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1998978-0-944817-38-4Holmes F. CrouchWriting Your Will: Guides to help taxpayers make decisions throughout the year to reduce taxes, eliminate hassles, and minimize professional fees. (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-39-1   ''Your Executor Duties: The information you need to effectively carry out the powers and duties of an executor for distributing an estate (Tax Guide 304; Series 300: Retirees and Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-40-7   ''Your Trustee Duties: Tax Guide 305 (SERIES 300: RETIREES AND ESTATES)
  ''978-0-944817-42-1   ''Deducting Job Expenses: Tax Guide 102 (SERIES 100: INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILIES)
  ''978-0-944817-47-6   ''Disagreeing With the IRS: Tax Guide 503 (Series 500: Audits and Appeals)
1998978-0-944817-53-7Holmes F. CrouchRental Real Estate (SERIES 400: OWNERS AND SELLERS)
2000978-0-944817-59-9Holmes Crouch · Holmes F. CrouchFamily Tax Strategies
  ''978-0-944817-60-5Holmes F. CrouchSmall C & S Corporations (SERIES 200: INVESTORS AND BUSINESS)
2001978-0-944817-61-2Holmes F. CrouchFamily Trusts & Trustors (SERIES 400: OWNERS AND SELLERS)
  ''978-0-944817-62-9   ''Resolving Divorce Issues
2002978-0-944817-65-0   ''Profits, Taxes & LLCs (Series 200: Investors & Businesses)
  ''978-0-944817-66-7   ''Contesting IRS Penalties (Series 500: Audits & Appeals)
2003978-0-944817-67-4   ''Tax-Deferred Exchanges:
2003978-0-944817-68-1Holmes F. CrouchFamily Tax Strategies: How to Choose Wisely Filing Status, Dependent Care, Education Incentives, & Acceptance of Gifts, Inheritances, & Loans (Series 100: Individuals & Families)
  ''978-0-944817-69-8   ''Decisions When Retiring: Enhancing Your Nest Egg Between 50 & 70 with New Elective Contributions & Catchups (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-70-4   ''Keeping Good Records: Self-Discipline & Tax Life Reality Require Clear Separation & Purging of Personal, Business, Investment, & Family Matters (Series 500: Audits & Appeals)
2004978-0-944817-71-1   ''Your Trustee Duties: How to Dissect a Trust Contract, Prepare Form 1041, Distribute Income and Principal to Beneficiaries, and Terminate the Trust (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-72-8   ''Selling Your Home(s): How to Parlay the Up to $250,000/$500,000 Capital Gain Exclusion on Each Residence Sale into a Tax-Free Nest Egg (Series 400: Owners & Sellers)
2004978-0-944817-73-5Holmes F. CrouchBeing Self-Employed: How to Run a Business Out of Your Home, Claim Travel and Depreciation, and Earn a Good Income Well into Your 70s or 80s (Series 100: Individuals & Families)
2005978-0-944817-74-2   ''Living Wills & Trusts: How to Distinguish Between Them; Probate & Taxation; Intestate Succession, Tips on Writing Your Own Will (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-75-9   ''Your Executor Duties: How to Inventory & Appraise a Decedent's Estate; Obtain Letters Testamentary; and Settle Claims, Debts, & Taxes (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)
  ''978-0-944817-76-6   ''Citizens Working Abroad: How to Count Your 330 Qualifying Days for Claiming $80,000 tax Free Each Year of Foreign Earned Income (Series 100: Individuals & Families)
2006978-0-944817-77-3   ''Capital Gains & Losses: How to Exact Match Your Broker Reportings, Revamp Your Cost Basis, & Optimize the 15% Tax Rate on Long-term Gains (Series 200: Investors & Businesses)
2006978-0-944817-78-0Holmes F. CrouchDivorce & Its Tax Impact: How to Claim Head of Household Status, Alimony & Child Support, Innocent Spouse Relief, & Settle Property Issues (Series 100: Individuals & Families)
  ''978-0-944817-80-3   ''Pros & Cons of LLCs: How to Shape a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Understand Its Rules, Prepare Tax Returns & Fend Off Con Artists (Series 200: Investors & Businesses)
  ''978-0-944817-81-0   ''Organizing Your Estate: How to Purge & Direct Property Transfer to Chosen Family Members by Gift, Bequest, or in Trust While Thinkingly Alive (Series 300: Retirees & Estates)