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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-944838-01-3Thomas A. LeonardThe Begetters and the Begotten: Whence and How Came We All
1992978-0-944838-24-2John R. CameronPhysics of the Body (Medical Physics Series)
1999978-0-944838-38-9Jacob Van DykThe Modern Technology of Radiation Oncology: A Compendium for Medical Physicists and Radiation Oncologists
1994978-0-944838-47-1Otto G. RaabeInternal Radiation Dosimetry: Health Physics Society 1994 Summer School
1995978-0-944838-52-5Ralph Eugene LappMy Life With Radiation: Hiroshima Plus Fifty Years
  ''978-0-944838-58-7Alan E. WaltarAmerica the Powerless: Facing Our Nuclear Energy Dilemma
1996978-0-944838-60-0Robert Stanton · Donna StinsonApplied Physics for Radiation Oncology
1997978-0-944838-66-2C. J. Karzmark · Robert J. MortonA Primer on Theory and Operation of Linear Accelerators in Radiation Therapy
  ''978-0-944838-72-3Louis K. Wagner · Richard G. Lester · Luis R. SaldanaExposure of the Pregnant Patient to Diagnostic Radiations: A Guide to Medical Management
1999978-0-944838-91-4James G. Skofronick · John R. Cameron · Roderick M. GrantPhysics of the Body (Medical Physics Series)
2000978-0-944838-99-0Thomas B. BorakApplications of Probability and Statistics in Health Physics