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1995978-0-946719-01-3M. Fish · D. Hallbery · Hallbury"Cabaret Voltaire": The Art of the Sixth Sense
  ''978-0-946719-02-0Charles D. NealTape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground
  ''978-0-946719-03-7M. Fish · D. Hallbery"Cabaret Voltaire": The Art of the Sixth Sense
  ''978-0-946719-04-4A. Vatanen · V. VaisanenEvery Second Counts
  ''978-0-946719-05-1Pascal Bussy · Andy HallThe Can Book
1995978-0-946719-06-8Ivan Margolius · John G. HenryTatra - The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka
  ''978-0-946719-07-5Kevin EdenWire...Everybody Loves a History
  ''978-0-946719-09-9Pascal Bussy"Kraftwerk": Man, Machine and Music
  ''978-0-946719-10-5Michael King · Mike KingWrong Movements: Robert Wyatt History (Music)
  ''978-0-946719-12-9Ian ShirleyMeet the "Residents": America's Most Eccentric Band! (Music)
1995978-0-946719-13-6Ian ShirleyDark Entries: Bauhaus and beyond (Music)
  ''978-0-946719-14-3Billy JamesNecessity is.....the early Years of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
2001978-0-946719-15-0Andrew JonesPlunderphonics, 'Pataphysics and Pop Mechanics: An Introduction to Musique Actvelle
1996978-0-946719-16-7Nina AntoniaThe One and Only: Peter Perrett - Homme Fatale (Music)
2001978-0-946719-18-1Paul StumpDigital Gothic: Critical Discography of "Tangerine Dream" (Music)
1995978-0-946719-19-8Dee Dee Ramone · Veronica KofmanPoison Heart: Surviving the "Ramones" (Music)
2001978-0-946719-20-4Sean BodyWish the World Away: Mark Eitzel and the American Music Club
1995978-0-946719-21-1Bill Harkleroad · Billy JamesLunar Notes: Zoot Horn Rollo's Captain Beefheart Experience (Music)
  ''978-0-946719-22-8David ReesMinstrels in the Gallery: History of "Jethro Tull" (Music)
  ''978-0-946719-23-5Per NilsenDanceMusicSexRomance: Prince: The First Decade
1999978-0-946719-24-2Paul StumpGo Ahead John: Music of John McLaughlin
978-0-946719-25-9Manic Street Preachers
1998978-0-946719-26-6Billy JamesAn American Band: History of "Grand Funk Railroad": History of "Grand Funk Railroad"
2001978-0-946719-28-0Claes JohansenProcol Harum - Beyond The Pale
1995978-0-946719-29-7Simon LengSoul Sacrifice: The Santana Story
2000978-0-946719-30-3Alan HewittOpening the Musical Box: A Genesis Chronicle
2009978-0-946719-31-0Spencer LeighEveryday: Getting Closer to Buddy Holly
1995978-0-946719-32-7Michael Bruce · Billy JamesNo More Mr. Nice Guy: The Inside Story of the Original Alice Cooper Group
2001978-0-946719-33-4Mark Chatterton · Gary CarterWishbone Ash: Blowin Free: Thirty Years of "Wishbone Ash"
  ''978-0-946719-34-1Claes JohansenThe "Zombies": Hung Up on a Dream
2001978-0-946719-35-8Paul StumpGentle Giant: Acquiring the Taste
  ''978-0-946719-36-5Brian WrightTo Hell and Back with "Catatonia"
  ''978-0-946719-37-2Steven RosenFree at Last: The Story of Free and Bad Company
1995978-0-946719-38-9Pascal Bussy"Kraftwerk": Man, Machine and Music
  ''978-0-946719-40-2Dave KeenanEngland's Hidden Reverse - A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground
2001978-0-946719-41-9Mark ChattertonU2: The Complete Encyclopedia (Travelpack Periplus)
  ''978-0-946719-43-3Martin DimeryBeing John Lennon: Days in the Life of Sergeant Pepper's Only Dart Board (Poptomes)
2003978-0-946719-44-0David RandallIn and Out of Focus: The Music of Jan Akkerman and "Focus": The Music of Jan Akkerman and "Focus"
2002978-0-946719-45-7Alan LakeyThe "Pretty Things": Growing Old Disgracefully
2001978-0-946719-46-4M. FishIndustrial Evolution: Through the 80s with "Cabaret Voltaire" (Poptomes)
1995978-0-946719-47-1John Neil MunroThe Sensational Alex Harvey
2001978-0-946719-48-8Dee Dee Ramone · Veronica KofmanPoison Heart: Surviving the "Ramones": Surviving the "Ramones"
1995978-0-946719-49-5Jade Dellinger · David GiffelsAre We Not Men? We are Devo!
2001978-0-946719-50-1Simon LengWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music Of George Harrison
2001978-0-946719-51-8Billy JamesNecessity is....: Early Years of Frank Zappa and the "Mothers of Invention"
1995978-0-946719-52-5Ian ShirleyDark Entries: Bauhaus and beyond
2008978-0-946719-53-2Pascal Bussy · Mick FishFuture Days: The "Can" Story: The "Can" Story
2001978-0-946719-54-9Hammond GuthrieAsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor
2003978-0-946719-55-6Marty Balin · Bob YehlingFull Flight: A Tale of Airplanes and Starships
2009978-0-946719-56-3Daevid AllenGong Dreaming 2: The Histories & Mysteries of Gong from 1969-1979: The Histories and Mysteries of Gong from 1969-1979: v. 2
2004978-0-946719-57-0Alan Byrne"Thin Lizzy"
  ''978-0-946719-58-7Paul Russell"Genesis": A Live Guide 1969-1975 - Play Me My Song
2008978-0-946719-59-4Michael Bruce · Billy JamesNo More Mr.Nice Guy: The Inside Story of the Alice Cooper Group
2004978-0-946719-60-0Rob JovanovicNirvana - The Recording Sessions
2005978-0-946719-61-7Paul StumpGENTLE GIANT: Acquiring the Taste
2008978-0-946719-62-4Corky Laing · Leslie WestMountain: Nantucket Sleighride and Other on the Road Stories
2001978-0-946719-63-1Mark Chatterton"U2": The Ultimate Encyclopedia
2003978-0-946719-64-8Per NilsenPrince: The First Decade - Dancemusicsexromance
2004978-0-946719-65-5Mark SimpsonSaint Morrissey Hardcover - 1 April 2004
  ''978-0-946719-66-2Shirley CollinsAMERICA OVER THE WATER
2008978-0-946719-67-9Dave KeenanEngland's Hidden Reverse: Coil - Current 93 - Nurse with Wound
  ''978-0-946719-68-6John Neil MunroThe Sensational Alex Harvey
2001978-0-946719-69-3Ian AbrahamsHawkwind: Sonic Assassins
  ''978-0-946719-70-9Pascal Bussy"Kraftwerk": Man, Machine and Music
2001978-0-946719-71-6David NobakhtSuicide: No Compromise
2006978-0-946719-72-3Nina AntoniaThe Prettiest Star: Whatever Happened to Brett Smiley?
2010978-0-946719-73-0David KeenanEngland's Hidden Reverse: Coil - Current 93 - Nurse with Wound
2009978-0-946719-74-7Steven RosenFree at Last: The Story of "Free" and "Bad Company"
2001978-0-946719-75-4Mark SimpsonSaint Morrissey
2008978-0-946719-76-1Jade Dellinger · David GiffelsWe are "Devo"!
2001978-0-946719-77-8Polly MarshallThe God of Hellfire: The Crazy Life and Times of Arthur Brown
2007978-0-946719-78-5Ian ShirleyHeavy Mental
2001978-0-946719-79-2Ben Watson · Esther LeslieAcademy Zappa: Proceedings of the First International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology
  ''978-0-946719-80-8Ian ShirleyCan Rock and Roll Save the World?: An Illustrated History of Music and Comics
  ''978-0-946719-81-5Alan ByrneThin Lizzy
2006978-0-946719-82-2Daevid AllenGong Dreaming: v. 1
2001978-0-946719-84-6Graham Bennett"Soft Machine": Out-bloody-rageous
2008978-0-946719-87-7Reg StickingsSearching for Soul
2006978-0-946719-88-4Jeremy ReedORANGE SUNSHINE: The Party that Lasted a Decade
  ''978-0-946719-89-1Don Letts · David NobakhtCulture Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers
2008978-0-946719-90-7Spencer LeighCavern, The: The Most Famous Club in the World
2006978-0-946719-91-4Shirley CollinsAmerica Over the Water
2007978-0-946719-92-1Ian AbrahamsStrange Boat: Mike Scott and the Waterboys
2006978-0-946719-93-8Bertie MarshallBerlin Bromley
2008978-0-946719-94-5Ian ShirleyBauhaus: Dark Entries
2007978-0-946719-95-2Chris ConnellyCONCRETE, BULLETPROOF, INVISIBLE AND FRIED: My Life as a Revolting Cock
  ''978-0-946719-97-6Bertie MarshallBerlin Bromley
2008978-0-946719-99-0Don LettsCULTURE CLASH: Dread Meets Punk Rockers