year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-945564-00-3Dennis RaineyThe Questions Book for Marriage Intimacy
  ''978-0-945564-01-0Joe WhiteWhen So Many Feel Like Orphans at Home: It's Time to Fall in Love With Your Kids Again
  ''978-0-945564-02-7Chuck. SnyderIncompatibility: Grounds for a Great Marriage!
  ''978-0-945564-03-4Steven R. MosleyGod, a Biography
  ''978-0-945564-04-1Will CunninghamHow to Enjoy a Family Fight
1991978-0-945564-05-8Mack ThomasWhat Would Jesus Do?: An Adaptation for Children of Charles M. Sheldon's In His Steps
1988978-0-945564-06-5Bobb Biehl · Ted W. EngstromIncreasing Your Boardroom Confidence
1989978-0-945564-07-2Joe WhiteSurviving Friendship Pressure
1989978-0-945564-08-9Chuck SnyderI prayed for patience, and other horror stories
  ''978-0-945564-09-6Joe WhiteThe Gift of Self-Esteem: Give Your Kids a Lasting Treasure
  ''978-0-945564-10-2Kathleen Goble · Cecily SheaGoble and Shea's Complete Wedding Planner
  ''978-0-945564-11-9R. JensonBible in Business
  ''978-0-945564-12-6George CaywoodEscaping materialism: Living a life that's rich toward God
1989978-0-945564-13-3Thom LemmonsDestiny by Choice
  ''978-0-945564-14-0David JohnsonThe Light Behind the Star: God, a Cop, and Today's Families
  ''978-0-945564-15-7Steven R. MosleyA Tale of Three Virtues: Cures for Colorless Christianity
1991978-0-945564-16-4Will CunninghamThe Sunset Grille
1989978-0-945564-17-1Bobb BiehlIncreasing Your Leadership Confidence
1990978-0-945564-18-8Barb SnyderStand by Your Man: Not Behind Him, Not Before Him...but Beside Him
1992978-0-945564-20-1Mack ThomasThe Bible Tells Me So
  ''978-0-945564-21-8   ''Beginner's Bible Question and Answer Book
1991978-0-945564-22-5Randall ArthurWisdom Hunter (Wisdom Hunter Series #1)
1989978-0-945564-23-2C. G. Spike · Darnell WhiteI Need You: Being Friends With Your Grandkids
  ''978-0-945564-24-9Cheryl BiehlScriptural Meditation
1989978-0-945564-25-6Bobb BiehlPraying: How to start and keep going
1990978-0-945564-26-3Alex MarleeIntimate Family
978-0-945564-27-0Karen HenleyBeginner's Bible
1991978-0-945564-28-7Stephen T. BarcliftThe Beginner's Devotional
1990978-0-945564-29-4Cheryl BiehlI Can't Do Everything: The Christian Woman's Guide to Focused Living
  ''978-0-945564-30-0Arthur DixonTo Trust Again
1989978-0-945564-31-7Karyn HenleyBeginner's Bible Timeless Children's Stories
1991978-0-945564-32-4Joe WhiteWhat Kids Wish Parents Knew about Parenting
1990978-0-945564-33-1Thom LemmonsHe Who Wept: An Epic Novel of Jeremiah
  ''978-0-945564-35-5Mack ThomasBible Animal Storybook
  ''978-0-945564-36-2   ''Bible Animal Band: Singing and Telling the Story of Tiem and Forever
  ''978-0-945564-37-9Charlotte A. Greeson · Mary Hollingsworth · Michael WashburnGrief Adjustment Guide: A Pathway Through Pain (A Faire & Hale Planner)
1991978-0-945564-38-6Charlotte A. Greeson · Mary Hollingsworth · Mike WashburnThe Divorce Recovery Guide: A Pathway Through Change
1990978-0-945564-39-3Steven R. MosleyGlimpses of God: Finding the Father Who Fills Your Every Need
1992978-0-945564-40-9Joe WhiteWho Are My Real Friends?
1992978-0-945564-41-6V. Gilbert BeersBeginner's ABC Bible Memory Book: Stories and More to Make Scripture Memory Fun
1991978-0-945564-43-0V. Gilbert BeersThe Early Reader's Bible
1993978-0-945564-44-7Mack ThomasIn His Hands: The Continuing Adventures of What Would Jesus Do?
1991978-0-945564-45-4Darrell DelhousayeToday for Eternity
  ''978-0-945564-46-1Thom LemmonsDaniel: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
1993978-0-945564-47-8   ''Once Upon a Cross
1992978-0-945564-48-5Mack Thomas · Edward Glen FrenchMy First Step Bible (Blue Cover)
  ''978-0-945564-49-2Mack ThomasMy First Step Bible (Pink Cover)
  ''978-0-945564-50-8Stephen T. Barclift · Edward Glen FrenchMy Best Bible Word Book Ever
  ''978-0-945564-51-5Chuck Snyder · Barb SnyderIncompatibility: Grounds for a Great Marriage
1989978-0-945564-52-2Kathleen Goble · Cecily SheaGoble and Shea's Complete Wedding Planner
1988978-0-945564-53-9Bobb Biehl · Ted EngstromIncreasing Your Boardroom Confidence
1993978-0-945564-54-6Mack ThomasThe Complete Bible Discussion Guide: Group Discussion Questions for Every Chapter in the Bible: Old Testament & Topical Index: 001
1992978-0-945564-55-3   ''The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament: 002
2000978-0-945564-56-0Denna Davis · Karyn HenleyLa Biblia Para Principiantes: Spanish Beginner's Bible
1992978-0-945564-57-7Daniel M. HahnThe Pro-Teen Parent: The 10 Best Ways to Cheer on Your Teen's Growth in God
1992978-0-945564-58-4Joe WhiteOver the Edge and Back
1993978-0-945564-59-1Mack ThomasWonder Bible: With Selected Scripture Text from the Acclaimed International Children's Bible
1992978-0-945564-64-5L.J. Sattgast · Jan ElkinsTeach Me about God
1993978-0-945564-66-9Neta JacksonLoving One Another: Beginner's Stories on Being a Good Friend
  ''978-0-945564-68-3Doris SanfordSomething must be wrong with me: A boy's book about sexual abuse (Hurts of childhood series)
  ''978-0-945564-72-0Mark LittletonFillin' Up: Daily Fuel for High Performance Livin'
  ''978-0-945564-73-7Lajoyce MartinMother Eve's Garden Club: No Halos Required
  ''978-0-945564-76-8Mack ThomasLet's Make Jesus Happy (Frontier Tales)
1993978-0-945564-77-5Larry LibbySomeday Heaven (Children/youth)
  ''978-0-945564-78-2Mack ThomasFrom God with Love: The World's Favorite Story
  ''978-0-945564-79-9Ron RoseSeven Things Kids Never Forget
978-0-945564-81-2Home by Choice
1991978-0-945564-83-6Thom LemmonsDaniel: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

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