supermarine Attacker
2008978-0-946958-68-9Donald PayneFrom the Cockpit No. 10: Fairey Swordfish
2007978-0-946958-69-6Lee GEurofighter Typhoon, Above the Rest
2009978-0-946958-71-9Mac McEwenFrom the Cockpit No. 11: Hawker Hunter
  ''978-0-946958-72-6Philip J. JarrettFairey IIIF: Interwar Military Workhorse
2010978-0-946958-73-3Alan J. LeahyFrom the Cockpit No. 12: Hawker Sea Fury
  ''978-0-946958-74-0Eric BrownFrom the Cockpit No. 13: Supermarine Seafire
2011978-0-946958-75-7Nigel WalpoleFrom the Cockpit No. 14: Swift
  ''978-0-946958-76-4Charles KeilFrom the Cockpit No. 15: Sabre
2009978-0-946958-77-1Tony ButtlerSturgeon: Target-tug Extraordinaire
2012978-0-946958-78-8Robert McCandlessFrom the Cockpit No. 16: Barracuda