Angel Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-946162-07-9F. M. DostoevskyThe Village of Stepanchikovo
1988978-0-946162-08-6Vsevolod GarshinFrom the Reminiscences of Private Ivanov and Other Stories
  ''978-0-946162-09-3Vsevolod GarshinFrom the Reminiscences of Private Ivanov and Other Stories
1985978-0-946162-19-2Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTorquato Tasso
1986978-0-946162-21-5Heinrich HeineDeutschland: A Winter's Tale
1989978-0-946162-28-4Gerhart HauptmannLineman Thiel and Other Stories (Angel Classics)
978-0-946162-29-1ZzzMarsh Moon & Ship of State
1990978-0-946162-37-6Adalbert StifterBrigitta
2000978-0-946162-39-0PushkinBoris Godunov
1991978-0-946162-41-3Jaroslav HasekThe Bachura Scandal: And Other Stories and Sketches
1995978-0-946162-44-4Theodor FontaneEffi Briest (Angel Classics)
1999978-0-946162-49-9Arthur SchnitzlerSelected Short Fiction (Angel Classics)
2009978-0-946162-54-3Theodor StormThe Dykemaster (Angel Classics)
1996978-0-946162-57-4Pierre CorneilleHorace (Angel Classics)
1990978-0-946162-58-1Heinrich HeineDeutschland: A Winter's Tale (Angel Classics)
  ''978-0-946162-59-8Gennady AygiSelected Poems
  ''978-0-946162-60-4Theodor StormHans and Heinz Kirch (Angel Classics)
  ''978-0-946162-65-9Mikhail ZoshchenkoThe Galosh: And Other Stories
2002978-0-946162-68-0Aleksandr Sergeevich PushkinThe Bridegroom with Count Nulin and The Tale of the Golden Cockerel
2002978-0-946162-69-7Aleksandr Sergeevich PushkinMozart and Salieri: the Little Tragedies
1990978-0-946162-70-3Theodor StormPaul the Puppeteer: And Other Short Fiction
2008978-0-946162-73-4   ''Carsten the Trustee: with The Last Farmstead, The Swallows of St George's and By the Fireside
2007978-0-946162-74-1Hugo Von HofmannsthalSelected Tales
2010978-0-946162-76-5Theodor FontaneNo Way Back (Angel Classics)
  ''978-0-946162-77-2   ''On Tangled Paths (Angel Classics)
2014978-0-946162-79-6Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIphigenia in Tauris (Angel Classics)
2017978-0-946162-92-5Theodor StormGrieshuus - The chronicle of a family